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The Nazi Spy Ring In America

Author : Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
ISBN : 9781647120047
Genre : History
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The first full account of Nazi spies in 1930s America and how they were exposed. In the mid-1930s just as the United States was embarking on a policy of neutrality, Nazi Germany launched a program of espionage against the unwary nation. The Nazi Spy Ring in America tells the story of Hitler’s attempts to interfere in American affairs by spreading anti-Semitic propaganda, stealing military technology, and mapping US defenses. This fast-paced history provides essential insight into the role of espionage in shaping American perceptions of Germany in the years leading up to US entry into World War II. Fascinating and thoroughly researched, The Nazi Spy Ring in America sheds light on a now-forgotten but significant episode in the history of international relations and the development of the FBI. Using recently declassified documents, prize-winning historian Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones narrates this little-known chapter in US history. He shows how Germany’s foreign intelligence service, the Abwehr, was able to steal top secret US technology such as a prototype codebreaking machine and data about the latest fighter planes. At the center of the story is Leon Turrou, the FBI agent who helped bring down the Nazi spy ring in a case that quickly transformed into a national sensation. The arrest and prosecution of four members of the ring was a high-profile case with all the trappings of fiction: fast cars, louche liaisons, a murder plot, a Manhattan socialite, and a ringleader codenamed Agent Sex. Part of the story of breaking the Nazi spy ring is also the rise and fall of Turrou, whose talent was matched only by his penchant for publicity, which eventually caused him to run afoul of J. Edgar Hoover's strict codes of conduct.

Spying On America

Author : Paul Rich
ISBN : 1935907174
Genre :
File Size : 59. 73 MB
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Leon Turrou was the FBI agent closest to the Nazi spy ring in America in the late 1930s. His leaks to the American press and the book he was allegedly writing led to him being fired from the Bureau by J. Edgar Hoover. But he did publish his book, this book, and then Hollywood made a movie of the case that starred none other than Edward G. Robinson. Turrou was one of America's original whistleblowers.

Ring Of Spies

Author : Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones
ISBN : 0750994703
Genre : Espionage, German
File Size : 41. 2 MB
Format : PDF
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In 1935-37 America passed several Neutrality Acts, vowing never again to take sides in a European conflict. In 1938 public attitudes changed, with the American people beginning to favour Britain and turn against Germany - but what caused this shift of opinion?One reason was the tip-off received by the FBI on the eve of the Second World War, which led to the exposure of a Nazi spy ring operating right there in America. The FBI was able to bring the group to justice and launch a campaign to warn the American people about the Nazi threat to their shores and society.In Ring of Spies, Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones reveals how this case helped to awaken America to the Nazi menace, and how it skewed American opinion, thus spelling the end of US neutrality. Using evidence from FBI files he uncovers a story straight out of a detective novel, featuring honey traps, fast cars and double agents.

Nazi Spies In America

Author : Leon G. Turrou
ISBN : UCAL:$B540603
Genre : Germans
File Size : 34. 28 MB
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Wipe Out The Nazi Spy Ring

Author : American League for Peace and Democracy
ISBN : OCLC:818750265
Genre : Anti-Nazi movement
File Size : 77. 55 MB
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Double Agent

Author : Peter Duffy
ISBN : 9781451667967
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 71. 2 MB
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Presents the story of a German-American double agent who worked undercover in New York City in a Nazi spy ring that resulted in the FBI's arrest of thirty-three Nazi spies on December 11, 1941.

The Nazi Spy Conspiracy In America As Told To David G Wittels

Author : Leon G. Turrou
ISBN : MINN:31951002036076G
Genre : Germans
File Size : 84. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Hitler S Spy Plot In The U S A

Author : Lowell Wakefield
ISBN : OSU:32435076642859
Genre : Communism
File Size : 68. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Cassia Spy Ring In World War Ii Austria

Author : C. Turner
ISBN : 9781476669694
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 77 MB
Format : PDF
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“Fills a gap in OSS history. It is well-documented and should be of interest to all those concerned with the OSS in WWII.” — CIA’s Studies in Intelligence

“Well-researched…a riveting account of an OSS operation gone wrong…[Turner] gives us a scholarly work that reads like a spy novel rather than an academic study…a solid case study of an early intelligence operation”—Military Review

“A gripping story of forgotten heroes, and a must read for anyone interested in the early days of spies and espionage.”—Against the Grain

