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The Strix Witch

Author : Daniel Ogden
ISBN : 9781108956772
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89. 78 MB
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The strix was a persistent feature of the folklore of the Roman world and subsequently that of the Latin West and the Greek East. She was a woman that flew by night, either in an owl-like form or in the form of a projected soul, in order to penetrate homes by surreptitious means and thereby devour, blight or steal the new-born babies within them. The motif-set of the ideal narrative of a strix attack - the 'strix-paradigm' - is reconstructed from Ovid, Petronius, John Damascene and other sources, and the paradigm's impact is traced upon the typically gruesome representation of witches in Latin literature. The concept of the strix is contextualised against the longue-durée notion of the child-killing demon, which is found already in the ancient Near East, and shown to retain a currency still as informing the projection of the vampire in Victorian fiction.

The Werewolf In The Ancient World

Author : Daniel Ogden
ISBN : 9780198854319
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 60. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Tales of the werewolf are well established as a sub-strand of the popular horror genre; less widely known is how far back in time their provenance lies. This is the first book in any language devoted to the werewolf tales that survive from antiquity, exploring their place alongside witches, ghosts, demons, and soul-flyers in a shared story-world.

Zoological Mythology;

Author : Angelo De Gubernatis
ISBN : UOM:39015012940535
Genre : Animals
File Size : 84. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Demonology And Witch Hunting In Early Modern Europe

Author : Julian Goodare
ISBN : 9781000080803
Genre : History
File Size : 56. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Demonology – the intellectual study of demons and their powers – contributed to the prosecution of thousands of witches. But how exactly did intellectual ideas relate to prosecutions? Recent scholarship has shown that some of the demonologists’ concerns remained at an abstract intellectual level, while some of the judges’ concerns reflected popular culture. This book brings demonology and witch-hunting back together, while placing both topics in their specific regional cultures. The book’s chapters, each written by a leading scholar, cover most regions of Europe, from Scandinavia and Britain through to Germany, France and Switzerland, and Italy and Spain. By focusing on various intellectual levels of demonology, from sophisticated demonological thought to the development of specific demonological ideas and ideas within the witch trial environment, the book offers a thorough examination of the relationship between demonology and witch-hunting. Demonology and Witch-Hunting in Early Modern Europe is essential reading for all students and researchers of the history of demonology, witch-hunting and early modern Europe.

The Witch

Author : Ronald Hutton
ISBN : 9780300229042
Genre : History
File Size : 60. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book sets the notorious European witch trials in the widest and deepest possible perspective and traces the major historiographical developments of witchcraft

Witchcraft In Europe 400 1700

Author : Alan Kors
ISBN : 0812217519
Genre : History
File Size : 88. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A thoroughly revised, greatly expanded edition of the most important documentary history of European witchcraft ever published.

The Magician The Witch And The Law

Author : Edward Peters
ISBN : 0812211014
Genre : History
File Size : 30. 76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Helps to place our understanding of medieval witchcraft into a broader context. . . . Sheds light on the various genres of literature in which magic was discussed."—Speculum

Witches Of The Atlantic World

Author : Elaine G. Breslaw
ISBN : 9780814798515
Genre : History
File Size : 33. 56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Breslaw draws on Native American, African, South American, and African-American sources, as well as the European and New England heritage, to illuminate the ways in which witchcraft in early America was an attempt to understand and control evil and misfortune in the New World.

Strix Craft

Author : Oracle Hekataios
ISBN : 9780738763361
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 74. 59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bring the magic of ancient Greece into the modern world with this powerful book full of Strix, Hellenic Polytheist, and Iatromantis practices. Featuring wisdom that used to be only available to scholars, Strix Craft presents Greek magic in a concise format with contemporary ideas and hands-on practices. Oracle guides you through the many compelling facets of the Strix, from its relationship with Greece and Thessaly to how it approaches herbal, healing, and erotic magic. Meet the deities and spirits of Greek magic. Explore how to commune with the dead. Discover the mythology, tools, and festivals of the Strix. This engaging book shows you how to apply ancient magical traditions to everyday life, from performing rituals to working at an altar.

