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The Lean It Field Guide

Author : Michael A. Orzen
ISBN : 9781351105842
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52. 38 MB
Format : PDF
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How many IT books have you read that are long on theory and short on practical application? They are interesting, but not very impactful. They provide a framework from which to think and understand, but lack a process from which to act. Addressing this urgent need for the IT community, The Lean IT Field Guide explains how to initiate, execute, and sustain a lean IT transformation. Illuminating a clear path to lean IT, the authors integrate more than two decades of combined experience to provide you with a proven method for creating and sustaining a true lean IT workplace. This field guide not only highlights the organizational techniques of more agile and lean processes, but also the leadership work required to help management adopt these new approaches. Based on proven methods from different industries, including banking, manufacturing, insurance, food and beverage, and logistics, the book details a clear model that covers all the components you need to achieve and sustain a favorable work environment and culture in support of lean IT. Filled with anecdotes and case studies from actual businesses, the book includes pictures, templates, and examples that illustrate the application of the lean methods discussed.

Lean Project Management How To Apply Lean Thinking To Project Management

Author : Rainer Erne
ISBN : 9783658355722
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book shows how the principles of Lean Management can be applied to project management and how some typical problems of project management can be solved by this. The author first provides a theoretical description of what project management is about and explains its tasks and methods as well as its limitations. He also describes how the Lean idea came about and derives five principles from it that can also be applied to project management. Along these principles, the author then elaborates typical current challenges of project management and shows how these challenges can be tackled through Lean Project Management. In doing so, he does not stop at the level of principles, but describes specific tasks and tools that are useful especially for experienced practitioners of project management. This book is a translation of the original German 1st edition Lean Project Management – Wie man den Lean-Gedanken im Projektmanagement einsetzen kann by Rainer Erne, published by Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH, part of Springer Nature in 2019. The translation was done with the help of artificial intelligence (machine translation by the service A subsequent human revision was done primarily in terms of content, so that the book will read stylistically differently from a conventional translation. Springer Nature works continuously to further the development of tools for the production of books and on the related technologies to support the authors.

Hands On Software Engineering With Golang

Author : Achilleas Anagnostopoulos
ISBN : 9781838550240
Genre : Computers
File Size : 88. 14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Explore software engineering methodologies, techniques, and best practices in Go programming to build easy-to-maintain software that can effortlessly scale on demand Key Features Apply best practices to produce lean, testable, and maintainable Go code to avoid accumulating technical debt Explore Go’s built-in support for concurrency and message passing to build high-performance applications Scale your Go programs across machines and manage their life cycle using Kubernetes Book Description Over the last few years, Go has become one of the favorite languages for building scalable and distributed systems. Its opinionated design and built-in concurrency features make it easy for engineers to author code that efficiently utilizes all available CPU cores. This Golang book distills industry best practices for writing lean Go code that is easy to test and maintain, and helps you to explore its practical implementation by creating a multi-tier application called Links ‘R’ Us from scratch. You’ll be guided through all the steps involved in designing, implementing, testing, deploying, and scaling an application. Starting with a monolithic architecture, you’ll iteratively transform the project into a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that supports the efficient out-of-core processing of large link graphs. You’ll learn about various cutting-edge and advanced software engineering techniques such as building extensible data processing pipelines, designing APIs using gRPC, and running distributed graph processing algorithms at scale. Finally, you’ll learn how to compile and package your Go services using Docker and automate their deployment to a Kubernetes cluster. By the end of this book, you’ll know how to think like a professional software developer or engineer and write lean and efficient Go code. What you will learn Understand different stages of the software development life cycle and the role of a software engineer Create APIs using gRPC and leverage the middleware offered by the gRPC ecosystem Discover various approaches to managing package dependencies for your projects Build an end-to-end project from scratch and explore different strategies for scaling it Develop a graph processing system and extend it to run in a distributed manner Deploy Go services on Kubernetes and monitor their health using Prometheus Who this book is for This Golang programming book is for developers and software engineers looking to use Go to design and build scalable distributed systems effectively. Knowledge of Go programming and basic networking principles is required.

