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The Dominant

Author : Tara Sue Me
ISBN : 9780698135512
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 37. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The second tantalizing novel in Tara Sue Me's New York Times bestselling Submissive series… Nathaniel West doesn’t lose control. As the playboy CEO of West Industries, he governs the boardroom during the day; as a strict dominant with exacting rules, he commands the bedroom at night. He never takes on inexperienced submissives, but when Abigail King’s application comes across his desk, he breaks his own restrictions and decides to test her limits. Abby’s combination of innocence and willingness is intoxicating, and Nathaniel is soon determined to collar her as his own. As long as she follows his orders and surrenders herself fully to him, no one will get hurt. But when Nathaniel begins falling for Abby on a deeper level, he realizes that the trust must go both ways—and he has secrets which could bring the foundations of their entire relationship crashing down...

Text Speech And Dialogue

Author : Petr Sojka
ISBN : 9783540873914
Genre : Computers
File Size : 83. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The annual Text, Speech and Dialogue Conference (TSD), which originated in 1998, is now starting its second decade. So far almost 900 authors from 45 countries have contributed to the proceedings. TSD constitutes a recognizedplatform for the presen- tion and discussion of state-of-the-art technology and recent achievements in the ?eld of natural language processing. It has become an interdisciplinary forum, interweaving the themes of speech technology and language processing. The conference attracts - searchers not only from Central and Eastern Europe, but also from other parts of the world. Indeed, one of its goals has always been to bring together NLP researchers with different interests from different parts of the world and to promote their mutual co- eration. One of the ambitions of the conference is, as its title says, not only to deal with dialogue systems as such, but also to contribute to improving dialogue between researchers in the two areas of NLP, i. e. , between text and speech people. In our view, the TSD conference was successful in this respect in 2008 as well. This volume contains the proceedings of the 11th TSD conference, held in Brno, Czech Republic in September 2008. Following the review process, 79 papers were - ceptedoutof173submitted,anacceptancerateof45. 7%.

Social Research

Author : Piergiorgio Corbetta
ISBN : 9781847871169
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52. 78 MB
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`This is an impressively detailed, clearly written book.... It is a book that I would like students to read' - Clive Seale, Goldsmiths College, London Social Research: Theory, Methods and Techniques presents an understanding of social research practice through appreciation of its foundations and methods. Stretching from the philosophy of science to detailed descriptions of both qualitative and quantitative techniques, it illustrates not only `how' to do social research, but also `why' particular techniques are used today. The book is divided into three parts: Part One: Illustrates the two basic paradigms - quantitative and qualitative - of social research, describing their origins in philosophical thought and outlining their current interpretations. Part Two: Devoted to quantitative research, and discusses the relationship between theory and research practice. It also presents a discussion of key quantitative research techniques. Part Three: Examines qualitative research. Topics range from classical qualitative techniques such as participant observation, to more recent developments such as ethnomethodological studies. Overall, the author offers an engaging contribution to the field of social research and this book is a reminder of the solid foundations upon which most social research is conducted today. As a consequence it will be required reading for students throughout the social sciences, and at various levels.

The Sheikh Wanted Her Pregnant 2 Bdsm Interracial Alpha Male Dominant Female Submissive Erotica

Author : Alex Anders
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Do Arab girls grow up wanting to be Cinderella? Or does their Cinderella story have a twist? 22 year-old Emma didn’t know why her hypnotic Sheikh had sent her away. Her body still ached for his dominating touch. She thought she might never see him again. But something happened to this unsuspecting princess as she traveled home to her land. “Will Miss Emma Cole report to a stewardess, please,” the voice over the plane’s intercom implored. Was Sheikh Nadeem calling her back to his entrancing land, or could it be someone else? Could it be the man whose eyes danced like molten leather in her dreams? Wasn’t that Nadeem, or was that the Sheikh she was meant to be with? Arriving at a palace in Abu Dhabi more magnificent than she could ever imagine, she got her answer. But what would Cinderella do if her story had a twist? Emma didn’t know. But she was about to find out. 'THE SHEIKH WANTED HER PREGNANT’ is a sexy re-release of Alex Anders' #1 international bestselling 'Br#d for the Sheikh's Heir' series. It is for those who like to read about exotic alpha males who bring their submissive to the heights of pleasure for the purpose of impregnation.

