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The Flight Of Life

Author : Shaul Ringler
ISBN : 0960005323
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 34. 14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Autobiography of a Jewish pilot and all his adventures over his 43 years in aviation

View From The Cockpit

Author : Archie Lawson
ISBN : 9781594679254
Genre : Religion
File Size : 89. 82 MB
Format : PDF
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View From the Cockpit: Looking Up is written for those interested in flying, those who appreciate unique stories, and those excited about seeing how God works wonders in mighty ways.

Views From The Cockpit

Author : Ross Victory; J. Ross Victory
ISBN : 9780578471631
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 28. 99 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son is a memoir born from pain. Page by page, year by year, tender father-son memories of airplane watching transform into nightmarish, turbulent family drama. Upon the discovery that his father had been the victim of elder abuse as his health was rapidly deteriorating, Ross finds himself reevaluating the decisions his father made throughout his life. With an unshakable ending, Ross’ probing dissection of a man he thought he knew reckons with disloyalty, depression, religion and death, leaving no stone unturned. Through sharp, sometimes hilariously brash analysis, decorated in plane metaphors and imagery, Ross expresses his commitment to truth with sincerity and transparency. He reaches for forgiveness, understanding and compromise in the face of absurdity and uncompromising rigidity. Ultimately, he contemplates a different “flight path” drawn from past lessons. He encourages readers to do the same. A must-read for sons, fathers and families. Book-club discussion guide included.

Panorama The Missing Chapter From The Memoir Views From The Cockpit

Author : Ross Victory
ISBN : 9780578602158
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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After enduring a severe panic attack which left the author attached to breathing machines around foreign doctors, the bisexual-themed Panorama—The Missing Chapter of Views from the Cockpit: The Journey of a Son, expands on the author’s experiences working and living abroad in Seoul, South Korea. After a friendship ignites and morphs into a curious tale of parallel souls with a Brazilian-American soldier serving in the U.S. military, Panorama reflects on the author’s contemplations to return to a crumbling family life in Los Angeles or to endure his life in Seoul for an end-of-contract cash payout, until things take an unexpected turn. In Panorama, the author broadens his stance on the importance of moments spotlighting isolation and exposing the perks and ailments of escapism. With precise prose and a thought-provoking storyline that covers eating live octopus, philosophical debates about the gender of God, pregnancy, and bisexual erasure—Panorama stands tall as its own connected yet separate story. After the author buried his father and brother within a three-year time span, the author attempts to heal past wounds by reframing pain and loss into resilience and personal achievement and provide a template for readers to do the same. ​ The author reminds readers that as daunting as the vicissitudes of life, and no matter the view from the cockpit of life, the human spirit cannot, and should not, be restrained in loss or passion, and while truth may be the bitterest pill of them all, the effects of truth can bring us closer to an unbroken life. Panorama is best read directly after Views from the Cockpit. Panorama puts biphobia under a microscope by exposing double discrimination toward bi people against cultural intersections of race and religion. ​ Core topics: International adventure, masculinity, romance, bisexuality Content warning: Adult material (language and erotic descriptions) --------- Dr. Ritch C. Savin-Williams, Ph.D., Cornell University, Author of “Mostly Straight: Sexual Fluidity among Men” ​ "In this small book are two masterpieces, a riveting remembrance of several life-altering experiences and relationships the author began in Seoul, South Korea, and an essay, let's call it part tirade, part profound reflection on our view of men, masculinity, sexuality, and romance. You cannot stop until finished because there is no midway, no stopping point as you become a part of his world. After nearly every sentence you scream with or at his observations either with critical reflections or ecstasy. Ross has his pulse on his generation and the most precarious issues confronting sexuality and romance." Read the full expert review ​ Dr. Kristie Overstreet Ph.D., LPCC, CST, Host of Fix Yourself First Podcast ​ "Ross's exploration of sexuality and spirituality is a breath of fresh air in a world full of oppression and discrimination. His writing will have you on the edge of your seat anticipating what comes next. His courage and vulnerability come across on every page, which challenges you to explore your own." ​ ​ Lizet –Founder of a Black Millennial Perspective on Sex, Sexuality, and Relationships ​ "Panorama is a soul-baring look at how one man reckons with identity and healing past wounds...Victory’s positioning of his bisexuality within the larger story arc is a needed reminder that hypermasculinity and biphobia do more than just oppress people who are on the receiving end of it; they develop a form of spiritual death. I often found myself wanting to shake the author back to reality. The fundamental question the book wants us to answer: “where do we find love?” and its companion, “what do we do with it once we’ve found it?” ​ ​ Jodie Shea, LMFT , Relationship, Sex & IFS Therapist, Pillow Talk Therapy ​ "Ross provides an enlightened new view of sexuality that transcends the physical body. He shares his personal experiences with the struggles of being a Black bisexual male, dating across cultural lines personally and geographically, and the biases within the LGBT community as a whole. Ross' voice is one that is gravely needed to normalize these experiences and push the newer generations into a more progressive future." ​ William E. Burleson, Author of Bi America - Myths, Truths, and Struggles of an Invisible Community ​ "From Korea to L.A. to São Paulo by way of New York, Ross Victory’s genre-busting novella challenges all assumptions about culture, race and bisexuality. Complicated, and not at all conventional— Victory presents us with no easy answers."