Standing On Shoulders

Author : Jack Maher
ISBN : 9781480869806
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 59. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Transforming our organizations to compete and thrive in today’s digital age requires a combination of “old world thinking” of quality and differentiation and “new world thinking” of meeting your market where it wants to be. But making your organization “digital” is a lot more than creating a compelling mobile app and moving to the cloud. To thrive in the new marketplace, you must think and act differently. In this leader’s guide to digital transformation, you’ll get practical, actionable information on building an employee and customer-obsessed culture that drives speed and efficiency while leveraging technology to sell better products and services. The guide will teach you how to: understand, articulate, and analyze the value you offer customers; get development and operations to work better together; persuade employees to do things differently; and solve problems in new and creative ways. Whether you work for a small, medium-sized, or large organization, you’ll get meaningful guidance on overcoming obstacles that thwart success by learning from others.

Leveraging Lean In Healthcare

Author : Charles Protzman
ISBN : 9781439813867
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Winner of a 2013 Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award This practical guide for healthcare executives, managers, and frontline workers, provides the means to transform your enterprise into a High-Quality Patient Care Business Delivery System. Designed for continuous reference, its self-contained chapters are divided into three primary sections: Defines what Lean is and includes some interesting history about Lean not found elsewhere. Describes and explains the application of each Lean tool and concept organized in their typical order of use. Explains how to implement Lean in various healthcare processes—providing examples, case studies, and valuable lessons learned This book will help to take you out of your comfort zone and provide you with new ways to extend value to your customers. It drives home the importance of the Lean Six Sigma journey. The pursuit of continuous improvement is a journey with no end. Consequently, the opportunities are endless as to what you and your organization can accomplish. Forty percent of the authors’ profits from this book will be donated to help the homeless through two Baltimore charities. Praise for the book: ... well-timed and highly informative for those committed to creating deep levels of sustainable change in healthcare. — Peter B. Angood, MD, FACS, FCCM, Senior Advisor – Patient Safety, in National Quality Forum ... the most practical and healthcare applicable book I have ever read on LEAN thinking and concepts. — Gary Shorb, CEO, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare ... well written ... an essential reference in the library of all healthcare leaders interested in performance improvement. — Lee M. Adler, DO, VP, Quality and Safety Innovation & Research, Florida Hospital, Orlando; Associate Professor, University of Central Florida College of Medicine ... a must read for all Leadership involved in healthcare. ... I can see reading this book over and over. — Brigit Zamora, BSN, RN, CPAN, CAPA, Administrative Nurse Manager, Florida Hospital, Orlando

The Lean Practitioner S Field Book

Author : Charles Protzman
ISBN : 9781315360508
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 57. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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While there are numerous Lean Certification programs, most companies have their own certification paths whereby they bestow expert status upon employees after they have participated in or led a certain number of kaizen events. Arguing that the number of kaizen events should not determine a person's expert status, The Lean Practitioner's Field Book: Proven, Practical, Profitable and Powerful Techniques for Making Lean Really Work outlines a true learning path for anyone seeking to understand essential Lean principles. The book includes a plethora of examples drawn from the personal experiences of its many well-respected and award-winning contributors. These experts break down Lean concepts to their simplest terms to make everything as clear as possible for Lean practitioners. A refresher for some at times, the text provides thought-provoking questions with examples that will stimulate learning opportunities. Introducing the Lean Practitioner concept, the book details the five distinct Lean Practitioner levels and includes quizzes and criteria for each level. It highlights the differences between the kaizen event approach and the Lean system level approach as well as the difference between station balancing and baton zone. This book takes readers on a journey that begins with an overview of Lean principles and culminates with readers developing professionally through the practice of self-reliance. Providing you with the tools to implement Lean tools in your organization, the book includes discussions and examples that demonstrate how to transition from traditional accounting methods to a Lean accounting system. The book outlines an integrated, structured approach identified by the acronym BASICS (baseline, analyze, suggest solutions, implement, check, and sustain), which is combined with a proven business strategy to help ensure a successful and sustainable transformation of your organization.

