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Author : Mike Dash
ISBN : 0307560821
Genre : Business & Economics
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A vivid narration of the history of the tulip, from its origins on the barren, windswept steppes of central Asia to its place of honor in the lush imperial gardens of Constantinople, to its starring moment as the most coveted--and beautiful--commodity in Europe. In the 1630s, visitors to the prosperous trading cities of the Netherlands couldn't help but notice that thousands of normally sober, hardworking Dutch citizens were caught up in an extraordinary frenzy of buying and selling. The object of this unprecedented speculation was the tulip, a delicate and exotic Eastern import that had bewitched horticulturists, noblemen, and tavern owners alike. For almost a year rare bulbs changed hands for incredible and ever-increasing sums, until single flowers were being sold for more than the cost of a house. Historians would come to call it tulipomania. It was the first futures market in history, and like so many of the ones that would follow, it crashed spectacularly, plunging speculators and investors into economic ruin and despair. This colorful cast of characters includes Turkish sultans, Yugoslav soldiers, French botanists, and Dutch tavern keepers--all centuries apart historically and worlds apart culturally, but with one thing in common: tulipomania.


Author : Wilfrid Blunt
ISBN : CORNELL:31924079997445
Genre : Tulip Mania, 1634-1637
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Tulips Tulipomania

Author : Wilfrid Blunt
ISBN : OCLC:44458576
Genre : Tulip Mania, 1634-1637
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"The colour plates of tulips after paintings by Rory McEwen were printed lithographically and tipped into the book. The separate portfolio of eight large, coloured lithographic prints are signed and numbered by Rory McEwen and suitable for framing.The author, Wilfred Blunt, provides an often-quoted history of the tulip, giving an account of its discovery in Turkey at the court of Suleiman the Magnificent, and its gradual proliferation throughout Europe, with special chapters on tulipomania in Holland, England and Turkey. A very fine copy signed by Blunt on the colophon. One of the great rarities and desiderata of modern botanical literature"--Ursus Books and Prints website.

Botany Sexuality And Womens Writing 1760 1830

Author : Samantha George
ISBN : 9781526130174
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In this fascinating study, Samantha George explores the cultivation of the female mind and the feminised discourse of botanical literature in eighteenth-century Britain. In particular, she discusses British women's engagement with the Swedish botanist, Carl Linnaeus, and his unsettling discovery of plant sexuality. Previously ignored primary texts of an extraordinary nature are rescued from obscurity and assigned a proper place in the histories of science, eighteenth-century literature, and women's writing. The result is groundbreaking: the author explores nationality and sexuality debates in relation to botany and charts the appearance of a new literary stereotype, the sexually precocious female botanist. She uncovers an anonymous poem on Linnaean botany, handwritten in the eighteenth century, and subsequently traces the development of a new genre of women's writing - the botanical poem with scientific notes. The book is indispensable reading for all scholars of the eighteenth century, especially those interested in Romantic women's writing, or the relationship between literature and science.


Author : Jack D. Schwager
ISBN : 0471020567
Genre : Business & Economics
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The must-have book for all futures traders In Fundamental Analysis, the legendary Jack D. Schwager has produced the most comprehensive, in-depth book ever written on the use of fundamental analysis for futures trading. In what is destined to become the bible of the futures industry, Schwager has poured out insights gathered during his long career as a trader, researcher, bestselling writer, and highly regarded authority in the field. This book is packed with invaluable information you'll use every trading day. "Futures guru Jack Schwager has created the definitive source on using fundamental analysis for price forecasting that no trader can afford to be without." -Tom Baldwin Chairman, Baldwin Group "This book won't make you a great commodities trader instantly, but it will teach you what you must know to start." -Jim Rogers Author, Investment Biker "Jack Schwager always provides clear and compelling material on the often opaque subject of futures trading." -Richard Dennis President, Dennis Trading Group "Jack Schwager's deep knowledge of the markets and his extensive network of personal contacts throughout the industry have set him apart as the definitive market chronicler of our age." -Ed Seykota Fundamental Analysis is the first book in the Schwager on Futures series-the definitive source on the futures market for the next century that no trader will want to be without. Jack Schwager is one of the most important and visible figures in the futures industry today. His Market Wizards and New Market Wizards are two of the bestselling finance titles of all time. Now Schwager has created the most comprehensive guide ever for using fundamental analysis for futures trading. The much-awaited Schwager on Futures series greatly expands and updates material first contained in his A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets, which has been the bible of the industry for the past decade. In this first volume of the series, Fundamental Analysis, Schwager shows traders how to apply analytical techniques to actual price forecasting and trading in virtually all futures contracts currently traded. In chapter after chapter, Schwager draws on what he has learned during his legendary career as a successful trader, researcher, and bestselling investment author to dispense priceless insights. Explains how to apply the techniques of technical analysis to fundamental data-information not found elsewhere * Shows how regression analysis works and tells how to use it as a tool for price forecasting * Includes step-by-step instruction on how to build a forecast model * Contains a 13-chapter section illustrating the applications of fundamental techniques to individual markets and market groups * Outlines how to analyze seasonal fluctuations, including seasonal price charts of 27 active markets Numerous charts, tables, and examples illustrate all key concepts, and the text itself is written in the clear, nontechnical style that has helped make Jack Schwager one of today's most widely read and highly regarded investment writers.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Author : Stanford M. Lyman
ISBN : 0930390814
Genre : Humor
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A study of sloth, lust, anger, pride, envy, gluttony, and greed.

