the great animal orchestra

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The Great Animal Orchestra

Author : Bernie Krause
ISBN : 9781847658531
Genre : Music
File Size : 85. 12 MB
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Bernie Krause is the world's leading expert in natural sound. Beginning by recording the sound of wheat growing in a Kansas field, he has spent the last 40 years recording ecological soundscapes and the sounds of over 15,000 species. Due to human actions, half of the wild soundscapes he has on tape no longer exist. Krause divides natural sound into three categories. Biophony is the sound made by animals and plants, like the shrimp whose underwater clicks are equivalent to a Boeing 727 taking off. Geophony is natural sound - made by wind, water and rain - which led different tribes to have different musical scales. And anthrophony is human-generated sound, which as it has rapidly increased has affected animals - for instance, causing disoriented whales to become beached. In The Great Animal Orchestra Krause invites us to listen through his ears to all three as he showcases singing trees, contrasting coasts, and the roar of the modern world. Just as streetlights engulf the stars, human noise is drowning out the sounds of nature, and our focus on the visual today blinds us to this. The Great Animal Orchestra shows why it is vital we preserve our remaining natural soundscapes - and will make you hear the world entirely differently. Loved by experts from E. O. Wilson to Norman Lebrecht, this unique book - now out in paperback, combines music and cultural history with science to appeal to everyone from David Attenborough fans to music lovers.

Bernie Krause And United Visual Artists The Great Animal Orchestra

Author : Bernie Krause
ISBN : 2869251505
Genre : Animal communication
File Size : 22. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The fascinating story of The Great Animal Orchestra, a work created in 2016 for the exhibition spaces of the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris.

Sounds From The Great Animal Orchestra Enhanced

Author : Bernie Krause
ISBN : 9780316222310
Genre : Music
File Size : 56. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Selected excerpts (23 pages) from The Great Animal Orchestra-enhanced with nine rare audio clips from the author's collection: recordings of wildlife on Volcano Arenal in Costa Rica and in Yellowstone National Park, the changes in biophony as glaciers melt, the stark differences in sound among rainforests, deserts, and open tundra, temperature-telling crickets, and the dawn chorus of the site of the Chernobyl disaster. Bernie Krause is one of the world's experts in natural sound. In this sound-enhanced e-book short, we get a glimpse of his new book The Great Animal Orchestra, an intensely personal narrative of life as it hits the ears, and of the planet's deeply connected natural sounds and music. This e-short focuses on heat-related sounds.

Le Grand Orchestre Des Animaux

Author : Bernie Krause
ISBN : 2869251211
Genre : Animal sounds
File Size : 68. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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De juillet 2016 à janvier 2017, la Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain présente Le Grand Orchestre des Animaux, une exposition conçue à partir du travail de Bernie Krause. Bio-acousticien, scientifique et musicien américain, Bernie Krause a, depuis près de cinquante ans, collecté plus de 5?000 heures d'enregistrements sonores d'habitats naturels sauvages, terrestres et marins, incluant plus de 15?000 espèces animales. L'approche de Bernie Krause est unique. Il révèle la beauté et la complexité des vocalisations animales aujourd'hui menacées par l'activité humaine, et nous conjure de tendre une oreille attentive avant que le silence ne s'installe au coeur du grand orchestre des animaux. L'exposition invite le public à écouter une sélection des plus beaux enregistrements réalisés par Bernie Krause en Afrique, en Amérique et au plus profond des océans, à travers une expérience émotionnelle et sensorielle hors du commun. Dialoguant silencieusement avec le grand orchestre de Bernie Krause, des oeuvres d'artistes contemporains offrent une réflexion visuelle sur notre rapport au monde animal et sur la place de l'animal dans nos sociétés humaines. Exploration sonore et visuelle du monde naturel, l'exposition Le Grand Orchestre des Animaux plonge le public au coeur de la beauté du monde naturel et propose une réflexion sur les grandes questions environnementales du XXIe siècle et sur les raisons qui ont mené l'homme à entrer dans ce que l'on appelle aujourd'hui la "sixième extinction". Le catalogue publié à cette occasion constitue une exploration esthétique, scientifique et philosophique du monde animal. Il propose au lecteur de découvrir le travail de Bernie Krause et de mener une réflexion sur les enjeux liés à la préservation de la biodiversité à travers de nombreux textes de spécialistes. Réunissant photographies, cartes, schémas, sonogrammes ainsi que les oeuvres des artistes présentés dans l'exposition, cet ouvrage est un véritable manifeste pour la sauvegarde de la beauté des écosystèmes.