Canidia Rome S First Witch

Author : Maxwell Teitel Paule
ISBN : 9781350003903
Genre : History
File Size : 40. 7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Canidia is one of the most well-attested witches in Latin literature. She appears in no fewer than six of Horace's poems, three of which she has a prominent role in. Throughout Horace's Epodes and Satires she perpetrates acts of grave desecration, kidnapping, murder, magical torture and poisoning. She invades the gardens of Horace's literary patron Maecenas, rips apart a lamb with her teeth, starves a Roman child to death, and threatens to unnaturally prolong Horace's life to keep him in a state of perpetual torment. She can be seen as an anti-muse: Horace repeatedly sets her in opposition to his literary patron, casts her as the personification of his iambic poetry, and gives her the surprising honor of concluding not only his Epodes but also his second book of Satires. This volume is the first comprehensive treatment of Canidia. It offers translations of each of the three poems which feature Canidia as a main character as well as the relevant portions from the other three poems in which Canidia plays a minor role. These translations are accompanied by extensive analysis of Canidia's part in each piece that takes into account not only the poems' literary contexts but their magico-religious details.

Demon Lovers

Author : Walter Stephens
ISBN : 0226772624
Genre : History
File Size : 40. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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On September 20, 1587, Walpurga Hausmännin of Dillingen in southern Germany was burned at the stake as a witch. Although she had confessed to committing a long list of maleficia (deeds of harmful magic), including killing forty—one infants and two mothers in labor, her evil career allegedly began with just one heinous act—sex with a demon. Fornication with demons was a major theme of her trial record, which detailed an almost continuous orgy of sexual excess with her diabolical paramour Federlin "in many divers places, . . . even in the street by night." As Walter Stephens demonstrates in Demon Lovers, it was not Hausmännin or other so-called witches who were obsessive about sex with demons—instead, a number of devout Christians, including trained theologians, displayed an uncanny preoccupation with the topic during the centuries of the "witch craze." Why? To find out, Stephens conducts a detailed investigation of the first and most influential treatises on witchcraft (written between 1430 and 1530), including the infamous Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches). Far from being credulous fools or mindless misogynists, early writers on witchcraft emerge in Stephens's account as rational but reluctant skeptics, trying desperately to resolve contradictions in Christian thought on God, spirits, and sacraments that had bedeviled theologians for centuries. Proof of the physical existence of demons—for instance, through evidence of their intercourse with mortal witches—would provide strong evidence for the reality of the supernatural, the truth of the Bible, and the existence of God. Early modern witchcraft theory reflected a crisis of belief—a crisis that continues to be expressed today in popular debates over angels, Satanic ritual child abuse, and alien abduction.

The Lancashire Witches

Author : Philip C. Almond
ISBN : 9781786739704
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 20. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the febrile religious and political climate of late sixteenth-century England, when the grip of the Reformation was as yet fragile and insecure, and underground papism still perceived to be rife, Lancashire was felt by the Protestant authorities to be a sinister corner of superstition, lawlessness and popery. And it was around Pendle Hill, a sombre ridge that looms over the intersecting pastures, meadows and moorland of the Ribble Valley, that their suspicions took infamous shape. The arraignment of the Lancashire witches in the assizes of Lancaster during 1612 is England's most notorious witch-trial. The women who lived in the vicinity of Pendle, who were accused, convicted and hanged alongside the so-called 'Salmesbury Witches', were more than just wicked sorcerers whose malign incantations caused others harm. They were reputed to be part of a dense network of devilry and mischief that revealed itself as much in hidden celebration of the Mass as in malevolent magic. They had to be eliminated to set an example to others. In this remarkable and authoritative treatment, published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of the case of the Lancashire witches, Philip C Almond evokes all the fear, drama and paranoia of those volatile times: the bleak story of the storm over Pendle.

The War On Witchcraft

Author : Jan Machielsen
ISBN : 9781108956734
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Historians of the early modern witch-hunt often begin histories of their field with the theories propounded by Margaret Murray and Montague Summers in the 1920s. They overlook the lasting impact of nineteenth-century scholarship, in particular the contributions by two American historians, Andrew Dickson White (1832–1918) and George Lincoln Burr (1857–1938). Study of their work and scholarly personae contributes to our understanding of the deeply embedded popular understanding of the witch-hunt as representing an irrational past in opposition to an enlightened present. Yet the men's relationship with each other, and with witchcraft sceptics – the heroes of their studies – also demonstrates how their writings were part of a larger war against 'unreason'. This Element thus lays bare the ways scholarly masculinity helped shape witchcraft historiography, a field of study often seen as dominated by feminist scholarship. Such meditation on past practice may foster reflection on contemporary models of history writing.

