the soul and a loaf of bread the teachings of sheikh abol hasan of kharaqan

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The Soul And A Loaf Of Bread

Author : Vraje Abramian
ISBN : 9781942493013
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This book contains new translations of over 100 short statements of Sufic wisdom from Sheikh Abol-Hasan of Kharaqhan (died 1034), a "Sufis' Sufi." He is not known as well or as widely as some of the great Muslim saints from Khorasan-Attar, Rumi, or Bahaoddin Naqhshband. But, this near anonymity was deliberate, according to the Sheikh's wish when he lived. Despite being a hidden saint, his spiritual affinity and grace are still very much acknowledged among the living Sufi circles across Iran and in the region. Even today, a steady stream of dervish pilgrims visits his tomb in Iran. His enduring presence is still potent among those whose aim in life is to attain higher knowledge and refinement of the heart. Sheikh Abol-Hasan Kharaqani said: ...whoever knocks on this door feed him and ask not of his faith for if he deserved a Soul from his Creator, he certainly deserves a loaf of bread from Abol-Hasan. In this collection, Sheikh Kharaqani's statements-collected and recorded centuries ago by his companions-have been rendered into English for the international reader. The contemplation of mystics' sayings, be it a thousand years later and in an "alien" language, is one way to cross paths with the truths they present. Time and place have no hold in the domain of the heart, from where these teachings originate. To best appreciate these secrets today, readers need a longing heart, earnestly seeking for the heritage that we humans, enmeshed in the grossness of material existence, so easily forget. ... whoever finds the Beloved, does not remain, those who find the Beloved, do not die... Mystics say that if the fog of mind (ego) lifts but for a split second, one experiences the presence directly and remembers that peace which "surpasseth all understanding." Those who go through this experience may become troubadours of the Divine and sing of the unspeakable glory they witness. Or, they may choose lives of quiet contemplation and service; Sheikh Abol-Hasan Kharaqani was one such character.

Radical Love

Author : Omid Safi
ISBN : 9780300225815
Genre : Poetry
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This stunning collection showcases the love poetry and mystical teachings at the heart of the Islamic tradition in accurate and poetic original translations At a time when the association of Islam with violence dominates headlines, this beautiful collection offers us a chance to see a radically different face of the Islamic tradition. It traces a soaring, poetic, popular tradition that celebrates love for both humanity and the Divine as the ultimate path leading humanity back to God. Safi brings together for the first time the passages of the Qur'an sought by the Muslim sages, the mystical sayings of the Prophet, and the teachings of the path of "Divine love." Accurately and sensitively translated by leading scholar of Islam Omid Safi, the writings of Jalal al‑Din Rumi can now be read alongside passages by Kharaqani, 'Attar, Hafez of Shiraz, Abu Sa'id‑e Abi 'l‑Khayr, and other key Muslim mystics. For the millions of readers whose lives have been touched by Rumi's poetry, here is a chance to see the Arabic and Persian traditions that produced him.

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