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Variations On The Body

Author : Michel Serres
ISBN : 9781937561284
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 74. 50 MB
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World-renowned philosopher, Michel Serres writes a text in praise of the body and movement, in praise of teachers of physical education, coaches, mountain guides, athletes, dancers, mimes, clowns, artisans, and artists. This work describes the variations, the admirable metamorphoses that the body can accomplish. While animals lack such a variety of gestures, postures, and movements, the fluidity of the human body mimics the leisure of living beings and things; what’s more, it creates signs. Already here, within its movements and metamorphoses, the mind is born. The five senses are not the only source of knowledge: it emerges, in large part, from the imitations the plasticity of the body allows. In it, with it, by it knowledge begins.

Variations On The Body

Author : María Ospina
ISBN : 156689610X
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50. 57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A constellation of short stories illustrates the complex, interrelated lives of women in and around Bogotá, Colombia. In six subtly connected vignettes, Variations on the Body explores the obsessions, desires, and idiosyncrasies of women and girls from every level of Colombian society. A former FARC guerilla fighter adjusts to urban life and faces the new violence of an editor co-opting her experiences. A woman documents a flea infestation with a catalog of the marks on her body. A child copes with anxiety about the adult world by concocting--and drinking--"dirt juice" every day in the garden. Combining humor, heartbreak, and unsettling violence, Ospina weaves a multifaceted picture of contemporary Bogotá in vibrant, gleaming prose.

Response Variations Of A Microphone Worn On The Human Body

Author : T. L. Muldoon
ISBN : UOM:39015078521559
Genre : Acoustical engineering
File Size : 83. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Pragmatist Variations On Ethical And Intercultural Life

Author : Lenart Skof
ISBN : 9780739175248
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 77. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is a book about pragmatism, intercultural philosophy, and ethics that attempts to bring to the fore the variations on the ethical and intercultural life of pragmatism, based on readings of William James, John Dewey, Richard Rorty, and Roberto Mangabeira Unger. To this foursome is added the leading feminist thinker of our age, Luce Irigaray.

Variations On Process Metaphysics

Author : Alexander Haitos
ISBN : 9781527549579
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 36. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book collects several essays on diverse aspects of Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy. Ranging from comparative and historical studies to explorations of contemporary influence to possibilities for transforming future inquiry, the topics covered here first and foremost point to the relevance of Whitehead’s philosophy for our time. From this core, the essays in this volume highlight a range of issues to which process philosophy speaks profitably. These include philosophical questions surrounding motion, the notion of life, and aesthetics, as well as the conjunction of process philosophy with political science and with neuroscience.

Transonic Wind Tunnel Investigation Of The Effects Of Aspect Ratio Spanwise Variations In Section Thickness Ratio And A Body Indentation On The Aerodynamic Characteristics Of A 45 C Sweptback Wing Body Combination

Author : Melvin M. Carmel
ISBN : UOM:39015086465195
Genre : Aerodynamics
File Size : 67. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A History Of The Progress On The Calculus Of Variations During The Xixth Century

Author : Isaac Todhunter
ISBN : BNC:1001923912
Genre :
File Size : 51. 52 MB
Format : PDF
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Temporal Variations Of The Cardiovascular System

Author : Thomas F.H. Schmidt
ISBN : 9783662027486
Genre : Medical
File Size : 62. 60 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Although it is widely recognized that there are significant variations in the circulation throughout the 24-hour day, these patterns have often been conceived as nuisance variables rather than functional differences. Responses of the circulation are examined here not as stable phenomena, but as integrated functions highly sensitive to environmental conditions, and driven by internal and external pacesetters. In this volume, cardiologists with a primary interest in hypertension or heart disease, chronobiologists, and psychologists join together for the first time to give the reader the opportunity to learn the extent and clinical significance of these changes from a chronobiological, behavioral and physiological perspective.

Variations On Truth

Author : Pol Vandevelde
ISBN : 9781441123015
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 54. 36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Bringing together leading scholars from across the world, this is a comprehensive survey of the latest phenomenological research into the perennial philosophical problem of 'truth'. Starting with an historical introduction chronicling the variations on truth at play in the Phenomenological tradition, the book explores how Husserl's methodology equips us with the tools to thoroughly explore notions of truth, reality and knowledge. From these foundations, the book goes on to explore and extend the range of approaches that contemporary phenomenological research opens up in the face of the most profound ontological and epistemological questions raised by the tradition. In the final section, the authors go further still and explore how phenomenology relates to other variations on truth offered up by hermeneutic, deconstructive and narrative approaches. Across the 12 essays collected in this volume, Variations on Truth explores and maps a comprehensive and rigorous alternative to mainstream analytic discussions of truth, reality and understanding.

The History Of The Variations Of The Protestant Churches

Author : Jacques Bénigne Bossuet
ISBN : HARVARD:32044019873322
Genre : Church history
File Size : 72. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Shakespeare And The Body Politic

Author : Bernard J. Dobski
ISBN : 9780739170960
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 78. 66 MB
Format : PDF
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The chapters in Shakespeare and the Body Politic examine the tensions between the passion and ambition of individuals and the limits of the political communities that encompass and inform them. Shakespeare provides his audiences and readers both timely and timeless political lessons through his diverse portraits of the body politic in his plays and poetry–from ancient city-states of Greece and Rome to the early modern cities and kingdoms of his own time.

