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The Happiness Track

Author : Emma Seppälä
ISBN : 9780349405476
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 88. 24 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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'This book is brilliant - read it and be prepared to reset your mood to happy. Your life won't be the same again' Daily Express Everyone wants to be happy and successful and yet the pursuit of both has never been more elusive. We are urged to craft careers that matter, to achieve more and waste no time on the small stuff, to be actively engaged in our communities and, while we are at it, to relish every second. Rather than thriving, all this pressure leads to declining wellbeing, relationships and, paradoxically, productivity. In The Happiness Track Emma Seppälä explains that behind our inability to achieve sustainable fulfillment are counterproductive theories of success. Success doesn't have to come at our personal expense. Drawing on the latest research into resilience, willpower, growth mindset, stress, creativity, compassion, mindfulness, gratitude training and optimism, Seppälä shows how nurturing ourselves is the most productive thing we can do to thrive professionally and personally. Filled with practical advice on how to apply these findings to your daily life, The Happiness Track is a life-changing guide to fast-tracking your success and creating an anxiety-free life.

Summary The Happiness Track How To Apply The Science Of Happiness To Accelerate Your Success By Emma Seppala

Author : Shortcut Edition
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 83. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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* Our summary is short, simple and pragmatic. It allows you to have the essential ideas of a big book in less than 30 minutes. As you read this summary, you'll discover that success comes from the quest for happiness, but that to achieve it, you have to put aside the theories that have been instilled in you since childhood. You will also discover that : being happy is the best way to succeed; happiness is not the consequence of success, but its prerequisite; living in the present moment allows you to gain in efficiency and charisma; being able to do nothing is a factor of creativity and success; being kind to oneself and to others makes it possible to gain influence. Scientific Director at Stanford and Co-Director of Wellness at Yale, Emma Seppälä develops the virtues of happiness in "The Path to Happiness". Her extensive research shows that the effects of happiness and compassion influence all aspects of life. They thus help improve performance in all areas, including the professional field. But being happy can be learned, not least thanks to Emma Seppälä's advice. Are you ready to take on the challenge of happiness? *Buy now the summary of this book for the modest price of a cup of coffee!

Time The Science Of Happiness

Author : TIME Magazine
ISBN : 9781547855742
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 43. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"Don't worry, be happy." Sounds simple enough, yet many encounter setbacks in their pursuit of happiness. What if we could definitively say: "If you do this, you will achieve a happier and healthier life?" What if we could unlock the key to happiness? Enter Science. In an all new special edition from TIME, The Science of Happiness: New Discoveries for a More Joyful Life, editors investigate exclusive, cutting-edge research from the Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness. Focusing in on the debate surrounding whether or not there is a direct relationship between happiness and health, this special edition explores the factors that affect happiness in three outlined sections - mind, life and spirit &– and considers aspects such as positivity, optimism, purpose, family, finance, spirituality, and gratitude, in order to examine happiness from different angles. Although the research included in The Science of Happiness is a work in progress, it is a step toward unlocking the key to happiness by grounding a cute catchphrase in fact and science.

Whole 11 Universal Truths For An Inspired Life

Author : Pamela Puja Kirpalani
ISBN : 9789390266395
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 75. 93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Pamela Puja Kirpalani is a well-known international life coach and NLP trainer who has trained several organizations in the science of communication. This edgy, contemporary, and much-awaited book dives straight into mankind's quest for happiness and psychological well-being. Humans have been searching for pleasure-based happiness throughout all existence but in doing so, they have left out a very vital part of the equation - a whole state of being. “Whole ” provides the readers with key virtues and principles to live by to create an integrated and successful life, thereby addressing the paradox of our human obsession for happiness. The majority of people today are concerned with quick and powerful short-cuts to help them deal with their daily unpredictable worlds- but the truth is, unless we understand how our brains work and what inspires or motivates us, we are chasing a never-ending hedonistic treadmill. The book uncovers unique and fascinating aspects of the human brain in fusion with the latest neuropsychology research, alongside ancient Stoic, Buddhist wisdom and revolutionary insights from eminent world-class leaders.

