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The Bangladesh Reader

Author : Meghna Guhathakurta
ISBN : 9780822395676
Genre : History
File Size : 29. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Bangladesh is the world's eighth most populous country. It has more inhabitants than either Russia or Japan, and its national language, Bengali, ranks sixth in the world in terms of native speakers. Founded in 1971, Bangladesh is a relatively young nation, but the Bengal Delta region has been a major part of international life for more than 2,000 years, whether as an important location for trade or through its influence on Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim life. Yet the country rarely figures in global affairs or media, except in stories about floods, poverty, or political turmoil. The Bangladesh Reader does what those portrayals do not: It illuminates the rich historical, cultural, and political permutations that have created contemporary Bangladesh, and it conveys a sense of the aspirations and daily lives of Bangladeshis. Intended for travelers, students, and scholars, the Reader encompasses first-person accounts, short stories, historical documents, speeches, treaties, essays, poems, songs, photographs, cartoons, paintings, posters, advertisements, maps, and a recipe. Classic selections familiar to many Bangladeshis—and essential reading for those who want to know the country—are juxtaposed with less-known pieces. The selections are translated from a dozen languages; many have not been available in English until now. Featuring eighty-three images, including seventeen in color, The Bangladesh Reader is an unprecedented, comprehensive introduction to the South Asian country's turbulent past and dynamic present.

The Colombia Reader

Author : Ann Farnsworth-Alvear
ISBN : 9780822373865
Genre : History
File Size : 49. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Containing over one hundred selections—most of them published in English for the first time—The Colombia Reader presents a rich and multilayered account of this complex nation from the colonial era to the present. The collection includes journalistic reports, songs, artwork, poetry, oral histories, government documents, and scholarship to illustrate the changing ways Colombians from all walks of life have made and understood their own history. Comprehensive in scope, it covers regional differences; religion, art, and culture; the urban/rural divide; patterns of racial, economic, and gender inequalities; the history of violence; and the transnational flows that have shaped the nation. The Colombia Reader expands readers' knowledge of Colombia beyond its reputation for violence, contrasting experiences of conflict with the stability and significance of cultural, intellectual, and economic life in this plural nation.

The Ghana Reader

Author : Kwasi Konadu
ISBN : 9780822374961
Genre : Travel
File Size : 39. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Covering 500 years of Ghana's history, The Ghana Reader provides a multitude of historical, political, and cultural perspectives on this iconic African nation. Whether discussing the Asante kingdom and the Gold Coast's importance to European commerce and transatlantic slaving, Ghana's brief period under British colonial rule, or the emergence of its modern democracy, the volume's eighty selections emphasize Ghana's enormous symbolic and pragmatic value to global relations. They also demonstrate that the path to fully understanding Ghana requires acknowledging its ethnic and cultural diversity and listening to its population's varied voices. Readers will encounter selections written by everyone from farmers, traders, and the clergy to intellectuals, politicians, musicians, and foreign travelers. With sources including historical documents, poems, treaties, articles, and fiction, The Ghana Reader conveys the multiple and intersecting histories of Ghana's development as a nation, its key contribution to the formation of the African diaspora, and its increasingly important role in the economy and politics of the twenty-first century.

The South Africa Reader

Author : Clifton Crais
ISBN : 9780822377450
Genre : History
File Size : 33. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The South Africa Reader is an extraordinarily rich guide to the history, culture, and politics of South Africa. With more than eighty absorbing selections, the Reader provides many perspectives on the country's diverse peoples, its first two decades as a democracy, and the forces that have shaped its history and continue to pose challenges to its future, particularly violence, inequality, and racial discrimination. Among the selections are folktales passed down through the centuries, statements by seventeenth-century Dutch colonists, the songs of mine workers, a widow's testimony before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and a photo essay featuring the acclaimed work of Santu Mofokeng. Cartoons, songs, and fiction are juxtaposed with iconic documents, such as "The Freedom Charter" adopted in 1955 by the African National Congress and its allies and Nelson Mandela's "Statement from the Dock" in 1964. Cacophonous voices—those of slaves and indentured workers, African chiefs and kings, presidents and revolutionaries—invite readers into ongoing debates about South Africa's past and present and what exactly it means to be South African.

