the legacy of the great war

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The Legacy Of The Great War

Author : Jay Winter
ISBN : 9780826271990
Genre : History
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In late 2007 and early 2008, world-renowned historians gathered in Kansas City for a series of public forums on World War I. Each of the five events focused on a particular topic and featured spirited dialogue between its prominent participants. In spontaneous exchanges, the eminent scholars probed each other’s arguments, learned from each other, and provided insights not just into history but also into the way scholars think about their subject alongside and at times in conflict with their colleagues. Representing a fourth generation of writers on the Great War and a transnational rather than an international approach, prominent historians Niall Ferguson and Paul Kennedy, Holger Afflerbach and Gary Sheffield, John Horne and Len Smith, John Milton Cooper and Margaret MacMillan, and Jay Winter and Robert Wohl brought to the proceedings an exciting clash of ideas. The forums addressed topics about the Great War that have long fascinated both scholars and the educated public: the origins of the war and the question of who was responsible for the escalation of the July Crisis; the nature of generalship and military command, seen here from the perspectives of a German and a British scholar; the private soldiers’ experiences of combat, revealing their strategies of survival and negotiation; the peace-making process and the overwhelming pressures under which statesmen worked; and the long-term cultural consequences of the war—showing that the Great War was “great” not merely because of its magnitude but also because of its revolutionary effects. These topics continue to reverberate, and in addition to shedding new light on the subjects, these forums constitute a glimpse at how historical writing happens. American society did not suffer the consequences of the Great War that virtually all European countries knew—a lack of perspective that the National World War I Museum seeks to correct. This book celebrates that effort, helping readers feel the excitement and the moral seriousness of historical scholarship in this field and drawing more Americans into considering how their own history is part of this story.

The Legacy Of The Great War

Author : William R. Keylor
ISBN : WISC:89072262678
Genre : History
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This volume in the Problems in European Civilization series is a collection of scholarly essays and primary sources focusing on the legacy of World War I. For courses on World War I, this new volume makes a perfect complement to Herwig's Outbreak of World War I and Shevin-Coetzee/Coetzee's World War I and European Society: A Sourcebook.

The Great War Against Eastern European Jewry 1914 1920

Author : Giuseppe Motta
ISBN : 9781527512214
Genre : History
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This volume focuses on the consequences that the First World War had on the Jews living in the notorious Pale of Settlement within the frontiers of the Tsarist Empire. The research is entirely based on a solid documentary study, consisting of the documents of the Joint Distribution Committee and references to many historiographic works. Rather than dealing with the military aspects of war, the book focuses on the political consequences, and in particular on the economic and social changes that the conflict generated. The Jewish communities experienced a personal tragedy within the general tragedy of war, as they were particularly “damaged”, not only by violence and persecutions – suffering from the pogroms of Cossacks and local populations – but also by the evacuations and expulsions ordered by the military. It meant that a great part of the Jewish population was forced to leave their residence and, in many cases, compelled to wander for several years or even to emigrate. In addition to this, after the outbreak of World War I, the Russian Jews became “hostile elements” who were viewed as potential spies and traitors, and were subsequently targeted by a new wave of discriminatory measures that were based on two myths of contemporary antisemitism: the “stab in the back” and the conspiracy of Jewish Bolshevism. From this perspective, what happened during the Great War could be seen as an anticipation of the tragedy that affected Eastern European Jewry in the following decades.

Ideas Of Europe Since 1914

Author : M. Spiering
ISBN : 9781403918437
Genre : History
File Size : 86. 91 MB
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This book is about the history of Europe in the twentieth century and concentrates on two particular aspects. First, it examines the impact of the Great War on Europe; secondly it is concerned with European civilization and with ideas of what is meant to be 'European'. The approach is interdisciplinary, including integrated analyses from politics, international relations, political ideas, literature, and the visual arts. The common focus, which links all the chapters, is the effect of the Great War on a European mentality, or European identity. It targets reactions to the First World War up to 1939, but extends its coverage in many areas up to the 1990s, offering a wide-ranging view of Europe in the twentieth century.

A Deadly Legacy

Author : Tim Grady
ISBN : 9780300231236
Genre : History
File Size : 38. 92 MB
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Shortlisted for the Wolfson History Prize 2018 This book is the first to offer a full account of the varied contributions of German Jews to Imperial Germany’s endeavors during the Great War. Historian Tim Grady examines the efforts of the 100,000 Jewish soldiers who served in the German military (12,000 of whom died), as well as the various activities Jewish communities supported at home, such as raising funds for the war effort and securing vital food supplies. However, Grady’s research goes much deeper: he shows that German Jews were never at the periphery of Germany’s warfare, but were in fact heavily involved. The author finds that many German Jews were committed to the same brutal and destructive war that other Germans endorsed, and he discusses how the conflict was in many ways lived by both groups alike. What none could have foreseen was the dangerous legacy they created together, a legacy that enabled Hitler’s rise to power and planted the seeds of the Holocaust to come.

Matters Of Conflict

Author : Saunders Nichol
ISBN : 0415280532
Genre : History
File Size : 29. 27 MB
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From trench art and postcards to prosthetic limbs, unexploded ordinance and war memorials, this book examines the continuing and constantly changing significance of World War One through the things it left behind, setting a new agenda for the study of the conflict.

The First World War 1914 1918

Author : Gerd Hardach
ISBN : 0520043979
Genre : History
File Size : 66. 52 MB
Format : PDF
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Balkan Legacies Of The Great War

Author : Othon Anastasakis
ISBN : 9781137564146
Genre : History
File Size : 43. 90 MB
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This is a rich yet succinct account of an underexplored story: the consequences of the Great War for the region which ignited it. It offers a fascinating tapestry: the collapse of Empires, the birth of Turkey and Yugoslavia, Greece as both victor and loser, Bulgaria's humiliating defeat; bitter memories, forced migrations, territorial implications and collective national amnesias. The legacies live on. The contributions in this volume significantly enhance the debate about how the Great War is remembered in South East Europe, and why it still evokes such strong emotions and reactions, more than a century after its beginnings.

Years Of Plenty Years Of Want

Author : Benjamin F. Martin
ISBN : 0875804683
Genre : History
File Size : 83. 47 MB
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July 1914 -- Georges: the defiant -- The Thibaults -- Shifting ground -- Edouard: the hesitant -- August 1939.

The Literature Of The Great War Reconsidered

Author : P. Quinn
ISBN : 9780230599895
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 80. 23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This definitive volume will profoundly alter our understanding of the literature of the Great War. New critical approaches have, over the last two decades, redefined the term 'war literature' and its cultural legacy. Consisting, in equal measure, of essays by male and female scholars (from several different countries), and devoted to both familiar and lesser-known works, this book presents the many faces of Great War literary study at the millennium.

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