How To Be Happy At Work

Author : Annie McKee
ISBN : 9781633696815
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Life's too short to be unhappy at work "I'm working harder than I ever have, and I don't know if it's worth it anymore." If you're a manager or leader, these words have probably run through your mind. So many of us are feeling fed up, burned out, and unhappy at work: the constant pressure and stress, the unending changes, the politics--people feel as though they can't give much more, and performance is suffering. But it's work, after all, right? Should we even expect to be fulfilled and happy at work? Yes, we should, says Annie McKee, coauthor of the bestselling Primal Leadership. In her new transformative book, she makes the most compelling case yet that happiness--and the full engagement that comes with it--is more important than ever in today's workplace, and she sheds new light on the powerful relationship of happiness to individual, team, and organizational success. Based on extensive research and decades of experience with leaders, this book reveals that people must have three essential elements in order to be happy at work: A sense of purpose and the chance to contribute to something bigger than themselves A vision that is powerful and personal, creating a real sense of hope Resonant, friendly relationships With vivid and moving real-life stories, the book shows how leaders can use these powerful pillars to create and sustain happiness even when they're under pressure. By emphasizing purpose, hope, and friendships they can also ensure a healthy, positive climate for their teams and throughout the organization. How to Be Happy at Work deepens our understanding of what it means to be truly fulfilled and effective at work and provides clear, practical advice and instruction for how to get there--no matter what job you have.

Current Research On Dieting And Proven Ways To Make It Work For Life

Author : Bruce Miller JD and Team Golfwell
ISBN : 9781727420456
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 79. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Do you know about current scientific research on dieting? Do you know about the "Fat Switch" discovery? You will learn new concepts in this book. Most of us have trouble staying on a diet. We certainly did. We kept going from one diet to another. Frustrated, we researched current scientific studies on how to stay on a diet and deal with food cravings.We found genuine ways to stay on a diet and have a healthy, energetic and good looking body. We share our research with you in this book.Here is what some have said about this book, “This book will change your life! It helped me tremendously. My diet has now become part of me. Extremely helpful and very well documented. I’m very happy and use this as a reference.” – Ann Williamson“ Very effective! This book put it all together for me! I don’t even think about diets anymore.” - Margie O’Hara "Five Stars. This book is all about having the right state of mind and positive attitude and not starving and depriving yourself of food. It has some very good tips on how to avoid craving and how to deal with various distractions on the way to fulfilling your goals and all that supported with quite a few references to published research. It's got also a thick handful of tips about how to stick to a diet of your choice, or a way of life, rather than describing the concrete diet itself although there are sections discussing in length different types of food and their qualities. "Eating right is the essence as opposed to what many understand as "dieting" and how to be relaxed and not stressed about it while understanding that best is to slowly lose weight and not rushing and falling into extremes - this is the underlying message the authors deliver. There is no universal "diet" - it is all very individual and will take some time to figure out what works for you in the long run and how to keep the results. The reader realizes that establishing new habits takes time. "It all starts with finding your motivation and setting reasonable goals both long and short-term and one must approach it in an easy manner in order to think and assess the current situation better." - Alexander E. Vapirev, Ph.D. If you have no trouble sticking to a diet, you don’t need to read this book. But if you do, you should get this book and carry it on your phone. It will change your life! Tags: diet research, ketogenic diet research, keto diet research, plant based diet research, paleo diet research, adhd and diet research, vegan diet research, low carb diet research, ketogenic diet research, keto diet, plant diet, paleo diet, dash diet, Mediterranean diet, low carb diet, vegan diet, Atkins diet.

Happier At Work

Author : Gayle Van Gils
ISBN : 9781631522055
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 87. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The American workplace has become toxic to mental, emotional, and physical health. A book for our complex and challenging times, Happier at Work offers a practical path for leaders and employees to shift a culture of fear and reactivity to one of communication and collaboration. Mindfulness and compassion come naturally to all of us, as does a fundamental goodness; in these pages, readers will discover how to access that true nature. Van Gils also explores the science behind practices that not only decrease stress, overwhelm, and chronic illness but also develop authentic, emotionally fit leaders and a compassionate workplace. Accessible and inspiring, Happier at Work is a guide to a transformed workplace—one of enhanced creativity, innovation, engagement, performance, and joy!

