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This Fragile Earth

Author : Susannah Wise
ISBN : 9781473232358
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 89. 10 MB
Format : PDF
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What would you do to protect your family if the world stopped working? Not long from now, in a recognisable yet changed London, Signy and Matthew lead a dull, difficult life. They've only really stayed together for the sake of their six year old son, Jed. But they're surviving, just about. Until the day the technology that runs their world stops working. Unable to use their phones, pay for anything, even open the smart door to their flat, Matthew assumes that this is just a momentary glitch in the computers that now run the world. But then the electricity and gas are cut off. Even the water stops running. And the pollination drones - vital to the world, ever since the bees all died - are behaving oddly. People are going missing. Soldiers are on the streets. London is no longer safe. A shocking incident sends Signy and Jed on the run, desperate to flee London and escape to the small village where Signy grew up. Determined to protect her son, Signy will do almost anything to survive as the world falls apart around them. But she has no idea what is waiting for them outside the city...

The Fragile Earth Writing From The New Yorker On Climate Change

Author : David Remnick
ISBN : 9780008446666
Genre : Nature
File Size : 52. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A classic collection of the New Yorker’s most urgent and groundbreaking reporting from the front lines of the climate emergency

Economics For A Fragile Planet

Author : Edward Barbier
ISBN : 9781108912440
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In a world of growing environmental risks and ecological scarcities, ensuring a safe Anthropocene for humankind is essential. Managing an increasingly "fragile" planet requires new thinking on markets, institutions and governance built on five principles: ending the underpricing of nature, fostering collective action, accepting absolute limits, attaining sustainability, and promoting inclusivity. Rethinking economics and policies in this way can help to overcome the global challenges posed by climate change, biodiversity loss, freshwater scarcity, and deteriorating marine and coastal habitats. It requires decoupling wealth creation from environmental degradation through business, policy and financial actions aimed at better stewardship of the biosphere. In this book, renowned environmental economist Edward Barbier offers a blueprint for a greener and more inclusive economy, and outlines the steps we must take now to build a post-COVID world that limits environmental threats while sustaining per capita welfare.

Fragile Planet

Author : Gerry Bailey
ISBN : 9781433949777
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 43. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Looks at several types of nature's most devastating natural disasters and how they affect the land and people when they occur.

Stories For A Fragile Planet

Author : Kenneth Steven
ISBN : 9780745967943
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 39. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How the Seasons Came to Be The Hunter and the Swan The Saint and the Blackbird The Tale of the Lion Grey-eye and the Whale A Fishy Tale The Panda's Tale Maha and the Elephant The Shepherd and the Stone The Story of the Tower

Ten Journeys On A Fragile Planet

Author : Rod Taylor
ISBN : 9781922311269
Genre : Science
File Size : 32. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Humanity is sliding toward a collision between global warming, resource depletion, and population growth. The evidence is daunting but we are hampered by anti-science demagogues who tell us everything’s okay, that we’ll run forever on our current course. The problem we are facing is on a global scale, far beyond any individual. It can be overwhelming and it is difficult to remain cheerful. In Ten Journeys on a Fragile Planet, journalist Rod Taylor interviews ten outstanding Australians who have – and are – doing something to confront the perilous state of the environment. This book tells their stories. Featuring: The Activist: Simon Sheikh The Solar Pioneer: Professor Andrew Blakers The Maggot Farmer: Olympia Yarger The Accidental Activist: Charlie Prell The Thoughtful Salesman: Leonard Cohen The Politician: Susan Jeanes The Climate Game Changer: Inez Harker-Schuch The Advocate: Professor Kate Auty The Lady with a Laser: Monica Oliphant A Question of Hope: Dr Siwan Lovett 'The ten case studies, showing what dedicated people can achieve, give us hope for the future. This is an important book.' - Dr Mark Diesendorf 'With the massive bushfires fresh in our minds, we need a remarkable turnaround in policies and actions. The remarkable people who contributed to this book provide us with a wide range of ideas and actions to get us on the right track toward a sustainable future.' -Professor Will Steffen 'Since Homer the world has needed its heroes – people whose deeds and words inspire us, galvanise us, uplift us, afford us glimpses of a better future. In Ten Journeys and a Fragile Planet, Rod Taylor summons ten heroes for our time, the most perilous time that human beings have ever faced: real people, facing real challenges and setbacks, passionate, driven, courageous, wise, unbowed. If there is hope for humanity, he has distilled its essence.' - Julian Cribb, author of Surviving the 21st Century

