the lost art of resurrection

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The Lost Art Of Resurrection

Author : Freddy Silva
ISBN : 9781620556375
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Reveals the radical ancient practice of living resurrection, in which initiates ritually died and were reborn into a state of higher consciousness • Explores living resurrection initiation practices from world cultures, including Egyptian, Greek, Gnostic, Chinese, Celtic, and Native American traditions • Describes the secret chambers and temples where Mystery Schools practiced “raising the dead” • Shows why this practice was branded a heresy and suppressed by the Church More than two thousand years before the resurrection of Jesus, initiates from spiritual traditions around the world were already practicing a secret mystical ritual in which they metaphorically died and were reborn into a higher spiritual state. During this living resurrection, they experienced a transformative spiritual awakening that revealed the nature of reality and the purpose of the soul, described as “rising from the dead.” Exploring the practice of living resurrection in ancient Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek, Persian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Celtic, and Native American traditions, Freddy Silva explains how resurrection was never meant for the dead, but for the living--a fact supported by the suppressed Gnostic Gospel of Philip: “Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error. If they do not first receive the resurrection while they live, when they die they will receive nothing.” He reveals how these practices were not only common in the ancient world but also shared similar facets in each tradition: initiates were led through a series of challenging ordeals, retreated for a three-day period into a cave or restricted room, often called a “bridal chamber,” and while out-of-body, became fully conscious of travels in the Otherworld. Upon returning to the body, they were led by priests or priestesses to witness the rising of Sirius or the Equinox sunrise. Silva describes some of the secret chambers around the world where the ritual was performed, including the so-called tomb of Thutmosis III in Egypt, which featured an empty sarcophagus and detailed instructions for the living on how to enter the Otherworld and return alive. He reveals why esoteric and Gnostic sects claimed that the literal resurrection of Jesus promoted by the Church was a fraud and how the Church branded all living resurrection practices as a heresy, relentlessly persecuting the Gnostics to suppress knowledge of this self-empowering experience. He shows how the Knights Templar revived these concepts and how they survive to this day within Freemasonry. Exploring the hidden art of living resurrection, Silva shows how this personal experience of the Divine opened the path to self-empowerment and higher consciousness, leading initiates such as Plato to describe it as the pinnacle of spiritual development.

The Lost Art Of Scripture

Author : Karen Armstrong
ISBN : 9780451494870
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Today the Quran is used by some to justify war and acts of terrorism, the Torah to deny Palestinians the right to live in the Land of Israel, and the Bible to condemn homosexuality and contraception. The significance of Scripture may not be immediately obvious in our secular world, but its misunderstanding is perhaps the root cause of many of today's controversies. In this timely and important book, one of the most trusted and admired writers on the world of faith examines the meaning of Scripture. The sacred texts have been coopted by fundamentalists, who insist that they must be taken literally, and by others who interpret Scripture to bolster their own prejudices. These texts are seen to prescribe ethical norms and codes of behavior that are divinely ordained: they are believed to contain eternal truths. But as Karen Armstrong shows in this chronicle of the development and significance of major religions, such a narrow, peculiar reading of Scripture is a relatively recent, modern phenomenon. For most of their history, the world's religious traditions have regarded these texts as tools that enable the individual to connect with the divine, to experience a different level of consciousness, and to help them engage with the world in more meaningful and compassionate ways. At a time of intolerance and mutual incomprehension, The Lost Art of Scripture shines fresh light on the world's major religions to help us build bridges between faiths and rediscover a creative and spiritual engagement with holy texts.

Expecting Referrals

Author : Scott A. Kramnick
ISBN : 0963895303
Genre : Business
File Size : 87. 84 MB
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The Lost Art Of Practicing His Presence

Author : James W. Goll
ISBN : 9780768499186
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35. 69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The presence of God is meant to be more than just an occasional event during Sunday morning Worship---you are meant to live in God's presence! In The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence, James W. Goll uncovers ancient and nearly forgotten keys to deeper intimacy with Christ Jesus while revealing the ease of working with Christ instead of for Him. Through this book you will rediscover the lost precepts of Biblical meditation, contemplative prayer, and waiting on the Lord and learn how to apply them in your own life. Most importantly, you will gain inspiration for your own intimate walk and the courage to spread the fire His presence to everyone around you! The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence also includes a modern-language translation of The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence. An inspiration to James Goll, this 15th-century believer has inspired generations of Christians with his simple life and profound writings on the nature and presence of the Lord.