Voices Of The Wild

Author : Bernie Krause
ISBN : 9780300216448
Genre : Nature
File Size : 38. 10 MB
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Since 1968, Bernie Krause has traveled the world recording the sounds of remote landscapes, endangered habitats, and rare animal species. Through his organization, Wild Sanctuary, he has collected the soundscapes of more than 2,000 different habitat types, marine and terrestrial. With powerful illustrations and compelling stories, Krause provides a manifesto for the appreciation and protection of natural soundscapes. In his previous book, The Great Animal Orchestra, Krause drew readers’ attention to what Jane Goodall described as “the harmonies of nature . . . [that are being] one by one by one, snuffed out by human actions.” He now explains that the secrets hidden in the natural world’s shrinking sonic environment must be preserved, not only for our scientific understanding, but for our cultural heritage and humanity’s physical and spiritual welfare. Krause’s narrative—supplemented by exclusive access to field recordings from the wild—draws on a compelling range of personal anecdotes, histories, and examples to document his early exploration of this field and to lay the groundwork for future generations.

Animal Orchestra

Author : Ilo Orleans
ISBN : 9780375982606
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 70. 28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This rhyming story about an animal orchestra and its hippo conductor is perfect for reading aloud. Children will have front-row seats as they imagine the rousing experience of a night at the orchestra!

Animal Orchestra Musical Animals Playing Instruments Coloring Book For Kids

Author : Lilt Kids Coloring Books
ISBN : 1514639777
Genre :
File Size : 25. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Animal Orchestra Musical Animals Playing Instruments Coloring Book For Kids is a cute coloring book is a great way to let your child express their artistic ability! It's perfect for spending an afternoon in creative play. Fun but simple designs are great for younger children still getting their grip on staying within the lines. This coloring book is a fantastic value at over 40 pages long and the pages are a large 8.5 x 11 to give your child plenty of room to color.

Wild Soundscapes

Author : Bernie Krause
ISBN : 9780300218190
Genre : Nature sounds
File Size : 32. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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A founder of soundscape ecology offers a pioneering field guide for listening to and recording the sounds of the wild Through his organization Wild Sanctuary, Bernie Krause has traveled the globe to hear and record the sounds of diverse natural habitats. Wild Soundscapes, first published in 2002, inspires readers to follow in Krause's footsteps. The book enchantingly shows how to find creature symphonies (or, as Krause calls them, "biophonies"); use simple microphones to hear more; and record, mix, and create new expressions with the gathered sounds. After reading this book, readers will feel compelled to investigate a wide range of habitats and animal sounds, from the conversations of birds and howling sand dunes to singing anthills. This rewritten and updated edition explains the newest technological advances and research, encouraging readers to understand the earth's soundscapes in ways previously unimaginable. With links to the sounds that are discussed in the text, this accessible and engaging guide to natural soundscapes will captivate amateur naturalists, field recordists, musicians, and anyone else who wants to fully appreciate the sounds of our natural world.

The Blue Sapphire Of The Mind

Author : Douglas E. Christie
ISBN : 9780199986644
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"There are no unsacred places," the poet Wendell Berry has written. "There are only sacred places and desecrated places." What might it mean to behold the world with such depth and feeling that it is no longer possible to imagine it as something separate from ourselves, or to live without regard for its well-being? To understand the work of seeing things as an utterly involving moral and spiritual act? Such questions have long occupied the center of contemplative spiritual traditions. In The Blue Sapphire of the Mind, Douglas E. Christie proposes a distinctively contemplative approach to ecological thought and practice that can help restore our sense of the earth as a sacred place. Drawing on the insights of the early Christian monastics as well as the ecological writings of Henry David Thoreau, Aldo Leopold, Annie Dillard, and many others, Christie argues that, at the most basic level, it is the quality of our attention to the natural world that must change if we are to learn how to live in a sustainable relationship with other living organisms and with one another. He notes that in this uniquely challenging historical moment, there is a deep and pervasive hunger for a less fragmented and more integrated way of apprehending and inhabiting the living world--and for a way of responding to the ecological crisis that expresses our deepest moral and spiritual values. Christie explores how the wisdom of ancient and modern contemplative traditions can inspire both an honest reckoning with the destructive patterns of thought and behavior that have contributed so much to our current crisis, and a greater sense of care and responsibility for all living beings. These traditions can help us cultivate the simple, spacious awareness of the enduring beauty and wholeness of the natural world that will be necessary if we are to live with greater purpose and meaning, and with less harm, to our planet.


Author : Stuart Hyatt
ISBN : 9492852020
Genre : Avant-garde (Music)
File Size : 58. 65 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Metaphonics: The Complete Field Works Recordings is a sprawling anthology of site-responsive music, imagery, and original text, spanning 7 vinyl LPs and a hardbound book. Inspired by Stuart Hyatt’s audio field recordings, musicians from around the world have contributed complex sonic narratives under the Field Works banner. Each album begins with Hyatt’s samples and soundscapes from a particular time and location, weaving them into musical phrases and ultimately into song cycles intended to give the listener a heightened and more nuanced sense of place. The companion book, Metaphonics, offers the listener context through original essays on acoustic ecology, human noise, and the aesthetics of our soundscape."--Publisher's website.

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