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Soul Economy

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : 9780880109413
Genre : Education
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The important lectures in this volume were given by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland, to leading educators, including many from England. As a result, he was invited to Oxford, England, to expand on some of the themes presented in these lectures. Steiner begins by placing Anthroposophy as the foundation for understanding the principles behind Waldorf education. In the talks that follow, he describes an education based on the human being as a continually developing being of body, soul, and spirit. Out of this perspective, Waldorf education depends on the teacher's ability to observe and respond to each stage of a child's development. Steiner shows how Waldorf education emphasizes the efficient use of children's inner energies, and how children can be nurtured through their natural stages of development by giving them just what they need at the right time - an approach that he refers to in these talks as "soul economy." The topics on education include: health and illness, children from before the seventh year through adolescence, physical education, esthetic education, and religious and moral education. These detailed and accessible lectures give parents and teachers the keys to a much-needed renewal of education for our children and their future.

Soul Economy And Waldorf Education

Author : Rudolf Steiner
ISBN : UVA:X001541337
Genre : Anthroposophy.
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The Soul S Economy

Author : Jeffrey Sklansky
ISBN : 9780807861431
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 73 MB
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Tracing a seismic shift in American social thought, Jeffrey Sklansky offers a new synthesis of the intellectual transformation entailed in the rise of industrial capitalism. For a century after Independence, the dominant American understanding of selfhood and society came from the tradition of political economy, which defined freedom and equality in terms of ownership of the means of self-employment. However, the gradual demise of the household economy rendered proprietary independence an increasingly embattled ideal. Large landowners and industrialists claimed the right to rule as a privilege of their growing monopoly over productive resources, while dispossessed farmers and workers charged that a propertyless populace was incompatible with true liberty and democracy. Amid the widening class divide, nineteenth-century social theorists devised a new science of American society that came to be called "social psychology." The change Sklansky charts begins among Romantic writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Margaret Fuller, continues through the polemics of political economists such as Henry George and William Graham Sumner, and culminates with the pioneers of modern American psychology and sociology such as William James and Charles Horton Cooley. Together, these writers reconceived freedom in terms of psychic self-expression instead of economic self-interest, and they redefined democracy in terms of cultural kinship rather than social compact.

The Economy Of The Soul

Author : M.A. Hayward
ISBN : 9781449717261
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52. 56 MB
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God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So why does it seem so hard to see God at work within his body and its members? Did God really stop doing great things, or is that just what we say to justify our lack of faith and action? All of us have a natural longing for more. We want more for our lives, our kids, our ministry, and in our Christian walk, but we do not know what is holding us back. An economy is an exchangea system of give and take. Our problem is that we cling to the worlds economy, which focuses on self and is driven by a currency of fear. We are afraid of failure, success and its cost, insignificance, rejection, and exposure. We bring these self-centered fears into the church and fail to trust Godand therefore fail to experience the power and presence of God that we, and the world, desperately need and long for. What if you could make an economic shift where the focus was not self, but something greaterwhere the currency that drives it is not fear, but faith in the person and promises of God? The goal of the Gospel is not mere church attendance, nor is your salvation simply for your sake. Jesus Christ has redeemed you and put his light in you for a reason. What kind of difference would it make in your life, your family, your ministry, your church, or your world if you could overcome your fear, take God at his word, and live like you believe it?

The Domestic Economy Of The Soul

Author : John O'Neill
ISBN : 9781446210246
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 40. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the first major analysis of Freud's five celebrated five case studies of Little Hans, Dora, the Rat Man, the Wolf Man and Schreber. O'Neill sets out the details of each case and critically engages with the narratives using a mixture of psychoanalytical insight and social theory. The book: Provides a clear and powerful account of the five major case studies that helped to establish the Freud legend. Situates the cases and the analysis into the appropriate social and historical contexts. Offers distinctive interpretations of the symptomatic body, of illness as a language, dream work and the Madonna complex. Challenges us to revisit the canonical texts of psychoanalysis.

The Soul Of Capitalism

Author : William Greider
ISBN : 9780684862194
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28. 89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"In The Soul of Capitalism, Greider examines how the greatest wealth-creation engine in the history of the world is failing most of us, why it must be changed, and how intrepid pioneers are beginning to transform it."--BOOK JACKET.

The Struggle Over The Soul Of Economics

Author : Yuval P. Yonay
ISBN : 1400822521
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69. 21 MB
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This book provides a surprising answer to two puzzling questions that relate to the very "soul" of the professional study of economics in the late twentieth century. How did the discipline of economics come to be dominated by an approach that is heavily dependent on mathematically derived models? And what happened to other approaches to the discipline that were considered to be scientifically viable less than fifty years ago? Between the two world wars there were two well-accepted schools of thought in economics: the "neoclassical," which emerged in the last third of the nineteenth century, and the "institutionalist," which started with the works of Veblen and Commons at the end of the same century. Although the contributions of the institutionalists are nearly forgotten now, Yuval Yonay shows that their legacy lingers in the study and practice of economics today. By reconsidering their impact and by analyzing the conflicts that arose between neoclassicists and institutionalists, Yonay brings to life a hidden chapter in the history of economics. The author is a sociologist of science who brings a unique perspective to economic history. By utilizing the actor-network approach of Bruno Latour and Michel Callon, he arrives at a deeper understanding of the nature of the changes that took place in the practice of economics. His analysis also illuminates a broader set of issues concerning the nature of scientific practice and the forces behind changes in scientific knowledge.

The Economy Of God

Author : Witness Lee
ISBN : 9780736331739
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85. 39 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Quaker Quicks Money And Soul

Author : Pamela Haines
ISBN : 9781789040906
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66. 64 MB
Format : PDF
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If money troubles your soul, try this down-to-earth Quaker perspective on economies large and small. The economy, as we usually encounter it, has nothing to do with values or faith. After all, the “invisible hand” caters to no religious belief. It is all a matter of science, we are assured: economists have mastered the mathematical formulas for growth and prosperity. Our role as individuals is simply to work, consume and save, each adding our bit to the sum totals of economic activity that will keep the system humming along; the experts will take care of everything else. This breezy values-free story, however, is unlikely to be a comfortable fit for anyone who takes seriously the challenge of bringing our faith into the world. Knotty issues around economics crop up at every turn, especially if we are willing to ask the big questions: What is the economy for? How much is enough? What needs to be equal? How is well-being best measured? Who should decide? In Money and Soul this search for answers, through a Quaker lens, gives a taste of the power of applying faith values to our economic story.

The Economy Of Human Life

Author : Economy
ISBN : OXFORD:590326653
Genre :
File Size : 51. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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