Psychiatry 2 Volume Set

Author : Allan Tasman
ISBN : 9781118845479
Genre : Medical
File Size : 59. 42 MB
Format : PDF
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Now in a new Fourth Edition, Psychiatry remains the leading reference on all aspects of the current practice and latest developments in psychiatry. From an international team of recognised expert editors and contributors, Psychiatry provides a truly comprehensive overview of the entire field of psychiatry in 132 chapters across two volumes. It includes two new sections, on psychosomatic medicine and collaborative care, and on emergency psychiatry, and compares Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) and International Classification of Diseases (ICD10) classifications for every psychiatric disorder. Psychiatry, Fourth Edition is an essential reference for psychiatrists in clinical practice and clinical research, residents in training, and for all those involved in the treatment psychiatric disorders. Includes a a companion website at featuring PDFs of each chapter and downloadable images

Masochism And The Self

Author : Roy F. Baumeister
ISBN : 9781317784364
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 43. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume provides an integrative theory firmly grounded in current psychology of the self, and offers a fresh, compelling account of one of psychology's most enigmatic behavior patterns. Professor Baumeister provides comprehensive coverage of historical and cross-cultural theories and empirical data on masochism and presents recent, original data drawn from a large data set of anonymous masochistic scripts of fantasies and favorite experiences. Drawn from the latest social psychological research and theories, Professor Baumeister returns the emphasis to the original and proto-typical form of masochism -- sexual masochism - - and explains these phenomena as a means of releasing the individual from the burden of self-awareness. It is the first volume to present a psychological theory compatible with the mounting evidence that most masochists are not mentally ill nor does masochism derives from sadism. Instead, Professor Baumeister finds that masochism emerges as an escapist response to the problematic nature of selfhood and he attempts to foster an understanding of sexual masochism that emphasizes both "escape from self" and "construction of meaning" hypotheses. The book is directed at all those interested in the self and identity in paradoxical behavior patterns and in the construction of meaning, presenting specific clinical recommendations.

Pleasure And Chains Dominant Man Submissive Woman Alpha Male Bdsm Erotica

Author : Marlo Peterson
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ladies that love kink get it in a number of ways. The sexy women in these stories deal with alpha males who will spank and sex them up in the most insatiable ways. Chained, Tasted and Taken: Michelle, at the urging of her boyfriend, Kyle, decides to visit in underground sex club to work on getting past her sexual inhibitions. Though she had no idea what to expect, she quickly found herself naked, chained to a wall. When she realized what was going on, a foxy redheaded stranger crawls between Michelle's thighs and to have a taste. The redheaded lady is soon joined by a hunkish European man, and the two combine forces to have their way with Michelle while she is bound in chains. This story features 4,000 words of hot sex, oral sex, bisexuality, dubious consent, dripping candle wax, BDSM and more. The Pleasure Carnival: The Pleasure Carnival is an exclusive, invite-only club where adults go to live out their wildest, raunchiest fantasies… So what better way to spend a first date than a sexy ride for two? Tyler has been visiting the café that Sade works at for weeks, and finally gets up the nerve to ask her out. Because their energy is always so positive, he risks it all by inviting her to spend their first date at the Pleasure Carnival, since he got an invite last Halloween, but hadn’t been able to find someone to go with him. Sade’s new year’s resolution was to live life to the fullest, break out of her inhibitions and start saying yes to things, so she quickly smiles and accepts, not wanting to chicken out and miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. When they get to this underground sex club, they’re met with hallways filled with whips and chains, topless cocktail waitresses and the most imaginative sex being had in room after room, and in common areas. Will they consummate their date by going all the way? How far will they go in a land where all of your sexual fantasies can come true? This story is only for the naughty, as you’ll read strong and graphic depictions of rough sex, oral pleasures of ALL varieties, group sex, sixty nine, reverse cowgirl, exhibitionism, voyeurism and SO much more. bdsm, bdsm erotica, bdsm romance, domination and submission, dominant woman, dominant female, dominatrix, bondage, spanking, dub con face sitting, face sitting, 69, oral sex, spanking erotica, s&m, s&m erotica, mistress, mistress erotica, cuckold, cuckolding, cuckold erotica, dubcon erotica, dubious consent, erotic romance, bwwm, bwwm erotica, bwwm erotic romance, bwwm romance, bw wm erotica, bw wm, bw wm romance, bw/wm, bw/wm erotica, bw/wm erotic romance, bw/wm romance, ebony erotica, ebony romance, interracial, interracial erotica, interracial erotic romance, interracial romance, interracial sex, billionaire sex, ebony, ebony erotica, ebony erotic romance, ebony romance, ebony sex, black, black erotica, black erotic romance, black romance, black sex,­­ interracial, interracial erotica, interracial erotic romance, interracial romance, interracial sex, billionaire sex, ebony, ebony erotica, ebony erotic romance, ebony romance, ebony sex, black, black erotica, black erotic romance, black romance, black sex, bwwm, bwwm erotica, bwwm romance, bw wm erotic romance, bw wm erotica, bw wm romance, bw wm erotic romance, teacher, teacher erotica, teacher erotic romance, teacher romance, professor, professor erotica, professor romance, school girl, school girl erotica, school girl romance, horny school girl, older man, younger woman, daddy, daddy erotica, daddy erotic romance, daddy romance, dubcon, dubcon erotica, dubcon romance, dubious consent, PI, PI erotica, PI romance, domination and submission, dominance, domination, dominant man, dominant male, submission, submissive woman, submissive female, spanking, spanking erotica, spanking romance, spank, spank erotica, red asses, skirts, stockings, stockings erotica, bondage, bondage erotica, bdsm, bdsm erotica, taken, 69, humiliation, mistress, alpha male, alpha male erotica,


