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Students Of Color And The Achievement Gap

Author : Richard R. Valencia
ISBN : 9781317691051
Genre : Education
File Size : 38. 3 MB
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Students of Color and the Achievement Gap is a comprehensive, landmark analysis of an incontrovertible racialized reality in U.S. K-12 public education---the relentless achievement gap between low-socioeconomic students of color and their economically advantaged White counterparts. Award winning author and scholar Richard Valencia provides an authoritative and systemic treatment of the achievement gap, focusing on Black and Latino/Latina students. He examines the societal and educational factors that help to create and maintain the achievement gap by drawing from critical race theory, an asset-based perspective and a systemic inequality approach. By showing how racialized opportunity structures in society and schools ultimately result in racialized patterns of academic achievement in schools, Valencia shows how the various indicators of the achievement gap are actually symptoms of the societal and school quality gaps. Following each of these concerns, Valencia provides a number of reform suggestions that can lead to systemic transformations of K-12 education. Students of Color and the Achievement Gap makes a persuasive and well documented case that school success for students of color, and the empowerment of their parents, can only be fully understood and realized when contextualized within broader political, economic, and cultural frameworks.

Teaching To Close The Achievement Gap For Students Of Color

Author : Theodore S. Ransaw
ISBN : 9781000209990
Genre : Education
File Size : 45. 69 MB
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This volume highlights approaches to closing the achievement gap for students of color across K-12 and post-secondary schooling. It uniquely examines factors outside the classroom to consider how these influence student identity and academic performance. Teaching to Close the Achievement Gap for Students of Color offers wide-ranging chapters that explore non-curricular issues including trauma, family background, restorative justice, refugee experiences, and sport as determinants of student and teacher experiences in the classroom. Through rigorous empirical and theoretical engagement, chapters identify culturally responsive strategies for supporting students as they navigate formal and informal educational opportunities and overcome intersectional barriers to success. In particular, chapters highlight how these approaches can be nurtured through teacher education, effective educational leadership, and engagement across the wider community. This insightful collection will be of interest to researchers, scholars, and post-graduate students in the fields of teacher education, sociology of education, and educational leadership.

School Counseling To Close The Achievement Gap

Author : Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy
ISBN : 9781412941839
Genre : Education
File Size : 84. 22 MB
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Offers school counselors a road map for increasing achievement and promoting equity and advocacy for all students by examining the social factors that contribute to academic failure.

Let S Stop Calling It An Achievement Gap

Author : Autumn A. Arnett
ISBN : 9781641135207
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84. 28 MB
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Between 1980 and 2005, 45 states were involved in lawsuits around equity of funding and adequacy of education provided to all students in the state. Indeed, this investigation could have included any cities in America, and the themes likely would have been the same: Lower funding and resources, disproportionate numbers of teachers and school leaders who do not look like the students they serve, debates over the public’s responsibility to provide fair and equitable education for all students in the jurisdiction, implicit biases from the top to the bottom and a resegregation of schools in America. Integration for Black families was never about an idea that Black students were better off if they could be around White students, it was about the idea that Black students would be better off if they could have access to the same education that White students had — but residential segregation still enables de facto school segregation, when it isn’t coded into policy. For the overwhelming majority of Black students, they’re stuck in segregated, underperforming schools. Schools where the teachers are dedicated to the mission, but where the cities and districts and states have failed to uphold their basic responsibility to maintain the upkeep of the schools and provide enough desks for each child and current textbooks.

Why Race And Culture Matter In Schools

Author : Tyrone C. Howard
ISBN : 9780807778074
Genre : Education
File Size : 83. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Issues tied to race and culture continue to be a part of the landscape of America’s schools and classrooms. Given the rapid demographic transformation in the nation’s states, cities, counties, and schools, it is essential that all school personnel acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and dispositions to talk, teach, and think across racial and cultural differences. The second edition of Howard’s bestseller has been updated to take a deeper look at how schools must be prepared to respond to disparate outcomes among students of color. Tyrone Howard draws on theoretical constructs tied to race and racism, culture and opportunity gaps to address pressing issues stemming from the chronic inequalities that remain prevalent in many schools across the country. This time-honored text will help educators at all levels respond with greater conviction and clarity on how to create more equitable, inclusive, and democratic schools as sites for teaching and learning. “If you thought the first edition of Why Race and Culture Matter in Schools was impactful, this second edition is even more of a force to be reckoned with in the fight for social justice. By pushing the boundaries of the ordinary and the normative, this book teaches as it transforms. Every educator, preservice and inservice, working with racially, linguistically, and culturally diverse young people should read this book.” —H. Richard Milner IV, Cornelius Vanderbilt Distinguished Professor of Education, Vanderbilt University “On the 10th anniversary of this groundbreaking book, Tyrone Howard not only reminds me of the salient role that race and culture play in education, but also moves beyond a Black–White binary that reflect the nuances and contours of diversity. This book should be in the hands of all teachers and teacher educators.” —Maisha T. Winn, Chancellor’s Leadership Professor, School of Education, University of California, Davis