“Turner lifts the veil on [the Cassia] operation with research and deep analysis from an extensive array of never-before used primary sources…deftly recounts the multinational Cassia team’s heroic exploits… With panoramic descriptions of the infamous Gestapo headquarters and detention center, Turner tells this intriguing and inspiring narrative with the highest attention to detail. Turner transports the reader, making us feel we’re among the key Cassia operatives…. [Turner is] a substantive expert in the history and practice of intelligence…the lessons about agent handling and communications are valuable in their own right…eloquently recounts how OSS officers refined the art of spy craft by learning from their successes and failures…Turner has done a great service to the memories of the valiant men and women of Cassia, who made such an extraordinary contribution to the war effort of the U.S. and allied forces against Nazi Germany.”—The Cipher Brief

“With this volume, Turner proves himself to be not only an accomplished researcher and interpreter with an eye to detail and accuracy, but also a preeminent expert on the secret service milieu and on the craft of espionage. …Increasing public awareness about these courageous people’s sacrifices…is another reason why Turner’s work is an important contribution to the history of the Austrian resistance—to be added to those by other foreign researchers such as Joseph E. Persico, Radomir V. Luza, Barry Rubin, and Charles Fenyvesi. …In his smooth writing style, C. Turner painstakingly traces the resistance activities of each member of the [CASSIA] group.” —Dr. Siegfried Beer, Journal for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies

After Hitler annexed Austria in 1938, the Gestapo began silencing critics. Many were shipped to concentration camps; those deemed most dangerous to the Reich were executed. Yet a few slipped through the Gestapo's net and organized resistance cells. One group, codenamed CASSIA, became America's most effective spy ring in Austria during World War II.

This first full-length account of CASSIA describes its contributions to the Allied war effort--including reports on the V-2 missile, Nazi death camps and advanced combat aircraft and tanks--before a catastrophic intelligence failure sent key members to the guillotine, firing squad or gas chamber.

Birds Are Free

Author : Edna May Cieslewicz
ISBN : 9781453529867
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Two brothers totally opposite of each other come to America in the early 1930s. One becomes a citizen, marries an American lady, and really loves the United States. The other brother despises Americans. He is a member of the Nazi party and a member of a spy ring who also passes secret information to Germany during World War II. One day he gets shot and the older brother is accused of murder.

Anti Hero

Author : Ethan Quinn
ISBN : 172636481X
Genre :
File Size : 51. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Many terms were bestowed upon the mysterious Fritz Duquesne throughout his colourful life, but perhaps the most fitting ever attributed to him was: "The most dangerous prisoner to have ever lived." But before this Boer warrior-turned-spy reached the heights of infamy which awarded him such acclaim, Fritz Joubert Duquesne lived a life of adventure which many people wouldn't experience in a hundred lifetimes. From a young age, Fritz harboured a burning resentment towards the British army, stemming from the brutal treatment suffered by his family during the Anglo-Boer wars. Fritz vowed revenge against the nation which took from him those he held dear, leading to his own enrolment in the military of whichever side fought opposite the British forces. Through complex prison escapes, destructive acts of sabotage, and heroic feats which are even too farfetched for fiction, Fritz Duquesne exacted revenge in the most daring, unbelievable, and all-round theatrical manner possible. His life crossed oceans and continents, assuming multiple alias and personas along the way. Eventually, Fritz Duquesne found himself a crucial cog in the Nazi machine, ultimately being responsible for the largest spy ring ever uncovered in the United States.

Precious Cargo

Author : Richard W. Bailey
ISBN : 1086103653
Genre :
File Size : 65. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Burton's War, A World War II Trilogy: Precious Cargo, Daring to Resist, and The Cost of FreedomPrecious Cargo takes place after two monumental world events: World War One, "The War to End all Wars," a worldwide catastrophe fought on an unprecedented scale. Then, The Great Depression, probably the worst socio-economic disaster in modern history,History refers to the brief post-depression period, shaped by these two major previous events, as the "Prewar Years," anticipating the main event, World War II. Powerful isolationist influences at that time in the US, forced vital war preparations, between the US and its Trans-Atlantic Allies, to be conducted on a deniable, sub-rosa basis. Nevertheless, plans could be accomplished by creative undercover operatives acting boldly but carefully as they operate between cloudy constraints and deadly Nazi espionage. Jim Burton and his family, pose as tourists exploring Europe, while he works, undercover, for the US War Department to forge secret arms agreements with France and Great Britain, just before the European war breaks out when Germany attacks Poland.His old friend and partner in the undercover operation, Jonathan Priest, Deputy Ambassador with the American Embassy in London, links the US State Department and American military intelligence.Together they create indispensable avenues beginning the flow of American assistance to the Allies that will widen unfettered supplying their survival needs, as they face the merciless full force of Hitler's Nazi war machine. The precious cargo of military secrets they carry back to America draws a major response from the Nazi spy ring.Nazi espionage confronts them at every turn, endangering their mission, their lives, and the lives of their families. Unpredictable attacks by Nazi spies demand careful counter-espionage planning and sheer luck in this deadly game of cat and mouse.This is a story of real people, tracking how they cope and grow, swept into a war they did not seek and might not survive. The Burton and Priest families gather more allies along the way, Clara, a remarkable Jewish refugee who had escaped Berlin with her family, Henri, a promising young Frenchman, on his way to finishing his education at Harvard, in the US, and a coterie of British military intelligence men who become instrumental in their mission.The second volume, "Daring to Resist", continues the story of our young Frenchman, Henri Martinon who feels compelled to leave Harvard to join the French Resistance after an anguished academic year watching from afar, as his beloved France goes down in ignominious defeat by the Nazis.Henri's daring British SOE, (Strategic Operations Executive), combined French Resistance assignment in Northern France renders hope for his survival, very unlikely.The third volume, "The Cost of Freedom", encounters an already battered Henri as he takes on a new role for SOE as training leader in the new OSS, American intelligence operation, at Catoctin, near Washington, D.C., enabling him to spend rare moments with his love, Clara, the Jewish refugee he has known and loved since early childhood. After completing his training assignment he drops into occupied Normandy to coordinate SOE/OSS/Resistance operations for the Cotentin peninsula, in preparation for the D-Day, Utah Beach invasion and then joins in the bloody battles leading to the capture of Cherbourg.


