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The Politics Of Sincerity

Author : Elizabeth Markovits
ISBN : 9780271046112
Genre : Philosophy
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A growing frustration with “spin doctors,” doublespeak, and outright lying by public officials has resulted in a deep public cynicism regarding politics today. It has also led many voters to seek out politicians who engage in “straight talk,” out of a hope that sincerity signifies a dedication to the truth. While this is an understandable reaction to the degradation of public discourse inflicted by political hype, Elizabeth Markovits argues that the search for sincerity in the public arena actually constitutes a dangerous distraction from more important concerns, including factual truth and the ethical import of political statements. Her argument takes her back to an examination of the Greek notion of parrhesia (frank speech), and she draws from her study of the Platonic dialogues a nuanced understanding of this ancient analogue of “straight talk.” She shows Plato to have an appreciation for rhetoric rather than a desire to purge it from public life, providing insights into the ways it can contribute to a fruitful form of deliberative democracy today.

The Changing Face Of Post Postmodern Fiction Irony Sincerity And Populism

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051855086
Genre :
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ABSTRACT: Tracing the evolution of so-called post-postmodernist fiction, this article investigates the continuing resonance and inadvertent implications of David Foster Wallace's hope of a re-emergence of sincerity in contemporary society. Beginning with efforts by high postmodernists to reconnect with community within the capitalist system, post-postmodernism is typified by Wallace's Infinite Jest, which attempts to redress postmodernism's humanistic shortcomings through writing that restores emotional and artistic integrity through a suspension of irony. Since then, the movement has expanded in a variety of directions. While historical novels such as Michael Chabon's Moonglow and the socio-realism of Jonathan Franzen achieve a higher degree of sincerity, their reliance on nostalgia and avoidance of skepticism evinces parallels to the reductive rhetoric of populist politics. Using Nathan Hill's The Nix as an example, I suggest socially and culturally aware post-postmodern fiction must therefore exist in a constant state of questioning—sincerity challenging irony and irony challenging sincerity.

Sincerity How A Moral Ideal Born Five Hundred Years Ago Inspired Religious Wars Modern Art Hipster Chic And The Curious Notion That We All Have Something To Say No Matter How Dull

Author : R. Jay Magill
ISBN : 9780393084191
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 73. 99 MB
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“A serious and engaging cultural history painted on an admirably large canvas.”—Laura Kipnis, New York Times Book Review What do John Calvin, Sarah Palin, Jean-Jacques Rosseau, and Bon Iver have in common? A preoccupation with sincerity. With deep historical perspective and a brilliant contemporary spin, R. Jay Magill Jr. tells the beguiling tale of sincerity’s theological past, its current emotional resonance, and the deep impact it has had on the Western soul. At a time when politicians are scrutinized less for the truth of what they say than for how much they really mean it, Sincerity provides a wide-ranging examination of a moral ideal that remains a strange magnetic north in our secular moral compass.

William Saroyan

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:83809332
Genre :
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Sincerity After Communism

Author : Ellen Rutten
ISBN : 9780300224832
Genre : History
File Size : 51. 95 MB
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A compelling study of new sincerity as a powerful cultural practice, born in perestroika-era Russia, and how it interconnects with global social and media flows The global cultural practice of a new sincerity in literature, media, art, design, fashion, film, and architecture grew steadily in the wake of the Soviet collapse. Cultural historian Ellen Rutten traces the rise and proliferation of a new rhetoric of sincere social expression characterized by complex blends of unabashed honesty, playfulness, and irony. Insightful and thought provoking, Rutten s masterful study of a sweeping cultural trend with roots in late Soviet Russia addresses postsocialist, postmodern, and postdigital questions of selfhood. The author explores how and why a uniquely Russian artistic and social philosophy was shaped by cultural memory, commodification, and mediatization, and how, under Putin, new sincerity talk merges with transnational pleas to revive sincerity. This essential study stands squarely at the intersection of the history of emotions, media studies, and post-Soviet studies to shed light on a new cultural reality one that is profoundly affecting creative thought, artistic expression, and lifestyle virtually everywhere.

