this could be us but you playin

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This Could Be Us But You Playin 3

Author : Cachet Johnson
ISBN : 1542938872
Genre :
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Format : PDF
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After working hard to keep her family together, Dominique is hit with a devastating blow. She finds out that the happy life she once thought she lived was nothing but a fa�ade when it comes to light that her fianc�, Deondre has been anything but faithful. Not only has he been cheating, but he had been doing so with the people who are closest to her. Overcome with grief from the shocking new information, Dominique lashes out the only way that she knows how, and finds herself in a world of trouble. As she's carted off to jail, she reflects on her life and decides that she is through playing the fool. The only problem is, Deondre isn't used to losing, and he doesn't plan on letting her go that easy. Kaleb is tired of playing the backup boyfriend, and choses to step away and allow Dominique to work on her family life. Now single, he realizes that he was a fool to put his love life in jeopardy over something that he knew deep down would never be. Like all men he wants his old thing back, and tries to repair the relationship that he had with Tiera. When she reveals that he is going to be father, Kaleb vows to right by his child. Things are great between the two of them, until Dominique comes back around. Will Kaleb keep his word and stay away, or will his love for her cause him to lose everything?

This Could Be Us But You Playin

Author : Cachet Johnson
ISBN : 1543045464
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Dominique was a product of a broken home. With a mother who hated her very existence, and a father who was locked away in prison for the attempted murder of her mother; she just couldn't catch a break. With a stressful home life, Dominique's only ray of sunshine is her boyfriend, Kaleb. As teens the duo are madly in love, with plans to marry and raise a family together. That is until Kaleb unintentionally breaks her heart. Dominique is crushed, and does the only thing she can think of; and that is to leave. Kaleb realizes that he's messed up when Dominique moves away and goes off to college; leaving behind no way to contact her. After a few years Kaleb eventually accepts the fact that Dominique is gone forever. By then he has his life on track, and is now a very successful business man with the world at his fingertips. A chance encounter reconnects the two ex-lovers, and Kaleb sees it as a chance to right his wrongdoings, and finally be with the one who captured his heart all those years ago. There's one problem; not only is Dominique engaged to marry another man, but she is also the mother of his son. To make matters worse, Kaleb himself is involved with a woman who loves him unconditionally. Although faced with a sticky situation, Kaleb refuses to allow Dominique to slip away again. He vows to get her back at any cost; even if it means destroying a home that Dominique doesn't know is damaged to begin with. Will these lovers reconnect, or will they realize that their ships have passed?

Dig If You Will The Picture

Author : Ben Greenman
ISBN : 9780571333271
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 22. 8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ben Greenman's monumental yet intimate book on Prince comes a year after the star's death at the age of 57 in an elevator at the legendary Paisley Park complex. With the release of a string of critically acclaimed albums and a new solo tour, the Minneapolis Genius looked set for a renaissance after a quiet-ish (by his standards) decade or so. And then: the silence, forever. Dig If U Will The Picture is a portrait of The Artist, who was also the artist who will be remembered by many as the brightest, most seductive and enigmatic pop star of his generation. In thematically structured chapters, Ben Greenman anatomizes a career and an aesthetic that at times seemed otherworldly. Drawing on over 40 studio albums, a repertoire of 2,000 plus live shows and close analysis of the unreleased highlights of the Vault, Dig If U Will the Picture is a critical consideration of Prince's art, a testimony to the author's deep and abiding personal connection to the work, and a fitting memorial.