The Lost Vocal Art And Its Restoration

Author : William Warren Shaw
ISBN : NYPL:33433084112717
Genre : Singing
File Size : 35. 27 MB
Format : PDF
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Discovery Of The Lost Art Treasures Of California S First Mission

Author : James Lee Nolan
ISBN : STANFORD:36105040005329
Genre : Art
File Size : 45. 55 MB
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First Templar Nation

Author : Freddy Silva
ISBN : 9781620556559
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 26. 72 MB
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Overturns the long-established historical narrative about the origins and purpose of the Knights Templar • Explains how and why the Templars created Europe’s first nation-state, Portugal, with one of their own as king • Reveals the Portuguese roots of key founding members, their relationship with the Order of Sion, the Templars’ devotion to Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist, and the meaning and exact location of the Grail • Provides evidence of Templar holy sites and hidden chambers throughout Portugal • Includes over 700 references, many from new and rare sources Conventional history claims that nine men formed a brotherhood called the Knights Templar in Jerusalem in 1118 to provide protection for pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. Overturning this long-established historical narrative, Freddy Silva shows that the Order of the Temple existed a decade earlier on the opposite side of Europe, that the protection of pilgrims was entrusted to a seperate organization, and that, in league with the Cistercian monks and the equally mysterious Order of Sion, the Templars executed one of history’s most daring and covert plans: the creation of Europe’s first nation-state, Portugal, with one of their own as king. Including over 700 references, many from new and rare sources, Silva reveals Portugal, not Jerusalem, as the first Templar stronghold. He shows how there were eleven founding members and how the first king of Portugal, a secret Templar, was related to Bernard de Clairvaux, head of the Cistercians. The author explains the Templars’ motivation to create a country far from the grasp of Rome, where they could conduct their living resurrection initiation--whose candidates were declared “risen from the dead”--a secret for which the Church silenced millions and which the Templars protected to the death. Placing the intrepid Knights in a previously unknown time and place, Silva’s historical narrative reveals the Portuguese roots of key founding members, their relationship with the Order of Sion, the Templars’ unshakeable devotion to Mary Magdalene and John the Baptist, and how they protected a holy bloodline in Portugal. He also provides evidence of secret Templar holy sites, initiation chambers, and hidden passageways throughout Portugal, often coinciding with pagan and Neolithic temples, and explains how their most important site forms a perfect triangle with the Abbey of Mont Sion in Jerusalem and the Osirion temple in Egypt. The author also reappraises the meaning of the Grail and reveals its exact location, hidden in plain sight to this very day.

The Early Art Of Norfolk

Author : Ann Eljenholm Nichols
ISBN : 1580440347
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 22. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fifteen years in the making, Ann Eljenholm Nichols's The Early Art of Norfolk: A Subject List of Extant and Lost Art Including Items Relevant to Early Drama is the most comprehensive listing of early art from Norfolk ever compiled. It is based on careful examination of the painted glass, wall paintings, woodcarvings, and other art in the 600 or so churches of this county and also on thorough searching of archival records and antiquarian accounts. The book (double columns, 357 pages, plus plates) will serve as a standard reference source for students of the ecclesiastical arts and also will provide an essential dimension for drama scholars. Appendices treating angels, Norwich Cathedral bosses, Apostles and Prophets, liturgical estates, painted panels, christocentric sequences, and Te Deum as well, and there are glossaries (including terms used in describing costume) and a contribution by Barbara Green on the antiquaries whose notes provided essential information about lost examples of Norfolk art. Nichols, who is Professor Emerita of English at Winona State University, is the co-editor of Iconoclasm vs. Art and Drama (1989) in the EDAM Monograph Series, and is author of Seeable Signs: The Iconography of the Seven Sacraments (Boydell and Brewer, 1994).

Resurrection In The New Testament

Author : Jan Lambrecht
ISBN : 9042912146
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 29. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Resurrection in the New Testament is a Festschrift offered to J. Lambrecht on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday. Among the many scholarly interests of Professor Lambrecht the theme of the resurrection seemed best suited to honour his academic achievement. The 27 contributions cover many of the books of the New Testament. The first two articles in this volume discuss influences on the New Testament treatment of resurrection from the Greco-Roman (Dieter Zeller) and Jewish (Daniel J. Harrington) backgrounds. H.J. de Jonge considers visionary experiences of the Old Testament as an interpretive clue for understanding New Testament references to appearances. The articles by Martin Rese, Benoit Standaert, Otfried Hofius, and Gergely Juhasz deal with interpretive questions that range through several books of the New Testament and to varying degrees again bring into discussion previously debated issues. From this point, with the exception of the final two, the articles appear in canonical order. Adelbert Denaux and Wim J.C. Weren treat issues in Matthew, John Gillman in Luke-Acts, Maarten J.J. Menken and Thomas Soding in John, John J. Kilgallen and Florence Morgan Gillman in Acts, Veronica Koperski, Margaret E. Thrall, and Johan S. Vos in the Pauline letters in general, Morna D. Hooker and Eduard Lohse in Romans, Joel Delobel and Peter J. Tomson in 1 Corinthians, Frank J. Matera in 2 Corinthians, John Reumann in Philippians, Raymond F. Collins in the Pastoral Epistles, and Jacques Schlosser in 1 Peter. Joseph Verheyden discusses the witness of Mary Magdalene and the Women at the tomb in the extra-canonical Gospel of Peter. Finally, Barbara Baert contributes a discussion on how the Resurrection was portrayed in visual art during the Middle Ages, with striking illustrative examples.

A World History Of Art

Author : Hugh Honour
ISBN : 1856694518
Genre : Art
File Size : 69. 76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Expanded to include the latest discoveries in prehistoric art as well as the most recent developments in non-Western and modern art, this is an up-to-date and wide ranging history of art.

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