Cultivating Happiness Resilience And Well Being Through Meditation Mindfulness And Movement

Author : Christine Mason
ISBN : 9781071852798
Genre : Education
File Size : 78. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 521
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In chaotic times, a deep breath can bring calm to your classroom. As the pandemic recedes and the world gradually returns to "normal," it’s more important than ever to make your classroom a place that supports mental health and improves overall wellness. In this book, you’ll discover the why and the how of using techniques to reduce stress, improve executive function, and set the stage for increased memory and attention, better self-regulation, and improved cognition and academic learning. With this practical, research-based guide, you’ll incorporate age- and grade-appropriate meditation, breathing, mindfulness, and secular yoga activities into your teaching, in ways that work for in-person as well as virtual and hybrid settings. Features include Adaptations for special populations, including those who have experienced trauma Recommendations for family involvement in social emotional learning Guidance on self-care for teachers and school staff Data from successfully implemented programs Dozens of illustrations, QR codes, and reflective questions Mindfulness isn’t just a buzzword-it’s a time-tested, teacher-tested technique for reducing anxiety and improving you students’ outcomes. Incorporate it into your classroom and see for yourself how much good a deep breath can do.

Emotional Advantage

Author : Randy Taran
ISBN : 9781250200068
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 39. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 234
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“Emotional Advantage is such an uplifting answer to our challenging times. In its pages, you will find encouragement, support, and new perspectives. Randy Taran offers an antidote to emotional overwhelm—a powerful way to discover how useful your emotions can be in guiding you towards your best life.”—Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy For No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul Award-winning author, producer, and founder of Project Happiness, Randy Taran knows that every emotion, feeling, and mental state has the power to bring us back to our true essence, and that readers can use Emotional Advantage as a guide to get there. In recent years, there has been an overwhelming interest in the science of happiness and positive psychology, and many books on the subject. There is a good reason for this: it is a core, universal human drive. And while happiness has opened the door for many to move forward, there is a burgeoning curiosity about the full range of human emotions, all of which factor into the human experience. What do we do when life does not go as planned? Neuroscience reveals that to understand and utilize any emotion, we need to “name it to tame it.” It turns out that even negative emotions have something to offer, if we know how to learn from them. Have you ever woken up in a fog of feelings and felt directionless? Or maybe it was hard to pinpoint exactly what you were feeling, but it wasn’t where you wanted to be? What if we could actually use our feelings as a pathway to guide us back to our inner compass? What if, like alchemists, we had the tools to transform our emotions to take charge of creating our very best life? What if we could comprehend how even the most troublesome emotions are sending messages to alert, protect, and fuel us forward? Emotional Advantage is that guide. It will show us how a new perspective on fear can move us to courage, how guilt can clarify our values, and how anger can help us create healthy boundaries.

The Complete Dentist

Author : Barry Polansky
ISBN : 9781119250814
Genre : Medical
File Size : 35. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 856
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The Complete Dentist: Positive Leadership and Communication Skills for Success is a one-of-a-kind guide to starting and running an effective and successful dental practice. Presents tried-and-true ideas and methods for effective communication, blending positive psychology with leadership in dentistry Describes the five elements of success and happiness, offering pathways to a flourishing dental practice Considers the reasons why communication and leadership skills are important for dentists

Women Who Lead

Author : Janel Keating
ISBN : 9781951075828
Genre : Education
File Size : 87. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Get motivated by this collection of voices from women in leadership and their allies. Janel Keating and Jasmine K. Kullar gather a wide variety of educational leaders to focus on effective leadership practices as they relate to women, the roadblocks and complications women face in professional advancement, and strategies for lifting off the sticky floor and breaking the glass ceiling. Aspiring educational leaders and current leaders seeking professional growth will: Gain insight into the unique challenges faced by women in education as well as strategies for overcoming them Focus on the importance of mentoring and building up the next generation of female leaders Obtain tools to better advocate and self-market for the next career move Receive compassionate advice on implementing self-care strategies to avoid teacher burnout Cultivate confidence in women’s leadership and advance successful schools Contents: Foreword Introduction Chapter 1: Cultivating the Leadership of Confidence Chapter 2: Facing Change Chapter 3: Leading With Compassion and Insight Chapter 4: Looking out the Window and in the Mirror Chapter 5: Rising Through the Ranks Chapter 6: Braving Difficult Conversations Chapter 7: Seeking Mentorship and Sharing Your Expertise Chapter 8: Preparing for Promotion Chapter 9: Taking Care of Yourself Chapter 10 Learning From Women Leaders

