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The Coming New World Order

Author : Thomas J. Mueller
ISBN : 9781460257821
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25. 43 MB
Format : PDF
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This book proposes a step-by-step blueprint for a better world. There is a storm brewing on the horizon. A new world order is coming based on all the trends and global pressures that is facing mankind today. The question is, who's world vision is going to prevail and lead us into the 21st century and beyond? Will it be based on Man's vision and his world-ruling government that has only produced war or God's vision and Christ's world-ruling government that is guaranteed to produce lasting peace? The outcome to this vital question and struggle will either bring on the "Apocalypse" or the prophesied "Millennium." It is our choice and we need to decide soon before we hit a point of no return! Prophecy says the Kingdom of Man is going to face off with the Kingdom of God on the Plains of Megiddo in Northern Israel in the not too distant future for supremacy on earth if we don't heed the warnings and change our ways. Our message, therefore, is simple. Christ is returning shortly as King of Kings to establish a new political order, His world-ruling government of the Kingdom of God on earth. His return can either be a forceful one or a peaceful one. It is our decision. Either way, we need to decide soon and get ready for the Second Coming!

The New World Order

Author : Mark Dice
ISBN : 9780967346670
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 37. 51 MB
Format : PDF
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What is the New World Order? Proponents say that it's an anticipated new era of global cooperation between diverse nations and cultures aimed at ushering in a utopia providing all the earth's citizens with everything they need. Detractors claim it's the systematic take-over by secret societies, quasi-government entities and corporations who are covertly organizing a global socialist all-powerful government which aims to regulate every aspect of citizens lives, rendering them a perpetual working-class while the elite leadership lives in luxury. Conspiracy theory expert Mark Dice looks at the evidence, claims, and conspiracy theories as he takes you down the rabbit hole to The New World Order. TOPICS: - Calls for a New World Order by Politicians and Businessmen. - World Governed by the Elite Through Occult Secret Societies - Mainstream Media Controlled by the Elite - High Level Officials and Institutions are Above the Law - Why Immorality and Destructive Behavior is Encouraged - Banking, Money, and Taxes - One World Currency - Population Reduction - One World Religion - A Coming Global Dictator Who Will Claim to be God - Global Police and Military Force - A Nation of Spies and Culture of Fear - Elimination of the Right to Bear Arms - Elimination of National Sovereignty - Monitoring the Population with Big Brother - A Medicated and Sedated Population - Weather Weapons and Chemtrails - Nephilim and Anunnaki - Satanism and Luciferianism - Underground Bases and Tunnels - And More By the author of The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction

Prophetic Secrets And The New World Order

Author : David A. Miller
ISBN : 1572580895
Genre : Bible
File Size : 74. 90 MB
Format : PDF
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Did you know the stories in the book of Daniel have a hidden prophetic meaning? Prophetic Secrets and the New World Order uses these stories and the prophecies of the book of Revelation to expose the Man of Sin and the mysterious mark of the beast. Written in easy to understand language, this book is a must for the time in which we live.Is there really a worldwide conspiracy? Are there secret societies leading us toward a mysterious agenda? Are there powers behind the scenes that we should be aware of? Is there a world leader either in charge now or soon to take charge of the entire world scene? Are there now plans being laid for a one world government? What is the New World Order?It is the intention of the author to reveal just such a hidden agenda. The exposure will be done using the secret clues of Bible prophecy. These secrets are hidden to those who do not care to know and yet open to those who choose to investigate.

The Ultimate New World Order

Author : David H. Thompson
ISBN : 9781469154350
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 44. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book reveals the mystery that was hidden in God before he created heaven and earth. It is the mystery of Gods kingdom coming to earth as he has declared to his servants, the prophets. Because Father God loved the world, he sent his firstborn Son, Jesus Christ, to reveal this mystery of Gods kingdom exclusively to his apostles who he chose to preach the gospel (good news) of Gods kingdom throughout the earth. Jesus said this gospel would be preached during the end-times of Gods cleansing salvation work to cleanse and save the world from the corrupt workings of the devil that have polluted and corrupted the world with violence and wars and all manners of wickedness. The good news of Gods kingdom is Gods message of universal salvation for all mankind regardless of what men may believe of think. Gods kingdom is the ultimate new world that will appear on earth.

