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The Divinity Of Time And Cosmology

Author : Abubilaal Yakub
ISBN : 1999387090
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In a devious ploy of secularizing and institutionalizing education and academics, from childhood to adulthood, for generation after generation, the Modern Age has thus far succeeded in artificializing the Golden Knowledge of Islamic Sciences.It is upon us, the Muslims, the Believers, to revive the Golden Age of Islamic Knowledge and Sciences by revisiting the Knowledge of the Holy Qur'an and Hadith.This book begins with the beginning, with the Elements of Creation, Time, Light and the Cosmos, with the hopes of enabling the Believer with the ability to see with his inner eye, and pierce through the Dajjalic veils of the Modern Godless Age.

Ibn Arab? Time And Cosmology

Author : Mohamed Haj Yousef
ISBN : 9781134065912
Genre : Philosophy
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This book is the first comprehensive attempt to explain Ibn ‘Arabî’s distinctive view of time and its role in the process of creating the cosmos and its relation with the Creator. By comparing this original view with modern theories of physics and cosmology, Mohamed Haj Yousef constructs a new cosmological model that may deepen and extend our understanding of the world, while potentially solving some of the drawbacks in the current models such as the historical Zeno's paradoxes of motion and the recent Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox (EPR) that underlines the discrepancies between Quantum Mechanics and Relativity.

Cosmology Through Time

Author : Sergio Colafrancesco
ISBN : UOM:39015059214208
Genre : Science
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The Single Monad Model Of The Cosmos

Author : Mohamed Haj Yousef
ISBN : 9781499779844
Genre : Philosophy
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Ibn Arabi is the only scholar who was able to formulate a unique cosmological model that is capable of explaining our observations as well as many phenomena in physics and cosmology, and even solve some perplexing modern and historical riddles in science and philosophy such as the EPR paradox and Zeno paradoxes of motion. Moreover, the Single Monad Model explains for the first time in history the importance of the “week” as a basic unit of space and time together. This prodigious theory is based on the notion of the intertwining days where Ibn Arabi shows that at every instance of time there is indeed one full week of creation that takes place in the globe. Since its publication in 2008, this book has triggered an overwhelming response, and I hope this expanded edition will help promote further Ibn Arabi's wisdom that is still buried in his multitudes of books and treatises.Ibn 'Arabî is one of the most prominent figures in Islamic history, especially in relation to Sufism and Islamic philosophy and theology. In this book, we want to explore his cosmology and in particular his view of time in that cosmological context, comparing his approaches to the relevant conclusions and principles of modern physics whenever possible. We shall see that Ibn 'Arabî had a unique and comprehensive view of time which has never been discussed by any other philosopher or scientist, before or even after Ibn 'Arabî. In the final two chapters, we shall discuss some of the ways his novel view of time and cosmology may be used to build a complete model of the cosmos that may deepen and extend our understanding of the world, while potentially solving some of the drawbacks and paradoxes in the current cosmological models of modern physics. As we discuss in the opening chapter, there is no doubt that time is one of the most important issues in physics, cosmology, philosophy and theology, and hundreds of books and articles have been published in these fields. However, none of these studies have fully developed Ibn 'Arabî's unique view of time in its cosmological dimensions, although his conception of time is indeed central to understanding, for example, his controversial theory of the 'oneness of being'. One possible reason for this relative neglect is the difficult symbolic language he usually used. Also, he didn't discuss this subject at length in any single place in his extant works--not even in chapters 59, 291 and 390 of the Futûhât whose titles relate directly to time--so we must piece together his overall cosmological understanding of time from his scattered treatments in many works and different contexts within his magnum opus, the Futûhât, and other books. Therefore this book may be considered the first comprehensive attempt to set forth all the relevant dimensions of time in Ibn 'Arabî's wider cosmology and cosmogony. To start with, Ibn 'Arabî considers time to be a product of our human 'imagination', without any real, separately existing entity. Nevertheless, he still considers it to be one of the four main constituents of existence. We need this imagined conception of 'time' to chronologically arrange events and what for us are the practically defining motions of the celestial orbs and other physical objects, but for Ibn 'Arabî, real existence is attributable only to the actually existing thing that moves, not to motion nor to time (nor space) in which this motion is observed. Thus Ibn 'Arabî distinguishes between two kinds of time: natural and para-natural, and he explains that they both originate from the two forces of the soul: the active force and the intellective force, respectively. Then he explains that this imaginary time is cyclical, circular, relative, discrete and inhomogeneous. Ibn 'Arabî also gives a precise definition--drawing on the specific usage of the Qur'an and earlier Arab conceptions of time--of the day, daytime and night, showing how these definitions are related to the relative motions of the celestial orbs (including the earth), where every orb has its own 'day', and those days are normally measured by our normal observable day that we count on the earth.

