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Chinese Way In Business

Author : Boye Lafayette De Mente
ISBN : 9781462911738
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76. 15 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is a comprehensive, expert guide to doing business in China Western technology, management expertise and capital have fueled an incredible expansion of China's economy. Trade with China is at an all time high and so are the numbers of Westerners travelling to China for business. Business from China has also picked up as Chinese firms look to expand abroad. Understanding the ins and outs of the confusing and often contradictory Chinese business culture can lend an enormous advantage. The Chinese Way in Business is an invaluable tool that teaches Westerners the basic Chinese philosophy of doing business and how to cultivate strong personal relationships with Chinese business people and Chinese nationals. The author, Boye Lafayette De Mente worked in Asia for over thirty years as a journalist and business consultant and has long been considered an authority on East Asian business. In this book, he reveals the historical factors, collective traits and individual qualities that determine how the Chinese do business today, and the direction their economy will take in the future. His is a true insider's view—whether the topic is the legal framework for business development, or the importance of social relationships to successful business dealings in China. The book is broken into ten key parts: Introduction: The Land and the People—includes a overview of Chinese ethnicity and the languages of China Part One:Return of the Central Kingdom—an extensive overview of recent events and new technologies in China Part Two: The Historical Perspective—Chinese philosophy and the Chinese mindset from antiquity to modern times Part Three: Doing Business in China—A detailed analysis of the nuts and bolts of Chinese Business Part Four: Key Concepts in Chinese Business—Concepts native to China such as Guanxi (relationships) that drive Chinese business practice Part Five: Additional Business Vocabulary Part Six: Glossary of Useful Terms—designed for quick referencing Part Seven: Internet Gateways to China—An overview of the dynamic online world in China Part Eight: Miscellaneous Information—contains information about English Language Publications and Weather Patterns Part Nine: Learning Some New Skills—Classical Chinese techniques which might benefit Western business people

China Understanding Dealing With The Chinese Way Of Doing Business

Author : Boye De Mente
ISBN : 9781470125837
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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China has emerged on the world scene as a major economic and political force that appears destined to surpass the United States—a portent of the future that goes well beyond anything the U.S. has faced before. The business practices of today's China are a mixture of traditional values and customs combined with Western concepts and practices that, despite bumps in the highway, are propelling the country forward at warp speed. This book addresses both the traditional and modern-day aspects of how business is done in China, and offers valuable insights in how to deal with them effectively. It also covers aspects of China's appearance on the international scene and the globalization of its economy that are political in nature. It is an ideal handbook for businesspeople, consultants, educators, and students.

Doing Business In China For Dummies

Author : Robert Collins
ISBN : 9781118050941
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 87. 89 MB
Format : PDF
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Navigate China's business culture and etiquette The fun and easy way to grow your business in China This authoritative, friendly guide covers all the basics, from the nuts and bolts of Chinese business and bureaucracy to negotiating with your Chinese partners. You'll also get the know-how you need to manage day to day, from travel tips and advice on converting money to getting past language barriers. Discover how to: * Understand Chinese markets * Develop a strong business plan * Find the right employees * Work with currency controls and the Chinese banking system * Sell and source in China Explanations in plain English * "Get in, get out" information * Icons and other navigational aids * Tear-out cheat sheet * Top ten lists * A dash of humor and fun

The Chinese Way

Author : Min Ding
ISBN : 9781317818298
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34. 3 MB
Format : PDF
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As business becomes increasingly globalized and China establishes its growing role in the international business environment, developing an understanding of the complex culture is important to anyone acting in the global arena. This book offers readers a thorough and nuanced resource to that end, describing the ever-evolving Chinese way of life circa 2014, based on extensive primary and secondary data. Taking an anthropological approach to achieve a well-rounded representation, the book covers 51 topics that would have been studied if China were a newly discovered civilization. It explores the culture through its examination of the nine core concepts that best represent the Chinese way of life. While the book is a rigorous treatment of the Chinese way of life, it is also filled with personal stories and perspectives from close to 1000 successful Chinese from academia, business, and government. The Chinese Way equips international business students, scholars, and practitioners with a deep understanding of a society that is a major player in global business today and offers a foundation for successful business interactions with Chinese companies, organizations, and people.

Chinese Business Etiquette And Culture

Author : Keven Bucknall
ISBN : 0917990447
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In this book, you will be introduced to the basics of Chinese culture. You will discover how to initiate contact, what to expect in meetings, and how to behave there. You will learn the way the Chinese approach negotiations, discover how you can respond to them, and learn how to negotiate a successful conclusion. You will also find out how to socialize for success, how to cope with specific problems of living and working in China, and the best way to treat Chinese visitors to your organization. You are given practical advice throughout on business etiquette, and on how to fit into Chinese cultural expectations in order to achieve your goals. An appendix briefly explains Chinese history, and then considers recent economic, political, and social changes. If you fit any one of the following descriptions, this book will provide valuable help to you in your chosen field: - I am a business person and I am thinking of moving into the China market to buy or sell, or I already buy or sell in China, or I am contemplating investing in China. - I work for the government and I would like to know more about China, its business practices, and how to deal with the Chinese I meet. - I am a university professor and I teach a course about doing business in China, or the Chinese economy and society, or cross cultural management problems, or law and international negotiating practices. - I am a student and I am studying China, or taking courses about cross cultural management, or doing business in China, or international business studies, or negotiating abroad. For author bio and photo, reviews and a reading sample, go to

