the four vision quests of jesus

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The Four Vision Quests Of Jesus

Author : Steven Charleston
ISBN : 9780819231741
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62. 41 MB
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A Choctaw Indian Christian bishop explores the teachings of the Bible through the lens of Native American tradition. Steven Charleston—an Episcopal bishop and Choctaw native—takes a unique and provocative look into the “vision quests” of Jesus, and considers Christian biblical interpretation from the perspective of Native American theology. In these inspiring parallels he finds an enlightening spiritual harmony between North American indigenous communities and four specific experiences of Jesus as portrayed in the synoptic gospels. From Jesus’s time in the wilderness, to the Transfiguration, to Gethsemane, and finally, to Golgotha, these quests offer insight into such topics as the need to enter the “we” rather than the “I” and the pursuit of freedom through discipline and concern for justice, compassion, and human dignity. The Four Vision Quests of Jesus reveals the values that are primary to the foundation of Native tradition and integral to Christian thought—the principles that lie at the very heart of what unites us all.

The Divine Dance

Author : Richard Rohr
ISBN : 9780281078165
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70. 31 MB
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The Trinity is supposed to be the central, foundational doctrine of our entire Christian belief system, yet we're often told that we shouldn't attempt to understand it because it is a ‘mystery’. Should we presume to try to breach this mystery? If we could, how would it transform our relationship with God and renew our lives? The word Trinity is not found in the New Testament—it wasn't until the third century that early Christian father Tertullian coined it—but the idea of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit was present in Jesus' life and teachings and from the very beginning of the Christian experience. In the pages of this book, internationally recognized teacher Richard Rohr circles around this most paradoxical idea as he explores the nature of God—circling around being an apt metaphor for this mystery we're trying to apprehend. Early Christians who came to be known as the ‘Desert Mothers and Fathers’ applied the Greek verb perichoresis to the mystery of the Trinity. The best translation of this odd-sounding word is dancing. Our word choreography comes from the same root. Although these early Christians gave us some highly conceptualized thinking on the life of the Trinity, the best they could say, again and again, was, Whatever is going on in God is a flow—it's like a dance. But God is not a dancer—He is the dance itself. That idea might sound novel, but it is about as traditional as you can get. God is the dance itself, and He invites you to be a part of that dance. Are you ready to join in?

Bending The Arch

Author : Rose Marie Berger
ISBN : 9781532660009
Genre :
File Size : 54. 71 MB
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In answer to Seamus Heaney’s Station Island and Pablo Neruda’s The Heights of Machu Picchu, Berger unmasks the worldview of westward expansion from architect Eero Saarinen’s arch in St. Louis to the Golden Gate in a way that subtly and mystically taps the unconsciousness of the intended audience. When she writes “We never entered the West on bended knee,” the impurity of language used in this epic creates tension between discourses and creates a charge or pressure on each sentence that pushes the reader toward declaring an allegiance. Drawing on historical documents, the Latin Mass, and multivalent voices, Berger moves through the anguish of unintended consequences and leads the reader through the “ghost dance” of feeling to the powerful Pacific Ocean, which enters human consciousness like a dream. Entangled historical memory, climate crisis, and inverse expansionism compress into a spiritual reckoning to face the world to come.

Coming Full Circle

Author : Steven Charleston
ISBN : 9781451487985
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Coming Full Circle provides a working constructive dogmatics in Native Christian theology. Drawing together leading scholars in the field, this volume seeks to encourage theologians to reconsider the rich possibilities present in the intersection between Native theory and practice and Christian theology and practice. This innovative work begins with a Native American theory for doing constructive Christian theology and illustrates the possibilities with chapters on specific Christian doctrines in a "theology in outline." This volume will make an important contribution representing the Native American voice in Christian theology.

