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Surfing For God

Author : Michael John Cusick
ISBN : 9780849947230
Genre : Religion
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Format : PDF
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Uses personal examples, illustrations from Scripture, and twenty years of counseling experience to explain how porn struggles begin, what to do to prevent them, and how to overcome them once compulsive behavior presents itself.

Crowd Surfing With God

Author : Adrienne Novy
ISBN : 1948552027
Genre :
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Format : PDF
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Crowd Surfing With God is a coming of age journey through poems: a story of self-acceptance that discusses growing up with a rare genetic disorder & mental illness, family & being in a multifaith household, pop culture, & the acts of playing & listening to music bringing you closer to yourself & to healing. "Crowd Surfing With God is a book of consistent breaking and re-fixing. I love most how the book pulls at the edges of all of Adrienne Novy's many parts, stepping outside the binaries of love, loss, identity, genre, and all manner of things holy. There is sharp language, and palpable imagery, yes. But what works best about the book is how it grabs a reader by each arm, dragging them into many new directions, where something new and impossibly bright is waiting to be discovered." --Hanif Abdurraqib, author of The Crown Ain't Worth Much and They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us "All of us cry and yet still the next day arrives, whether we like it or not, but it presents itself with an invitation to move forward in life. Strength lives within vulnerability. This book is a prime example of just that. It's inspiring to anyone who has felt like a bit of a misfit, a black sheep, or a burden. It's a gift to be able to share our stories and rise above, so I hope that it is well received and keeps on inspiring others to live through our pain. Those who get to read this can find relation and comfort in the most sincere manner and are lucky to have stumbled upon such an eye opening book. Thank you, Adrienne." --Caitin Stickels, model, actress, and singer featured in Allure, Cosmopolitan, Daily Mail, V Magazine, and more "Throughout this book, Adrienne asks the reader to not only reveal their softness, but revel in it. This book is a dance party, a late night confession, and a victory anthem to belt in the car. It invites us to praise the music that saved us and the people we sing along with. Holy is our survival. Fierce is our living. Let us celebrate what created us by not destroying us, and sing the chorus one more time." --Bianca Phipps, author of White River Happiness

Channel Surfing With God

Author : Gary Fisher
ISBN : 9780982433706
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Seemingly unrelated threads become woven together through Dr. Alex Baker, who runs The Starfish, an inner-city rehab clinic in the worst neighborhood of Atlanta. After losing first his mentor and then his wife to the ugly world of drugs and addiction, his solutions to his own difficulties set in motion profound changes in others. This new book connects their stories into a unified tapestry that reveals miracles even in the midst of unspeakable tragedies. Original.


Author : Ben R. Finney
ISBN : 9780876545942
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 65. 92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Surfing traces the history of the sport from its beginnings in ancient Hawaii through the mid 1960s. This revised edition of the 1966 classic features extensive illustrations, a new introduction, and articles by Mark Twain and Jack London recounting their observations on surfing. The book also explores the development of the surfboard and follows surfing's timeline from the earliest legends to the accomplishments of modern surfing heroes.

More God

Author : Nate Lytle with James H. Pence
ISBN : 1449731872
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89. 71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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On June 3rd, 2007, right after competing in his first surfing contest, Nate Lytle sensed that surfing may have become a distraction in hearing from God. As he drove home that night, Nate made a commitment to God that he wouldn't surf for a whole year. The next day Nate fell from the top of a ten foot ladder, shattering his skull and leaving him with a severe brain injury. Nate was not expected to live, and even if he did survive, the doctors said he would never walk, talk, or communicate again. As word spread about Nate’s condition, his surfing buddies urged one another on with the phrase "Pray for Nate." More God tells the compelling story of how God brought back Nate from the brink of death and put him in the very unique position of speaking truth into the lives of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Surf Girl Roxy

Author : Natalie Linden
ISBN : 0811863352
Genre : Photography
File Size : 90. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Roxy brand beach apparel's surf team, "The Roxy Girls," are world champion surfers who epitomize the fun of being a beach girl. This compendium collects the best photographs of the Roxy girls' exploits over the past decade whether on land or in the water.