Closing The Achievement Gap

Author : Belinda Williams
ISBN : 9780871202734
Genre : Academic achievement
File Size : 25. 76 MB
Format : PDF
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Chapters in this book, based on the efforts of the Urban Education National Network Task Force, define the nature of obstacles to the academic performance of urban students and identify, validate, and disseminate a knowledge base of theory and practice to inform decision making about urban schools. The chapters are: (1) "The Nature of the Achievement Gap: The Call for a Vision To Guide Change" (Belinda Williams); (2) "Bridging the Achievement Gap in Urban Schools: Reducing Educational Segregation and Advancing Resilience-Promoting Strategies" (Margaret C. Wang and John A. Kovach); (3) "Cultural Values in Learning and Education" (Patricia Marks Greenfield, Catherine Raeff, and Blanca Quiroz); (4) "Educating Teachers To Close the Achievement Gap: Issues of Pedagogy, Knowledge, and Teacher Preparation" (Kenneth M. Zeichner); (5) "Closing the Achievement Gap: Opportunity To Learn, Standards, and Assessment" (Floraline Ingram Stevens); (6) "Fostering Resiliency in Urban Schools" (Bonnie Benard); (7) "Teacher Engagement and Real Reform in Urban Schools" (Karen Seashore Louis and BetsAnn Smith); and (8) "A Social Vision for Urban Education: Focused, Comprehensive, and Integrated Change" (Belinda Williams). An appendix lists the Regional Educational Laboratories. Most chapters contain references. (Contains one figure.) (SLD)

Color By Number

Author : Art Munin
ISBN : 9781579226367
Genre : Education
File Size : 37. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Many deny that racism remains pervasive in America today. How can we open eyes to the continuing disadvantages that keep many people of color from fulfilling their potential, and having an equal chance to achieve the ?American Dream?? By presenting the impact of racism on the most innocent and powerless members of society? children of color ? in the form of statistics, this book aims to change attitudes and perceptions. Children have no say about where they are born or what school they attend. They have no control over whether or not they get medical treatment when they fall ill. They can?t avoid exposure if their home is in a community blighted by pollution. The questions this book poses are: What responsibility do we expect children to take for their life circumstances? Do those conditions blight their futures? If they aren?t responsible, who is? Are some in society privileged and complicit in denying people of color the advantages and protections from harm most of us take for granted? Through the cumulative effect of official statistics rather than the more usual reliance on anecdote ? by taking a ?show me the numbers!? approach ? this book will open minds, start conversations, and even prompt readers to take action. While the numbers are official they are often hard to find because they are scattered across so many sources. Art Munin has not only done the research, but shows the reader how to locate data on racial and socio-economic disparities, and develop her or his own case or classroom project. Color by Number takes as its metaphorical point of departure the familiar children?s activity of that name. Art Munin has painstakingly researched and gathered the numbers, and has filled in the spaces to reveal the hidden picture of racism in America from the perspectives of health, the environment, the law, and education. This book is intended as a fact-based, antiracism text for diversity and social justice courses, and as a resource for diversity and social justice educators as they craft their race, racism, and White privilege curricula. Art Munin?s multidisciplinary approach ? drawing on scholarly work from medicine, law, sociology, psychology, and education ? provides the reader with a comprehensive way to understand the pervasiveness of racism.

Using Data To Close The Achievement Gap

Author : Ruth S. Johnson
ISBN : 9781483362830
Genre : Education
File Size : 24. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This updated edition of Setting Our Sights outlines the five stages for equity reform while clearly explaining research findings and offering practical tools and examples.

