the end of the long summer

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The End Of The Long Summer

Author : Dianne Dumanoski
ISBN : 0307452220
Genre : Science
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For the past twelve thousand years, Earth’s stable climate has allowed human civilization to flourish. But this long benign summer is an anomaly in the Earth’s history and one that is rapidly coming to a close. The radical experiment of our modern industrial civilization is now disrupting our planet’s very metabolism; our future hinges in large part on how Earth responds. Climate change is already bearing down, hitting harder and faster than expected. The greatest danger is not extreme yet discrete weather events, such as Hurricane Katrina or the calamitous wildfires that now plague California, but profound and systemic disruptions on a global scale. Contrary to the pervasive belief that climate change will be a gradual escalator ride into balmier temperatures, the Earth’s climate system has a history of radical shifts–dramatic shocks that could lead to the collapse of social and economic systems. The question is no longer simply how can we stop climate change, but how can we as a civilization survive it. The guiding values of modern culture have become dangerously obsolete in this new era. Yet as renowned environmental journalist Dianne Dumanoski shows, little has been done to avert the crisis or to prepare human societies for a time of growing instability. In a work of astonishing scope, Dumanoski deftly weaves history, science, and culture to show how the fundamental doctrines of modern society have impeded our ability to respond to this crisis and have fostered an economic globalization that is only increasing our vulnerability at this critical time. She exposes the fallacy of banking on a last-minute technological fix as well as the perilous trap of believing that humans can succeed in the quest to control nature. Only by restructuring our global civilization based on the principles that have allowed Earth’s life and our ancestors to survive catastrophe——diversity, redundancy, a degree of self-sufficiency, social solidarity, and an aversion to excessive integration——can we restore the flexibility needed to weather the trials ahead. In this powerful and prescient book, Dumanoski moves beyond now-ubiquitous environmental buzzwords about green industries and clean energy to provide a new cultural map through this dangerous passage. Though the message is grave, it is not without hope. Lucid, eloquent, and urgent, The End of the Long Summer deserves a place alongside transformative works such as Silent Spring and The Fate of the Earth. From the Hardcover edition.

The Long Summer

Author : Brad Newell
ISBN : 9780557370597
Genre : Travel
File Size : 74. 75 MB
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A four-year sail around the Pacific Ocean.

God S Long Summer

Author : Charles Marsh
ISBN : 9780691206998
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53. 31 MB
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In the summer of 1964, the turmoil of the civil rights movement reached its peak in Mississippi, with activists across the political spectrum claiming that God was on their side in the struggle over racial justice. This was the summer when violence against blacks increased at an alarming rate and when the murder of three civil rights workers in Mississippi resulted in national media attention. Charles Marsh takes us back to this place and time, when the lives of activists on all sides of the civil rights issue converged and their images of God clashed. He weaves their voices into a gripping narrative: a Ku Klux Klansman, for example, borrows fiery language from the Bible to link attacks on blacks to his "priestly calling"; a middle-aged woman describes how the Gospel inspired her to rally other African Americans to fight peacefully for their dignity; a SNCC worker tells of harrowing encounters with angry white mobs and his pilgrimage toward a new racial spirituality called Black Power. Through these emotionally charged stories, Marsh invites us to consider the civil rights movement anew, in terms of religion as a powerful yet protean force driving social action. The book's central figures are Fannie Lou Hamer, who "worked for Jesus" in civil rights activism; Sam Bowers, the Imperial Wizard of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi; William Douglas Hudgins, an influential white Baptist pastor and unofficial theologian of the "closed society"; Ed King, a white Methodist minister and Mississippi native who campaigned to integrate Protestant congregations; and Cleveland Sellers, a SNCC staff member turned black militant. Marsh focuses on the events and religious convictions that led each person into the political upheaval of 1964. He presents an unforgettable American social landscape, one that is by turns shameful and inspiring. In conclusion, Marsh suggests that it may be possible to sift among these narratives and lay the groundwork for a new thinking about racial reconciliation and the beloved community. He maintains that the person who embraces faith's life-affirming energies will leave behind a most powerful legacy of social activism and compassion.

Long Summer Nights

Author : Kathleen O'Reilly
ISBN : 9781426854972
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Get away from it all…and have it all! Journalist Jennifer Dale is on assignment, pretending that miserable isolation in upstate New York is the greatest thing ever. The only bright spot? The wickedly sexy recluse across the lake, who swims in the buff. Now, there's some wildlife a gal can enjoy watching over and over and over…. When Jennifer suffers a slight boating mishap, Hot Swimming Guy comes to her rescue. Turns out Aaron Barksdale is hot enough to switch her damsel's distress into a damsel undressed! But Aaron is more than a hot summer night between the sheets— he's also an award-winning author who disappeared from the public eye years ago. Revealing all could be the scoop of the century, but only if Jennifer's willing to risk it all.