The Lean Management Systems Handbook

Author : Rich Charron
ISBN : 9781498705295
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 37. 88 MB
Format : PDF
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Performance management, the primary focus of a Lean organization, occurs through continuous improvement programs that focus on education, belief systems development, and effective change management. Presenting a first-of-its-kind approach, The Lean Management Systems Handbook details the critical components required for sustainable Lean management.

Dual Transformation

Author : Scott D. Anthony
ISBN : 9781633692497
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Game-changing disruptions will likely unfold on your watch. Be ready. In Dual Transformation, Scott Anthony, Clark Gilbert, and Mark Johnson propose a practical and sustainable approach to one of the greatest challenges facing leaders today: transforming your business in the face of imminent disruption. Dual Transformation shows you how your company can come out of a market shift stronger and more profitable, because the threat of disruption is also the greatest opportunity a leadership team will ever face. Disruptive change opens a window of opportunity to create massive new markets. It is the moment when a market also-ran can become a market leader. It is the moment when business legacies are created. That moment starts with the core dual transformation framework: Transformation A: Repositioning today’s business to maximize its resilience, such as how Adobe boldly shifted from selling packaged software to providing software as a service. Transformation B: Creating a new growth engine, such as how Amazon became the world’s largest provider of cloud computing services. Capabilities link: Fighting unfairly by taking advantage of difficult-to-replicate assets without succumbing to the “sucking sound of the core.” Anthony, Gilbert, and Johnson also address the characteristics leaders must embrace: courage, clarity, curiosity, and conviction. Without them, dual transformation efforts can founder. Building on lessons from diverse companies, such as Adobe, Manila Water, and Netflix, and a case study from Gilbert’s firsthand experience transforming his own media and publishing company, Dual Transformation will guide executives through the journey of creating the next version of themselves, allowing them to own the future rather than be disrupted by it.

Lean Demand Driven Procurement

Author : Paul Myerson
ISBN : 9780429809521
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 68. 44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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While there are many books written on the basics of the "supply" side of the supply chain (i.e. strategic sourcing, sourcing/procurement, and purchasing), there hasn’t been much written on those areas from a Lean perspective. Considering that supply chain costs, primarily procurement and transportation, can range from 50 to 70% of sales, it's surprising that this area has not been fully explored. As a result, some companies tend to place too much emphasis on the traditional focus of reducing material costs instead of process improvement. Lean Demand-Driven Procurement: How to Apply Lean Thinking to Your Supply Management Process details the basic supply management concepts and processes (i.e. sourcing, procurement, and purchasing) in an easy-to-understand format in combination with various process improvement tools, methodologies, best practices, examples, and cases written from a Lean perspective. It focuses and pinpoints ways to identify waste on the supply side through improved processes and, in some cases, technology. Applying Lean principles to procurement and purchasing processes identies non-traditional sources of waste, and in some cases, creates a paradigm shift that results in additional benets to the entire supply chain.


Author :
Genre :
File Size : 44. 37 MB
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Atlanta magazine’s editorial mission is to engage our community through provocative writing, authoritative reporting, and superlative design that illuminate the people, the issues, the trends, and the events that define our city. The magazine informs, challenges, and entertains our readers each month while helping them make intelligent choices, not only about what they do and where they go, but what they think about matters of importance to the community and the region. Atlanta magazine’s editorial mission is to engage our community through provocative writing, authoritative reporting, and superlative design that illuminate the people, the issues, the trends, and the events that define our city. The magazine informs, challenges, and entertains our readers each month while helping them make intelligent choices, not only about what they do and where they go, but what they think about matters of importance to the community and the region.

Kaizen Event Fieldbook

Author : Mark R. Hamel
ISBN : 9780872638631
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 64. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Kaizen event effectiveness is a prerequisite for lean transformation success. It provides the necessary transformational jump-start, momentum, organizational learning and engagement, and sustainable, step-function improvements. The systemic use of kaizen events establishes the technical and cultural foundation for principle-driven kaizen -- the powerful combination of kaizen events and daily kaizen activities. The Kaizen Event Fieldbook brings this all together as an indispensable reference for lean leaders and implementers within any industry and for use at any stage within the lean implementation journey. One of lean's defining characteristics is learning by seeing, doing, and studying. In context with lean theory and lean leadership principles, readers will gain an understanding of the essential "whys" and "hows" of kaizen event standard work and event management, as well as a proven means to sustain the gains. The Fieldbook's multi-phase approach addresses strategy, pre-event planning, execution, and follow-through. Practical examples, over a hundred figures and tables, and many real-life "Gemba Tales" provide for an enriched learning experience. Also included is a chapter on the deployment of a kaizen promotion office, a glossary, and two appendices, which offer blank forms and an overview of daily kaizen.