Bridging The English Learner Achievement Gap

Author : Ray Garcia
ISBN : 9780807772287
Genre : Education
File Size : 64. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In spite of decades of school reform, the achievement gap between English learners and English-proficient students has narrowed little. This book introduces the Sustainability Frameworka step-by-step process that will help educators at all levels increase school attendance and academic success for ELL students. This reform-navigation tool identifies patterns and trends in the deployment of a reform and subsequently allows leaders to make necessary adjustments to extend, accelerate, or terminate a given reform. Bridging the English Learner Achievement Gap offers a compelling, research-grounded way for schools with a substantial ELL population to successfully accommodate their students.

Change D Agents

Author : Betty Achinstein
ISBN : 9780807771488
Genre : Education
File Size : 43. 74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book examines both the promises and complexities of racially and culturally diversifying todays teaching profession. Drawing from a 5-year study of the lives of 21 new teachers of color working in urban, hard-to-staff schools, this book documents the tensions these teachers experience between serving as role models and fulfilling district and state mandates.

The Color Of Mind

Author : Derrick Darby
ISBN : 9780226525495
Genre : Education
File Size : 90. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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American students vary in educational achievement, but white students in general typically have better test scores and grades than black students. Why is this the case, and what can school leaders do about it? In The Color of Mind, Derrick Darby and John L. Rury answer these pressing questions and show that we cannot make further progress in closing the achievement gap until we understand its racist origins. Telling the story of what they call the Color of Mind—the idea that there are racial differences in intelligence, character, and behavior—they show how philosophers, such as David Hume and Immanuel Kant, and American statesman Thomas Jefferson, contributed to the construction of this pernicious idea, how it influenced the nature of schooling and student achievement, and how voices of dissent such as Frederick Douglass, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, and W. E. B. Du Bois debunked the Color of Mind and worked to undo its adverse impacts. Rejecting the view that racial differences in educational achievement are a product of innate or cultural differences, Darby and Rury uncover the historical interplay between ideas about race and American schooling, to show clearly that the racial achievement gap has been socially and institutionally constructed. School leaders striving to bring justice and dignity to American schools today must work to root out the systemic manifestations of these ideas within schools, while still doing what they can to mitigate the negative effects of poverty, segregation, inequality, and other external factors that adversely affect student achievement. While we cannot expect schools alone to solve these vexing social problems, we must demand that they address the dignitary injustices associated with how we track, discipline, and deal with special education that reinforce long-standing racist ideas. That is the only way to expel the Color of Mind from schools, close the racial achievement gap, and afford all children the dignity they deserve.

No Child Left Behind And The Reduction Of The Achievement Gap

Author : Alan R. Sadovnik
ISBN : 9781135916886
Genre : Education
File Size : 56. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This monumental collection presents the first-ever sociological analysis of the No Child Left Behind Act and its effects on children, teachers, parents, and schools. More importantly, these leading sociologists consider whether NLCB can or will accomplish its major goal: to eliminate the achievement gap by 2014. Based on theoretical and empirical research, the essays examine the history of federal educational policy and place NCLB in a larger sociological and historical context. Taking up a number of policy areas affected by the law—including accountability and assessment, curriculum and instruction, teacher quality, parental involvement, school choice and urban education—this book examines the effects of NCLB on different groups of students and schools and the ways in which school organization and structure affect achievement. No Child Left Behind concludes with a discussion of the important contributions of sociological research and sociological analysis integral to understanding the limits and possibilities of the law to reduce the achievement gap.

Ethnic Matching

Author : Donald Easton-Brooks
ISBN : 9781475839678
Genre : Education
File Size : 56. 42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book provides insight into successfully working with students of color through the experiences of teachers of color who use intentional culturally responsive methods for engaging with these students. It covers why ethnic matching is relevant, how to engage in culturally responsive practices, and promoting positive experiences for all students.

Addressing The Achievement Gap

Author : Janet Bixby
ISBN : WISC:89080352651
Genre :
File Size : 48. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Teacher S Attention

Author : Garrett Delavan
ISBN : 9781592138951
Genre : Education
File Size : 46. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Teacher’s Attention is a fresh take on relationships in schools. Looking beyond our obsession with raising test scores, this book recognizes that education is a key partner in raising children. Garrett Delavan contends that allowing students, educators and parents to navigate a smaller number of relationships—a concept he calls "relationship load"—provides many benefits, including a better chance at achieving equal access to a good education for all children. Delavan shows how class size, school size, and longer-term student-teacher relationships are all equally critical components for educating our children ethically and successfully. After examining these proposed reforms in detail, Delavan also considers counterarguments and provides a detailed projection of costs and savings, putting to rest the assumption that smaller classes and smaller schools are necessarily more expensive. Finally, the book discusses possible steps toward implementation, showing how the author's proposed reforms are remarkably practical.