Thoughts On Speculative Cosmology And The Principles Of Art

Author : William Gawin Herdman
ISBN : BL:A0022302983
Genre : Cosmology
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Sikh Concept Of The Divine

Author : Prītama Siṅgha
ISBN : UOM:39015061548759
Genre : Sikhism
File Size : 75. 42 MB
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This Book Analyses The Many Texts Of Sikhism In Detail.


Author : Panagiōtēs Tzamalikos
ISBN : 9789004147287
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An exposition challenging inveterate verdicts ingrained in the historical / theological mindset about Origen, who is shown to have produced a sheerly new theory of Time, the Christian one. Claims attributing the tenet of a 'beginningless world' to him are disproved. The author challenges the widespread impression about this theology being bowled head over heels by its encounter with Platonism or Neoplatonism, casting new light on Origen's grasp of the relation between Hellenism, Hebrew thought and Christianity.

The Elements Of Pantheism

Author : Paul Harrison
ISBN : UVA:X004073918
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63. 17 MB
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The Cosmic And The Divine

Author : James W. Reid
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173019648434
Genre : Indian textile fabrics
File Size : 41. 40 MB
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Astronomy As A Model For The Sciences In Early Modern Times

Author : Menso Folkerts
ISBN : UCSD:31822035692730
Genre : Astronomy
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The Concept Of Time In Ancient India

Author : Rallapalli Venkateswara Rao
ISBN : STANFORD:36105119478621
Genre : Hindu cosmology
File Size : 87. 89 MB
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Investigates The Concept Of Time, Juxtaposes The Mystery Of Time In Ancient Thought, The Varied Experience Of Time In Cosmological, Cultural, Historical, Spiritual Memory And Knowledge. Deals With In Vedic And Post Vedic Periods-The Concept Of Time In Jainism, Buddhism, Pre Kaliyuga And Kaliyuga Eras And Examins The Significance Of Application Of Time In Rituals, Festiviities According To Dharma Sastras To The Historical And Modern Man. The Volume As It Stands Now With Six Chapters Begins With An Introduction On The Concept Of Time In Ancient India. Investigating The Concept Pf Time The Author Juxtaposes The Awareness Of The Mystery Of Time In Ancient Thought, The Varied Experiences Of Time In Cosmological, Cultural, Historical, Spiritual Memory And Knowledge. Prestantation On The Notion Of Time In Diverse Philosophical Systems Especially The Indian One Was Discussed At Length. The Mention Of Time In Vedas, Time As Fundamental And Very Important In The Process Of Evolution, Time As Above Everything Else, Even Above God As The Actual Existence Of Beings, Cultic Time, Etc., Is Made. The Transmigration From The Cultic Time Of The Vedas To The Interiorized Time Of Upanisads, Comparision Of Time In Mahabharata, The Puranic Conception Of Time As The Moment Identical With The Unit Of Change Of Gunas Etc., Are Discussed.

Infinite Minds

Author : John Leslie
ISBN : 0199248931
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 81. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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John Leslie unfolds his view of the nature of the universe in this book - a view which is unusual yet rich in philosophical inspiration and suggestion. Over the last three decades he has been developing his theory in a series of publications, and with this title he brings it to its definitive conclusion.

The Cosmic Christ

Author : Hans-Werner Schroeder
ISBN : IND:30000064293248
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The question of the cosmic reality of Christ is central to modern Christian awareness. We see lively debate about Christ's nature in relation to the earth and creation, not only within the Church itself but also in more speculative areas of thinking and feeling, such as creation spirituality and the New Age movement. The works of Teilhard de Chardin and Fritjof Capra have stimulated many to think spiritually about the created world and the part of humankind in its evolution. These issues were also illuminated by Rudolf Steiner in his Christology, which placed the Incarnation at a pivotal point of earthly evolution. Exploring the work of the cosmic Christ, Schroeder draws upon these sources and clarifies the concepts of "reality, evil, and the meaning of cosmic." He summarizes the cosmic dimension of Christ in the New Testament and the developing consciousness of humans in relation to the Logos, and examines how we are to engage personally in a natural but deeply conscious relationship with the Christ among us. Hans-Werner Schroeder, born in 1931, is a priest of the Christian Community. He teaches at the seminary in Stuttgart and is part of the leadership of this movement for religious renewal.

Time Matters

Author : T.M. Rudavsky
ISBN : 9780791493250
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56. 85 MB
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Traces the development of the concepts of time, cosmology, and creation in medieval Jewish philosophy.

