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The Hedge Knight

Author : George R. R. Martin
ISBN : 1477849106
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 26. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A young squire intends to reinvent himself as a hedge knight after his master's death, but the path to knighthood sends him down a dangerous road.

The Mystery Knight A Graphic Novel

Author : George R. R. Martin
ISBN : 9780345549402
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 33. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A graphic novel edition of The Mystery Knight, one of the thrilling Dunk and Egg novellas from George R. R. Martin’s A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and a prequel of sorts to A Game of Thrones “Every wedding needs a singer, and every tourney needs a mystery knight.” Westeros is eerily peaceful. King Aerys I sits on the Iron Throne. A ravaging plague has abated. Yet beneath the surface, tensions linger sixteen years after a failed rebellion. In these restless times, noble hedge knight Ser Duncan the Tall—Dunk, to his friends—and his precocious boy squire, Egg, travel the Seven Kingdoms performing chivalrous deeds, though Egg’s bloodline must be concealed at all costs. After heading north for Winterfell, Dunk and Egg are lured off the kingsroad by a wedding feast—and an unusually lucrative tournament. The champion jouster will claim a rare trophy indeed: a dragon’s egg. Dunk, always better in a melee, would be satisfied with a hot meal, a cup of wine, and a purse full of coins. But a treasonous plot is more likely to hatch before another dragon ever stretches its wings. Someone’s on to Egg. And a mystery knight with designs on an even bigger prize soon throws the entire affair into chaos.

The Mystery Knight

Author : George R. R. Martin
ISBN : 9780345549396
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 85. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A full-color graphic rendering of the novella set a century before the events of the Game of Thrones series continues the adventures of noble but impoverished hedge knight Duncan and his bold squire and Daenerys's great-grandfather, the future King Aegon V.

A Game Of Thrones The Graphic Novel

Author : George R. R. Martin
ISBN : 9780345535603
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 40. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Novelist Daniel Abraham and illustrator Tommy Patterson are not merely turning George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy A Game of Thrones into a graphic novel: They are meticulously translating one art form into another, and capturing the intricate nuances of Martin’s novels just as HBO is doing with the blockbuster series. The Abraham/Patterson collaboration is more than just a faithful adaptation. It is a labor of love—and a thrilling masterwork in its own right. Now, in the second volume, the sweeping action moves from the icy north, where the bastard Jon Snow seeks to carve out a place for himself among bitter outcasts and hardened criminals sworn to service upon the Wall . . . to the decadent south and the capital city of King’s Landing, where Jon’s father, Lord Eddard Stark, serves as the Hand of King Robert Baratheon amid a nest of courtly vipers . . . to the barbarian lands across the Narrow Sea, where the young princess Daenerys Targaryen has found the unexpected in her forced marriage to the Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo: love—and with it, for the first time in her life, power. Meanwhile, the dwarf Tyrion Lannister, accused by Lady Catelyn Stark of the attempted murder of her now-crippled youngest son, must call upon all his cunning and wit to survive when he is captured and imprisoned in the lofty dungeons of the Eyrie, where Lady Stark’s sister—a woman obsessed with vengeance against all Lannisters—rules. But Catelyn’s impulsive arrest of the Imp will set in motion a series of violent events whose outcome is fated to shake the world at the worst possible moment. For now is not the time for private feuds and bloodthirsty ambitions. Winter is coming . . . and with it, terrors beyond imagining. From the Hardcover edition.


Author : Steve Alten
ISBN : 0997306599
Genre :
File Size : 77. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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MEG: The Graphic Novel A beautifully illustrated graphic novel based on New York Times bestselling author Steve Alten's novel and Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture directed by Jon Turteltaub and starring Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor. Once a Navy deep-sea submersible pilot, now a marine paleontologist, Dr. Jonas Taylor is convinced that a remnant population of Carcharodon Megalodon--prehistoric sharks growing up to 70 feet long, that subsisted on whales--lurks at the bottom of the Mariana Trench. When offered the opportunity to return to those crushing depths in search of the MEG, Taylor leaps at the chance... but the quest for scientific knowledge (and personal vindication) becomes a desperate fight for survival, when the most vicious predator that the earth has ever known is freed to once-again hunt the surface. This graphic novel is illustrated by super star artist Mike S. Miller, artist of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones prequel "The Hedge Knight" graphic novel and the number 1 bestselling digital comic series, DC Comics "Inhumans."