E Business And E Commerce Management

Author : Dave Chaffey
ISBN : 0273707523
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Aimed at students, this work covers various aspects of e-business - focusing on sales and marketing, as well as detailing procurement, supply chains, and the legal and security considerations. It contains a range of features to help you learn effectively including margin definitions, international case studies, activities and web links.

Warning Eating May Be Harmful To Your Health

Author : Perry L. Adkisson
ISBN : UIUC:30112019210563
Genre : Diet
File Size : 41. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This booklet contains the speech of Dr. Perry L. Adkisson given while he was the William Henry Hatch Lecturer for 1990. The basic thesis of the speech is that we should change our eating habits in order to prevent diseases such as heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis, dental disease and more.

Let In But Left Out

Author : Frank Shines
ISBN : 9781700533463
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 68. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Let in But Left Out argues that fake news can fool people but not a pandemic. Filled with provocative insights, military intrigue and personal stories of tragedy and triumph, the award-winning African American IBM management consultant and former Air Force officer brings you Let in But Left Out: Leadership, Faith & Knowledge in the Age of AI, Coronavirus & Fake News. In Let in But Left Out, author Frank Shines posits that major crises such as a pandemic accelerate technology change and expose societal and leadership weaknesses. Frank grew up in the projects of Oakland, California but went on to earn a Presidential Appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy and served his country for 11 years. Let in but Left Out, is a field guide for adapting to change in a world of coronavirus outbreaks, civil unrest, AI-powered fake news, and national polarization. Frank Shines, who has flown Air Force jets, trained and competed with Olympic athletes and traveled the world advising business leaders and top military brass, brings these true-to-life experiences on adapting to change to the book. Frank teams up with his younger brother, Granison Shines, to take you on a journey which chronicles the initial outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China and the early warning signs detected by one his family's small businesses that partners with Chinese hi-tech manufacturers in Shenzhen. The brothers analyze the pandemic through the lens of data, bio science, culture change and technology, and provide you with a practical roadmap for surviving and thriving in the age of pandemics and AI-powered "infodemics." The book is divided into three major sections: A Call for Reflection (situational awareness, cognitive bias, faith and spirituality); A Call for Balance (if you let in the virus you must let in the science; if you let in inequality you must let in upward mobility; if you let in tech disruption you must let in people transition); and A Call for Action (get off your butt and act!) In short, the authors ask, has America... Let In VIRTUAL but Left Out REALITY? Let In a CORONAVIRUS but Left Out BIO SCIENCE? Let in DISRUPTION but Left Out TRANSITION? Let In FAKE NEWS but Left Out CRITICAL THINKING? Let In INEQUALITY but Left Out UPWARD MOBILITY? Let In SCREEN TIME but Left Out PEOPLE TIME? Let In PERSONAL GAIN but Left Out COLLECTIVE PURPOSE? Let In DISTRUST & DESPAIR but Left Out FAITH & HOPE? Let In ANGER but Left Out EMPATHY? Let In TECHNOSTRESS but Left Out PSYCHOFLEX (psychological flexibility)? Let In BIO-HACKERS but Left Out BIO-ETHICS? Let In RUNAWAY ALGORITHMS but Left Out ETHICAL GUARDRAILS?