Author : Richard Ben Sapir
ISBN : 9781504021647
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An FBI investigation of a German spy ring on American soil threatens to devastate lives, loves, and families forty years after the end of World War II A watertight packet is discovered by a diver in the waters surrounding Block Island. Unrecovered detritus from the last German U-boat sunk off the coast of Rhode Island, it contains secret codes suggesting that a Nazi spy ring operated in the United States during the darkest days of World War II. If confirmed, it could prove a major embarrassment to the FBI—whose late director, J. Edgar Hoover, once assured the government there were no spies in the country—so the Bureau sends one of its best, Unit Chief Todd Oliver, to Newport to investigate. A war that ended four decades earlier is not yet over for some in this New England naval town, as Oliver’s mission threatens to destroy the lives and relationships of the guilty and the innocent alike. Suddenly, dark, lingering shadows are everywhere, enveloping respected pillars of the community, the wealthy and powerful in their mansions on “the Avenue,” and respectable, law-abiding citizens who merely wish to forget. Even Oliver himself is not safe, as the agent’s inquiries into secret wartime espionage begin unraveling strong, sacred bonds of love, friendship, and family, tempting the dedicated operative to compromise everything he stands for in the face of a shocking murder that rocks Newport society to its core.

Film And The American Left

Author : M. Keith Booker
ISBN : 0313309809
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 89. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The American Left has produced a rich and varied cultural tradition that was largely suppressed during the Cold War but whose influence on the larger society has always been significant. Much of this tradition found its expression in film and, despite the suppression of overtly leftist content in most Hollywood films, there is still a substantial amount of leftist material in American movies. Booker's study gives the attention to the films of the American Left that they have long deserved. His book provides extensive entries for more than 260 films that are connected with the culture of the American Left, ranging from Citizen Kane to Apocalypse Now. The chronological arrangement of the entries allows the reader to trace the cinematic representation of the American Left across time, while an appendix and index provide alphabetical and thematic access to the material.


Author : Hermann Zolling
ISBN : UOM:39015026603335
Genre : Espionage
File Size : 76. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Roosevelt S Secret War

Author : Joseph E. Persico
ISBN : 9781588361240
Genre : History
File Size : 47. 3 MB
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Despite all that has already been written on Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Joseph Persico has uncovered a hitherto overlooked dimension of FDR's wartime leadership: his involvement in intelligence and espionage operations. Roosevelt's Secret War is crowded with remarkable revelations: -FDR wanted to bomb Tokyo before Pearl Harbor -A defector from Hitler's inner circle reported directly to the Oval Office -Roosevelt knew before any other world leader of Hitler's plan to invade Russia -Roosevelt and Churchill concealed a disaster costing hundreds of British soldiers' lives in order to protect Ultra, the British codebreaking secret -An unwitting Japanese diplomat provided the President with a direct pipeline into Hitler's councils Roosevelt's Secret War also describes how much FDR had been told--before the Holocaust--about the coming fate of Europe's Jews. And Persico also provides a definitive answer to the perennial question Did FDR know in advance about the attack on Pearl Harbor? By temperament and character, no American president was better suited for secret warfare than FDR. He manipulated, compartmentalized, dissembled, and misled, demonstrating a spymaster's talent for intrigue. He once remarked, "I never let my right hand know what my left hand does." Not only did Roosevelt create America's first central intelligence agency, the OSS, under "Wild Bill" Donovan, but he ran spy rings directly from the Oval Office, enlisting well-placed socialite friends. FDR was also spied against. Roosevelt's Secret War presents evidence that the Soviet Union had a source inside the Roosevelt White House; that British agents fed FDR total fabrications to draw the United States into war; and that Roosevelt, by yielding to Churchill's demand that British scientists be allowed to work on the Manhattan Project, enabled the secrets of the bomb to be stolen. And these are only a few of the scores of revelations in this constantly surprising story of Roosevelt's hidden role in World War II.