Standards Based Reform And The Poverty Gap

Author : Adam Gamoran
ISBN : 9780815730323
Genre : Education
File Size : 75. 61 MB
Format : PDF
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"With latest data and research, scholars study what lessons can be drawn from earlier efforts to help NCLB achieve its goals. Authors show that standards-based reform has had some positive effects and some of the critics' greatest fears have not been real

Achieving Equity For Latino Students

Author : Frances E. Contreras
ISBN : 9780807771525
Genre : Education
File Size : 43. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Despite their numbers, Latinos continue to lack full and equal participation in all facets of American life, including education. This book provides a critical discussion of the role that select K–12 educational policies have and continue to play in failing Latino students. The author draws upon institutional, national, and statewide data sets, as well as interviews among students, teachers, and college administrators, to explore the role that public policies play in educating Latino students. The book concludes with specific recommendations that aim to raise achievement, college transition rates, and success among Latino students across the preschool through college continuum. Frances Contrerasis an Associate Professor of Higher Education in the area of Leadership and Policy Studies in the College of Education, University of Washington in Seattle “Prof. Frances Contreras is one of the nation’s leading authorities on Latino educational problems and on policies that will effectively address these. This book presents a unique and incisive analysis of the Latino educational achievement gap and its connections to concomitant gap in educational opportunities for Latinos. This very readable book combines rigorous scholarship with clearly stated policy recommendations. It should be read by all who are interested in understanding and addressing one of the most serious problems of our times.” —Jorge Chapa,University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign “Rich in data and social context, Contreras presents a compelling and comprehensive picture for the collective need to invest fully in the education of our Latino youth. As important, she delineates a bold public policy pathway for Latino student success that encompasses K–12 and higher education.” —James M. Montoya,Vice President, Higher Education, The College Board “This book offers valuable insights and productive recommendations for addressing a critically important topic: how to improve educational equity for Latinos, one of our nation’s fastest-growing but most-underserved populations.” —Laura Perna, Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

Methods In Educational Research

Author : Marguerite G. Lodico
ISBN : 9780470588697
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 84. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 740
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Methods in Educational Research Methods in Educational Research is designed to prepare students for the real world of educational research. It focuses on scientifically-based methods, school accountability, and the professional demands of the twenty-first century, empowering researchers to take an active role in conducting research in their classrooms, districts, and the greater educational community. Like the first edition, this edition helps students, educators, and researchers develop a broad and deep understanding of research methodologies. It includes substantial new content on the impact of No Child Left Behind legislation, school reform, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, logic modeling, action research, and other areas. Special features to assist the teaching and learning processes include vignettes illustrating research tied to practice, suggested readings at the end of each chapter, and discussion questions to reinforce chapter content. Praise for the Previous Edition "A new attempt to make this subject more relevant and appealing to students. Most striking is how useful this book is because it is really grounded in educational research. It is very well written and quite relevant for educational researchers or for the student hoping to become one." -PsycCRITIQUES/American Psychological Association "I applaud the authors for their attempt to cover a wide range of material. The straightforward language of the book helps make the material understandable for readers." -Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation

Teach Change Empower

Author : Carl A. Grant
ISBN : 9781412976480
Genre : Education
File Size : 50. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Change your practices to close achievement gaps! Develop action plans for promoting culturally relevant curriculum and environments, social-political consciousness, and student involvement.

Strategic Management Of Human Capital In Education

Author : Allan R. Odden
ISBN : 9781136858260
Genre : Education
File Size : 42. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 797
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Strategic Management of Human Capital in Education offers a comprehensive and strategic approach to address what has become labeled as "talent and human capital." Grounded in extensive research and examples of leading edge districts, this book shows how the entire human resource system in schools—from recruitment, to selection/placement, induction, professional development, performance management and evaluation, compensation, and career progression—can be reformed and restructured to boost teacher and principal effectiveness in ways that dramatically improve instructional practice and student learning. Strategic Management of Human Capital in Education guides educators towards putting more effective teachers, teacher leaders, and principals in the country’s schools—especially in poverty-impacted urban and rural communities—equipping those teacher and principals with instructional and leadership expertise, and rewarding and retaining those who are successful in attaining these objectives. Drawing from cases, experiences, and deliberations from a national task force, this book outlines a comprehensive framework for how to transform current human resource management practices into authentic, strategic talent management systems in order to improve student achievement.

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