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The One Culture

Author : Jay A. Labinger
ISBN : 0226467244
Genre : Science
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So far the "Science Wars" have generated far more heat than light. Combatants from one or the other of what C. P. Snow famously called "the two cultures" (science versus the arts and humanities) have launched bitter attacks but have seldom engaged in constructive dialogue about the central issues. In The One Culture?, Jay A. Labinger and Harry Collins have gathered together some of the world's foremost scientists and sociologists of science to exchange opinions and ideas rather than insults. The contributors find surprising areas of broad agreement in a genuine conversation about science, its legitimacy and authority as a means of understanding the world, and whether science studies undermines the practice and findings of science and scientists. The One Culture? is organized into three parts. The first consists of position papers written by scientists and sociologists of science, which were distributed to all the participants. The second presents commentaries on these papers, drawing out and discussing their central themes and arguments. In the third section, participants respond to these critiques, offering defenses, clarifications, and modifications of their positions. Who can legitimately speak about science? What is the proper role of scientific knowledge? How should scientists interact with the rest of society in decision making? Because science occupies such a central position in the world today, such questions are vitally important. Although there are no simple solutions, The One Culture? does show the reader exactly what is at stake in the Science Wars, and provides a valuable framework for how to go about seeking the answers we so urgently need. Contributors include: Constance K. Barsky, Jean Bricmont, Harry Collins, Peter Dear, Jane Gregory, Jay A. Labinger, Michael Lynch, N. David Mermin, Steve Miller, Trevor Pinch, Peter R. Saulson, Steven Shapin, Alan Sokal, Steven Weinberg, Kenneth G. Wilson

The One Culture

Author : William H. Davenport
ISBN : 9781483279343
Genre : Reference
File Size : 87. 61 MB
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The One Culture focuses on the state of the American culture in the so-called Age of Technology. This book is composed of four chapters that consider the influence of humanities and social sciences in engineering education. The opening chapter focuses on the famous two cultures’ assertion that art and science do not mix. This chapter deals with the problems of definition, semantics, image, and attitude in this assertion. The succeeding chapter examines the typical contemporary “confrontation between art, literature, and technology. A chapter describes the connecting link between the fields of humanities, social sciences, and engineering. The final chapter looks into the prospect of order, design, and unity as a counter-argument to a negative, self-destroying dualism. This book will prove useful to humanists, engineers, social scientists, and students who are interested in human culture.

One Culture

Author : George Lewis Levine
ISBN : 0299113043
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In this volume, the first in the series Science and Literature, editor George Levin has brought together the contributions of historians, critics, and philosophers of science to explore these relationships. From the preface: "The interaction between science and literature has been a subject of growing concern in criticism; the languages of science have increasingly found their way into literature and into discussions of it. And the traditional assumptions that literary people care nothing about science, scientists care nothing about literature have been belied throughout the twentieth century but particularly in recent years. There remain, however, large gaps of knowledge and of misunderstanding that make fruitful interchange and informed discussion difficult to achieve. And while this series will be aimed primarily at a literary audience, we are hoping to be of use as well to historians and philosophers of science at a level high enough to ensure the respect if not the agreement of the scientific community. While the series will not take a 'position' in relation to controverted questions and will leave the directions of the arguments to the highly qualified and independent scholars and critics it seeks, it does grow from three assumptions, first, that science and literature are two alternative but related expressions of a culture's values, assumptions, and intellectual frameworks; second, that understanding science in its relation to culture and literature requires some understanding not only of its own internal processes, but of the pressures upon it exercised by social, political aesthetic, psychological, and biographical forces; third, that the idea of 'influence' of one upon the other must work both ways -- it is not only science that influences literature, but literature that influences science. These assumptions, of course, are not uncontroversial, and they impinge on such large issues as the question of 'representation' in literature and entail corollaries --about such matters as the 'rationality' of science, or the degree to which it actually describes reality--that are at the center of contemporary battles within the philosophy of science. We hope that this series will throw light on these matters. The subject is enormous, its importance inescapable. Vague as the enterprise may occasionally seem when viewed in the abstract, its significances are clear when we get down to cases, as the authors of the several essays in this volume do. The range of questions they address intimates the ambitions of the series."

