the interface between intellectual property rights and competition policy

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The Interface Between Intellectual Property Rights And Competition Policy

Author : Steven D. Anderman
ISBN : 9781139462693
Genre : Law
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The purpose of this book is to examine the experience of a number of countries in grappling with the problems of reconciling the two fields of competition policy and intellectual property rights. The first part of the book indicates the variation in legislative models as well as the wide variety of judicial and administrative doctrines that have been used. The jurisdictions selected for study are the three major trading blocks with the longest experience of case law (the EU, the USA and Japan) and three less populous countries with open economies (Australia, Ireland and Singapore). In the second part of the book we look at a number of issues closely related to the interface between competition law and intellectual property rights. Separate chapters analyse the issue of parallel trading and exhaustion of IPRs, the issue of technology transfer, and the economics of the interface between intellectual property and competition law.

Research Handbook On Intellectual Property And Competition Law

Author : Josef Drexl
ISBN : 9781848443853
Genre : Law
File Size : 83. 13 MB
Format : PDF
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The volume offers an outstanding collection of studies on the interaction of IP and competition policy and is highly recommended for academics, graduate students, and practitioners with an interest in more theoretical studies. Ioannis Lianos, World Competition Each chapter in the Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Competition Law is written so lucidly that it will be of great interest to law professors and post graduate students of intellectual property and competition law, as well as those interested in innovation and competition theory, and legal practices in intellectual property and competition law. Madhu Sahni, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights This is a book that delivers on its promise. With a strong cast of contributors from a variety of countries, economies and disciplines, it makes the reader wonder how any commercially attractive IP ever gets exploited at all. IPKAT Here it comes: the book that I have been waiting for! This will surely be an inspiring source of knowledge in my Masters Programme in European Intellectual Property Law at Stockholm University. While promoting intellectual property protection as an important means for innovations and cultural developments, a critical analysis and a flexible approach to the needs for free creative space and effective competition is crucial. As this book so well illustrates, this delicate balance is no either or. Marianne Levin, Stockholm University, Sweden This comprehensive Handbook brings together contributions from American, Canadian, European, and Japanese writers to better explore the interface between competition and intellectual property law. Issues range from the fundamental to the specific, each considered from the angle of cartels, dominant positions, and mergers. Topics covered include, among others, technology licensing, the doctrine of exhaustion, network industries, innovation, patents, and copyright. Appropriate space is devoted to the latest developments in European and American antitrust law, such as the more economic approach and the question of anti-competitive abuses of intellectual property rights. Each original chapter reflects extensive comments by all other contributors, an approach which ensures a diversity of perspectives within a systematic framework. These cutting edge articles will be of great interest to law professors and postgraduate students of intellectual property and competition law, as well as those interested in innovation and competition theory, and legal practices in intellectual property and competition law.

Intellectual Property And Competition Law

Author : Steven Anderman
ISBN : 019958995X
Genre : Law
File Size : 46. 31 MB
Format : PDF
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Examining the relationship between intellectual property and competition law with a particular focus on European law, this book highlights areas emerging new frontiers.

Intellectual Property Competition Law And Economics In Asia

Author : R Ian McEwin
ISBN : 9781847318398
Genre : Law
File Size : 24. 41 MB
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This book results from a conference held in Singapore in September 2009 that brought together distinguished lawyers and economists to examine the differences and similarities in the intersection between intellectual property and competition laws in Asia. The prime focus was how best to balance these laws to improve economic welfare. Countries in Asia have different levels of development and experience with intellectual property and competition laws. Japan has the longest experience and now vigorously enforces both competition and intellectual property laws. Most other countries in Asia have only recently introduced intellectual property laws (due to the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement) and competition laws (sometimes due to the World Bank, International Monetary Fund or free trade agreements). It would be naïve to think that laws, even if similar on the surface, have the same goals or can be enforced similarly. Countries have differing degrees of acceptance of these laws, different economic circumstances and differing legal and political institutions. To set the scene, Judge Doug Ginsburg, Greg Sidak, David Teece and Bill Kovacic look at the intersection of intellectual property and competition laws in the United States. Next are country chapters on Asia, each jointly authored by a lawyer and an economist. The country chapters outline the institutional background to the intersection in each country, discuss the policy underpinnings (theoretically as well as describing actual policy initiatives), analyse the case law in the area, and make policy prescriptions.

Intellectual Property Antitrust And Cumulative Innovation In The Eu And The Us

Author : Thorsten Käseberg
ISBN : 9781847319586
Genre : Law
File Size : 43. 89 MB
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For decades, the debate about the tension between IP and antitrust law has revolved around the question to what extent antitrust should accept that IP laws may bar competition in order to stimulate innovation. The rise of IP rights in recent years has highlighted the problem that IP may also impede innovation, if research for new technologies or the marketing of new products requires access to protected prior innovation. How this 'cumulative innovation' is actually accounted for under IP and antitrust laws in the EU and the US, and how it could alternatively be dealt with, are the central questions addressed in this unique study by lawyer and economist Thorsten Käseberg. Taking an integrated view of both IP and antitrust rules – in particular on refusals to deal based on IP – the book assesses policy levers under European and US patent, copyright and trade secrecy laws, such as the bar for and scope of protection as well as research exemptions, compulsory licensing regimes and misuse doctrines. It analyses what the allocation of tasks is and should be between these IP levers and antitrust rules, in particular the law on abuse of dominance (Article 102 TFEU) and monopolisation (Section 2 Sherman Act), while particular attention is paid to the essential facilities doctrine, including pricing methodologies for access to IP. Many recent decisions and judgments are put into a coherent analytical framework, such as IMS Health, AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline (in the EU), Apple (France), Orange Book Standard (Germany), Trinko, Rambus, NYMEX, eBay (US), Microsoft and IBM/T3 (both EU and US). Further topics covered include: IP protection for software, interoperability information and databases; industry-specific tailoring of IP; antitrust innovation market analysis; and the WTO law on the IP/antitrust interface.