Author : Michael Makai
ISBN : 1502775948
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 26. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Your prospective Dominant is applying for a job. As far as you should be concerned, that job ought to be treated as the most important job in the world. Choosing the right person can mean a lifetime fulfilled and happy. Choosing the wrong Dom can result in a relationship train wreck, ruined lives, and perhaps even serious injury or death. One way to avoid the potential pitfalls and dangers of ending up in a phony, frustrating, or dangerous BDSM relationship is to learn effective interviewing skills and to ask the right questions while getting to know your prospective Dominant. Make no mistake about it, this process should be treated like a series of interviews for a critical job where only the most qualified individuals need apply. The applicant who gets this job will be placed in a position to potentially make life-or-death decisions with your life hanging in the balance.“62 Questions for Your Dominant” gives you the tools you will need to learn what you must, make good decisions based on facts rather than feelings, and to protect yourself and your loved ones from fakes, phonies, jerks, and predators.Michael Makai has 37 years experience in the BDSM lifestyle and is the best-selling author of Domination & Submission: The BDSM Relationship Handbook, The Warrior Princess Submissive, and The BDSM Coloring Book: An Activity Book for Kinksters with Crayons.

Dominant Submissive

Author : Lauren Fremont
ISBN : 1530356180
Genre :
File Size : 83. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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2 Book Motorcycle BadA^s Series & Dating An Ex-ConBONUS BOOK & OPPORTUNITY AVAILABLE INSIDE“ WARNING: Mature Readers Only - This Book Contains Taboo Adult Content. BOOK 1 For Jason, picking up women is easy, and he likes to enjoy a different one every night, his reputation as a womanizer is as well known; as his merciless business streak....A seemingly innocent encounter with a hot redhead leads to an old acquaintance with revenge on their mind. His crew has no idea where he is and he is trapped, for once the power of his words and his ability to seduce anyone, may be critical to his very survival.... BOOK 2 Jason has always been the womanizer type. Just when he is finally ready to settle down, it seems there may be some unfinished business, that stands in the way....Secrets and deception seems to be the name of the the eye of his attention involved in it?... BOOK 3 Jenna is a submissive. She has always been. It's her nature. When her possessive ex-con of a boyfriend comes into the picture, Jenna must battle the concerns of others; while she satisfies her masters needs... Ready for an adventure? Secure Your Copy Today!

The Submissive Female S Workbook

Author : Brian Krall, Sir
ISBN : 1976060370
Genre :
File Size : 26. 1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Are you a female with a submissive sexual side who is new to BDSM and doesn't know exactly where to go & what to do with this aspect of who you are? Would you like a more formalized way of exploring this submissive sexual side of yourself and the BDSM lifestyle and relationship dynamics and getting properly oriented in it all? Well now finally there is a unique Submissive Female's Workbook that will help you to engineer and build your Submissive Female Sexual Identity, Dom/sub Relationship Structure, Submissive Training and BDSM Lifestyle all together in one book! This is perfect for getting yourself properly oriented and self actualized as the submissive woman that you are, but will also serve as the definitive blueprint for you to give to your Dominant, or prospective Dominant, to ensure that they will have the best understanding of who you are and what you want and how to treat and train you, and structure your D/s relationship and life together. Combining a highly specialized and technical blend of Logotherapy (Identity work), Personality Typeology, Social Science, Sexual Education and Kink/BDSM, this book is the ultimate submissive resource for you to have that will make sure that you are able to become the person that you want to be and get exactly what you want out of the BDSM Lifestyle (and not get what you don't want.) Finally all the different confusing aspects of your BDSM Identity, Roles, Dynamics and Lifestyle can be sorted out and the navigation and negotiation of everything with your Dom(s) will be completely simplified and made totally easy! No more disorientation or miscommunication! With this simple, easy to use, fun, sexy workbook you will be able to self actualize as your ideal submissive self and the submissive Goddess that you want to be, and develop the sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies! A must have for any woman who has recently discovered the BDSM Lifestyle on her sexual journey and really wants to find herself as a submissive and reveal her submissive side to the fullest extent, and fulfill all of her deepest desires with BDSM. Become the sexual being and get the sexual reality you want right now with this very special work book! Discovering yourself has never been so orgasmic! Don't miss out on all the pleasures the submissive role and lifestyle has in store for you!

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