the witch s book of self care

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The Witch S Book Of Self Care

Author : Arin Murphy-Hiscock
ISBN : 9781507209141
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 87. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Worship yourself the witchy way—learn how to nourish your body and spirit with herbal remedies, spells, and rituals inspired by witchcraft in this unique, enchanted guide to self-care! Self-care is a necessity for any modern woman, and this book helps you prioritize #1 with a little help from the magic of witchcraft. The Witch’s Book of Self-Care has advice for pampering your body, mind, and spirit with spells, meditations, mantras, and powerful activities to help you to keep healthy, soothe stress, relinquish sadness, channel joy, and embrace your strength. This book features such magical self-care remedies: -A Ritual to Release Guilt: Learn to burn whatever causes you pain and process painful memories or work through heavy emotions in this therapeutic ritual. -Green Space Meditation: Learn how to reconnect with the healing energies of nature, even in the middle of a bustling city, as part of a series of meditations based on the elements and your senses. -DIY Body Butter: Create your own custom soothing and smoothing body butter, powered by crystal and essential oils suited to your intention, and sanctified by a ritual. And much more! The Witch’s Book of Self-Care shows you how easy it is to connect to the earth, harness your personal power, and add a little magic to your everyday life for a better you!

Witch Please

Author : Sonia Lazo
ISBN : 145217668X
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 68. 98 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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There's more than one way to be a witch! Some witches harness the properties of herbs and crystals, and some craft their own spells and rituals for empowerment and success; some dress all in black, and some prefer a more colorful aesthetic. Author and illustrator Sonia Lazo celebrates the power and diversity of contemporary witches in this enchanting love letter to all things occult. Her charming illustrations offer an inclusive, body-positive message to modern mystics all over the world, reminding readers that anyone can tap into their inner magic—all you have to do is be true to yourself.

Witch S Book Of Self Care For Healing Getting Rid Of Stress Anxiety And Finding Happiness

Author : Sapphire Scarlet
ISBN : 9798614309510
Genre :
File Size : 75. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Witch's Book of Self Care Diary, Logbook, Journal, Notebook. Set goals for the day, write down positive affirmations, memorable moments, gratitude, reflections and much more. You do matter. You have a purpose. Now it's time to find it. Buy this journal today and go live life to the fullest!

The Modern Witch S Guide To Happiness

Author : Luna Bailey
ISBN : 1640210717
Genre : Happiness
File Size : 71. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"It's time to give your inner witch a voice. Unlock the magic of modern witchcraft and infuse your every day with happiness. This is your essential spiritual guide to happiness. Including everything you need to know to become a modern witch, from working with tarot cards and healing crystals, to taking direction from the stars, this book will teach you how to harness the power of the natural world, dispel toxic energy and develop your own psychic ability to find happiness. Illustrated throughout and containing simple yet effective practical tips and tricks, self-care rituals and cleansing spells for the everyday, this treasure chest of a book will empower you to live your life to the fullest"--

The Witch S Guide To Ritual

Author : Cerridwen Greenleaf
ISBN : 9781642501711
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 77. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Spiritual Ceremonies to Enrich Daily Life Practice Sacred Living. Rituals are often performed to acknowledge special, sacred moments of life. When we align ourselves with the rhythms of the earth, we see that every day is sacred. Sacred living is the art of acknowledging the abundance of life and the deep meaning within natural rhythms. The Witch’s Guide to Ritual teaches the practice of daily rituals for self-care and personal growth. The Art of Healing. The Witch’s Guide to Ritual can help you create a healing ritual space, whether you are an experienced hedge witch or a beginner exploring new magical practices. You’ll learn about the history of rites and rituals, mythology for today’s world, and how healing works in a modern witch house. Celebrate life. The key to celebrating the abundance of life lies in the recognition that we are surrounded by all that is magical. Organized by season, The Witch’s Guide to Ritual offers a suggested ceremony for each day of the year and includes hundreds of simple rites, suggestions, meditations, and holiday celebrations that can make the ordinary extraordinary. What you'll learn inside this book: • The psychological benefits of rituals in your life • Why participating in group events enriches your life and brings you closer to friends, family, and loved ones • How to create an altar or shrine as a power center in your home for spiritual renewal • Which crystals, herbs, symbols, and talismans can bring you calm, health, love, prosperity, and happiness Healing is possible with sacred living. If you enjoyed The Witch’s Book of Self-Care, The Spirit Almanac, The House Witch, or The Witch’s Book of Rituals, you’ll love this new guide to inspired magical practice.