Up Yon Wide And Lonely Glen

Author : Elizabeth Stewart
ISBN : 9781617033087
Genre : Music
File Size : 87. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Elizabeth Stewart is a highly acclaimed singer, pianist and accordionist whose reputation has spread widely not only as an outstanding musician but as the principal inheritor and advocate of her family and their music. First discovered by folklorists in the 1950s, the Stewarts of Fetterangus, including Elizabeth's mother Jean, her uncle Ned, and her aunt Lucy, have had immense musical influence. Lucy in particular became a celebrated ballad singer and in 1961 Smithsonian Folkways released a collection of her classic ballad recordings that brought the family's music and name to an international audience Up Yon Wide and Lonely Glen is a significant memoir of Scottish Traveller life, containing stories, music, and songs from this prominent Traveller family. The book is the result of a close partnership between Elizabeth Stewart and Scottish folk singer and writer Alison McMorland. It details the ancestral history of Elizabeth Stewart's family, the story of her mother, the story of her aunt, and her own life story, framing and contextualizing the music and song examples and showing how totally integrated these art forms are with daily life. It is a remarkable portrait of a Traveller family from the perspective of its matrilineal line. The narrative, spanning five generations and written in Scots, captures the rhythms and idioms of Elizabeth Stewart's speaking voice and is extraordinary from a musical, cultural, sociological, and historical point of view. The book features 145 songs, eight original piano compositions, folk-tale versions, rhymes and riddles, and eighty fascinating illustrations, from the family of Elizabeth, her mother Jean (1912-1962) and her aunt Lucy (1901-1982). In addition, there are notes on the songs and a series of appendices. Up Yon Wide and Lonely Glen will appeal to those interested in traditional music, folklore, and folk song--and in particular, Scottish tradition.

An American In Heaven

Author : Gordon Phinn
ISBN : 9781846942303
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Melanie may be a dead teenager, but she's also an outrageously funny bad-mouthing bitch who doesn't care what you once thought about the afterlife, cause she's gonna give you the straight goods. No church crap. No science crap. No goody- two-shoes-gets-you-in crap. She's giving you the unvarnished truth as she sees it every day of her deadlife, no denial, no whitewash and no dumbing down.


Author : Eugene Robinson Jr
ISBN : 9781312287600
Genre :
File Size : 65. 95 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Guardian The Beginning

Author : Pernell Gibson
ISBN : 9781462835973
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the year 2017 most of mankind has become complacent and reckless, depending mainly on logic and finite wisdom. Psalmulus Grey, an emotionally scarred, fifteen-year-old participant of this world order, lives within its guidelines until one night when an angel of God appears before him and makes it clear that he is one of the Fathers chosen. Meanwhile a much more sinister plan is unfolding within the city of Neo Creek between Maxwell Steeleworthy, a wealthy capitalist, and Zegudalia, a demonic being from the Abyss. In an epic battle of divined proportions, Psalmulus manifests vast supernatural abilities as he struggles with the decision to fulfill Gods will for his life and become a Guardian of Light or succumb to his own vengeful desires. Many forces from the side of light as well as darkness rise to the occasion to see their goals met as Psalmulus is forced to do battle with humans and demons alike, but most of all--himself.

A Superhero S Romance 2 0

Author : Danny Anderson Jr.
ISBN : 9780557478156
Genre :
File Size : 70. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Internet Dating

Author : J. R. Niles
ISBN : 9781465376374
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If someone were to ask Lance Austin to put into words, his feelings and his beliefs about love, he would be hard pressed to provide a short definitive answer. Ask him to show a particular woman that he loves herand you would be wasting your time. He will have already strapped himself into his 100 M.P.H., high flying roller coaster and taken off into his over-the-top expressions of true endearment for whomever he has chosen as his mate. When Lance takes his love journey onto the internet for the first time in his life, he does find love; but will it last? Will the life changing experience that Melanie Powell brings to the table, be for the better in their lives or for the worst? The sexual experiences they share are extraordinary and often. The poems and love letters he writes to her are excessive. They often exchange extravagant gifts and they experience many new venues together; and oh, lets not forget the arguing and the fighting that comes gift wrapped with all of the above. Will this potentially lethal combination prove to be their downfall in an attempt at everlasting love? In between all of that, Lance manages to meet other cyber space hopefuls online; though his heart is still with Melanie. There are a variety of reasons why he shouldnt be with any of these women but he allows himself to entertain the thought of it anyway. He meets some of them in person at least once, finding himself strapped into another kind of roller coaster; one that is mentally challenging, humorous, painfully dramatic, yet ultimately disappointing. Lance begins to reflect upon his own internal qualities and only time will tell in which direction his emotions will take him from a moral stand point. When Lance turns to his family and friends for a certain sense of solitude, most of them bring their own emotional problems to light, in ways that surprise even Lance. One platonic friendship he hopes to find some level of comfort in, that of Sherry Anderson starts to go into its own version of a mental tail-spin for him. He is curious to say the least, about Sherrys overall intentions and if theres more to their friendship than meets the eye. To measure the emotional value of this depiction of nearly five years of Lance Austins life is impossible to do. This journey for him is about life itself with the technological trend of the internet dating craze as the main back drop. Where will Lance wind up morally, mentally, spiritually, after meeting over a dozen of these cyber space women? Find out when you read Internet Dating!!