Lords Of The Horizons

Author : Jason Goodwin
ISBN : 9781466874879
Genre : History
File Size : 30. 54 MB
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Since the Turks first shattered the glory of the French crusaders in 1396, the Ottoman Empire has exerted a long, strong pull on Western minds. For six hundred years, the Empire swelled and declined. Islamic, martial, civilized, and tolerant, in three centuries it advanced from the dusty foothills of Anatolia to rule on the Danube and the Nile; at the Empire's height, Indian rajahs and the kings of France beseeched its aid. For the next three hundred years the Empire seemed ready to collapse, a prodigy of survival and decay. Early in the twentieth century it fell. In this dazzling evocation of its power, Jason Goodwin explores how the Ottomans rose and how, against all odds, they lingered on. In the process he unfolds a sequence of mysteries, triumphs, treasures, and terrors unknown to most American readers. This was a place where pillows spoke and birds were fed in the snow; where time itself unfolded at a different rate and clocks were banned; where sounds were different, and even the hyacinths too strong to sniff. Dramatic and passionate, comic and gruesome, Lords of the Horizons is a history, a travel book, and a vision of a lost world all in one.

The Farmer S Register

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B2929574
Genre :
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Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds

Author : Charles Mackay
ISBN : 1853263494
Genre : Reference
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Aims to demonstrate historical parallels for almost every neurosis of our times. This book covers subjects such as the South Sea Bubble, Witch Mania, Alchemy, the Crusades, Fortune-telling, Haunted Houses, and 'Tulipomania'.

Extraordinary Popular Delusions The Money Mani

Author : Charles MacKay
ISBN : 9781605205489
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 99 MB
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The finances of the country were in a state of the utmost disorder. A profuse and corrupt monarch, whose profuseness and corruption were imitated by almost every functionary, from the highest to the lowest grade, had brought France to the verge of ruin. The national debt amounted to 3000 millions of livres, the revenue to 145 millions, and the expenses of government to 142 millions per annum: leaving only three millions to pay the interest upon 3000 millions. -from "The Mississippi Scheme" The savings-and-loan scandals of the 1980s. The dotcom craze of the 1990s. The housing bubble of the 2000s. It may seem as if mass financial insanity is a result of complex global economies and modern high finance, but it's been with us for centuries, as this classic expose of the madness of humanity-particularly as it relates to money-demonstrates in a way that's both disturbing and highly illuminating for those wishing to avoid getting lost in such madness again. This abridged edition of the 1841 classic focuses exclusively on the infamous financial mania that have become bywords when discussing the economic collapses of today: [ the Mississippi Scheme, in which an 18th-century Scottish financier created a stock bubble in France for land in the New World [ the South Sea bubble, the 18th-century stock swindle sometimes called "the Enron of England" [ the infamous tulip mania that seized Holland in the 1600s These powerful studies of the human relationship to money remain startlingly relevant today... as they are sure to still be centuries from now. Scottish journalist CHARLES MACKAY (1814-1889) held an honorary law degree from Glasgow University, as well as a doctorate in literature. A renowned poet and songwriter, he also authored a Dictionary of Lowland Scotch.

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