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The Great Exegesis

Author : Fakhr Al Razi
ISBN : 191114121X
Genre : Religion
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Fakhr al-Din Razi's Tafsir, The Great Exegesis, also known as Mafātih al-Ghayb, is one of the great classics of Arabic and Islamic scholarship. Written in the twelfth century, this commentary on the Qurʾān has remained until today an indispensable reference work. The Great Exegesis is a compendium not only of Qurʾānic sciences and meanings, but also Arabic linguistics, comparative jurisprudence, Aristotelian and Islamic philosophy, dialectic theology and the spirituality of Sufism. The present volume is the first ever translation into English from The Great Exegesis, and focuses on the first chapter of the Qurʾān, the Fātiḥa. This scholarly yet accessible translation gives readers a thorough understanding of the most commonly recited chapter of the Qurʾān; it also opens up for readers a window into the thought and practice of one of Islam's greatest theologians. This volume includes a foreword by Professor M.A.S. Abdel Haleem, King Fahd Professor of Islamic Studies, University of London.

Gregory The Great

Author : Carole Straw
ISBN : 0520909879
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 14 MB
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Gregory I (590-604) is often considered the first medieval pope and the first exponent of a truly medieval spirituality. Carole Straw places Gregory in his historical context and considers the many facets of his personality—monk, preacher, and pope—in order to elucidate the structure of his thought and present a unified, thematic interpretation of his spiritual concerns.

Gregory The Great On The Song Of Songs

Author : Mark DelCogliano
ISBN : 9780879072445
Genre : Religion
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In his literary corpus, Gregory the Great (+604) encapsulated the best of patristic theology and spirituality, bequeathing a rich legacy to generations of Christians who lived after him. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than in his exegesis of the Song of Songs. Gregorys interpretation of this popular Old Testament book not only owes much to Christian exegetes who preceded him, such as Origen, but also profoundly influenced later Western Latin exegetes of the Song, such as Bernard of Clairvaux. Gregory wrote a short commentary on the Song of Songs, and his voluminous writings are filled with interpretations of this biblical book. Later monastic writers combed through his corpus and compiled excerpts in which he interpreted passages from the Song of Songs. This volume includes translations of Gregory the Greats work Exposition on the Song of Songs, as well as the florilegia compiled by Paterius (Gregorys secretary) and the Venerable Bede, and, finally, William of Saint Thierrys Excerpts from the Books of Blessed Gregory on the Song of Songs. It is now the key resource for reading and studying Gregorys interpretation of the Song of Songs.

Gregory The Great And His World

Author : Robert Austin Markus
ISBN : 0521586089
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 51. 63 MB
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A very important study of Gregory the Great by a major scholar, author of The End of Ancient Christianity.

A Companion To Gregory The Great

Author : Bronwen Neil
ISBN : 9789004257764
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50. 63 MB
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The handbook offers an assessment of Gregory's activities and achievements as bishop of Rome (590-604), and considers his legacy of literary works, and their reception from the early Middle Ages to the Reformation.

Faith The Fount Of Exegesis

Author : Ignacio Carbajosa
ISBN : 9781586177881
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 64 MB
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This book is a response to a desire expressed by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (the future Pope Benedict XVI) who called for a diachronic study of the results of the historical-critical method. The study of the last 150-200 years of biblical research shows how the claim to scientific rigor made in many works, that is, the claim to have obtained results comparable in their certainty to those of the natural sciences, is clearly unrealistic. This is a comprehensive analysis of the results of almost two centuries of the historical-critical method in two areas: the investigation into the sources of the Pentateuch and the study of the figure of the prophet. It reveals the philosophical and cultural presuppositions which influenced the development of exegesis and it's most notable hypotheses, demonstrating the world of prejudices which frequently have conditioned the exegesis called "scientific". It also engages the characteristic dimensions of the Catholic interpretation of the Old Testament, attempting to unify the two basic dimensions of the exegetical method: history and theology. Overcoming the disconnect between "scientific" exegesis and "believing" theology is one of the great contemporary challenges to the intellectus fidei. This dualism cannot be overcome simply by a call to greater devotion or the generous intention of adding pious commentary to an exegesis which has not, from the beginning, been based on faith. This book provides a positive contribution to the hermeneutical problem at the heart of current exegetical debate, the status of exegesis, addressing such questions as: Does exegesis have a theological character? Should it have one? If it does have one, would it not then lose its scientific character? Thus one arrives at the main question: how can one conceive of an exegesis that is at the same time critical and theological? How can faith be the foundation of exegesis from the beginning? Could Faith really be the "Fount of Exegesis"? Ê

Interpreting Scripture With The Great Tradition

Author : Craig A. Carter
ISBN : 9781493413294
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87. 56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The rise of modernity, especially the European Enlightenment and its aftermath, has negatively impacted the way we understand the nature and interpretation of Christian Scripture. In this introduction to biblical interpretation, Craig Carter evaluates the problems of post-Enlightenment hermeneutics and offers an alternative approach: exegesis in harmony with the Great Tradition. Carter argues for the validity of patristic christological exegesis, showing that we must recover the Nicene theological tradition as the context for contemporary exegesis, and seeks to root both the nature and interpretation of Scripture firmly in trinitarian orthodoxy.

The Exegetical Imagination

Author : Michael A. Fishbane
ISBN : 067427461X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Exegesis--interpretation and explanation of sacred texts--is the quintessence of rabbinic thought. Through such means and methods, the written words of Hebrew Scripture have been extended since antiquity, and given new voices for new times. In this lucid and often poetic book, Michael Fishbane delineates the connections between biblical interpretation and Jewish religious thought. How can a canon be open to new meanings, given that it is believed to be immutable? Fishbane discusses the nature and rationale of this interpretative process in a series of studies on ancient Jewish speculative theology. Focusing on questions often pondered in Midrash, he shows how religious ideas are generated or justified by exegesis. He also explores the role exegesis plays in liturgy and ritual. A striking example is the transfer of speculative interpretations into meditation in prayer. Cultivation of the ability to perceive many implicit meanings in a text or religious practice can become a way of living--as Fishbane shows in explaining how such notions as joy or spiritual meditations on death can be idealized and the ideal transmitted through theological interpretation. The Exegetical Imagination is a collection of interrelated essays that together offer new and profound understanding of scriptural interpretation and its central role in Judaism.

Politics And Exegesis

Author : Gerard E. Caspary
ISBN : 0520034457
Genre : Christianity and politics
File Size : 24. 10 MB
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Elements Of Biblical Exegesis

Author : Michael J. Gorman
ISBN : 9780801046407
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48. 93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This revised and expanded edition presents a straightforward approach to the complex task of biblical exegesis.

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