Friendly Enterprise

Author : Harold D. Anderson
ISBN : 1462801234
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72. 7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Friendly Enterprise , a fast paced novel about the efforts of a Black, neophyte US Attorney in the RICO Division of the Department of Justice in Washington D. C. who has been assigned a case investigating and ultimately indicting some of Chicagos elite in a massive insurance scam involving the local transit district. Never having been the first chair in any prosecution, he is selected because his superiors believe that the case is a powder keg and could explode, embarrassing all involved. Dispatched to Chicago, he quickly realizes that the cursory investigation that has taken place so far is woefully inadequate. In seeking help from the local US Attorney in Cook County, he runs into a stonewall because, unbeknownst to him, the US Attorney is close to the alleged principals of the multi-million dollar insurance scam. His efforts are further hampered not only due to his complete inexperience, but he now has to cope with an Assistant US Attorney who has been assigned to him (really at the behest of her boss to spy and report back on any progress) in lieu of investigative help. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, the criminal principals are concerned that Washington has taken an interest in their friendly enterprise. The US Attorney has briefed them on what Washington is doing and what they can expect from David Jason, the name of the newly arrived attorney, who coincidentally grew up in the Windy City. All are satisfied except the most nefarious of the group and he sets out to further hinder the investigation by hiring murderous thugs to silence the lone inside man at the transit agency, who could identify him. Jason gains an unexpected ally in the Assistant US Attorney who is not only beautiful, but also very eager to cash in her ticket for professional upward mobility. Together they begin to piece together sketches of the principals, which only further antagonize the murderous member of the elite group. Again, enlisting the support of his murder-for-hire henchmen, he orders the assassination of David Jason during a staged street mugging. Unfortunately the killers mistakenly shoot the young Assistant, killing her instantly and leaving David Jason gravely wounded. This high profiled mugging was reported throughout the news and caught the attention of David Schoolboy Benson, a young, up and coming member of Chicagos Mau-Maus street gang. Benson had been a friend of the inside contact at the transit agency and his killing infuriated the young gangster. In reading the article about the US Attorneys getting mugged and shot, he noted that David Jason was in town investigating an insurance fraud scam involving the municipal transit agency. He attempts to make contact with Jason as he recuperates in the hospital. His clandestine overtures pique Jasons interest when he mentions that he was a friend of the murdered insider, which David suspected had some involvement in the insurance fraud. Upon his release from the hospital, Jason and Schoolboy agree to meet at Davids hotel room, where he discovers it had been ransacked while he was hospitalized. During the meeting, Schoolboy reveals that the dead underling gave him a computer printout for safekeeping. This printout is a record of all the false claims that had been processed by the agency. Realizing its value and that it was no longer safe to stay at the hotel, David needed alternative living quarters to safely continue the investigation. Schoolboy volunteers his apartment building located deep on Chicagos Southside where no one could ever find the recovering lawyer. After agreeing and traveling from Downtown to the Southside slums, David Jason is introduced to Miz Cheryl Benson, Schoolboys mother and the caretaker for the run down two-flat. To their mutual astonishment the two adults immediately recognize each other from days in high school where Cheryl Benson, nee Hicks, was Davids one-time almost love interest. Would a re-kindl

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