The Software Interface Between Copyright And Competition Law

Author : Ashwin van Rooijen
ISBN : 9789041131935
Genre : Law
File Size : 29. 70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The success of computer programs often depends on their ability to interoperate ' or communicate ' with other systems. In proprietary software development, however, the need to protect access to source code, including the interface information

Intellectual Property And Eu Competition Law

Author : Jonathan D. C. Turner
ISBN : 0198708246
Genre : Law
File Size : 77. 60 MB
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The interface between intellectual property rights and competition policy is one of the most important and difficult areas of EU commercial law and corresponding national laws. The exploitation of exclusive rights can conflict with competition law, which aims to preserve competition as the driving force in efficient markets. These conflicts have to be resolved against the background of a complicated relationship between EU law, national laws, and international treaties relating to intellectual property. This second edition of an extremely well-reviewed work covers numerous developments that have taken place since the first edition, including the revision of the Technology Transfer Block Exemption and Guidelines, the adoption of a new block exemption for Research and Development, revised Guidelines on horizontal co-operation, the implications of the UsedSoft judgment on exhaustion of rights, EU legislation regulating collecting societies, and cases concerning the abuse of dominant position by misuse of the patent system such AstraZeneca v Commission. The book contains a detailed explanation of the application of EU competition law to all types of intellectual property and the resulting regulatory framework for the exploitation and licensing of intellectual property rights. It has practical analysis of such issues as technology transfer and pools, standards, research and development, collecting societies, franchising, and merchandising. The first edition was quoted with approval by the English Court of Appeal.

The Contestable And Potentially Harmful Conclusions Of The Microsoft Case

Author : Veronica Hagenfeldt
ISBN : 9783640880898
Genre :
File Size : 33. 66 MB
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Master's Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Law - Media, Multimedia Law, Copyright, grade: Distinction, University of Edinburgh (School of Law), course: Master Thesis in the LLM in European Law Programme, language: English, abstract: In what has been described as the most important competition law case in EU history the CFI upheld the Commission's finding that Microsoft was guilty of committing two infringements of EC competition law: illegitimately to have refused to supply intellectual property (IP) protected interoperability information to competing workgroup server operating systems (WGSOS), and to have performed an illegal tie of its Windows Media Player (WMP) to its dominant operating system. Microsoft has been labelled "the biggest encroachment on intellectual property in European competition law history" and it is accused of hampering innovation and interfering with beneficial product integration by applying an anachronistic form-based tying test. In the opinion of the author the Judgment is an esoteric masterpiece of obfuscation that despite its considerable volume does little to provide legal certainty regarding the conditions under which compulsory licensing of IP rights (IPRs) will occur, or when technical integration will be deemed legal. Microsoft is of ever-increasing relevance for legal academics and undertakings alike for several reasons: First, since it is the most high profile ruling on the two most controversial issues within EC competition law - compulsory licensing of IPRs and tying - the Judgment will be a fundamental point of reference, especially amid claims that competition authorities' concerns regarding the acquisition and use of IPRs are increasing and that legitimate worries of IP owners (IPOs) are accordingly engendered. Second, high tech markets are increasingly important to consumers and to the global economy, and Microsoft is the "focal point for the ongoing debate about the future direction of the software business" because i

A General Theory Of Trade And Competition

Author : Shanker Singham
ISBN : 9781905017423
Genre : Commercial policy
File Size : 69. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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General Theory of Trade... is the first academic or practitioner text book to establish a general theory of trade and competition and attempts to bring these two disciplines back together. Shanker Singham demonstrates that there is indeed a powerful interface between these two areas and that by understanding this interface practitioners, be they in governments, companies or law and economics firms can succeed in trade negotiations as well as build up support for free trade principles in a time when they are being increasingly challenged. By noting that consumer welfare is enhanced where trade liberalization is accompanied by competitive markets and property rights protection, the author articulates an overall vision in which future policymakers can frame a different kind of trade debate.

Intellectual Property Law And Policy

Author : Hugh Hansen
ISBN : 9781782251187
Genre : Law
File Size : 51. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the 17th Annual volume in the series collecting the presentations and discussion from the Annual Fordham IP Conference. The contributions, by leading world experts, analyse the most pressing issues in copyright, trademark and patent law as seen from the perspectives of the USA, the EU, Asia and WIPO. This volume, in common with its predecessors, makes a valuable and lasting contribution to the discourse in IP law, as well as trade and competition law. The contents, while always informative, are also critical and questioning of new developments and policy concerns. Praise for the series: "This must be one of the most enjoyable and thought-provoking conferences in the IP field. The high quality of the speakers is matched by the intense, audience-led debates and challenges which follow." The Honourable Mr Justice Laddie, Royal Courts of Justice, London "Faculty for this conference are always well-known 'names', well respected leaders in their fields, speaking with a combination of candor and timeliness that is unrivaled by any other forum of its kind." Honorable Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyrights, United States Copyright Office.

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