The Lean Management Systems Handbook

Author : Rich Charron
ISBN : 9781466564350
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 50. 59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Performance management, the primary focus of a Lean organization, occurs through continuous improvement programs that focus on education, belief systems development, and effective change management. Presenting a first-of-its-kind approach, The Lean Management Systems Handbook details the critical components required for sustainable Lean management. Positioning Lean as a management operational philosophy far beyond the traditional set of improvement tools, the book explains how managers at all levels of the organization can integrate Lean into their daily management activities. It defines the Lean philosophy as well as the beliefs and behaviors required to develop a thriving Lean company culture. The book captures the essence of Lean learning and Lean doing and illustrates practical applications of Lean management. It begins by covering the basics that encompass Lean management and leadership in two critical areas: maintenance/control and improvement. After reading this book, you will better understand how to see waste, measure waste, eliminate waste, and develop an active change improvement workplace. You will also gain the practical understanding required to determine which Lean tool is best suited to your particular need for supporting an organization-wide management system. Expounding on essential Lean concepts, this is an ideal guide to help new managers and leaders make the transition from theory to successful application in the field. Complete with brief summaries and examples of the most important tools in Lean management systems development in each chapter, the book provides a reliable roadmap for deploying a Lean management system across your organization, and subsequently across your entire value stream.

Lean Product Management

Author : Mangalam Nandakumar
ISBN : 1788831179
File Size : 21. 31 MB
Format : PDF
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A guide to product management exploring the best practices: identifying the impact-driven product, planning for success, setting up and measuring time-bound metrics, and developing a lean product roadmap. Key Features Identifying Impact-Driven Products Investing in Key Business Outcomes Value mapping to maintain a lean product backlog Utilizing time-bound product metrics Eliminating process waste Book Description Lean Product Management is about finding the smartest way to build an Impact Driven Product that can deliver value to customers and meet business outcomes when operating under internal and external constraints. Author, Mangalam Nandakumar, is a product management expert, with over 17 years of experience in the field. Businesses today are competing to innovate. Cost is no longer the constraint, execution is. It is essential for any business to harness whatever competitive advantage they can, and it is absolutely vital to deliver the best customer experience possible. The opportunities for creating impact are there, but product managers have to improvise on their strategy every day in order to capitalize on them. This is the Agile battleground, where you need to stay Lean and be able to respond to abstract feedback from an ever shifting market. This is where Lean Product Management will help you thrive. Lean Product Management is an essential guide for product managers, and to anyone embarking on a new product development. Mangalam Nandakumar will help you to align your product strategy with business outcomes and customer impact. She introduces the concept of investing in Key Business Outcomes as part of the product strategy in order to provide an objective metric about which product idea and strategy to pursue. You will learn how to create impactful end-to-end product experiences by engaging stakeholders and reacting to external feedback. What you will learn How do you execute ideas that matter? How can you define the right success metrics? How can you plan for product success? How do you capture qualitative and quantitative insights about the product? How do you know whether your product aligns to desired business goals? What processes are slowing you down? Who this book is for If you are leading a team that is building a new product, then this book is for you. The book is targeted at product managers, functional leads in enterprises, business sponsors venturing into new product offerings, product development teams, and start-up founders.

