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The 99 Beautiful Names For God For All The People Of The Book

Author : David Bentley
ISBN : 0878082999
Genre : Religion
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In a bridge-building exercise between Christians, Muslims, and other "people of the book," David Bentley traces the Semitic pre-Islamic origins of Islam's 99 names of God. He points the reader to Old Testament counterparts of these names as well as to Jesus' comparable representations of Himself.

The 99 Names Of God

Author : Daniel Wickwire
ISBN : 162245524X
Genre : Religion
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book presents and substantiates the 99 names of God, giving us an objective understanding of who God really is.

The 99 Names Of God

Author :
ISBN : 0957138822
Genre :
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The Names Of God In Judaism Christianity And Islam

Author : Máire Byrne
ISBN : 9781441163417
Genre : Religion
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This book offers a welcome solution to the growing need for a common language in interfaith dialogue; particularly between the three Abrahamic faiths in our modern pluralistic society. The book suggests that the names given to God in the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament and the Qur'an, could be the very foundations and building blocks for a common language between the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. On both a formal interfaith level, as well as between everyday followers of each doctrine, this book facilitates a more fruitful and universal understanding and respect of each sacred text; exploring both the commonalities and differences between each theology and their individual receptions. In a practical application of the methodologies of comparative theology, Maire Byrne shows that the titles, names and epithets given to God in the sacred texts of Judaism, Christianity and Islam contribute towards similar images of God in each case, and elucidates the importance of this for providing a viable starting point for interfaith dialogue.

99 Names

Author : Andrew Kosorok
ISBN : 1490510753
Genre : Art
File Size : 36. 24 MB
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As a stained glass artist it is exciting to experience and learn about other cultures and faiths through their art. In learning about Islam and Muslims we discover the tradition of the 99 Most Beautiful Names from the Qur'an; the 99 Names are an index of God's infinite characteristics, attributes of God which help the faithful navigate their place in the universe and provide direction for worship and emulation. They are a good starting point from which to begin the exploration of another faith because they represent ideals, aspirations and hopes common to us all. This is the first of 4 books, and collects the first 25 glass sculptures of my personal response to each of the 99 Names - a synthesis of research and discussion with members of many Muslim communities coupled with prayerful consideration and contemplation on what each Name means to me as a Christian. These sculptures are a record of my personal journey towards appreciation and understanding, and are shared in hopes that others will also find the beauty I discover in the faith of my fellow travelers in our human family.

Encyclopedia Of Islam

Author : Juan Eduardo Campo
ISBN : 9781438126968
Genre : Islam
File Size : 90. 18 MB
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Explores the terms, concepts, personalities, historical events, and institutions that helped shape the history of this religion and the way it is practiced today.

Nectar 33

Author : Swami Brahmeshananda
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 50. 10 MB
Format : PDF
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In an issue dedicated almost entirely to the spiritual artform of meditation, Nectar of Nondual Truth explores and presents this most needed and necessary facet of spiritual life through the lighted windows of various religious traditions in conscious operation in today’s world. Yogic-based eight-limbed meditation upon everything from objects in matter, to the realization of a yogi’s conscious Essence is taken up. Meditation on the timeless, beneficial utterance of divine names in a tradition that also favors Reality as nameless, is studied thoroughly by a Rabbi via the Jewish tradition. Then, even the very breath that utters the divine names is inspected in an article on meditation by a teacher in the Sufi tradition. The striking and sobering question asked in several traditions of India, that of “Who Am I,” is looked at first hand by an advanced meditator on personal retreat in the Ch’an Zen tradition, who then also takes his place as an interviewer to question a Japanese Roshi about meditation practice in the Soto Zen tradition. Three revered Swamis of the Ramakrishna Order offer up their insights into this superlative examination of meditation and meditator, from different perspectives. Specifically, the very purpose of sitting still and looking within to find the purpose of the entire practice is presented by a long-time practitioner, and finally, an article scrutinizing this most subtle of all yogas from the succinctly nondual position is pondered via the noble Advaita Vedanta perspective. Thus does this age-old and crucial principle of inmost practice — known in Raja Yoga as the singular doorway to Samadhi or Nirvana, — receive a thorough observation from all angles of sensitive, experienced, human awareness.

War Peace And Prosperity In The Name Of God

Author : Murat Iyigun
ISBN : 9780226232287
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52. 49 MB
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Differences among religious communities have motivated—and continue to motivate—many of the deadliest conflicts in human history. But how did political power and organized religion become so thoroughly intertwined? And how have religion and religiously motivated conflicts affected the evolution of societies throughout history, from demographic and sociopolitical change to economic growth? War, Peace, and Prosperity in the Name of God turns the focus on the “big three monotheisms”—Judaism, Islam, and Christianity—to consider these questions. Chronicling the relatively rapid spread of the Abrahamic religions among the Old World, Murat Iyigun shows that societies that adhered to a monotheistic belief in that era lasted longer, suggesting that monotheism brought some sociopolitical advantages. While the inherent belief in one true god meant that these religious communities had sooner or later to contend with one another, Iyigun shows that differences among them were typically strong enough to trump disagreements within. The book concludes by documenting the long-term repercussions of these dynamics for the organization of societies and their politics in Europe and the Middle East.

Reading The Qur An

Author : Ziauddin Sardar
ISBN : 9780199911493
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34. 5 MB
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"I grew up reading the Qur'an on my mother's lap," writes Ziauddin Sardar. "It's an experience I share with most Muslim children. And so it is that our connection to the Qur'an is infused with associations of the warmest and most enduring of human bonds." In Reading the Qur'an, Sardar--one of Europe's leading public intellectuals--laments that for far too many Muslims, the Qur'an he had learned in his mother's lap has become a stick used for ensuring conformity and suppressing dissenting views. Indeed, some find in the Qur'an justification for misogyny, validation for hatred of others, an obsession with dress and mindless ritual, rules for running modern states. Arguing passionately but reasonably against these trends, Sardar speaks out for a more open, less doctrinaire approach to reading the Qur'an. He contends that the Qur'an is not fixed in stone for all time, but a dynamic text which every generation must encounter anew, and whose relevance and implications for our time we have yet to fully discover. The words of the Qur'an imply movement: the religious life, it tells us, is not about standing still but always striving to make our life, our society, the entire world around us a better place for everyone. Sardar explores the Qur'an from a variety of perspectives, from traditional exegesis to hermeneutics, critical theory, and cultural analysis, drawing fresh and contemporary lessons from the Sacred Text. He also examines what the Qur'an says about such contemporary topics as power and politics, rights of women, suicide, domestic violence, sex, homosexuality, the veil, freedom of expression, and evolution. Ziauddin Sardar opens a new window on this remarkable Sacred Text, in a book that will engage all devout Muslims and will interest anyone curious about the Qur'an and Islam today.

Library Of Congress Subject Headings

Author :
ISBN : PSU:000046947338
Genre : Subject headings, Library of Congress
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