Sojourn Of My Soul

Author : Krystalargo De Lindachrist
ISBN : 1460914414
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 87. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Sojourn Of My Soul" is a book about real life and about the response of an ordinary 56 year old woman who finally said, "Yes" to an extraordinary command voice of Spirit/God/Goddess that said, "Go to the desert canyonlands of Utah and spend 40-Days and 40-Nights there totally alone—Finally, on the night of March 30, 1992—21 years ago, as I write this now on March 30, 2013, I wrote the word "Surrender!" at the top of a beautiful greeting card picture of a polar bear in my Personal Journal. Then I wrote the following: "SPIRIT, I SURRENDER ALL of me to you—my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves—I know You will always lead me in the paths of righteousness and sacredness. I TRUST YOU SPIRIT/GOD/GODDESS." And so, she did it spending from August 1, 1992 through September 24, 1992 in Utah. The actual 40-Days and 40-Nights spanned from 12:01 a.m. August 13 through 12:01 a.m. September 22. On September 22, she rode out of the desert on a horse. It was an adventure, a journey, a sojourn and an epiphany of the Soul. That woman was me, Krystalargo de Lindachrist. Everything in the book is TRUE!At dawn on the morning of September 22 I held a ceremony on the slick rock mountain above my tent. Copied here is an excerpt from that ceremony. "As I completed the Smoking of the Pipe, I simply sat holding the connected Sacred Pipe with the Bowl in my Left Hand and the Stem in my Right Hand, in Complete Silence as the Tears of Joy streamed down my face. The World around me was silent also. I raised my eyes just as the Golden Face of Grandfather Sun showed at the Rim of the East Horizon. My Closing the Ceremony words were 'I now pronounce this Ceremony done and yet it is truly only the Beginning.' At that instant, the whole canyon above which I sat, and truly all the air in that place was filled with a chorus of voices singing to the World in Joy!! The Voices of the Song were not in English, but it sounded like some Native American tongue. I could also hear, intermixed with the human voices singing, the sound of Coyotes howling their own music. The Music lasted three or four minutes continuous and echoed and re-echoed. The volume of it was akin to the time when I was in Salt Lake City and heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing! At the last of it, this desert song, I drummed and shook the plant rattle with it; then it, the shamanic song, ceased, and I sat there wondering if that had really happened. It was such an incredibly ethereal, heavenly and yet earthly sound. It could have been Coyotes, it could have been Indian Spirits—or must have been both, but whatever it was, it was so Perfectly Timed! And it was so beautiful that I treasure it as one of the most precious of my Desert 40-Days Experience! This was actually on the 42nd day if I count the day I hiked in and the 22nd of September—the day for hiking/riding out!Before I put away the Pipe, I stood and walked around the Medicine Wheel slowly Blessing again the Four Directions & Above, Below and Within. This took about a minute, and when I came again to the place where I had sat, I saw in wonder the silver thread of a Spider stretched across that place. I stood transfixed, and in wonder of how that could have gotten across my “seat” in the minute I was walking the circle. But there it was, out in the complete open, no trees or bushes there on that huge, smooth rock surface to attach to—about 4-6 inches above the rock, and I knew in that moment I had been specially Blessed by RC of the Spider Clan and by Grandmother Spider herself.I sat down again with the tears streaming down my face, and slowly and reverently disengaged my Pipe Stem from the Pipe Bowl and tenderly, with Thanksgiving, I wrapped the Bowl, after placing the plugs of Sage into its holes, in its Elk leather and tied it. Next the Stem, wrapped and tied in Elk leather, and then I slipped them back into their Elk Leather carrying case. And I felt Good and it was done in a Good Way,And it was, indeed, Good!

American Indian Literature

Author : Alan R. Velie
ISBN : 0806123451
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 86. 59 MB
Format : PDF
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A collection of Native American literature features myths, tales, songs, memoirs, oratory, poetry, and fiction from the present as well as the past

The Quest

Author : Tom Brown
ISBN : 0425126609
Genre : Nature
File Size : 22. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The author relates his search for spiritual enlightenment in the wilderness under the guidance of an Apache shaman and explores humanity's mystical relationship with nature.

Revisioning The Earth

Author : Paul Devereux
ISBN : 9780684800639
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 27. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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Through a series of spiritual and intellectual exercises, the author hopes to bring a new perception of the earth that will bring the reader into harmony with the natural world. Original. 17,500 first printing.

The Vision Quest Book One

Author : Deborah Pratt
ISBN : 0978730909
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Readers are invited to embark on a journey to a brave new earth, set in the not-too distant future where humanity has just begun to remember the limitless powers of the human mind and spirit. It is a time when the balance of universal forces travel at the speed of thought and hangs precariously on the edge of choice. Readers will enter a future where man's genius has created entire new species and unleashed an enemy whose presence can only end in an epic battle between the forces of good and evil. Through the eyes of a reluctant young hero, readers are invited on an odyssey that will define the future in the Age of Light. Remember the powers of imagination and with it manifest into reality the world of the Vision Quest.

Christ Is A Native American

Author : Achiel Peelman
ISBN : 9781597525961
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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During his 1984 visit to Canada, Pope John Paul II declared, Christ, in the members of his body, is himself Indian. Who is this native Christ? What is his place in the spiritual universe of native people? Achiel Peelman examines these questions in this timely and groundbreaking book, which is the result of research he has carried out since 1982 in native communities across Canada. While Peelman's book is a work of theology and Christology, it is also a work of profound friendship that will help its readers know more deeply the Amerindian experience.

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