Long Summer S End

Author : Patrick Engelbrecht
ISBN : 1388593629
Genre :
File Size : 25. 12 MB
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When Jock and his gang are wrongfully accused of murder, it's up to Jock to prove their innocence. This leads to one of the most challenging and adventurous summers of Jock's life.

The Long Hot Summer

Author : Mary Moody
ISBN : 1741973503
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 55. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A French heatwave and a marriage meltdown. In the European summer of 2003 a deadly heat wave strikes France. To Mary Moody, living in her rural village in the south-west of France, it seems that the weather is merely imitating the stifling heat of her own relationships. Her marriage, already under strain from the freedoms of her new life in France and the revelation of an affair, now reaches breaking point. At the heart of The Long Hot Summer lie Mary's two conflicting passions: for her newfound independence; and for the love of her husband and family in Australia. Confrontation and heartache are inevitable, yet both sides of her life are still capable of producing enormous joy and excitement. Can new needs exist alongside old loves? Mary Moody's two previous books, Au Revoir and Last Tango in Toulouse have become national bestsellers and made her one of the best-known and best-loved writers in Australia. With all the warmth and candour we've come to expect, The Long Hot Summer explores the minefield of relationships and changing desires, set against the beautiful backdrop of rural France.

The Long Hot Texas Summer

Author : Cathy Gillen Thacker
ISBN : 9781460317174
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36. 31 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Heating Up in Texas! When Justin McCabe hires a master carpenter to help build his ranch for troubled teens, tall, gorgeous blonde Amanda Johnson isn't quite what he'd imagined. But not only can she do the job, she has a thing or two to teach him about judging by appearances. And, more important, she has a knack for reaching the kind of kid Justin wants to help. Amanda hadn't counted on her new boss—all strapping six foot five of him—being so utterly irresistible. Working side by side under the scorching Texas sun, the two of them make a great team—in every way possible. The heat of summer is no match for the sizzle they generate whenever they're together. But when a crisis forces Amanda to face her past, she'll need to make a heart-wrenching decision about her future…whether Justin is in it or not.

One Long Summer

Author : Mark Dalton
ISBN : 9781788037723
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 76. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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A tale of a dream achieved, a journey of self-discovery and exploration of the world on motorbike. For all independent travel enthusiasts. “Sometimes you have to put everything you know, your life, relationships and work on hold to chase a dream.” The story of one man’s journey to achieve a long-held ambition, One Long Summer tells the tale of lone traveller, Mark Dalton’s overland adventure around the world by motorcycle. The plan for this year-long excursion was conceived while recovering from major heart surgery, a shift in priorities that led Mark into a whole world of adventure and discovery. It is an absorbing tale of the reality of modern day overland travel which includes the highs and the lows. It is the, sometimes the alcohol-induced, musings of travelling alone across the world’s great open spaces, the dry plains of Kazakhstan, the Trans Siberia road and the ferocious inferno of the Australian outback. In the end, the original reasons became a moot point and the journey itself became the purpose. The point is escaping constant social media connectivity and finding what is really important in the ever-increasing triviality of a 24 hour news-fed world, where the real people of a country welcome a stranger with open minds and hearts.

The Long Summer Vacation

Author : Cathleen Ann Rinehard
ISBN : 9781543426656
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36. 94 MB
Format : PDF
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The Long Summer Vacation is about a family who sets out on a vacation, but find themselves on an adventure of a lifetime. They take a boat to a little Island in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, but shortly after casting off, a storm catches them and flips the boat over, throwing the family from the boat. The storm not only hits the town they departed from but it caused the Manzor family to land in the hospital with near-death issues. During their hospital stay, they are all severely injured and end up in a dream. They find themselves swimming to shore with no boat to be seen. They see a carnival behind the woods off shore. They meet up with strange creatures and get to a restaurant, where they each come across a rock that they can wish upon. The only one that doesn't believe in the rock is the father. Everyone in his family disappears except him. He has to figure out how to get his family back and how to get them home. Was all this a vision from the mother before going on the vacation, or did it all really happen?

The Long Hot Summer Of 1967

Author : M. McLaughlin
ISBN : 9781137269638
Genre : History
File Size : 22. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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It seemed at times during the 1960s that America was caught in an unending cycle of violence and disorder. Successive summers from 1964-1968 brought waves of urban unrest, street fighting, looting, and arson to black communities in cities from Florida to Wisconsin, Maryland to California. In some infamous cases like Watts (1965), Newark (1967), and Detroit (1967), the turmoil lasted for days on end and left devastation in its wake: entire city blocks were reduced to burnt-out ruins and scores of people were killed or injured mainly by police officers and National Guardsmen as they battled to regain control. This book takes the pivotal year of 1967 as its focus and sets it in the context of the long, hot summers to provide new insights into the meaning of the riots and their legacy. It offers important new findings based on extensive original archival research, including never-before-seen, formerly embargoed and classified government documents and newly released official audio recordings.

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