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The Monkey And The Monk

Author :
ISBN : 0226971570
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Anthony C. Yu’s celebrated translation of The Journey to the West reinvigorated one of Chinese literature’s most beloved classics for English-speaking audiences when it first appeared thirty years ago. Yu’s abridgment of his four-volume translation, The Monkey and the Monk, finally distills the epic novel’s most exciting and meaningful episodes without taking anything away from their true spirit. These fantastic episodes recount the adventures of Xuanzang, a seventh-century monk who became one of China’s most illustrious religious heroes after traveling for sixteen years in search of Buddhist scriptures. Powerfully combining religious allegory with humor, fantasy, and satire, accounts of Xuanzang’s journey were passed down for a millennium before culminating in the sixteenth century with The Journey to the West. Now, readers of The Monkey and the Monk can experience the full force of his lengthy quest as he travels to India with four animal disciples, most significant among them a guardian-monkey known as “the Great Sage, Equal to Heaven.” Moreover, in its newly streamlined form, this acclaimed translation of a seminal work of world literature is sure to attract an entirely new following of students and fans. “A new translation of a major literary text which totally supersedes the best existing version. . . . It establishes beyond contention the position of The Journey to the West in world literature, while at the same time throwing open wide the doors to interpretive study on the part of the English audience.”—Modern Language Notes, on the unabridged translation

Monk Monk The Monkey

Author : Ronda Pfohl Burson
ISBN : 9781452003511
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Journey To The West

Author :
ISBN : 9881958016
Genre : Tales
File Size : 82. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Monkey King Wreaks Havoc In Heaven

Author :
ISBN : 1572270691
Genre : Bilingual books
File Size : 28. 66 MB
Format : PDF
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God Is An Indian Giver

Author : Gene Kalmes
ISBN : 9781435729308
Genre :
File Size : 25. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Sean Kayne has had strange unexplainable phenomena happening to him his entire life. Is he a pawn in a war between Heaven or Hell? Is he a life long mind control victim? Or has drug and alcohol abuse made him insane? This surreal story is both dark and hilarious.

East Meets West

Author : Joan Chan
ISBN : 9781449021276
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 31. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is the culmination of more than ten years of persistent hard work, not to mention the many years of reading and thought that preceded the actual writing process. There have been many obstacles to overcome but Joan's great determination has overcome them all to bring the book to fruition. She provides her readers with an insight into Chinese culture but she also shows parallels with Western literature in her own unique but effective style of writing. It is amazing that some ancient Chinese writings have modern western equivalents. It shows that we are all part of the same human family.

The Adventures Of Layman P Ang

Author : Jason Giannetti
ISBN : 9781387269549
Genre :
File Size : 83. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Record Of Miraculous Events In Japan

Author :
ISBN : 9780231535168
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 50. 61 MB
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The Nihon ryoiki, a collection of setsuwa, or "anecdotal" tales, compiled by a monk in late-eighth- or early-ninth-century Japan, records the spread of Buddhist ideas in Japan and the ways in which Buddhism's principles were adapted to the conditions of Japanese society. Beginning in the time before Buddhism was introduced to Japan, the text captures the effects of the nation's initial contact with Buddhism—brought by emissaries from the king of the Korean state of Paekche—and the subsequent adoption and dissemination of these new teachings in Japanese towns and cities. The Nihon ryoiki provides a crucial window into the ways in which Japanese Buddhists began to make sense of the teachings and texts of their religion, incorporate religious observances and materials from Korea and China, and articulate a popularized form of Buddhist practice and belief that could extend beyond monastic centers. The setsuwa genre would become one of the major textual projects of classical and medieval Buddhism, with nearly two dozen collections appearing over the next five centuries. The Nihon ryoiki serves as a vital reference for these later works, with the tales it contains finding their way into folkloric traditions and becoming a major source for Japanese authors well into the modern period.

The Five Ancestors Book 2 Monkey

Author : Jeff Stone
ISBN : 9780375891779
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 26. 66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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At 11-years-old, Malao is the youngest of the Five Ancestors. Master of the monkey fighting style, he’s curious and quick, fast and fun-loving. But now, with the destruction of the temple and the deaths of his older brothers and Grandmaster, Malao the fun-loving monkey is forced to face things he’d rather not. As he grapples with these new and unwelcome feelings, Malao has an encounter with a dangerous band of bandits, is adopted by a troop of monkeys commanded by a one-eyed albino, and hears tantalizing rumors of a mysterious recluse called the Monkey King, who is said to act, and look, a lot like him. . . . From the Hardcover edition.

The Apple In The Monkey Tree

Author : Rich Murphy
ISBN : 193033737X
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 36. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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“Mr. Murphy is a very carful craftsman in his work, a patient and testing intelligence, one of those writers who knows precisely what he wants his style to achieve. His poetry is quite but packed, carefully wrought, not surrealistically wild, and its range not limited but deliberately narrow. It takes aim.” –Derek Walcott “Among my favorite poems in Rich Murphy’s The Apple in the Monkey Tree, ‘Monk See Monk Do,’ ‘Forceps Two Step,’ ‘Table Manner,’ ‘Weather or Knots,’ ‘Science 1492,’ ‘The Nature of Things Now,’ ‘Genesis.’ I could go on listing. The apple and the monkey are carried throughout the collection but are presented in a fresh way each time they appear. The satire—the exposure of the reality of human existence and human nature, very Swift-like, yet different in execution—less gritty than Swift’s poetry. Nicely done.” –Something Gloss, Freelance Editor “If ‘we distract the angels from the soft/ behind of our biology for the rough/ terrain of history,’ we connect human beings to the fuller spirit of the mountain and ocean. After all, the earth is prior to mankind. We exist for it. Nature doesn’t exist only for human use. These poems ask questions about human relevance. If a poet can answer, in part, the question, What are the reasons for history? –then his book is worth of our attention” –Sean Farragher, Poetry Editor, FRiGG Magazine

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