Genuine Pretending

Author : Hans-Georg Moeller
ISBN : 9780231545266
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 40. 7 MB
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Genuine Pretending is an innovative and comprehensive new reading of the Zhuangzi that highlights the critical and therapeutic functions of satire and humor. Hans-Georg Moeller and Paul J. D’Ambrosio show how this Daoist classic, contrary to contemporary philosophical readings, distances itself from the pursuit of authenticity and subverts the dominant Confucianism of its time through satirical allegories and ironical reflections. With humor and parody, the Zhuangzi exposes the Confucian demand to commit to socially constructed norms as pretense and hypocrisy. The Confucian pursuit of sincerity establishes exemplary models that one is supposed to emulate. In contrast, the Zhuangzi parodies such venerated representations of wisdom and deconstructs the very notion of sagehood. Instead, it urges a playful, skillful, and unattached engagement with socially mandated duties and obligations. The Zhuangzi expounds the Daoist art of what Moeller and D’Ambrosio call “genuine pretending”: the paradoxical skill of not only surviving but thriving by enacting social roles without being tricked into submitting to them or letting them define one’s identity. A provocative rereading of a Chinese philosophical classic, Genuine Pretending also suggests the value of a Daoist outlook today as a way of seeking existential sanity in an age of mass media’s paradoxical quest for originality.

Playing God

Author : Henry Bial
ISBN : 9780472052929
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 27. 80 MB
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A fascinating look at how the Bible has inspired Broadway plays and musicals, from Ben-Hur to Jesus Christ Superstar

Women S Epistolary Utterance

Author : Graham T. Williams
ISBN : 9789027271396
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 26. 37 MB
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Located at the intersection of historical pragmatics, letters and manuscript studies, this book offers a multi-dimensional analysis of the letters of Joan and Maria Thynne, 1575-1611. It investigates multiple ways in which socio-culturally and socio-familially contextualized reading of particular collections may increase our understanding of early modern letters as a particular type of handwritten communicative activity. The book also adds to our understanding of these women as individual users of English in their historical moment, especially in terms of literacy and their engagement with cultural scripts. Throughout the book, analysis is based on the manuscript letters themselves and in this way several chapters address the importance of viewing original sources to understand the letters' full pragmatic significance. Within these broader frameworks, individual chapters address the women's use of scribes, prose structure and punctuation, performative speech act verbs, and (im)politeness, sincerity and mock (im)politeness.

The Film Cultures Reader

Author : Graeme Turner
ISBN : 0415252814
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 21. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Film Cultures Reader brings together key writings on contemporary cinema by leading authors in cinema and cultural studies. It focuses on film as a social and cultural practice, and on the relationship between cinema and popular culture. The Reader is divided into six thematic sections: understanding film technology film Industries meanings and pleasures identities audiences consumption. The perfect companion to Film as Social Practics, key features of the Reader include the editor's introduction to each thematic section, the focus on contemporary popular cinema and a comprehensive bibliography and resource information.

Andy Holden Maximum Irony Maximum Sincerity 1999 2003

Author : Gil Leung
ISBN : 1907921109
Genre :
File Size : 59. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Andy Holden has created a total work of art about and in the ethos of MI!MS. Founded in Bedford by Holden along with his childhood friends, John Blamey, James MacDowell, Roger Illingworth and Johnny Parry, this art movement asserted that in order to make art one must claim the position of both irony and sincerity in equal and maximum measure. The work takes the form of a feature length film in seven chapters installed in a huge sculpture. It narrates a history of the formation of the MI!MS art movement which included writing ploays and performing songs as well as painting and performance... A second work, 'Last stop for the Good Old Times (after the Age of Innocence), 1999-2013' is an installation of close to 3000 found images depicting idealised images of childhood... An act of therapy, theory and obsession, the show attempts to deal with knowledge and naivety as well as irony and sincerity, creating a single work that is both a work about MI!MS and a work of MI!MS.

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