Ethical Problem Solving And Decision Making For Positive And Conclusive Outcomes

Author : Keough, Penelope D.
ISBN : 9781522575832
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 38. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 658
Read : 913

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Strategies for effective problem-solving and decision-making are efficient ways for professionals to solve the moral dilemmas that confront them in their daily practice. Feelings of wellbeing and positive outcomes, often impeded by the failure to make decisions, can result when strategies are developed from psychological theories and positive mindsets. Ethical Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Positive and Conclusive Outcomes is a pivotal reference source that synthesizes major psychological theories to show that any moral dilemma can be solved by using the correct positive mindset based on psychological theory and superimposing a basic ethical template to reach a conclusive decision. While highlighting topics such as cultural identity, student engagement, and education standards, this book is ideally designed for clinical practitioners, psychologists, education professionals, administrators, academicians, and researchers.

Peak Performance

Author : Brad Stulberg
ISBN : 9781623367947
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 48. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 520
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"A transfixing book on how to sustain peak performance and avoid burnout" —Adam Grant, New York Times bestselling author of Option B, Originals, and Give and Take "An essential playbook for success, happiness, and getting the most out of ourselves." Arianna Huffington, author of Thrive and The Sleep Revolution "I doubt anyone can read Peak Performance without itching to apply something to their own lives." —David Epstein, New York Times bestselling author of The Sports Gene A few common principles drive performance, regardless of the field or the task at hand. Whether someone is trying to qualify for the Olympics, break ground in mathematical theory or craft an artistic masterpiece, many of the practices that lead to great success are the same. In Peak Performance, Brad Stulberg, a former McKinsey and Company consultant and writer who covers health and the science of human performance, and Steve Magness, a performance scientist and coach of Olympic athletes, team up to demystify these practices and demonstrate how you can achieve your best. The first book of its kind, Peak Performance combines the inspiring stories of top performers across a range of capabilities—from athletic to intellectual and artistic—with the latest scientific insights into the cognitive and neurochemical factors that drive performance in all domains. In doing so, Peak Performance uncovers new linkages that hold promise as performance enhancers but have been overlooked in our traditionally-siloed ways of thinking. The result is a life-changing book in which you can learn how to enhance your performance via myriad ways including: optimally alternating between periods of intense work and rest; priming the body and mind for enhanced productivity; and developing and harnessing the power of a self-transcending purpose. In revealing the science of great performance and the stories of great performers across a wide range of capabilities, Peak Performance uncovers the secrets of success, and coaches you on how to use them. If you want to take your game to the next level, whatever "your game" may be, Peak Performance will teach you how.

Air Light Time Space

Author : Helen Sword
ISBN : 9780674737709
Genre : Education
File Size : 51. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 842
Read : 246

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From the author of Stylish Academic Writing comes an essential new guide for writers aspiring to become more productive and take greater pleasure in their craft. Helen Sword interviewed 100 academics worldwide about their writing background and practices and shows how they find or create the conditions to get their writing done.

Naked In 30 Days

Author : Theresa Roemer
ISBN : 9781626012523
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 89. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 725
Read : 881

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All you need is one month and the determination to change your life Naked in 30 Days is a day-by-day guide to getting yourself in shape through the insider secrets the author has learned in her decades as a fitness expert and award-winning body builder, as well as through diet and exercise and life experience. Theresa’s passion for health inspired her to write Naked in 30 Days to empower women to feel as vibrant and healthy at 45 and beyond as they did at 25. Anyone can do anything for a period of 30 days, and if you put yourself on this plan, you will find that you change your approach to food and exercise, as well as your relationship to both. Before you know it, you’ll be standing naked with yourself…and proud of who you are and how you got there.