The New World Order

Author : Allen Roesch
ISBN : 1572582766
Genre : New Age movement
File Size : 46. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The New World Order--one of the climactic events in the Earth's end times. Correct? Not So! The New World Order--Part of Adventism? is where author Allen Roesch seeks to prove the invalidity of the New World Order doctrine. Divided into two parts, the author shows both sides of the New World Order issue. Part one shows how certain authors like Malachi Martin, Gary Kah, Don McAlvany, and Gary North live lives and hold beliefs contrary to those of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Part two studies the pages of the Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible to prove that the doctrine of the New World Order is not even mentioned in either one. If this doctrine is such a cornerstone of future history, wouldn't it be found in the inspired writings depicting the last days? God speaks through His church, and believing a doctrine that is not in harmony with the church or its writings is not safe. If God has any new light to communicate, he will let his chosen and beloved understand it without their going to have their minds enlightened by hearing those who are in darkness and error.--Early Writings 124. Part three--We as adventists should not be so caught up with the terminology The New World Order. Our Pioneers never even referred to it, so why should we?

Rise Of The New World Order

Author : J. Micah'El Thomas Hays
ISBN : 0988982048
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The same occult group of people who have ruled over humanity for thousands of years continue to do so to this day.The New World Order is the one world government of Bible prophecy. There is truth in many of the rumors called conspiracy theories and I've connected the dots on many. Please read the outstanding reviews on Amazon US and Amazon UK

Awaken To The New World Order

Author : Zen Garcia
ISBN : 9780557900732
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The 5th book by Zen Garcia, details the author's personal awakening to what the planet has come to know as the New World Order. Accompanied by the illustrations of well known graphic artist David Dees, contained within this edition are the collected articles that Zen published while working as a columnist for the Populist Party of America, a once independent web portal frequented by hundreds of thousands of truth seeking visitors every month. This book captures the inception of the 9/11 truth movement and political tenure of one of the most critical periods of United States History, sharing the attempt of two men to wake others to the elitist agenda of governments sponsoring terror, in effort to drive agenda, ending national sovereignty, and unifying countries under the banner of a worldwide socialist government controlled by the Illuminati through the United Nations.

The Secret American Dream The Creation Of A New World Order With The Power To Abolish War Poverty And Disease

Author : Nicholas Hagger
ISBN : 9781780282121
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 37. 46 MB
Format : PDF
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Until the present time there have been seven stages of United States expansionism - from the Federal unification of the original states to the 'New World Order' planned by US-led commercial elites before and after 1989. Extrapolating both from the author's distinctive reading of history and the evidence of President Obama's own speeches and actions, The Secret American Dream proposes that the US now faces a new, eighth, phase of expansion. In this, the traditional 'American Dream' of peace, social order and prosperity would be extended to all humankind. This ambitious plan - little known and understood outside President Obama's inner circle - would involve the creation of a benevolent World State initiated, but not dominated, by the United States. The Secret American Dream suggests that the first step in establishing the World State - a supranational authority with legal powers to abolish war and nuclear weapons - would be a visit by the US President to the UN General Assembly requesting a World Constitutional Convention. Under the President's proposals, the existing UN General Assembly would become an elected, 850-seat lower house, alongside a new World Senate and an executive called the World Commission. A senatorial World Openness Committee would control the world's commercial elites and harness their positive skills and energies. Founded on altruistic and philanthropic principles, the World State would bring global peace, disarmament and the opportunity of prosperity to every individual on Earth. The abolition of war and nuclear stockpiles would remove the threat of nuclear war and the possibility of ex-Soviet nuclear weapons falling into terrorist hands. It would also create a 'peace dividend' of nearly US$1.5 trillion per year, which could be spent on eliminating world poverty, disease and famine; on guaranteeing financial instability and a minimum income for all; and on solving energy and environmental problems. Initiatives by President Obama in a range of areas, such as his recent nuclear disarmament deal with Russia, show that he is already taking steps to implement this 'secret' American Dream.

The Antichrist S New World Order

Author : Terry L. Cook
ISBN : 1448617316
Genre :
File Size : 58. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The coming New World Order is an international political and religious system of Satanically-inspired Islamic communism in which America first must be brutally crushed, conquered and enslaved.This very serious book discloses why, how and approximately when that will happen!Indeed, their secret target date for accomplishing this diabolical New-World-Order plan is the end of the year 2010, just a few short months from now!Therefore, you need to read this book immediately and prepare quickly for some very shocking and extremely tough times ahead of us! Indeed, a perfect storm of unimaginable geopolitical magnitude is just a few months away!Knowledge is power and you need the powerful knowledge contained in this book! Buy it today, study it carefully and prepare immediately! May God bless you!

The Antichrist And The New World Order

Author : Marvin Moore
ISBN : 0816311501
Genre : Adventists
File Size : 69. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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