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Un Junk Your Diet

Author : Desiree Nielsen
ISBN : 9781510711501
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 29. 79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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We don’t need to be instructed to eat apples instead of potato chips. What we need is someone to inspire us to eat well and to show us just how powerful eating that apple can be. This person must be a trusted voice, one that can calm the informational clutter instead of adding yet another discordant voice to the pile. Desiree Nielsen is a registered dietitian, one of the public’s most trusted sources of nutrition information. In Un-Junk Your Diet, she teaches readers about anti-inflammatory dieting in a way that’s engaging, funny, and approachable. This book begins with a call to action to help shake up perceptions of what food means to our bodies and illuminate all the ways that marketers co-opt healthy eating messages to coerce us into choosing food that is unworthy. In addition, an in-depth look at the fundamentals of nutrition—with a splash of myth busting—strengthens readers’ abilities to resist the latest nutrition headline and continue making healthier choices. Because there is no one right way for every individual eater, Nielsen offers a brief exercise in self-discovery before providing four distinct plans for becoming healthier. They range from the gentle and gradual to the two-week kick start that appeals to both detox seekers and vacation slimmers.

The Wrong Un

Author : Brad Hogg
ISBN : 9781863958783
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 51. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Memorable, unpredictable and often hilarious, The Wrong ’Un is the inspirational story of a man who will never give the game away. At 45, George Bradley Hogg – cult hero of the Big Bash League, and in recent years a star of the international T20 circuit – is still in his prime. From his childhood cricket obsession in rural Western Australia to the day he donned the baggy green, Brad overcame numerous setbacks and bouts of self-doubt. During a seven-year gap between his first and second Test appearances, he turned his hand to a variety of jobs, most famously hitting the streets as a postie. Through persistence and enthusiasm he won his way back into the national team, and was twice part of Australia’s champion World Cup sides. After retiring prematurely in 2008, he returned with a bang in 2011, starring in the BBL and once again being selected for Australia. For the first time, Brad reveals his remarkable journey – from the bush to the MCG and beyond, and from crippling insecurity to hard-won self-acceptance – all with the self-deprecating humour and honesty for which he is known and loved.

Amazing Un Processed Raw Food Diet

Author : Susan Gast
ISBN : 1070168653
Genre :
File Size : 62. 95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The "Amazing Un-Processed Raw Food Diet" book takes you back to the simpler times of eating REAL un-processed food - just like our grandparents enjoyed. Yes, food that actually nourished the body, and the mind. Fruit and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds... eaten raw - and un-processed - bursting with life-enriching live enzymes that sadly, modern-day cooking destroys.Are YOU "sick and tired" too of processed junk food? Are you looking for the "Fountain of Youth"? Well, it's been under our noses all the time... growing in fields and orchards, and sold in grocery stores!Tired of gimmick diets, fast-food, and yo-yo dieting, the author discovered the huge benefits of "going raw" and in under three months, eliminated her chronic ulcer problem that she'd tolerated for a decade. And the fantastic side-benefit? Effortless weight loss too!You'll discover proper food combining and learn why the acid/alkalinity of the foods you eat is very important to allow your over-worked digestive system to function properly, and to promote greater overall health.Use the author's free "Psychological Tool" to rid yourself of cravings, and use her "Motivation & Mental Imagery" technique to keep you on the track to better health, and a slimmer you!Though the "Amazing Un-Processed Raw Food Diet" wasn't written solely as a means of losing weight, the effects of "going raw" and the resulting safe, easy weight-loss cannot be ignored. What a terrific bonus!Get your copy today, start feeling better tomorrow, and show off your new body at all the upcoming holiday festivities!In brief, the book covers: - Un-Processed Raw Food Health Benefits- Yes, you CAN eat fruit, and lots of it!- "You are what you eat!"- Raw Food, A Re-Introduction- Dietary Fat & Glucose- Weight Loss Psychology and the Tool- Motivation - You CAN Do It!- Indigestion and Ulcers- Food Combining- Acid-Alkaline Balance- Fruit Ripening and Why It's Important- Obesity - A Growing Trend- Lose Weight on an Un-Processed Raw Food Diet- The 80-10-10 Magic Ratio- Excuses... So What's Yours?- What CAN I eat?- What NOT to eat!- Diet Meal Examples- Diet Food substitution a no-no- Menopause and Balloon Belly- My Ulcer Pains are G-O-N-E!- Weight Loss Progress and pictures- Several "Raw Food Weight Loss Ponderings" articles- "How-To" tips for "Raw Foodies"- Frequently Asked QuestionsThe author raves about Andrew Perlot - he was her salvation, after all! Without finding Andrew, she shudders to think of just how "ill" she would have become. Also covered is how you can get copies of Andrew's books.Thank You for your interest, and we hope you enjoy the author's take on "Going Raw". Once you get past the word "raw" and realize it's all about eating fruit and vegetables in their natural state, you'll wonder why on earth you didn't "go raw sooner." Well, better late, than never, according to the author!Thank you in advance for your consideration in purchasing this book. We encourage you to leave a review after reading it, as this helps other people with their buying decision -- and "Thank You" once again!

