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Unless It Moves The Human Heart

Author : Roger Rosenblatt
ISBN : 0062037250
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 90. 57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Multiple award-winner Roger Rosenblatt has received glowing critical acclaim for his exceptional literary works—from the hilarious novels Lapham Rising and Beet to his poignant, heartbreaking, ultimately inspiring memoir Making Toast. With Unless It Moves the Human Heart, the revered novelist, essayist, playwright, and respected writing teacher offers a guidebook for aspiring authors, a memoir, and an impassioned argument for the necessity of writing in our world. In the tradition of Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, Rosenblatt’s Unless It Moves the Human Heart provides practical insights and advice on the craft, exquisitely presented by one of contemporary literature’s living treasures.

The Story I Am

Author : Roger Rosenblatt
ISBN : 1885983824
Genre : Authors, American
File Size : 41. 91 MB
Format : PDF
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"This is a gorgeous book, one that will inspire anyone to make the next sentence."--Jericho Brown Roger Rosenblatt has always been "mad about the writing life." In this new collection, he shares the stories and insights about writing that have inspired him, as a journalist, a columnist for The Washington Post, an essayist for Time magazine and The New Republic, and then as the author of best-selling books like Making Toast, Rules for Aging, Kayak Morning, and Unless It Moves the Human Heart. The new and beloved pieces in The Story I Am: Mad About the Writing Life, drawn from his vast body of work, celebrate the art, the craft, and the soul of writing. Here are essays and excerpts on the rewards and punishments of the life of a writer, along with thoughts on how to write, what to write, and why writing lies at the heart of human hope and experience. Reviewing Rosenblatt's memoir The Boy Detective in the New York Times Book Review, Pete Hamill said Rosenblatt "writes the way a great jazz musician plays, moving from one emotion to another." For Rosenblatt, writing, like jazz, is the art of improvisation. Rosenblatt writes that "Writing makes justice desirable, evil intelligible, grief endurable, and love possible." In a nutshell, it's worth a life.

Wounded Writers Ask Am I Doing It Write?

Author : S. Rebecca Leigh
ISBN : 9789462097131
Genre : Education
File Size : 57. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book addresses (and aims to dismantle) writer woundedness, a state of being that prevents students from trusting themselves as capable of writing something they can feel good about. Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write? invites students to begin a new writing history through a collection of 48 free-writes that explore list writing, aesthetic writing, word craft, and writing that delves into personal life stories. These free-writes are invitations to develop a lead or improve a story title, to discover a character’s name or replace one word for another that is more vivid, to locate a story idea or revise a story’s focus. More than this, Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing it Write? emphasizes creative consciousness over correctness, where writing is a vehicle for exploring identity and (re)claiming voice across multiple grade levels. This book is for the wounded student writer as much as it is for the wounded classroom teacher as writer, who may feel burdened by his/her own writing history such that he/she struggles with where or how to start. For each free-write, Leigh offers Before Writing, During Writing, and After Writing suggestions with samples of student writing to guide teachers into writing engagements with their students that break down walls and open up new vistas.

The Story Of Narrative Preaching

Author : Mike Graves
ISBN : 9781620328736
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Forty years ago the one thing that could be said about sermons was they were biblical. Unfortunately, they were sometimes tedious too. Narrative preaching aimed to fix that, advocating for a dynamic experience of the text over against a static lecture. Preaching could be like the parables of Jesus, intriguing and compelling. The Story of Narrative Preaching is the story of seven students who are enrolled in Professor Freeman's preaching course. Once a new trend, narrative preaching is now older than most of them. As Professor Freeman notes, two things went wrong with narrative styles: over time the church became biblically and theologically illiterate, and the promised stress on experience didn't always measure up to the weight of the gospel. Readers are invited to sit in on the class, to reflect on the expositional nature of preaching and to experience the stories of some modern storytellers--Flannery O'Connor, Alice Walker, and others--to see what they might teach us about narratives of depth. In the end we discover what may be the most important word in preaching.

Coming Apart

Author : Roger Rosenblat
ISBN : 0316759139
Genre :
File Size : 54. 13 MB
Format : PDF
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Kayak Morning

Author : Roger Rosenblatt
ISBN : 0062084038
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 61. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From Roger Rosenblatt, author of the bestsellers Making Toast and Unless It Moves the Human Heart, comes a moving meditation on the passages of grief, the solace of solitude, and the redemptive power of love In Making Toast, Roger Rosenblatt shared the story of his family in the days and months after the death of his thirty-eight-year-old daughter, Amy. Now, in Kayak Morning, he offers a personal meditation on grief itself. “Everybody grieves,” he writes. From that terse, melancholy observation emerges a work of art that addresses the universal experience of loss. On a quiet Sunday morning, two and a half years after Amy’s death, Roger heads out in his kayak. He observes,“You can’t always make your way in the world by moving up. Or down, for that matter. Boats move laterally on water, which levels everything. It is one of the two great levelers.” Part elegy, part quest, Kayak Morning explores Roger’s years as a journalist, the comforts of literature, and the value of solitude, poignantly reminding us that grief is not apart from life but encompasses it. In recalling to us what we have lost, grief by necessity resurrects what we have had.

Lapham Rising

Author : Roger Rosenblatt
ISBN : 0060833629
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 59. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Harry March is something of a wreck and more than half nuts. Up until now, he has lived peacefully on an island in the Hamptons with his talking dog, Hector, a born-again Evangelical and unapologetic capitalist. But March’s life starts to completely unravel when Lapham—an ostentatious multimillionaire who made his fortune on asparagus tongs—begins construction of a gargantuan mansion just across the way. To Harry, Lapham’s monstrosity-to-be represents the fetid and corrupt excess that has ruined modern civilization. Which means, quite simply, that this is war.


