the civil war the war that divided the united states

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The Civil War

Author : Therese M. Shea
ISBN : 9781534560468
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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The Civil War still holds a prominent place in the American imagination—reenactments and battlefield visits are popular tourist attractions for both Northerners and Southerners. The underlying issues of racism and states’ rights that caused the war are also still visible in American society. Through informative main text, detailed maps, historic photographs, and a timeline of important dates, readers will be engaged by this key event in the country’s history and gain a better understanding of some of its present struggles.

America Divided

Author : Maurice Isserman
ISBN : UCSC:32106018262839
Genre : History
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Explores the tumultuous decade in American history, covering such topics as civil rights, Vietnam, the assasination of Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, the war on poverty, marijuana usage, and the policies of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixo

The Divided Family In Civil War America

Author : Amy Murrell Taylor
ISBN : 0807899070
Genre : History
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The Civil War has long been described as a war pitting "brother against brother." The divided family is an enduring metaphor for the divided nation, but it also accurately reflects the reality of America's bloodiest war. Connecting the metaphor to the real experiences of families whose households were split by conflicting opinions about the war, Amy Murrell Taylor provides a social and cultural history of the divided family in Civil War America. In hundreds of border state households, brothers--and sisters--really did fight one another, while fathers and sons argued over secession and husbands and wives struggled with opposing national loyalties. Even enslaved men and women found themselves divided over how to respond to the war. Taylor studies letters, diaries, newspapers, and government documents to understand how families coped with the unprecedented intrusion of war into their private lives. Family divisions inflamed the national crisis while simultaneously embodying it on a small scale--something noticed by writers of popular fiction and political rhetoric, who drew explicit connections between the ordeal of divided families and that of the nation. Weaving together an analysis of this popular imagery with the experiences of real families, Taylor demonstrates how the effects of the Civil War went far beyond the battlefield to penetrate many facets of everyday life.

America Divided

Author : Maurice Isserman
ISBN : 019802522X
Genre : History
File Size : 35. 86 MB
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In America Divided, Maurice Isserman and Michael Kazin provide the definitive history of the 1960s, in a book that tells a compelling tale filled with fresh and persuasive insights. Ranging from the 1950s right up to the debacle of Watergate, Isserman (a noted historian of the Left) and Kazin (a leading specialist in populist movements) not only recount the public and private actions of the era's many powerful political figures, but also shed light on the social, cultural, and grassroots political movements of the decade. Indeed, readers will find a seamless narrative that integrates such events as the Cuban Missile Crisis and Operation Rolling Thunder with the rise of Motown and Bob Dylan, and that blends the impact of Betty Friedan, Martin Luther King, and George Wallace with the role played by organizations ranging from the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee to the Campus Crusade for Christ. The authors' broad ranging approach offers us the most sophisticated understanding to date of the interaction between key developments of the decade, such as the Vietnam War, the rise and fall of the Great Society, and the conservative revival. And they break new ground in their careful attention to every aspect of the political and cultural spectrum, depicting the 1960s as a decade of right-wing resurgence as much as radical triumph, of Protestant apocalyptic revivalism as much as Roman Catholic liberalism and rising alternative religions. Never before have all sides of the many political, social, and cultural conflicts been so well defined, discussed, and analyzed--all in a swiftly moving narrative. With America Divided, the struggles of the Sixties--and their legacy--are finally clear.

The Civil War Of 1812

Author : Alan Taylor
ISBN : 9780679776734
Genre : History
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Assesses the War of 1812 in light of the legacy of the American Revolution, citing the agendas of key contributors while offering insight into the war's role in shaping the United States and Canada.

The American Civil War A House Divided

Author :
Genre :
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Bitterly Divided

Author : David Williams
ISBN : 9781595585950
Genre : History
File Size : 25. 61 MB
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A fascinating look at a hidden side of the South’s history

Divided Houses

Author : Catherine Clinton
ISBN : 9780195080346
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 34 MB
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No American needs to be told that the Civil War brought the United States to a critical juncture in its history. The war changed forever the face of the nation, the nature of American politics, the status of African-Americans, and the daily lives of millions of people. Yet few of us understand how the war transformed gender roles and attitudes toward sexuality among American citizens. Divided Houses is the first book to address this sorely neglected topic, showing how the themes of gender, class, race, and sexuality interacted to forge the beginnings of a new society. In this unique volume, historians Catherine Clinton and Nina Silber bring together a wide spectrum of critical viewpoints--all written by eminent scholars--to show how gender became a prism through which the political tensions of antebellum America were filtered and focused. For example, Divided Houses demonstrates that the abolitionist movement was strongly allied with nineteenth-century feminism, and shows how the ensuing debates over sectionalism and, eventually, secession, were often couched in terms of gender. Northerners and Southerners alike frequently ridiculed each other as "effeminate": slaveowners were characterized by Yankees as idle and useless aristocrats, enfeebled by their "peculiar institution"; northerners were belittled as money-grubbers who lacked the masculine courage of their southern counterparts. Through the course of the book, many fascinating subjects are explored, such as the new "manly" responsibilities both black and white men had thrust upon them as soldiers; the effect of the war on Southern women's daily actions on the homefront; the essential part Northern women played as nurses and spies; the war's impact on marriage and divorce; women's roles in the guerilla fighting; even the wartime dialogue on interracial sex. There is also a rare look at how gender affected the experience of freedom for African-American children, a discussion of how Harriet Beecher Stowe attempted to distract both her readers and herself from the ravages of war through the writing of romantic fiction, and a consideration of the changing relations between black men and a white society which, during the war, at last forced to confront their manhood. In addition, an incisive introduction by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James McPherson helps place these various subjects in an overall historical context. Nowhere else are such topics considered in a single, accessible volume. Divided Houses sheds new light on the entire Civil War experience--from its causes to its legacy--and shows how gender shaped both the actions and attitudes of those who participated in this watershed event in the history of America.

A Nation Divided

Author : Mark Thomas
ISBN : 9781591943730
Genre : History
File Size : 32. 46 MB
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"A house divided against itself cannot stand." When Abraham Lincoln spoke these words in 1858, a deadly storm was brewing in the United States. Many in the South no longer wanted to remain a part of the country. They wanted to form their own country, where slavery remained legal and where Northerners stayed out of Southerners' business. In 1861, the storm hit. The "house" of the United States was split in half by a terrible war that would drag on for years. Before the Civil War ended, more than half a million soldiers would die in what would be, and still remains, the conflict that has claimed the greatest number of American lives. But when the clouds of this war of brother against brother finally cleared, nearly four million African Americans had been freed from bondage--and the divided house was whole again.

Journal Of The Civil War Era

Author : William A. Blair
ISBN : 9781469615981
Genre : History
File Size : 44. 14 MB
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The Journal of the Civil War Era Volume 4, Number 2 June 2014 TABLE OF CONTENTS Tom Watson Brown Book Award John Fabian Witt Civil War Historians and the Laws of War Articles Chandra Manning Working for Citizenship in Civil War Contraband Camps Michael F. Conlin The Dangerous Isms and the Fanatical Ists: Antebellum Conservatives in the South and the North Confront the Modernity Conspiracy Nicholas Guyatt "An Impossible Idea?" The Curious Career of Internal Colonization Review Essay John Craig Hammond Slavery, Sovereignty, and Empires: North American Borderlands and the American Civil War, 1660-1860 Book Reviews Books Received Professional Notes Jill Ogline Titus An Unfinished Struggle: Sesquicentennial Interpretations of Slavery and Emancipation

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