Go Green Get Lean

Author : Kate Geagan
ISBN : 9781605296630
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 67. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Over the past 20 years America has been steadily marching toward a diet that is more drenched in fossil fuel than any key nutrient. Experts estimate that it now takes roughly 7 to 10 calories of fossil fuel energy to bring one calorie of food energy to the American plate. Not only have our eating habits turned us into an increasingly overweight society, but the alarming truth is that our food choices are having as much of an impact on the planet as the cars we drive. Go Green Get Lean is the perfect eating plan for our time. Revealing easy-to-follow steps anyone can take to eat for a healthy body and planet—and drop up to 9 pounds in the first 2 weeks—Kate Geagan helps readers see the questionable value of "convenience" foods, and explains why going green doesn't require a drastic vegan overhaul. Because there are many nutritional benefits to be drawn from some non-plant-based food choices, she points readers to the best selections, including occasional splurges they can enjoy in good conscience. In learning to make truly LEAN choices, Kate offers the following straightforward formula: Before eating food, ask yourself: Local or global? What was the Energy used to bring it to my plate? (Include processing, packaging, transportation, and temperature of food.) Animal or plant? (Plant foods are greener.) Is this Necessary? (Is this food critical to my health and weight goals?) This trailblazing work—the first to offer a specific weight-loss plan along with the promise of a lowered carbon footprint—makes it possible for readers to help the environment and their waistlines at the same time.

Eat Naked

Author : Margaret Floyd
ISBN : 9781459624160
Genre :
File Size : 75. 28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Leading nutritional therapist Margaret Floyd's Eat Naked will help you strip away the overprocessed, overpackaged, and overdressed junk food from your diet. It's time to enjoy ''naked'' foods-whole foods that are fresh, organically grown, and prepared in ways that allow each food's naturally delicious flavors to shine through. In this book, Margaret shows you how to choose the nutrient-dense foods that will make you look and feel so gorgeous, you'll want to take it all off. You'll discover new ways to prepare foods without sacrificing flavor and learn practical tips for eating within your budget. Eat Naked includes easy recipes for all sorts of delicious things you can feel good about eating and making for others. Once you see how great you look and feel when you eat naked, you won't want to eat any other way!

Mediterranean Diet For Beginners Weight Loss Without Dieting The Complete Guide Solution With Diet Meal Plan And Cookbook With 50 Recipes

Author : Rockridge Jacobs
ISBN : 1796946184
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 84. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Are you still thinking that your genetics is rowing against you?You could be right. But you do not know where they lied to you.You will understand it by continuing to read ... ★ Buy the Paperback version and get the Kindle Book versions for FREE ★ They shamelessly lied to you. The health department and the fitness industry for years have surpassed the myth that fat is the enemy. They were wrong! The worst part is that they always knew it. Doctors do nothing but prescribe drugs, not treating the underlying problem: we are intaking too many carbohydrates every day. The result? Many people struggle against their weight without success. It has been shown that the Mediterranean Diet has a Formula that helps burn fat by building muscles efficiently. This can be extremely useful for people who have medical illnesses where hypertension or obesity could be a dangerous life threat. In this book you will learn: Delicious Meal Prep: No matter how busy you are, you will quickly learn how to prepare a meal, which you can consume at home, or at work by creating a prepared dish in advance It really burns fat: You will finally learn what to introduce into your body, to keep the weight under control Tips for an "Iron Health" Find out how to drastically reduce the symptoms associated with problems like hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and some neurological conditions. A detailed shopping list: You will know what to buy and what not to buy so as not to lose money and precious time Bonus: Your 7 - Days Meal Plan - Even if you think you are the most disorganized and inconclusive person in this world this special bonus will guide you step by step through a change in habits. The wrong habits are wasting time, money and health! If you need an easy plan to maximize your time and save money by preparing your low carb meals in advance, then you just found the right book! How many hours of your life are you willing to lose to gather partial or false information around, when you can get everything you need to REACH YOUR GOALS by reading this wonderful guide. ★ Buy the Paperback version and get the Kindle Book versions for FREE ★ What are you waiting for?! Scroll Up, Click on the "Buy Now" button!