Two Continents One Culture

Author : Elizabeth Hirschman
ISBN : 157072301X
Genre : History
File Size : 43. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This in-depth analysis examines how and why Southern culture was forever changed when Scotch-Irish immigrants flooded the Appalachian Mountains in the 1700s. Geographical similarities between Southern Appalachia and the Highlands of Scotland and Ireland are discussed, as well as the parallels and differences of the two cultures in four basic areas—music and dance, agricultural practices, fighting and hunting techniques, and technological innovativeness. More than 300 years of the communities' ideology is explored based on data culled from ethnographic observation, interviews at various heritage sites, historic accounts, archived letters, and other textual documentation.

Culture And Change

Author : Larry L. Naylor
ISBN : 0897894642
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 27. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A theoretical and practical guide to the process of culture change in the complex and multicultural context of today's world.

The One Year Worship The King Devotional

Author : Chris Tiegreen
ISBN : 1414385323
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43. 96 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Thoughtful and insightful, Chris Tiegreen has helped thousands of readers know God more intimately through his writing. In this beautiful leatherlike edition of The One Year Worship the King Devotional, he explores a crucial question for Christians: What is worship and why is it so important to God? Drawing from the many examples of worship in Scripture—both true and false—the daily devotionals focus on the role of worship in the believer’s life and in the grand scheme of creation. Readers will be encouraged to give their lives for the glory of the King and to continually press toward deeper and purer praise.

The Psychology Of Culture

Author : Edward Sapir
ISBN : 9783110889468
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 55. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This work presents Sapir's most comprehensive statement on the concepts of culture, on method and theory in anthropology and other social sciences, on personality organization, and on the individual's place in culture and society. Extensive discussions on the role of language and other symbolic systems in culture, ethnographic method, and social interaction are also included. Ethnographic and linguistic examples are drawn from Sapir's fieldwork among native North Americans and from European and American society as well. Edward Sapir (1884-1939), one of this century's leading figures in American anthropology and linguistics, planned to publish a major theoretical state - ment on culture and psychology. He developed his ideas in a course of lectures presented at Yale University in the 1930s, which attracted a wide audience from many social science disciplines. Unfortunately, he died before the book he had contracted to publish could be realized. Like de Saussure's Cours de Linguistique Générale before it, this work has been reconstructed from student notes, in this case twentytwo sets, as well as from Sapir's manuscript materials. Judith Irvine's meticulous reconstruction makes Sapir's compelling ideas - of surprisingly contemporary resonance - available for the first time.

Moral Relativism

Author : James Kellenberger
ISBN : 0742547736
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 59. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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One in the series New Dialogues in Philosophy, edited by Dale Jacquette, J. Kellenberger brings together a group of hypothetical individuals from different backgrounds with real philosophical views to discuss their ideas on morality and moral relativism. What emerges from their numerous discussions are contrasting views on whether morality is objective, how moral universals differ from moral absolutes, the implications of ethnocentrism on moral judgment, the place of choice in moral decision making, and the importance and reality of moral dilemmas. The dialogues examine arguments for and against adopting a relativist stance on morality through the invented dialogues to help students resolve moral problems.

The Corporate Culture Survival Guide

Author : Edgar H. Schein
ISBN : 0470494832
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The father of the corporate culture field and pioneer in organizational psychology on today's changing corporate culture This is the definitive guide to corporate culture for practitioners. Recognized expert Edgar H. Schein explains what culture is and why it's important, how to evaluate your organization's culture, and how to improve it, using straightforward, practical tools based on decades of research and real-world case studies. This new edition reflects the massive changes in the business world over the past ten years, exploring the influence of globalization, new technology, and mergers on culture and organization change. New case examples help illustrate the principals at work and bring focus to emerging issues in international, nonprofit, and government organizations as well as business. Organized around the questions that change agents most often ask, this new edition of the classic book will help anyone from line managers to CEOs assess their culture and make it more effective. Offers a new edition of a classic work with a focus on practitioners Includes new case examples and information on globalization, the effects of technology, and managerial competencies Covers the basics on changing culture and includes a wealth of practical advice

Hegemony And Culture In The Origins Of Nato Nuclear First Use 1945 1955

Author : A. Johnston
ISBN : 9781403976932
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 81. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Johnston argues that the preemptive first-use of nuclear weapons, long the foundation of American nuclear strategy, was not the carefully reasoned response to a growing Soviet conventional threat. Instead, it was part of a process of cultural 'socialization', by which the United States reconstituted the previously nationalist strategic cultures of the European allies into a seamless western community directed by Washington. Building a bridge between theory and practice, this book examines the usefulness of cultural theory in international history.

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