Author : Roger Rosenblatt
ISBN : 0061344281
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 47 MB
Format : PDF
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Beet College is doomed...and nobody really cares. The Board of Trustees, led by developer Joel Bollovate, has squandered the endowment. Debutante-cum-self-styled-poet Matha Polite, an indiscriminate radical with a four-student following, wants to bring the institution down. Sweet-tempered terrorist hopeful Akim Ben Ladin (né Arthur Horowitz) sits in his off-campus cave and dreams about blowing Beet up. Faculty members are too busy concocting useless, trendy courses to do anything about it. Not to mention that American higher education is going down the tubes, one less lesser school isn't going to matter. So why is Professor Peace Porterfield trying to save Beet? Beats us.


Author : Jordi Alonso
ISBN : 1880977370
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 89. 9 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A first book of poems from an award-winning young poet, inspired by the fragments of Sappho.

La Vida Sacra

Author : James L. Empereur
ISBN : 0742551571
Genre : Religion
File Size : 40. 13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Presents an insightful approach to the sacraments from the perspective and actual practice of Latinos over the centuries. This work offers a distinctive take on the belief and enculturation of the sacraments in the Latino experience and context. It is suitable for theology courses, as well as directors of ministerial programs and their students.

We Have Seen The Lord

Author : William Barclay
ISBN : 0664258077
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44. 58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 516
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A popular Christian writer draws on the wisdom of the gospels to trace the last days of Jesus' earthly ministry, from his entrance into Jerusalem to his resurrection and appearances to his disciples.

The Human Heart

Author : Brendan Phibbs
ISBN : 0781767776
Genre : Medical
File Size : 83. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 128
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This basic text on the heart and heart diseases is geared to everyone on the cardiovascular care team, including emergency personnel, interns, residents, nurses, patients, and families. The thoroughly updated Second Edition describes current technologies for noninvasive diagnosis and treatment of coronary and vascular disease. Coverage includes a complete description of echocardiographic stress testing and new information on implanted defibrillators, indications for coronary arteriography, new drugs for heart failure, new cardiac resuscitation procedures, and use of ventricular synchronizing pacemakers. Also included are discussions of recently discovered lethal entities such as Brugada's syndrome, short QT syndrome, and the arrhythmogenic ventricle.

Truths For The People

Author : John Hunter Rutherford
ISBN : BL:A0021801225
Genre :
File Size : 33. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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Author : Nancy Reil Riojas
ISBN : 9781452444901
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 24. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 169
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(Children's Short Story - Ages 8 - 12) Steven finds a bird that falls out of its nest, and as it turns out, the tiny fowl is far, far from ordinary.

The Rabbi S Books

Author : Nancy Reil Riojas
ISBN : 9781466061385
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 896
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Rare books in the Rabbi's office reveal Jewish Holocaust truths not taught in schools, and 30 years later she lives to see it happen.

Our Only Safeguard

Author : John Alexander Hutton
ISBN : UCAL:$B717851
Genre : Christian life
File Size : 69. 40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 824
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Monster At My Window

Author : Nancy Reil Riojas
ISBN : 9781452469195
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45. 35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 379
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Fiends created by man achieve man's detestable covert scheme under the auspices of two megacorporations. Meanwhile terrorized residents on Picasso Lane know that three of their girls are kidnapped by escaped grotesque, blood thirsty beasts. Brave, loving fathers band together to war with them that interact inside five ominous storm drain tunnels underneath the city of Brownsville, Texas.

The Anointing Of His Spirit

Author : Smith Wigglesworth
ISBN : 0830733809
Genre : Religion
File Size : 36. 3 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 931
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The Anointing of His Spirit captures Smith Wigglesworth's message of faith. You will find the heart of a man who cried out to God on behalf of others, praying powerfully and effectively for healing and provision-spiritual financial, emotional and physical. Today his words still ring with power and continue to inspire incredible faith in those who hear them.

The Art Of Shakespeare S Sonnets

Author : Helen Vendler
ISBN : 9780674088603
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 50. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 297
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Helen Vendler, widely regarded as our most accomplished interpreter of poetry, here serves as an incomparable guide to some of the best-loved poems in the English language. In detailed commentaries on Shakespeare's 154 sonnets, Vendler reveals previously unperceived imaginative and stylistic features of the poems, pointing out not only new levels of import in particular lines, but also the ways in which the four parts of each sonnet work together to enact emotion and create dynamic effect.

Roadmap To The Heart Of God

Author : Nancy J McLoughlin
ISBN : 9781449744731
Genre : Religion
File Size : 65. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 157
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This books twenty-three chapters, when taken with a big gulp of humility and swallowed with a huge dose of courage, will lead you on a wild, exciting adventure of coming to know the heart of the God of the universe. Each chapter covers a stand-alone topic that, when assimilated into your thought process, will lead you a step closer to finding that incredible place where you know and embrace the truth: that youre a treasured child of the Most High God. As you walk through each subject, reading it with an open heart, dissecting it through answering the questions, and seeking the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to put your new knowledge into practice, you will find yourself traveling on a collision course with an intense, perfect love. At last you will come into complete union with your Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6), the One your heart has longed for since time began. So, fasten your seatbelts and join me for the ride of your lifethe one that will open your eyes, turn your world upside down, scare you half to death, and bring you the best life God has to offer you!

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