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Secret Sas Missions In Africa

Author : Michael Graham
ISBN : 1526748444
Genre : Africa, East
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This fascinating book is the first to cover the little known C Squadron of the Special Air Service. Operating in East Africa, the Squadron was involved in almost continuous counter communist terrorist operations over the period 1968 to 1980. In the unstable final stages of British colonial and white rule, the Squadron was never short of action. African nationalist movements, backed by Russia's and China's direct and indirect support posed a constant and deadly threat to the existing regimes. Small highly trained detachments of the SAS with highly developed bush warfare skills proved devastatingly effective and achieved results out of all proportion to their size. Often their enemies believed that they were facing rival factions and turned on each other. The inevitable involvement of African wildlife adds an extra dimension of excitement Written by a seasoned former senior member of C Squadron, Secret SAS Missions in Africa paints a graphic and thrilling account of their covert operations and the colourful characters that undertook them.

Secret Operations Of The Sas

Author : Mike Ryan
ISBN : 1844150062
Genre : History
File Size : 28. 60 MB
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Secret Operations of the SAS charts the early days of 'the regiment', and follows their major combat actions right through to their current deployment in the war against terrorism. The book begins with the SAS in North Africa in World War II, before describing operations in the Mediterranean and north-west Europe. It then traces the reformation of the SAS in the early 1950s, and its deployment in Malaya and Borneo against the communist guerrillas. It covers the operations in Aden and Oman, before detailing the role of the SAS in protecting the security of the British Isles - particularly in Northern Ireland and the Iranian Embassy siege in 1980. The book describes the regiment's involvement in the 1982 Falklands conflict, plus vital role that the SAS played in hunting Iraqi SCUD missiles in the 1991 Gulf War and UN operations in the Balkans and Sierra Leone, dramatically rescuing British hostages. actions of the SAS after the incidents of 11 September 2001, overthrowing the Taliban and the unit's attempts to find Osama Bin Laden and Aal-Qaeda terrorists. With specially commissioned colour artworks and rare action photographs, Secret Operations of the SAS is a highly-illustrated guide to the combat history of the SAS. Selling Points * A complete, highly-illustrated history of the SAS in action from the deserts of North Africa in World War II to the present day. * Includes unique coverage of recent SAS involvement in the Balkans, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan. * Featuring rarely-seen photographs and specially-commissioned full-colour artworks of key battles in the units history. Author details Mike Ryan is the managing director of AVPRO Ltd, a specialist firm that designs and builds equipment for special forces use. He is the co-author of Chariots of the Damned, an account of US aircrew rescue operations from Vietnam to the present day, and the Encyclopaedia of the World's Special Forces. He lives in London

Secret Flotillas Clandestine Sea Operations In The Mediterranean North Africa And The Adriatic 1940 1944

Author : Brooks Richards
ISBN : 0714653144
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 62 MB
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This authoritative publication by the official historian, the late Sir Brooks Richards, vividly describes and analyses the clandestine naval operations that took place during World War II. The account has been made possible through Sir Brooks' access to closed government archives, combined with his own wartime experiences and the recollections of many of those involved. In addition to operations off French North Africa this second volume also includes descriptions of operations in the Adriatic around Italy. More than half of the 390 operations in Italian and adjacent waters were carried out by Italian vessels with Italian crews. It was a contribution to the Allied war effort which ought not to be forgotten.

Sas Insider

Author : Clint Palmer
ISBN : 9780733629747
Genre : History
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The true story of Australia's SAS and the soldier who was there from the start. Clint Palmer has spent much of his adult life in the SAS and has fought in this elite military unit as it developed from its fledgling beginnings into the highly trained, specialised fighting force it is today. He is an insider with the long view and this is his unique story of life in the SAS. As a bush kid in the Northern Territory of Australia, growing up in a one dog mining town, Palmer's best friends were mostly Aboriginal kids, and the outside world barely existed. But he always had one driving ambition - the army. Enduring the toughest of tough training, Palmer soon demonstrated his fighting capabilities and became part of the Australian SAS. So began almost thirty years of service. We go with him to Iraq and Afghanistan, where he is at the heart of some of the worst fighting in Operation Anaconda in the Shahi-Kot Valley in 2002. He lets us in on what it's like to have made well over a thousand parachute jumps, many of them in terrible conditions and into treacherous terrain which may have ended not just his career but his life. And he shares with us how this adrenalin fuelled world has become a lifelong commitment. Palmer is the man who knows the Regiment almost better than anyone, so SAS Insider really is the inside story of the SAS - and a gripping account of one Australian soldier's life at the sharp end. Robert Macklin is a well-known Australian biographer and historian with more than twenty books to his credit. His most recent books include One False Move, Dark Paradise and the bestselling SAS Sniper which he co-wrote with Rob Maylor.

Sas The First Secret Wars

Author : Tim Jones
ISBN : 186064676X
Genre : History
File Size : 69. 23 MB
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The covert, clandestine operations of the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS), from the jungles of Malaya, Borneo and Brunei to the deserts and mountains of the Middle East, have been widely documented. There has always been intense fascination in the SAS, stoked by the regiment's "closed" organization and secretive activities. But no period of activity has remained more secret than the vital years after the Second World War when the regiment seemingly expired, only to rise miraculously from the dead to fight Communism in the Malaya emergency. Tim Jones's fascinating history pieces together the evidence to show that while the Malaya emergency re-established the SAS as a unique source of counter-guerilla expertise, the regiment lived on and was covertly involved in the Greek Civil War of 1945-49, a war unmatched in savagery until the Bosnian conflict in the 1990s.