Surfing Long Beach Island

Author : Caroline Unger
ISBN : 9781413408089
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 44. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is a must read for all East Coast surfers who may have felt at sometime that they should apologize for where they are from. The stories and pictures in this book are sure to make the East Coast surfer proud, while sharing a universal story line with surfers all around the world. These stories could very well have taken place in Hawaii or California but, they didn't. The major theme is an eighteen-mile barrier island off the New Jersey coastline known as Long Beach Island (LBI). Every individual in this book is somehow connected to the island. Through a series of short stories from the 1930s to the 21st Century, you will be moved by what these individuals have accomplished in the surfing community as well as the "real world." Turn the pages to find out who is an innovator of snowboard technology; a photo editor for Surfer magazine; writer/producer of a Nickelodeon cartoon; and an award recipient from the president of the United States. Meet local surfing legends: Wimpy, Tinker, and Huckleberry. Find out what surfing pioneers did in the days before surfing wetsuits and wax. Travel around the world and through time for: Surfing in Vietnam during the Vietnam War; Running a surf hostile in Puerto Rico in the 1990s; Capturing storm surf on film for the last twenty years from all over the globe. Learn what unique surfing product came to a local surfer in a dream and how the internationally known franchise - Ron Jon Surf Shop, got its start on LBI. You're sure to enjoy the "Why We Surf" section with unedited material from our local surfers, ages fifteen to sixty-three. Hear about some of their most memorable surfing experiences and gain their deepest insights about this incredible sport and lifestyle. The book has over one hundred pictures from family collections, 60s surf magazines, and professional portfolios of some of the top surfing photographers. Surfing collectors will especially enjoy some of the vintage material. "Surfing the Web" will give you the links you need for everything from weather information to lodging on LBI. For those of you who are still learning about LBI, "Local Breaks" gives you the "low-down" about surfing conditions and even parking. There is something in Surfing LBI for surfers of every age and level of expertise. It's a "feel good" book that will leave you stoked every time you open it.

Channel Surfing The Bible

Author : Rev. Thomas O’Donnell
ISBN : 146283308X
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 70. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Two thousand years ago, a simple man walked this planet with a simple message. They called him Jesus. His was a message of radical exclusion in a world he called the Kingdom of God. He spoke in parables grounded in common, everyday experiences, parables about yeast and leavened bread, weeds and mustard seeds, fishing nets and pearls. In the Kingdom of God, everyone was equal and differences made no difference. But the world couldnt handle such an outrageous message. Whoever heard of a world where differences make no difference? Of course, they make a difference. So they dangled him from a cross for all the world to take note. After his death, they honored him with a title, the Christ, and began a whole new religion in his name. But for two thousand years far too many have been dishonoring him by misrepresenting his message. His message of radical inclusion has been twisted and contorted into a message that far too many of his followers use to sanction that which he came to overcome. Instead of eliminating distinctions between insiders and outsiders, pure and impure, clean and unclean, his message has been used to perpetuate sexism, racism, age-ism, homophobism, imperialism, and all the other -isms that stand in the way of radical inclusion. All this has happened so gradually, literally over centuries if not millennia through crusty old doctrines, dogma, and creeds that very few have even noticed. Christianity has become fat and happy, just like the frog in the Parable of the Boiling Frog. You stick a frog in a vat of boiling water, and it will struggle with all its might to escape an otherwise certain death. But if you stick a frog in a vat of lukewarm water and ever so gradually keep warming it one degree at a time, the frog will grow comfortable in the increasing warmth of its environment until, before he realizes it, he has been boiled. Two thousand years later, it is time to set the record straight; time to return to Jesus simple message through the common, ordinary experiences of today. In the biblical witness, Moses wandered in the wilderness for forty years; Jesus, for forty days. So, too, shall we wander by channel surfing through forty chapters of scripture. From Adam and Eve to Ricky Nelsons Garden Party at Madison Square Garden; from the Book of Jobs Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar to The Three Stooges; from Matthews and Lukes nativity scenes to Larry, Darryl, and Darryl of The Bob Newhart Show; from the temptation stories and Jesus wandering in the wilderness to American Bandstand, the Temptations, and Dion & the Belmonts The Wanderer; from Pilate and Herod cross-examining Jesus to Judge Wapner and Judge Judy; from atonement theology to Lets Make a Deal, it is time to paint our antiquated parables with a more contemporary brush; in so doing, it is time to turn Jesus simple message into a profound reality. Onward, radical inclusion! On to the Kingdom of God. In the immortal words of Bart Simpson, Surfs up, dude.

90 Days Of Spiritual Intimacy A Devotional Pattern For The Facilitation Of Spiritual And Personal Transformation

Author :
ISBN : 9780615182056
Genre :
File Size : 63. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Rise Above

Author : Bethany Hamilton
ISBN : 9780310757351
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 57. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Rise Above, a book of devotions, teen surfing star Bethany Hamilton shares with young girls her courage and enthusiasm for God, inspiring them to face life head on and stand strong in their faith.

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