Dynamics Of Family Business

Author : Fock Siew Tong
ISBN : UOM:39015080695243
Genre : Corporations, Chinese
File Size : 56. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Much of the prevailing literature today and even the learned perception of many academic researchers claim that Chinese family businesses face growth restrictions that stem from cultural characteristics, preventing them from developing into full-fledged multinational enterprises. If this view is correct, it is particularly disturbing for Singapore, where public policy is directed at developing local enterprises, which are dominated by Chinese family businesses, into large and successful international corporations in Asia and the rest of the world. This book presents an in-depth study of five Chinese family businesses in Singapore that have overcome supposedly culturally inherent restrictions to growth and have successfully made the intergenerational transitions. They have also grown in size across family generations to become business empires in the Asia Pacific and the West. The analysis of the success factors of these five successful Chinese family businesses includes an examination of cultural and institutional factors, and importantly, the entrepreneurial role of the family business leaders. The success of these five outstanding entrepreneurially oriented Chinese family businesses and the profile of their family business leaders are templates for other Chinese family business leaders and potentially future large and successful Chinese family businesses to follow.Also available in the Gale Virtual Reference Library (eBook).eBook pricing varies according to the size of your institution. Please contact us for details.eBook ISBN-13: 9789814253680Available Now

The Haier Way

Author : Jeannie Jinsheng Yi
ISBN : 9781931907019
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 72. 30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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With over 30,000 employees worldwide and products that range from refrigerators to cell phones, Haier is the largest consumer electronics manufacturer in China. This book traces this giant's path to success, from its early bleak years when the company director had to beg from the neighboring village head for money to pay bonuses to his employees to its achievement of placing sixth on Forbes Global's worldwide household appliance manufacturer in 2001. Much emphasis is given to Zhang Ruimin, Haier's chairman and CEO, for his pivotal role in the company's success. Explained is how Haier excelled where many other Chinese companies did not: a commitment to quality, service, and technology innovation, in addition to a global vision and a management style that is a blend of Jack Welch and Confucius.

China Business Culture

Author : Yuan Wang
ISBN : IND:30000102069816
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 59. 19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Commercial success for Westerners is dependent on understanding the different and complex set of cultural and business values in China. This guide is a must for anyone interested in doing business in China.

Think Like Chinese

Author : Haihua Zhang
ISBN : 1862876886
Genre : Business communication
File Size : 56. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sun Zi said "know yourself and your enemy, then you will never lose a battle". Zhang and Baker say, "know the Chinese mind so you can prosper!" Think Like Chinese explains Chinese thought and business culture from the Chinese perspective. It gives first-hand insight into what Chinese are really thinking when conducting business. Zhang and Baker combine their Chinese and Western perspectives to explain, in detail, common Chinese behaviours that may seem odd to non-Chinese. They bring a wealth of personal experience in contemporary Chinese business investment and management, sharing their experiences and observations to provide strategies for overcoming such cultural barriers.Each chapter opens with a traditional or common Chinese saying, which is given contemporary meaning and applied to business scenarios. This key to Chinese thought provides the context for guidance on practical matters such as:how to ensure spoken communications are being interpreted accuratelyunderstanding the importance of "face" (mianzi), and giving and receiving mianzi appropriatelynetworking effectively among the Chineseunderstanding Chinese work cultures, identifying the real Chinese decision-makers, improving negotiations, and gaining the best out of Chinese staffdistinguishing "cow poo" (facts or true statements) from "hooyou" (bragging or bullshit)knowing when a Chinese 'yes' actually means 'yes', instead of 'maybe' or 'no'Chinese approaches to the law and contracts, dispute resolution, intellectual property, investment and partnerships.Think Like Chinese is a must for anyone who wants a better understanding of Chinese culture and how to apply this knowledge in their China dealings, whether doing business with Chinese suppliers or customers, working with a Chinese partner or managing Chinese employees.It is also written for people who are simply fascinated about China, and want to know more about the Chinese people, their history, their current emergence as an economic powerhouse and their increasing significance in the world's future.

Luxury The Chinese Way

Author : S. Rovai
ISBN : 9781137537751
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 34. 33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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China's love for luxury is not a phenomenon brought on by the contemporary luxury market, but has been a part of Chinese culture and history for generations. The Chinese luxury industry is again re-emerging along modern cultural and socio-economic contexts, and is taking the market by storm. Luxury the Chinese Way identifies the main strengths and opportunities associated with the Chinese luxury market, explains the influence of 'Chinese characteristics' on its development and mode of operations, and reflects on the challenges associated with diverse consumption orientations. Using references from the fields and real-life data, this book provides a comprehensive overview on China's innovation in luxury, and is an important contribution to the study of the phenomenon that is the global luxury industry.

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