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Vienna Retribution

Author : Guy Adams
ISBN : 178703450X
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Lucinda Retribution

Author : Terry Thorp
Genre : Fiction
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This is Book 2 in the Lucinda Trilogy. Joe, Lucinda's friend, has disappeared when his attempt at time travel went wrong. Where did he go? Can Lucinda, a powerful psychic, energy intuitive and a veteran of time travel, find him and return him safely to the present? The Ninth Master discovers who killed his parents when he was four years old and the secret they held for which they were murdered. This leads him on to search for two Crucifixion nails, relics of great power, held by the Fallen Lords of the Paths of Darkness. Lucinda joins him in the search which takes them to an unexpected location. Meanwhile, the world is approaching over closer to apocalyptic disaster after the Great Lord, Anzu, makes an appearance.

Retribution And Reparation In The Transition To Democracy

Author : Jon Elster
ISBN : 1107320534
Genre : Political Science
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The contributions in this volume offer a comprehensive analysis of transitional justice from 1945 to the present. They focus on retribution against the leaders and agents of the autocratic regime preceding the democratic transition, and on reparation to its victims. Part I contains general theoretical discussions of retribution and reparation. The essays in Part II survey transitional justice in the wake of World War II, covering Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Norway. In Part III, the contributors discuss more recent transitions in Argentina, Chile, Eastern Europe, the former German Democratic Republic, and South Africa, including a chapter on the reparation of injustice in some of these transitions. The editor provides a general introduction, brief introductions to each part, and a conclusion that looks beyond regime transitions to broader issues of rectifying historical injustice.

Genocide And Retribution

Author : R.L. Braham
ISBN : 9789400966871
Genre : Law
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During the dark years of the Holocaust, many of the millions of labor and concentration camp victims were sustained in their struggle for survival by the hope that their tormentors would not escape retribution. This expectation was reinforced by the warnings issued by the statesmen of the anti-Axis coalition and the declarations of the United States, Great Britain, and the USSR. Shortly after the cessation of hostilities, war crimes trials were indeed initiated in all parts of liberated Europe. Many of the accused were indicted, among other things, for crimes committed against Jews. People's tribunals for the prosecution of war crimes and crimes against humanity were also estab lished in Romania, a country that extricated itself from the Axis Alliance on 23 August 1944. The Romanian people's tribunals were set up and operated under the provi sions of Law No. 312, issued by the Ministry ofJustice on 21 April 1945. One ofthese tribunals was established in Cluj (Kolozsvar) and entrusted primarily with the prosecution of those involved in the violation of the rights of people living in Northern Transylvania, the part of the province that was transferred to Hungary under the terms of the Second Vienna Award (August 1940) and which remained under Hungarian rule from early September 1940 until its liberation by Soviet-Romanian forces in the fall of 1944. The crimes committed against the citizens of Northern Transylvania both within and outside the province were the subject of two major trials.

Crime Minister Retribution Book 5

Author : Ian Barclay
ISBN : 9780446567572
Genre : Fiction
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Book #5 in the Ian Barclay series. An entire American family cut down in the sleepy Dutch countryside. U.S. tour groups shredded to ribbons outside Buckingham Palace's stately halls and in Paris' bustling marketplace. all courtesy of the New Arab Social Front, a splinter group of the PLO determined to keep European countries from signing a treaty that could end terrorism once and for all.

The Grand Spas Of Central Europe

Author : David Clay Large
ISBN : 9781442222373
Genre : History
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The Grand Spas of Central Europe leads readers on an irresistible tour through the grand spa towns of Central Europe—fabled places like Baden-Baden, Bad Ems, Bad Gastein, Karlsbad, and Marienbad. Noted historian David Clay Large follows the grand spa story from Greco-Roman antiquity to the present, focusing especially on the years between the French Revolution and World War II, a period in which the major Central European Kurorte (“cure-towns”) reached their peak of influence and then slipped into decline. Written with verve and affection, the book explores the grand spa towns, which in their prime were an equivalent of today’s major medical centers, rehab retreats, golf resorts, conference complexes, fashion shows, music festivals, and sexual hideaways—all rolled into one. Conventional medicine being quite primitive through most of this era, people went to the spas in hopes of curing everything from cancer to gout. But often as not “curists” also went to play, to be entertained, and to socialize. In their heyday the grand spas were hotbeds of cultural creativity, true meccas of the arts. High-level politics was another grand spa specialty, with statesmen descending on the Kurorte to negotiate treaties, craft alliances, and plan wars. This military scheming was just one aspect of a darker side to the grand spa story, one rife with nationalistic rivalries, ethnic hatred, and racial prejudice. The grand spas, it turns out, were microcosms of changing sociopolitical realities—not at all the “timeless” oases of harmony they often claimed to be. The Grand Spas of Central Europe holds up a gilt-framed but clear-eyed mirror to the ever-changing face of European society—dimples, warts, and all.