Kiddie Fitness

Author : Rahul Mookerjee
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 88. 66 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Dear Reader, Kids these days get NOWHERE near the levels of physical activity they need - and this isn't me exaggerating in the slightest. From China to the U.S. to countries like India and (even!) Bangladesh - - childhood obesity is on the rise - - and HOW - - and FAST! Kids these days are weaned on a diet of dumbphones and "molly coddling" as opposed to regular physical activity and "the school of hard knocks", and it shows - especially in the flabby bellies showing up as young as 5 years of age - and - heaven forbid of all things - issues such as childhood diabetes, and other related issues! I mean really - - a kid of 5 - - and OBESE - -or even fat?? Such a thing did NOT exist when we were young - - even if we didn't "actively exercise" - - because we were always MOVING around! Some of us had the right example to follow, and we exercised along with them. Some (such as yours truly) had the WORST example he could follow in terms of fitness - but somehow, somewhere, the fitness BUG kept coming back - - and therefore this "39 year old kid" is where he is today in terms of fitness, hehe. However I could have got there a lot earlier - - and I could have done without the following - A weak grip during my adolescent years when most teenage boys are doing their best to OUTDO each other - and have NO idea of how to strengthen said grip. Shoulders that were so weak that some girls could throw the shot put farther than I did - this DESPITE me having what was outwardly a "slim figure". Those love handles - yes - at the age of 12 even - that the "tough guys" loved to pinch (until I fought back, which was another story - but still!). Zero confidence to approach girls (well, at least from a "physical" standpoint if not mental, if you know what I mean) And so forth. If you as an adult identify with any of this as a KID - - well - - rest assured, you're not alone. And being I have a six year old daughter, there is NO way I'd want HER going through her childhood with any of the above (ok, replace what I said above with the "girly" stuff but still!). And .... .... believe me, while I know what it feels like to be the weak kid and bullied in class - all throughout my childhood pretty much - if you compare me then with the average kid today - I was in super shape back then. Not kidding you, my friend. The average kid these days is fat, lazy and slothful - and eats a ton of junk. The average kid these days couldn't run a block - - or even around the park - - without collapsing in exhaustion. And the average kid these days couldn't get into a bridge - - or the "table" position - - or a handstand - - to save his or her own life - - things we could probably all do when we were kids! And none of this is good, my friend. In fact it's BAD - and if you have KIDS - well - I'll bet YOU don't want them going through life the same way - feeling weak, dejected and picked upon - and health that rapidly starts to deteriorate past the teenage years. And the main, root cause behind all this is - - lack of physical MOVEMENT, and therefore FITNESS (and strength etc). And Kiddie Fitness aims at rectifying just that. •If your kids are suffering from being overweight - tired - or lethargic - or easily prone to weight gain around the midsection - - well, this course will ELIMINATE those issues. oYou'll find that their appetite improves tremendously - - and that they will always be RAVENOUS (as opposed to you having to "fight" to get them to eat, especially regular meals) - - which is as it should be at a tender age! •Kiss goodbye to flatulence and digestive issues forever once you get on this course (hint - this holds true for you ADULTS out there as well!). The above is just a SAMPLING of the benefits your kids can - and will get from this course. Believe me NOW, and trust me later - this course has the potential to literally TRANSFORM their lives overnight, my friend. Dive in - NOW!!

The Complete Postpartum Guide

Author : Diane Lynch-Fraser
ISBN : 0060151420
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 38. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Tells new mothers how to recover physically and emotionally from the strain of childbirth, recommends a program of exercise, and discusses breast-feeding and the behavior of babies

Improving Fibromyalga And Chronic Fatigue In 30 Days

Author : Robert Redfern
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 74. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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'Improving Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue in 30 Days' is a health guide designed to improve your fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms. By following the Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue health rehabilitation plan and choosing a naturally healthy lifestyle as recommended inside this ebook, it's possible to achieve the ultimate goal - long term health.

Now That You Ve Lost It

Author : Joyce D. Nash
ISBN : 9780595003877
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 75. 80 MB
Format : PDF
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For many people, weight-loss programs have been a cruel hoax. How often do you hear someone say: “I have no trouble losing weight; I’ve lost hundreds of pounds—but then I always gain it back, and usually a little extra.” Now That You’ve Lost It lays out a comprehensive system for permanent weight control, focusing on staying at goal weight. Teaching powerful thinking skills, it describes what is needed for success, shows the reader how to assess his or her particular needs, and systematically teaches how to: Cope with binge eating Overcome backsliding Manage anger and loneliness Use self-talk effectively Learn to “think smart” Cope with social influences Overcome depression and anxiety Cope with success [Author bio] Joyce D. Nash holds two Ph.D.s—one in clinical psychology from the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, and one in communication from Stanford University, where she did post-doctoral work at the School of Medicine. Dr. Nash is the author of several books on various topics related to behavioral medicine.

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