The Happy Medium

Author : Annmarie O'Connor
ISBN : 9780717172719
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 27. 38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 910
Read : 569

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The speed of modern culture combined with the hyper-connectivity of technology has shifted our perspective from good enough to never enough. We are now primed to expect more, to aspire to better, and to want nothing less than the best. The reality? It's making us miserable. So if you'd like to swap the weight of 'having it all' for having more with less, then get ready: it's time to discover your happy medium. This isn't a mantra of mediocrity. Rather, it's about finding balance in a full-throttle culture. Offering a paradigm-shifting manifesto for Generation Burn-out, The Happy Medium will help you gain perspective and get rid of unsustainable expectations of what constitutes a life well lived. You'll discover what you really need so you can get more of what you actually want,, and begin to define your happiness on your own terms.

Practicing Psychotherapy

Author : Linda L. Chamberlain
ISBN : 9781000226553
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 37. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 465
Read : 823

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In this book of lessons learned from working as a psychotherapist for over 40 years, Dr. Chamberlain shares her varied expertise and experiences, bestowing the wisdom she has gleaned throughout her career from patients, students, teachers, and colleagues. The text examines three core themes: How helping clients is often intertwined with the therapist’s own life journey; the experience of building intimate relationships with vulnerable populations; and the process of accepting loss, letting go, and moving forward, both for the client and the therapist. Prioritizing personal narratives, case examples, professional research, and discussions with experienced clinicians, this book marks the significant impact psychotherapy has on not just patients and clients but also the mental health professional. Offering enlightenment for readers ranging from longstanding psychotherapists to former patients, this unique book provides a particularly valuable resource for beginning therapists and therapists-in-training who seek a greater understanding of what it means to be a successful and effective therapist. .

Positively Energizing Leadership

Author : Kim Cameron
ISBN : 9781523093847
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 51. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 486
Read : 1257

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This practical guide, the first to show how leaders can achieve extraordinary results through the positive energy generated by virtuous interactions with employees, is written by one of the giants in the study of positive leadership. This book reveals one of the most important but frequently ignored factors that lead to spectacular performance in organizations. Kim Cameron, a true pioneer in the study of positive leadership, offers validated scientific evidence that all individuals are inherently attracted to and flourish in the presence of positive energy, a principle known in biology as heliotropism. Further, he shows that the positive relational energy generated by leaders' virtuous behaviors—such as generosity, compassion, gratitude, trustworthiness, forgiveness, and kindness—is tightly linked to extraordinary organizational outcomes like greater innovation, higher profits, and increased engagement and retention. Cameron has not written a feel-good tome about the power of positive thinking, “happiology,” or unbridled optimism. This research-based explanation shows how to achieve performance that exceeds expectations. He provides practical suggestions, assessments, and exercises showing how leaders can improve their own positive energy and increase positive relational energy in their organizations. Positively Energizing Leadership is a major contribution to the theory and practice of leadership.

Teaching What Matters

Author : Steve A. Banno
ISBN : 9781475860917
Genre : Affective education
File Size : 71. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 239
Read : 489

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Teaching What Matters is a comprehensive guidebook distilling that course with emerging research in the science of happiness and altruism.

Science And The Good

Author : James Davison Hunter
ISBN : 9780300240405
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 56. 8 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 316
Read : 1148

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Why efforts to create a scientific basis of morality are neither scientific nor moral In this illuminating book, James Davison Hunter and Paul Nedelisky trace the origins and development of the centuries-long, passionate, but ultimately failed quest to discover a scientific foundation for morality. The “new moral science” led by such figures as E. O. Wilson, Patricia Churchland, Sam Harris, Jonathan Haidt, and Joshua Greene is only the newest manifestation of that quest. Though claims for its accomplishments are often wildly exaggerated, this new iteration has been no more successful than its predecessors. But rather than giving up in the face of this failure, the new moral science has taken a surprising turn. Whereas earlier efforts sought to demonstrate what is right and wrong, the new moral scientists have concluded, ironically, that right and wrong don’t actually exist. Their (perhaps unwitting) moral nihilism turns the science of morality into a social engineering project. If there is nothing moral for science to discover, the science of morality becomes, at best, a feeble program to achieve arbitrary societal goals. Concise and rigorously argued, Science and the Good is a definitive critique of a would-be science that has gained extraordinary influence in public discourse today and an exposé of that project’s darker turn.

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