New Proofs For The Existence Of God

Author : Robert J. Spitzer
ISBN : 9780802863836
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Responding to contemporary popular atheism, Robert J. Spitzer's New Proofs for the Existence of God examines the considerable evidence for God and creation that has come to light from physics and philosophy during the last forty years. An expert in diverse areas, including theology, physics, metaphysics, and ethics, Spitzer offers in this text the most contemporary, complete, and integrated approach to rational theism currently available. "Skepticism about the possibility of proving the existence of God often relies on data from modern science. In this splendid new book Father Robert Spitzer explores the implications of the latest discoveries in big bang cosmology, string theory, quantum physics, and the ontology of time to craft a series of convincing philosophical arguments. To paraphrase a popular commercial, this is not your father's old 'natural theology' textbook ù it's a gripping and compelling account of the best current arguments for theism."ùJoseph W. Koterski, S.J., Foidham University "A most original and insightful case for the existence of God.... Fr. Spitzer's new proofs pose a serious and compelling challenge to the unconscious hegemony of naturalism in the worlds of both philosophy and the sciences."ùFrancis J. Beckwith, Baylor University "Rare is the theologian who keeps abreast of the latest developments in fundamental physics, and even rarer the one who can discuss them with the theological and philosophical sophistication that Fr. Spitzer displays in this book. A challenging and original work."ùStephen M. Barr, University of Delaware, author of Modern Physics and Ancient Faith

Freedom Determinism Indeterminism

Author : Anatoliĭ I. Shpakovskiĭ
ISBN : UOM:39015008266820
Genre : Free will and determinism
File Size : 33. 40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Life Divine

Author : Aurobindo Ghose
ISBN : UCR:31210002319307
Genre : Knowledge, Theory of
File Size : 72. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Duality Of Time

Author : Mohamed Haj Yousef
ISBN : 9781539579205
Genre : Science
File Size : 83. 20 MB
Format : PDF
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The Duality of Time Theory is the result of more than two decades of ceaseless investigation and searching through ancient manuscripts of concealed philosophies and mystical traditions, comparing all that with the fundamental results of modern physics and cosmology, until all the contradicting jigsaw pieces were put together into this brilliant portrait. Without the overwhelming proofs and strong confirmations that accumulated over time, it would have been impossible to pursue this long research path, as it was extremely challenging to appreciate the unfathomable secret of time and the consequences of the ongoing perpetual creation of space, that result from the Single Monad Model of the Cosmos. The complex-time geometry of the Duality of Time Theory explains how the physical dimensions of space are sequentially being re-created in the inner levels of time, which makes the outward time genuinely imaginary with respect to the inner real levels. This is easily expressed in terms of the hyperbolic split-complex numbers, that characterize the Relativistic Lorentzian Symmetry. This will have deep implications because space-time has become naturally quantized in a way that explains and unites all the three principles of Relativity, leading to full Quantum Field Theory of Gravity, as well as explaining all the other fundamental interactions in terms of the new granular space-time geometry. This ultimate unification will solve many persisting problems in physics and cosmology. The homogeneity problem, for example, will instantly cease, since the Universe, no matter how large it could be, is re-created sequentially in the inner time, so all the states are updated and synchronized before they appear in the outer level that we encounter. Furthermore, the Duality of Time does not only unify all the fundamental interactions in terms of its genuinely-complex time-time geometry, but it unifies this whole physical world with the two other even more fundamental domains of the psychical and spiritual worlds. All these three conclusive and complementary realms are constructed on the same concept of space-time geometry that together form one single absolute and perfectly symmetrical space. This particular subject is treated at length in the Third Volume of this book series - the Ultimate Symmetry, which explores how the apparent physical and metaphysical multiplicity is emerging from the absolute Oneness of Divine Presence, descending through four fundamental levels of symmetry: ultimate, hyper, super and normal. Among many other astonishing consequences, this astounding conclusion means that the psychical world is composed of atoms and molecules that are identical with the physical world except that they are evolving in orthogonal time direction. It may appear initially impossible to believe how the incorporeal worlds may have the same atomic structure as the physical world, but it is more appropriate to say that physical structures are eventually incorporeal, because they become various wave phenomena and energy interactions as soon as we dive into their microscopic level, as it is now confirmed by Quantum Field Theories. In the Duality of Time Theory, since rigid space is created sequentially in the inner time, energy may become negative, imaginary and even multidimensional, which simply means that all things in creation are various kinds of energy moments that are spreading on different intersecting dimensions of time; so not only mass and energy are equivalent, but also charge and all other physical and metaphysical entities are interconvertible types of energy, including consciousness and information.

Theosophical Forum

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015082584858
Genre : Theosophy
File Size : 56. 59 MB
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The Platonic Cosmology

Author : Richard D. Mohr
ISBN : 9004072322
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 60. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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