The Variations Of Popery

Author : Samuel Edgar
ISBN : PSU:000053024381
Genre : Anti-Catholicism
File Size : 56. 9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An Elementary Treatise On The Calculus Of Variations

Author : John Hewitt Jellett
ISBN : OXFORD:600050036
Genre : Calculus of variations
File Size : 60. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Introduction To The Calculus Of Variations And Its Applications Second Edition

Author : Frederic Wan
ISBN : 0412051419
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 90. 37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This comprehensive text provides all information necessary for an introductory course on the calculus of variations and optimal control theory. Following a thorough discussion of the basic problem, including sufficient conditions for optimality, the theory and techniques are extended to problems with a free end point, a free boundary, auxiliary and inequality constraints, leading to a study of optimal control theory.

Differential Geometry And The Calculus Of Variations By Robert Hermann

Author :
ISBN : 0080955576
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 57. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this book, we study theoretical and practical aspects of computing methods for mathematical modelling of nonlinear systems. A number of computing techniques are considered, such as methods of operator approximation with any given accuracy; operator interpolation techniques including a non-Lagrange interpolation; methods of system representation subject to constraints associated with concepts of causality, memory and stationarity; methods of system representation with an accuracy that is the best within a given class of models; methods of covariance matrix estimation; methods for low-rank matrix approximations; hybrid methods based on a combination of iterative procedures and best operator approximation; and methods for information compression and filtering under condition that a filter model should satisfy restrictions associated with causality and different types of memory. As a result, the book represents a blend of new methods in general computational analysis, and specific, but also generic, techniques for study of systems theory ant its particular branches, such as optimal filtering and information compression. - Best operator approximation, - Non-Lagrange interpolation, - Generic Karhunen-Loeve transform - Generalised low-rank matrix approximation - Optimal data compression - Optimal nonlinear filtering

Human Biology

Author : Cecie Starr
ISBN : 9781285531748
Genre : Science
File Size : 78. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Clear, engaging, and visual, Starr and McMillan's HUMAN BIOLOGY teaches you the core concepts of human biology and prepares you to make well-informed decisions in your life. Each chapter opens with an application that highlights the relevance of biology and motivates the study of the topic. You then learn the basic concepts which help you think critically about these issues. Useful pedagogy such as section ending Take-Home Messages and a running glossary help you understand key concepts. At the end of the chapter, Your Future and Explore on Your Own sections demonstrate the impact and personal relevance of the content. Available with InfoTrac Student Collections Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Tony White S Animator S Notebook

Author : Tony White
ISBN : 9781136131974
Genre : Art
File Size : 87. 54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Apprentice yourself to a master of classical animation techniques with this beautiful handbook of insider tips and techniques. Apply age-old techniques to create flawless animations, whether you're working with pencil and animation paper or a 3D application.

Mri Of The Body

Author : Daniel Vanel
ISBN : 9783642875564
Genre : Medical
File Size : 27. 47 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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As with the introduction of x -ray computed tomography, much of the initial development of magnetic resonance applications tended to focus on the central nervous system. The development of magnetic resonance imaging applications to other organ systems such as the chest, abdomen, pelvis and extremities has lagged somewhat behind, awaiting technical improvements, and a broader user base. The past two years have seen a marked increase in imaging applications throughout the body, most notably the musculoskeletal system. It is in this regard, that MRI of the Body is a welcome arrival as a text which describes both basic principles of magnetic resonance ima ging and surveys the current status of magnetic resonance imaging applications throughout the body. The volume is concise, focused, clinically oriented, and abun dantly illustrated. In each organ system, the appropriate technical approach is discussed, the normal anatomic features are reviewed, and the range of pathologic appearances which may be encountered are described. The authors of the chapters provide a balanced overview of MR applications and describe both present limitations and future potential of magnetic resonance imaging applications in the organ system described.

On Female Body Experience

Author : Iris Marion Young
ISBN : 0198036639
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 60. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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Written over a span of more than two decades, the essays by Iris Marion Young collected in this volume describe diverse aspects of women's lived body experience in modern Western societies. Drawing on the ideas of several twentieth century continental philosophers--including Simone de Beauvoir, Martin Heidegger, Luce Irigaray, Julia Kristeva, and Maurice Merleau-Ponty--Young constructs rigorous analytic categories for interpreting embodied subjectivity. The essays combine theoretical description of experience with normative evaluation of the unjust constraints on their freedom and opportunity that continue to burden many women. The lead essay rethinks the purpose of the category of "gender" for feminist theory, after important debates have questioned its usefulness. Other essays include reflection on the meaning of being at home and the need for privacy in old age residences as well as essays that analyze aspects of the experience of women and girls that have received little attention even in feminist theory--such as the sexuality of breasts, or menstruation as punctuation in a woman's life story. Young describes the phenomenology of moving in a pregnant body and the tactile pleasures of clothing. While academically rigorous, the essays are also written with engaging style, incorporating vivid imagery and autobiographical narrative. On Female Body Experience raises issues and takes positions that speak to scholars and students in philosophy, sociology, geography, medicine, nursing, and education.

The Body Emblazoned

Author : Jonathan Sawday
ISBN : 9781134526420
Genre : Art
File Size : 32. 92 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An outstanding piece of scholarship and a fascinating read, The Body Emblazoned is a compelling study of the culture of dissection the English Renaissance, which informed intellectual enquiry in Europe for nearly two hundred years. In this outstanding work, Jonathan Sawday explores the dark, morbid eroticism of the Renaissance anatomy theatre, and relates it to not only the great monuments of Renaissance art, but to the very foundation of the modern idea of knowledge. Though the dazzling displays of the exterior of the body in Renaissance literature and art have long been a subject of enquiry, The Body Emblazoned considers the interior of the body, and what it meant to men and women in early modern culture. A richly interdisciplinary work, The Body Emblazoned re-assesses modern understanding of the literature and culture of the Renaissance and its conceptualization of the body within the domains of the medical and moral, the cultural and political.

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