The Modern Witch S Handbook To Magickal Self Care

Author : Tenae Stewart
ISBN : 1510754318
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 68. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Here is your guide to creating rituals that not only nurture your mind and body but also nourish your intuition and your inner divinity with witchcraft, spellwork, the phases of the moon, and more. You’ll build a spiritual self-care practice that is supportive and sustainable. Cottage witch Tenae Stewart guides readers through finding the forms of self-care that really resonate with them and discovering what kinds of nourishment are essential to fulfill everyone’s unique needs. Learn how to create a self-care practice that honors the needs of your mind, body, and spirit as well as come to understand your unique self-care style through astrology! In The Modern Witch’s Handbook, you’ll find nearly three dozen rituals to try, from a bewitching bubble bath to soothe the soul to an activism ritual to hex the patriarchy and more, including instructions on ˜how to: Create your own rituals from scratch (no experience necessary!) Develop morning and evening rituals to start and end the day with self-care Learn how to adapt your rituals so they can sustain you through any of life’s challenges and interruptions, like illness, vacation, or changes in schedules and the seasons Packed with practical tools and step-by-step guides that are easily adapted to your own practice, The Modern Witch’s Handbook, is the perfect introduction to self-care witchcraft and astrology.

The Little Book Of Self Care For Pisces

Author : Constance Stellas
ISBN : 9781507209875
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 83. 70 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Everything you need to know about self-care—especially for Pisces! Take Time for You, Pisces! It’s me time—powered by the zodiac! Welcome star-powered strength and cosmic relief into your life with The Little Book of Self-Care for Pisces. While Pisces may value community, this book truly puts you first. Let the stars be your guide as you learn just how important astrology is to your self-care routine. Discover more about your sign and your ruling element, water, and then find the perfect set of self-care ideas and activities for you. From savoring a home-cooked meal to creating a personal altar, you will find more than one hundred ways to heal your mind, body, and active spirit. It’s stellar self-care especially for you, Pisces!


Author : Arin Murphy-Hiscock
ISBN : 9781507212653
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 87. 44 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 654
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Craft your own magic with this comprehensive guide to creating, customizing, and casting unique spells, charms, and potions. Make your own magic! Spellcrafting is a step-by-step guide to writing your own spells and timing them for the best effect. From different types of spells to the intentions and powers of different ingredients, you will have everything you need to create unique magic that works best for you. Spellcrafting goes beyond basic spell books to explore how and why your magic works, what you can do to improve and strengthen it, and how to troubleshoot when things don’t go as planned. Now you can take your magic into your own hands and create a completely personalized spell for wherever life may take you.

The Astrological Guide To Self Care

Author : Constance Stellas
ISBN : 9781507212356
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 46. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Featuring activities to heal your mind, body, and soul, now you can find the perfect way to treat yourself as the stars intended with this astrological self-care guide. It’s time for a little “me” time—powered by the zodiac! By tapping into your sign’s astrological energy and personality, The Astrological Guide to Self-Care brings cosmic relief to everyone with hundreds of relaxing and rejuvenating self-care ideas tailored to your individual zodiac sign. The Astrological Guide to Self-Care provides information on taking care of yourself, the inherent intersection between self-care and astrology, background on the elements, sign-specific self-care guidance, and hundreds of activities tied to the zodiac signs. There’s no better guide to personal growth than the stars! Enjoy a facial if you’re an Aries or spend some time gardening if you’re a Taurus. Sagittarians can satisfy their wanderlust by getting lost in a good book or if you’re a Pisces, treat yourself to a pedicure. With this astrological self-care reference, you will discover the most cosmically compatible pampering routines ever.

Llewellyn S 2019 Witches Companion

Author : Llewellyn
ISBN : 0738746150
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 54. 11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 860
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Live your Craft every day with Llewellyn's Witches' Companion. This indispensable guide will keep you one step ahead of the latest witchy trends, practices, and issues.

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