The Encyclopedia Of Middle East Wars The United States In The Persian Gulf Afghanistan And Iraq Conflicts 5 Volumes

Author : Spencer C. Tucker
ISBN : 9781851099481
Genre : History
File Size : 29. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This in-depth study of U.S. involvement in the modern Middle East carefully weighs the interplay of domestic, cultural, religious, diplomatic, international, and military events in one of the world's most troubled regions. • Hundreds of alphabetically organized entries on wars, political events, religious and cultural issues, and diplomatic initiatives, as well as in-depth essays on background material, area and regional analyses, and biographical entries • An introduction by General Anthony Zinni, USMC (Ret), former commander in chief of U.S. Central Command • A chronologically arranged final volume comprised of primary and contemporary documents with individual introductions • A detailed chronology of events • Cross-references and books for further reading appended to each entry • A bibliography of over 450 books that are the latest in the field

The Rhodesian Sas

Author : Andy Ryan
ISBN : 1726722066
Genre :
File Size : 27. 51 MB
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From the Author of 'BRAVO TEN', the explosive true story of some of the greatest secret operations of the Rhodesian SAS.... At the height of the cold war, the small landlocked country of Rhodesia found herself ranged against two powerful communist terrorist armies who, in turn, were backed by Soviet Russia and China. The strategic aim of both backers was the installation of a regime friendly to their respective brands of communism and in so doing create a vital regional presence upon which they could then expand. For the terrorist organisations of ZIPRA and ZANLA, they had but one objective; to take control of one of the continent's most prosperous nations.By 1979 the Rhodesian bush war had been raging for over fifteen years. What had started with the murder of a white man by black nationalists in 1964 was to turn into the bloodiest war ever to have been witnessed in southern Africa. This book focuses on the final year of the war, when the fighting was at its most intense and acts as a companion to Bravo Ten, covering some of the operations mentioned in that book in much more detail.The need for Special Forces to take the fight to the terrorists had never been greater. Fortunately for the Rhodesians, their military possessed a secret weapon which proved devastating in combat and the scourge of terrorists in Zambia, Mozambique and beyond; their very own Special Air Service regiment. Operating deep in the unforgiving African bush, deploying by vehicle, helicopter or parachute, often isolated from help and facing overwhelming odds, the Rhodesian SAS Ranged far behind enemy lines to strike at the very heart of the enemy, wreaking untold damage to the terrorist machines of ZIPRA and ZANLA. Time after time the SAS regiment demonstrated to the world that the Rhodesian army possessed a Special Forces unit whose abilities were second to none.The author presents the little known story of a truly elite band of Special Forces soldiers and places the reader at the very heart of some of their most daring missions. Join the Rhodesian SAS deep behind enemy lines and learn the secrets of 'those who dared'. This is the second book in the 'They Who Dared' series by Andy Ryan.Don't miss Andy Ryan's new book and the third in the 'They Who Dared' series. 'The Raid on St. Nazaire is the explosive true account of the greatest raid of WW2. It is available now on Amazon in both eBook and paperback formats.

Wild Warriors

Author : Jim Pipe
ISBN : 9780237544867
Genre : Soldiers
File Size : 75. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Wild Warriors explores stories of real life warriors from around the world and throughout history. From terrifying Viking warrior raids twelve hundred years ago to pirates who still plague the high seas today these are some of the world's bravest and toughest people. On the Edge is a brand new series of high-interest non-fiction books that will appeal to struggling or reluctant readers. With stunning pictures and clear, simple text, The narrative focuses on extraordinary real life stories to engage readers and keep them on the edge of their seats! Each book features a fun quiz to see if the reader could take the same challenges.

The Conceit Of Humanitarian Intervention

Author : Rajan Menon
ISBN : 9780199384891
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 24. 71 MB
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With the end of the Cold War has come an upsurge in humanitarian interventions-military campaigns aimed at ending mass atrocities. These wars of rescue, waged in the name of ostensibly universal norms of human rights and legal principles, rest on the premise that a genuine "international community" has begun to emerge and has reached consensus on a procedure for eradicating mass killings. Rajan Menon argues that, in fact, humanitarian intervention remains deeply divisive as a concept and as a policy, and is flawed besides. The advocates of humanitarian intervention have produced a mountain of writings to support their claim that human rights precepts now exert an unprecedented influence on states' foreign policies and that we can therefore anticipate a comprehensive solution to mass atrocities. In The Conceit of Humanitarian Intervention, Menon shows that this belief, while noble, is naïve. States continue to act principally based on what they regard at any given time as their national interests. Delivering strangers from oppression ranks low on their list of priorities. Indeed, even democratic states routinely embrace governments that trample the human rights values on which the humanitarian intervention enterprise rests. States' ethical commitment to waging war to end atrocities remains episodic and erratic-more rhetorical than real. And when these missions are undertaken, the strategies and means used invariably produce perverse, even dangerous results. This, in no small measure, stems from the hubris of leaders-and the acolytes of humanitarian intervention-who have come to believe that they possesses the wisdom and wherewithal to bestow freedom and stability upon societies about which they know little.

Missions Most Secret

Author : Graeme Cook
ISBN : STANFORD:36105037109712
Genre : History
File Size : 50. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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