Total Espionage

Author : Curt Riess
Genre : History
File Size : 51. 75 MB
Format : PDF
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Total Espionage was first published shortly before Pearl Harbor and is fresh in its style, retaining immediacy unpolluted by the knowledge of subsequent events. It tells how the whole apparatus of the Nazi state was geared towards war by its systematic gathering of information and dissemination of disinformation. The author, a Berlin journalist, went into exile in 1933 and eventually settled in Manhattan in where he wrote for the Saturday Evening Post. He maintained a network of contacts throughout Europe and from inside the regime to garner his facts. The Nazis made use of many people and organizations: officers' associations who were in touch with many who left to help organize the armies of South American countries, and in the USA there were the Friends of the New Germany. German consulates sprang up and aircraft would make unusual detours to observe interesting parts of foreign countries. News agencies and various associations dedicated to maintaining contacts with particular countries were encouraged to supply information. Film studios would send large crews abroad to shoot documentaries as well as perform acts of espionage. Foreign nationals were bribed or blackmailed; and pro-fascist groups in foreign countries were supported via the Auslandsorganization. All Germans living abroad were encouraged to report their observations to the authorities, particular attention was being focused on engineers, technicians, scientists and people in other professions who were particularly likely to obtain valuable information; however, other Germans abroad were also used, even cabaret singers, waiters, language teachers, as well as Germans travelling abroad as tourists. Germans living abroad were exempt from mobilization because of their value as spies. Foreigners were given opportunity to study in Germany, and connections with them were kept in the hope that they would one day provide useful information. All of this was Goebbels' 'Total Espionage'.

The Radio Operator

Author : Ulla Lenze
ISBN : 9780063018402
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Based on a true story, a gripping historical novel about a German immigrant who becomes embroiled in a Nazi spy ring operating in New York City in the early days of World War II. At the end of the 1930s, Europe is engulfed in war. Though America is far from the fighting, the streets of New York have become a battlefield. Anti-Semitic and racist groups spread hate, while German nationalists celebrate Hitler’s strength and power. Josef Klein, a German immigrant, remains immune to the troubles roiling his adopted city. The multicultural neighborhood of Harlem is his world, a lively place full of sidewalk tables where families enjoy their dinner and friends indulge in games of chess. Josef’s great passion is the radio. His skill and technical abilities attract the attention of influential men who offer him a job as a shortwave operator. But when Josef begins to understand what they’re doing, it’s too late; he’s already a little cog in the big wheel—part of a Nazi espionage network working in Manhattan. Discovered by American authorities, Josef is detained at Ellis Island, and eventually deported to Germany. Back in his homeland, fate leads him to his brother Carl's family, soap merchants in Neuss—where he witnesses the seductive power of the Nazis and the war’s terrible consequences—and finally to South America, where Josef hopes to start over again as José. Eventually, Josef realizes that no matter how far he runs or how hard he tries, there is one indelible truth he cannot escape: How long can you hide from your own past, before it catches up with you? Copyright 2020 by Klett-Cotta-J.G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung Nachfolger GmbH Stuttgart, Germany; Translated by Marshall Yarbrough

Sounds Of Deception

Author : Mike Downs
ISBN : 0692484639
Genre :
File Size : 40. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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1943 San Francisco CA The city is still edgy. Rumors of a Japanese invasion continue to circulate. America's offensive strategy begins to win battles, raising morale. A lonely sailor on liberty walks down Sutter Street looking for booze and women. What Navy Submariner Nick Devin finds is a Nazi spy ring and big trouble. Torn between his service to America and the demands of the Nazi spies, Nick seeks the FBI's help to bust up the spy ring. Agent Barry Keys, a tough FBI veteran, uses Devin to get to the bad guys. Keys is also determined to rip the heart out of the Nazi threat, to end its quest for America's latest tech secrets. Together Nick and Keys plan to take the spy ring down. What they get is far more than they bargained for.

Sins Of War

Author : Zodrow
ISBN : 1451614144
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In 1942, America was losing the war - until a priest joined forces with the mob!

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