Creative Histories Of Witchcraft

Author : Poppy Corbett
ISBN : 9781009221078
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32. 65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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How can researchers study magic without destroying its mystery? Drawing on a collaborative project between the playwright Poppy Corbett, the poet Anna Kisby Compton, and the historian William G. Pooley, this Element presents thirteen tools for creative-academic research into magic, illustrated through case studies from France (1790–1940) and examples from creative outputs: write to discover; borrow forms; use the whole page; play with footnotes; erase the sources; write short; accumulate fragments; re-enact; improvise; use dialogue; change perspective; make methods of metaphors; use props. These tools are ways to 'untell' the dominant narratives that shape stereotypes of the 'witch' which frame belief in witchcraft as ignorant and outdated. Writing differently suggests ways to think and feel differently, to stay with the magic, rather than explaining it away. The Element includes practical creative exercises to try as well as research materials from French newspaper and trial sources from the period.

Witchcraft Demonology And Magic

Author : Marina Montesano
ISBN : 9783039289592
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52. 86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Witchcraft and magic are topics of enduring interest for many reasons. The main one lies in their extraordinary interdisciplinarity: anthropologists, folklorists, historians, and more have contributed to build a body of work of extreme variety and consistence. Of course, this also means that the subjects themselves are not easy to assess. In a very general way, we can define witchcraft as a supernatural means to cause harm, death, or misfortune, while magic also belongs to the field of supernatural, or at least esoteric knowledge, but can be used to less dangerous effects (e.g., divination and astrology). In Western civilization, however, the witch hunt has set a very peculiar perspective in which diabolical witchcraft, the invention of the Sabbat, the persecution of many thousands of (mostly) female and (sometimes) male presumed witches gave way to a phenomenon that is fundamentally different from traditional witchcraft. This Special Issue of Religions dedicated to Witchcraft, Demonology, and Magic features nine articles that deal with four different regions of Europe (England, Germany, Hungary, and Italy) between Late Medieval and Modern times in different contexts and social milieus. Far from pretending to offer a complete picture, they focus on some topics that are central to the research in those fields and fit well in the current “cumulative concept of Western witchcraft” that rules out all mono-causality theories, investigating a plurality of causes.

The A To Z Of Witchcraft

Author : Michael D. Bailey
ISBN : 9780810868649
Genre : History
File Size : 73. 91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Alphabetically arranged entries cover magic and witchcraft for the entire span of Western history, from classical antiquity to modern Wicca, with particular emphasis on the history of witchcraft in Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Witchcraft And Paganism In Midcentury Women S Detective Fiction

Author : Jem Bloomfield
ISBN : 9781009075428
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23. 55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Witchcraft and paganism exert an insistent pressure from the margins of midcentury British detective fiction. This Element investigates the appearance of witchcraft and paganism in the novels of four of the most popular female detective authors of the era: Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, Ngaio Marsh and Gladys Mitchell. The author approaches the theme of witchcraft and paganism not simply as a matter of content but as an influence which shapes the narrative and its possibilities. The 'witchy' detective novel, as the author calls it, brings together the conventions of Golden Age fiction with the images and enchantments of witchcraft and paganism to produce a hitherto unstudied mode of detective fiction in the midcentury.

Old World Witchcraft

Author : Raven Grimassi
ISBN : 9781578635054
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 82. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Introduces the philosophy and practices of old world witchcraft, which relies on plant magic and the use of shadow, dispelling the myths about witches and presenting the tradition's tools, charms, spells, rituals, and correspondences.

Classical Culture And Witchcraft In Medieval And Renaissance Italy

Author : Marina Montesano
ISBN : 9783319920788
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book explores the relationships between ancient witchcraft and its modern incarnation, and by doing so fills an important gap in the historiography. It is often noted that stories of witchcraft circulated in Greek and Latin classical texts, and that treatises dealing with witch-beliefs referenced them. Still, the role of humanistic culture and classical revival in the developing of the witch-hunts has not yet been fully researched. Marina Montesano examines Greek and Latin literature, revealing how particular features of ancient striges were carried into the Late Middle Ages, through the Renaissance and into the fifteenth century, when early Italian trials recall the myth of the strix common in ancient Latin sources and in popular memory. The final chapter also serves as a conclusion, to show how in Renaissance Italy and beyond, classical accounts of witchcraft ceased to be just stories, as they had formerly been, and were instead used to attest to the reality of witches’ powers.

Receptions Of Antiquity Constructions Of Gender In European Art 1300 1600

Author : Marice Rose
ISBN : 9789004289697
Genre : Art
File Size : 49. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Receptions of Antiquity, Constructions of Gender in European Art, 1300-1600 examines the way in which late medieval and early modern visual culture engaged with Greek and Roman antiquity to construct and challenge contemporary gender norms.

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