Reengineering Health Care

Author : James Champy
ISBN : 9780137052653
Genre : Medical
File Size : 75. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"""Reengineering Health Care" gets to the core of transforming our current system by advocating the widespread use of IT, eliminating inefficient practices, and keeping the system focused on a healthy individual and not on a broken process.""--Newt Gingrich, Founder of the Center for Health Transformation, and former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives ""This book is a prescription for streamlining health care. Using the techniques that have successfully transformed business into customer-focused and efficient organizations, the authors provide a step-by-step approach to improving health care processes, guiding health care into the next generation of Lean delivery systems.""--Dr. John Halamka, Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center ""In health care, we tend to inundate our people with information, rather than enabling them to have insights. This concise guide will resonate with both senior and front-line managers who know they're engaged in unproductive work. They will see that reengineering is not overly difficult and can enable them to improve patient care and efficiency.""--Trevor Fetter, President and CEO, Tenet Health Corporation, and Trustee, Federation of American Hospitals ""It isn't reform that will fix our ailing health care system, its reengineering. Champy and Greenspun highlight organizations that have transformed, and reinvented, themselves by reengineering care delivery-they've lowered costs, improved care quality and patient safety, and increased the satisfaction of those giving and receiving care. Every clinician, hospital executive, and politician should read this book.""--Bill Crounse, M.D., Senior Director, Worldwide Health, Microsoft Corporation ""Implement health care technology, and you have better health care tools; reengineer with a focus on technology, process, and people, and you have a better health care system. This straightforward guide shows how to transform health care to maximize quality, safety, convenience, and impact the cost of delivery. No one can read this book and not feel a profound call to action.""--H. Stephen Lieber, CAE, President & CEO, HIMSS In their legendary book, "Reengineering the Corporation", Jim Champy and Michael Hammer introduced businesspeople to the enormous power of a revolutionary methodology called "reengineering". Using reengineering, businesses around the world have systematically retooled their processes--achieving dramatic cost savings, greater customer satisfaction, and more value. Now, Jim Champy and Dr. Harry Greenspun show how to apply the proven reengineering methodology in health care: throughout physician practices, hospitals, and even entire health systems. You'll meet innovative and visionary leaders who've been successfully reengineering organizations across the entire delivery spectrum and learn powerful lessons for improving quality, reducing costs, and expanding access. This book doesn't just demonstrate the immense potential of health care reengineering to revolutionize health care delivery: "it offers a clear roadmap for realizing that potential in your own organization""." Deliver Better Care to More People, at Lower Cost How reengineering can lead to more efficient, safer delivery--and sharply reduced costs How to focus on prevention and wellness, as well as chronic disease and hospital care How to earn the trust, contributions, and passion of skeptical physicians and health care professionals How to harness technology to create more seamless, accessible, valued, and sustainable health care systems--and avoid technology's pitfalls How Zeev Neuwirth transformed the Lenox Hill Hospital ER and the 700-doctor Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates practice How Tom Knight is revolutionizing patient safety at Methodist Hospital System, one of America's largest private, nonprofit medical complexes How to start today in your own organization!

Video Sourcebook

Author : Thomson Gale
ISBN : 1414400993
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 42. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From classroom aids to corporate training programs, technical resources to self-help guides, children's features to documentaries, theatrical releases to straight-to-video movies, The Video Source Book continues its comprehensive coverage of the wide universe of video offerings with more than 130,000 complete program listings, encompassing more than 160,000 videos. All listings are arranged alphabetically by title. Each entry provides a description of the program and information on obtaining the title. Six indexes -- alternate title, subject, credits, awards, special formats and program distributors -- help speed research.

Lean Sigma Rebuilding Capability In Healthcare

Author : Ian Wedgwood PhD
ISBN : 9780133992069
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 88. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Drive Lean Sigma Performance Improvement into Any Hospital or Healthcare Environment “The Affordable Care Act (ACA) looks like it is around to stay. It will require hospitals and other healthcare organizations to become ruthlessly efficient to survive reimbursement rate reductions. Even if ACA fell, managed care organizations have caught on. They will leverage patient volume to drive reimbursement rates steadily down. Medicare and Medicaid will follow. Lean Sigma may not be the only way healthcare organizations will survive, but it’s a proven solution. In Lean Sigma–Rebuilding Capability in Healthcare , Dr. Wedgwood has presented a roadmap to successful implementation of Lean Sigma.” –Richard H. Allen, Dr.P.H., Allen & Allen Consulting, LLC Lean Sigma, widely proven in other industries, can offer even greater value in healthcare. In this guide, Ian Wedgwood walks you through all leadership aspects associated with planning, executing, sustaining, or reinvigorating Lean Sigma in your hospital, system, or clinic. Drawing on his extensive experience helping healthcare organizations improve, Wedgwood explains Lean Sigma without “stat speak.” Focusing on care providers’ unique challenges, he offers a practical roadmap for making Lean or Six Sigma work. He demonstrates it through real case studies, illuminating key facets of change that are too often ignored. Coverage includes • How failure points in conventional change methods prevent performance improvement • Lean Sigma’s structured change approach: why infrastructure and sequencing matter so much • Integrating Lean Sigma with strategy and operations • Elevating individual process performance • Launching a Lean Sigma program or revitalizing a stalled initiative • Learning from experience, and increasing program maturity Whatever your Lean Sigma leadership role–from patient-facing staff to senior executive to performance improvement specialist–this guide gives you an indispensable foundation for success.

Small Press Record Of Books In Print

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556020467197
Genre : Small presses
File Size : 57. 92 MB
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