E Pedia Game Of Thrones Season 6

Author : Wikipedia Contributors
ISBN : 9788026855583
Genre : Reference
File Size : 65. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This carefully crafted ebook is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. The sixth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones premiered on HBO on April 24, 2016, and concluded on June 26, 2016. It consists of ten episodes, each of approximately 50–60 minutes, largely of original content not found in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. Some material is adapted from the upcoming sixth novel The Winds of Winter and the fourth and fifth novels, A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons. The series was adapted for television by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. HBO ordered the season on April 8, 2014, together with the fifth season, which began filming in July 2015 primarily in Northern Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Iceland and Canada. Each episode cost over $10 million. This book has been derived from Wikipedia: it contains the entire text of the title Wikipedia article + the entire text of all the 593 related (linked) Wikipedia articles to the title article. This book does not contain illustrations. e-Pedia (an imprint of e-artnow) charges for the convenience service of formatting these e-books for your eReader. We donate a part of our net income after taxes to the Wikimedia Foundation from the sales of all books based on Wikipedia content.


Author : Michael J. Sullivan
ISBN : 0997306580
Genre : Art
File Size : 24. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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Riyria is an exciting visual graphic novel adaptation of the # 1 Bestseller in Epic Fantasy, The Death of Dulgath. This story was written as a stand alone version. In it Royce, a former assassin and ex-mercenary Hadrian are hired to foil an assassination plot. " Three times they tried to kill her. Then a professional was hired. So was Riyria..."


Author : Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN : 0997306564
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 84. 15 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the incomparable Dabel Brothers, the graphic novel adaptation of Acheron. Setting: Ancient Greece, Atlantis, Modern New Orleans and Nashville Eleven thousand years ago a god was born. Cursed into the body of a human, Acheron endured a lifetime of hatred. His human death unleashed an unspeakable horror that almost destroyed the earth. Back against his will, he became the sole defender of mankind Only it was never that simple.... For centuries, he has fought for our survival and hidden a past he never wants revealed. Now his survival and ours, hinges on the very woman who threatens him. Old enemies reawaken to unite to kill them both. War has never been deadlier... or more fun.

Jenny And The Darkness

Author : Andrew Klavan
ISBN : 0997306572
Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels
File Size : 47. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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JENNY AND THE DARKNESS is a hyper-crime story rising above the usual noir themes of revenge and obsession. It uses a fast-moving tale of death and corruption to examine ideas that affect us all: the guilt that haunts us, the hope that moves us forward. Its backstory is complex but emotionally-charged. Though its characters move through a futuristic/Gothic setting that captures elements of Arkham and New Tokyo, they have real motivations and identifiable dreams. Even the cinematic action sequences are designed to highlight the characters and their inner journeys. JENNY AND THE DARKNESS has long-lasting narrative possibilities that continually amp up the stakes while preserving the human consequences. Because of that, JENNY AND THE DARKNESS is a graphic novel that will appeal to a wide audience of various ages.

The Adventures Of Super Bear The Quest For Pie

Author : Ralph Lomuscio
ISBN : 0997306556
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 30. 68 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 540
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Even super heroes can't resist pie. As soon as Theodore Bear smells what Mama Bear is baking in the kitchen, he has an idea. He puts on his magical cape and becomes... Super Bear! Sneaking into the kitchen is easy when you're invisible, but Super Bear soon learns even super heroes need protecting sometimes. Good thing Mama Bear has an idea too. She needs help keeping her family safe, and it looks like just the right job for Super Bear! The Super Bear book series is aimed toward helping children learn about safety, friendship, the value of family and other important life lessons. Super Bear's parents are fun-loving and encouraging. They support Super Bear's imagination and his belief that he is a super hero and use his love of make-believe to help guide him toward doing the right thing.

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