Retribution An Eye For An Eye

Author : M.W. Fletcher
ISBN : 9781783334551
Genre : Fiction
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The seizing of a British yacht by the Libyans, is followed by the OSC going in to rescue the high profile passenger and the crew. The cost; one of Colonel Gadhafi’s sons is killed. A London Bank is raided with the occupants taken hostages. One of the hostages a young woman from Russia is executed in cold blood in front of the television cameras. Three brothers attached to the SPETSNAZ in Moscow whilst watching the world news, recognise the young woman as their sister. Whilst practicing; covering the fourth stage of the Dakar rally across the Libyan section; The Prime Minister’s son is taken prisoner by Gadhafi. The British Prime Minister is given a ten-day deadline to comply with a single demand, for the return of her son. In the following days, The Prime Minister comes under attack on her own front door, Downing Street. The Police officer in charge of the Bank heist is also attacked by gunmen. Four men; from two totally different countries want Retribution against the British Prime Minister. This could bring the country into a war with two countries, one of which is a nuclear super power. If ever Max Storm and the OSC were needed it was surely now. Britain’s first and last line of offence.

A Death In Vienna

Author : Frank Tallis
ISBN : 9780802191649
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20. 60 MB
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“[An] elegant historical mystery . . . stylishly presented and intelligently resolved” set at the dawn of psychoanalysis (The New York Times Book Review). In Vienna at the turn of the twentieth century, Max Liebermann, a contemporary of Sigmund Freud’s, is at the forefront of psychoanalysis, practicing the controversial new science with all the skill of a master detective. Every dream, inflection, or slip of tongue in his “hysterical” patients has meaning and reveals some hidden truth. When beautiful medium Charlotte Löwenstein dies under extraordinary circumstances, Max’s good friend, Detective Oskar Rheinhardt, calls for his expert assistance. Her body has been found in a room that can only be locked from the inside. She’s been shot through the heart, but there’s no gun and absolutely no trace of a bullet. All signs point to a supernatural killer, but Liebermann the scientist is not so easily convinced. Especially when one of Charlotte’s clients is also found in a locked room—this time bludgeoned to death. Unfolding in the Vienna of Klimt and Mahler, a time of unprecedented activity in the worlds of philosophy, science, and art, A Death in Vienna is “an engrossing portrait of a legendary period as well as a brain teaser of startling perplexity” (Chicago Tribune).

Beyond Retribution

Author : Traggy Maepa
ISBN : STANFORD:36105121952852
Genre : Criminal justice, Administration of
File Size : 45. 74 MB
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This monograph argues that internationally, restorative justice has been carefully considered and a high degree of consensus about the approach exists. South Africa is now well positioned -- in terms of the policy environment, existing practice as well as practitioners' perceptions -- for using restorative justice methods in the day-to-day handling of criminal offences. In doing so, the main challenge will be providing effective training on the aims, outcomes and applications of the process.

Culture And Political Crisis In Vienna

Author : John W. Boyer
ISBN : 0226069613
Genre : History
File Size : 43. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this sequel to Political Radicalism in Late Imperial Vienna, John Boyer picks up the history of the Christian Social movement after founder Karl Lueger's rise to power in Vienna in 1897 and traces its evolution from a group of disparate ward politicians, through its maturation into the largest single party in the Austrian parliament by 1907, to its major role in Imperial politics during the First World War. Boyer argues that understanding the unprecedented success that this dissident bourgeois political group had in transforming the basic tenets of political life is crucial to understanding the history of the Central European state and the ways in which it was slowly undermined by popular electoral politics. The movement's efforts to save the Austrian Empire by trying to create an economically integrated but ethnically pluralistic state are particularly enlightening today in the shadow of ethnic violence in Sarajevo, where began the end of the Austrian Empire in 1914. The most comprehensive account of any mass political movement in late-nineteenth century Central Europe, this two- volume work is crucial reading for anyone interested in Hapsburg history, German history or the history of social democracy.

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