The Fragile Earth

Author : David Remnick
ISBN : 0008446687
Genre :
File Size : 41. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Mission To Planet Earth

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation
ISBN : STANFORD:36105119611270
Genre : Earth sciences
File Size : 31. 52 MB
Format : PDF
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Theology For Earth Community

Author : Dieter T. Hessel
ISBN : 9781592443109
Genre : Religion
File Size : 25. 55 MB
Format : PDF
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This volume brings together original essays by both seasoned professionals and emerging scholars who examine state-of-the-art scholarship and pedagogy in ecologically-alert theology. Authors assess what various theologians have to offer, and draw implications for reshaping religious and environmental studies, as well as preparing the next generations of church leaders or pastoral workers. What needs to be done, these authors ask, to bring biblical studies, systematics, social ethics, practical theology, spiritual formation, and liturgy up to speed with eco-justice thought and action on environmental questions?

Fragile Earth

Author : Collins
ISBN : 0007266804
Genre : Earth
File Size : 64. 79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Using images from the air, land and space, this work brings together dramatic natural and man-made events. It traces the path Hurricane Katrina took through New Orleans, and looks at the damage done to the presidential palace in Baghdad during the war in Iraq. It also provides a look at the effects our actions have on the planet.

Claiming Your Voice

Author : Norvene Vest
ISBN : 9780814667941
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41. 5 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Has the contemporary American polity remained capable of asking itself questions about its purpose and integrity? We recall our optimistic beginnings, sure of God’s blessing, yet something has gone wrong. We are at odds with each other and even our friends. What brought us to this moment, and is there anything “we the people” can do? In Claiming Your Voice, Vest examines four contemporary deforming patterns: market culture, American empire, climate crisis, and racism. In consideration of the Christian foundations in prophetic imagination and Benedictine spirituality, she illustrates that Americans are called to provide energy for hope, to cut through public numbness, and to penetrate the deceptions of imperial consciousness so that God and the sacred again become visible and empowering for all our people.

Collins Fragile Earth

Author :
ISBN : 0007899173
Genre : Earth sciences
File Size : 37. 20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Fragile Earth

Author : Claire Llewellyn
ISBN : 0007231105
Genre : Climatic changes
File Size : 64. 27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Is the world’s climate changing? We all know the theory but here is the evidence, in stunning photographs and information. • Diamond/Band 17 books offer more complex, underlying themes to give opportunities for children to understand causes and points of view. • A weather map on pages 54 and 55 helps children to look at the areas of the world most affected by extreme weather and what is happening where. • Text type: A non-chronological report. • Curriculum links: Geography: Passport to the world. • This book has been quizzed for Accelerated Reader

A Primer In Ecotheology

Author : Celia E. Deane-Drummond
ISBN : 9781498236997
Genre : Religion
File Size : 78. 2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book serves as an introduction to the burgeoning field of ecothology, illustrating both its variety and its commonality across different Christian theological divides. Some of the questions addressed in this short book include the following: How can the Bible still make sense in the context of climate change and biodiversity loss? Who on earth is Jesus Christ, and what does he mean for us in today’s world? How can Christians be faithful to their traditions while responding to pressing calls to be engaged in environmental activism? What is the relationship between theory and practice, and local as well as global demands, and how is this relationship expressed in different ecclesial settings? How can we encourage each other to develop a sense of the earth as divine gift? Written in clear, accessible style, this book walks readers through difficult concepts and shows the way different sources in Christian theology have responded to one of the most significant cultural issues of our time.

Praying Shapes Believing

Author : Leonel L. Mitchell
ISBN : 9780819215536
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73. 51 MB
Format : PDF
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Praying Shapes Believing is both a contribution to ongoing scholarly dialogue about how to do liturgical theology and an exposition of the liturgical theology of the Episcopal Church, the church which more than any other church seeds its own identity in terms of its liturgy. This in-depth look at The Book of Common Prayer systematically gives a theological answer to the question, What does it mean that we act and speak these particular words of liturgy?