The Globalization Reader

Author : Frank J. Lechner
ISBN : 9781118737026
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 76. 60 MB
Format : PDF
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Completely revised and updated, the fifth edition of thiswell-regarded textbook charts key topics and recent research inglobalization along with the latest complexities and controversiesin the field. Includes a new section on globalization and identity and newreadings on global inequality, mental illness, structural violence,microfinance, blood diamonds, world citizenship, the global justicemovement, and sumo wrestling Contains essential, thought-provoking readings by prominentscholars, activists, and organizations on the many dimensions ofglobalization, from political and economic issues to cultural andexperiential ones Examines foundational topics, such as the experience ofglobalization, economic and political globalization, the role ofmedia and religion in cultural globalization, women’s rights,environmentalism, global civil society, and the alternativeglobalization movement Retains the helpful student features from prior editions,including an accessible format, concise introductions to majortopics, stimulating examples, and discussion questions for eachselection and section

The Bangladesh Journal Of American Studies

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015066388326
Genre : United States
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Companion Reader On Violence Against Women

Author : Claire M. Renzetti
ISBN : 9781452236186
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 64. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Designed to advance knowledge about violence against women and to serve as an inspiration to those studying or working in the field, this companion reader's 20 original articles focus first on theoretical and methodological issues, then on types of violence against women, and finally on prevention and direct intervention. Readers will find a wide range of articles that draw attention to the global dimensions of violence against women and the importance of taking into account political, economic, and cultural differences across diverse groups of people. While the book's articles are designed as companion pieces to the chapters in the Second Edition of the Sourcebook, this reader may also be used as a stand-alone text by those researching specific topics, such as diversity issues, conducting trainings, or teaching advanced courses, such as international social work.

The Colonel Who Would Not Repent

Author : Salil Tripathi
ISBN : 9780300221022
Genre : History
File Size : 82. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Bangladesh was once East Pakistan, the Muslim nation carved out of the Indian Subcontinent when it gained independence from Britain in 1947. As religion alone could not keep East Pakistan and West Pakistan together, Bengali-speaking East Pakistan fought for and achieved liberation in 1971. Coups and assassinations followed, and two decades later it completed its long, tumultuous transition to parliamentary government. Its history is complex and tragic—one of war, natural disaster, starvation, corruption, and political instability. First published in India by the Aleph Book Company, Salil Tripathi’s lyrical, beautifully wrought tale of the difficult birth and conflict-ridden politics of this haunted land has received international critical acclaim, and his reporting has been honored with a Mumbai Press Club Red Ink Award for Excellence in Journalism. The Colonel Who Would Not Repent is an insightful study of a nation struggling to survive and define itself.

Bullets Of 71

Author : Dr. Nuran Nabi
ISBN : 9781452043838
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 48. 85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Bullets of `71: A Freedom Fighter's Story details Dr. Nuran Nabi's experience growing up in rural Bangladesh and living through the tumultuous episodes of the Bangladesh liberation movement and the liberation war. This is the true story of how a frail young man developed into a politically conscious student activist before transforming into a heroic freedom fighter in the Bangladesh Liberation War. Throughout Dr. Nabi's narrative, the untold stories of the Bangladesh Liberation War unfold. The sacrifices and heroic actions captured through Dr. Nabi's words define more than his accomplishments, they define his entire generation. The Bangladesh Liberation War was a people's war. Men and women, young and old, students, farmers, bureaucrats, laborers, political activists, and defected Bengali soldiers of the Pakistani military, all joined the liberation war. Bullets of `71 is their story. The Bangladesh liberation war was bloody. Three million people were killed, thousands of women were raped, and ten million people were forced to become refugees. However, this story transcends the events of the war. It explores the political backdrop amongst China, the United States, the Soviet Union, and India. Dr. Nabi effectively illustrates how the selfish decisions of a few world leaders led to millions of crimes perpetrated against humanity. But among all the pages in this book none are more candid and horrific than those that cover the atrocities committed by the Pakistani military. Although the Bangladesh genocide unfolded during the nine months of the liberation war, Dr. Nabi thoughtfully separates these stories to remind us of why he and his fellow freedom fighters fought. Bullets of `71: A Freedom Fighter's Story is the most authentic account of the events that transpired in 1971 Bangladesh. It is a captivating story that captures the elements of the universal struggle for freedom.

National Geographic Learning Reader Climate Change Printed Access Card

Author : National Geographic Learning
ISBN : 9781285402642
Genre : Science
File Size : 50. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bring your learning to life with compelling images, media and text from National Geographic. CLIMATE CHANGE will help you develop a clearer understanding of the world around you through engaging content. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

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