Fearless Church Fundraising

Author : Charles LaFond
ISBN : 9780819228635
Genre : Religion
File Size : 34. 31 MB
Format : PDF
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Considering how essential fundraising is to ministry, many church leaders remain terrified of asking for or talking about money. Fearless Church Fundraising removes the terror from stewardship, urging leaders to focus on deep spiritual conversion and a clear, compelling mission before they design the pledge cards. In this rich resource part handbook, part workbook, part spiritual guidebook former monk and popular consultant Charles LaFond combines road-tested strategies and sample campaign documents with a spiritual director's sensitivity. The result is an irresistible, user-friendly text that promises to transform your ministry's fundraising and its spiritual life.

Indigenous Intellectual Property

Author : Matthew Rimmer
ISBN : 9781781955901
Genre : LAW
File Size : 58. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Taking an interdisciplinary approach unmatched by any other book on this topic, this thoughtful Handbook considers the international struggle to provide for proper and just protection of Indigenous intellectual property (IP). In light of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007, expert contributors assess the legal and policy controversies over Indigenous knowledge in the fields of international law, copyright law, trademark law, patent law, trade secrets law, and cultural heritage. The overarching discussion examines national developments in Indigenous IP in the United States, Canada, South Africa, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia. The Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the historical origins of conflict over Indigenous knowledge, and examines new challenges to Indigenous IP from emerging developments in information technology, biotechnology, and climate change. Practitioners and scholars in the field of IP will learn a great deal from this Handbook about the issues and challenges that surround just protection of a variety of forms of IP for Indigenous communities.

Tell Me Why

Author : Michael Novak
ISBN : 9780671018863
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 64. 13 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 213
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A world-renowned Catholic theologian and his skeptical young daughter record their attempts to reach a shared understanding of God, faith, the Catholic Church, and morality, in a warm, lively, and down-to-earth exchange for readers of all creeds. Reprint.

Understanding Sustainable Architecture

Author : Terry J. Williamson
ISBN : 0415283523
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 70. 45 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 733
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Understanding Sustainable Architecture is a review of the assumptions, beliefs, goals and bodies of knowledge that underlie the endeavour to design (more) sustainable buildings and other built developments. Much of the available advice and rhetoric about sustainable architecture begins from positions where important ethical, cultural and conceptual issues are simply assumed. If sustainable architecture is to be a truly meaningful pursuit then it must be grounded in a coherent theoretical framework. This book sets out to provide that framework. Through a series of self-reflective questions for designers, the authors argue the ultimate importance of reasoned argument in ecological, social and built contexts, including clarity in the problem framing and linking this framing to demonstrably effective actions. Sustainable architecture, then, is seen as a revised conceptualisation of architecture in response to a myriad of contemporary concerns about the effects of human activity. The aim of this book is to be transformative by promoting understanding and discussion of commonly ignored assumptions behind the search for a more environmentally sustainable approach to development. It is argued that design decisions must be based on both an ethical position and a coherent understanding of the objectives and systems involved. The actions of individual designers and appropriate broader policy settings both follow from this understanding.

Atlantis Reprise

Author : James Axler
ISBN : 9781460373361
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 635
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GLORIOUS FOLLY For Ryan Cawdor, leader of a small group of post-apocalypse survivalists, it's the inner fire of survival that guides them through this hell on earth&…to whatever lies beyond the daily fight for existence. There are times when the oblivion of death seems a most welcome journey out of Deathlands. But for Ryan, death is something his warrior's soul will never take on without a fight. GRIM UNITY In the forested coastal region of the eastern seaboard, near the Pine Barrens of what was New Jersey, Ryan and his companions encounter a group of rebels. Having broken away from the strange, isolated community known as Atlantis, and led by the obscene and paranoid Odyssey, this small group desires to live in peace. But in a chill-or-be-chilled world, freedom can only be won by spilled blood. Ryan and company are willing to come to the aid of these freedom fighters, ready to wage a war against the twisted tyranny that permeates Deathlands.

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