Torpedo Squadron Four A Cockpit View Of World War Ii

Author : Gerald W. Thomas
ISBN : 9780982870907
Genre : Fighter pilots
File Size : 70. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Thomas, in the only combat account of World War II Torpedo Bomber pilot ever published, relates his 25 months of service with Torpedo Squadron 4 (VT-4) on the USS RANGER, USS BUNKER HILL, and USS ESSEX. Thomas served in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters, and in some of the most important World War II battles. While on the RANGER, he participated in OPERATION LEADER, the most significant attack on Northern Europe by a US carrier during the war. During LEADER, while attacking a freight barge carrying 40 tons of ammunition, Thomas' plane was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Surprisingly, in spite of the considerable engine damage, the plane made it back to the RANGER, where Thomas crash-landed. That landing was his 13th official carrier landing. In the Pacific, Thomas participated in the numerous actions against Japanese targets in the Philippines, including strikes on Ormoc Bay, Cavite, Manilla, Santa Cruz, San Fernando, Lingayen, Mindoro, Clark Field and Aparri. Following these actions, Thomas' squadron made strikes on Formosa, French Indo-China, Saigon, Pescadores, Hainan, Amami O Shima, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, and Japan. The attack on Japan was the first attack on Japan from an aircraft carrier since the "Doolittle Raid." While on the ESSEX, just after Thomas had returned from a strike on Santa Cruz, the ship was hit by a Kamikaze piloted by Yoshinori Yamaguchi, Yoshino Special Attack Corps. Yamaguchi was flying a Yokosuba D4Y3 dive bomber. The Kamikaze attack killed 16 crewman and wounded 44. Returning from a strike on Hainan, off the Chinese coast, Thomas' plane ran out of fuel. After a harrowing water landing, Thomas and squadron photographer Montague succeeded in inflating and launching one rubber boat and his crewman Gress another. After a long day in pre-Typhoon weather with 40 foot swells, the three were rescued by the USS SULLIVANS. In recounting the events in this book, Thomas draws upon his daily journal, his letters home, and extensive interviews and research conducted over 40 years with fellow pilots and crewman. The book cites 20 interviews and 5 combat journals, and contains 209 photos documenting the ships, planes, men, and combat actions of Torpedo Squadron 4. Many of the photographs were collected by Thomas during the war and include gun photo shots, recon photos, and, remarkably, a picture of the tail of Thomas' Torpedo plane as it sinks in the China Sea following his water crash landing.

Cockpit Monitoring And Alerting Systems

Author : Paul M. Satchell
ISBN : 9781351950770
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 59. 35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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While monitoring of computer-controlled systems is widespread, it is critically important in the cockpit of current passenger aircraft. Such monitoring requires special vigilance for those rare untoward events, which may be new to the pilot and which can have devastating consequences. This book uses a multidisciplinary approach to address this problem of sustaining attention while monitoring. It outlines and explains alternative ways of viewing the processes needed to prevent Human Factors accidents; it examines the use and limitations of cockpit resource management programmes in inducing behavioural and attitudinal changes appropriate for highly automated flight decks. The author’s approach deals rigorously with the physiological mechanisms underlying vigilance, arousal and stress, delineating clearly those that are relevant to the monitoring function. The three parts cover: monitoring problems and processes; monitoring measurement and alerting systems; and monitoring management. In the last part the author details management plans and guidance for monitoring assisted systems based on his understanding of the problems of continued human vigilance. Readership: pilots and training pilots; cockpit resource management groups; monitoring management specialists; university aviation departments; road and rail transport groups; those operating nuclear and large process installations.

Behind The Flight Deck Door

Author : Brett Manders
ISBN : 0648235602
Genre : Travel
File Size : 87. 82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Ever wondered what goes on inside the cockpit of a passenger plane? Ever wanted to know how a jet engine works or what happens if a plane is struck by lightning? Behind the Flight Deck Door provides insider knowledge about everything you have ever wanted to ask a pilot! Since 9/11, flight decks of modern airliners have become off-limits to the flying public. This is despite the fact every year more people take to the skies than ever before. Pilot Brett Manders wants to help you become a savvy traveller by providing insider tips, expert knowledge, and an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes to get you up in the air. All told with a dash of humor, this book will demystify the art of airline travel, address those urban legends, and settle the nerves of any anxious flyers. Simple, concise explanations cover a multitude of things passengers have asked Brett and his colleagues over the years. What is a small technical delay? Can the cabin door be opened mid-flight? How much do pilots really earn and do they get free flights? Can you get stuck to the toilet? Is it still possible to view the flight deck? Brett Manders is a pilot with an Australian Airline. He has over 10,000 hours flying experience on Airbus A320, A321, A330 and Boeing B787 Dreamliner aircraft. Praise for Behind the Flight Deck Door "Brett's uncomplicated, honest, and easy to understand book is a welcome addition on any flight. It offers an enlightening point of view of the all-important necessity of air travel with rare glimpses of the secret world airline pilots inhabit." JULIE POSTANCE, AUTHOR, BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIERS "I really enjoyed reading this as it is an easy read, and really relatable and quite entertaining. As a nervous flyer myself it was quite interesting and reassuring to read all the different things that go on behind the scenes and learn about the ins and outs of flying." SARAH EMERSON, NERVOUS FLYER "This book has so much valuable knowledge that every passenger wants to know and ask. So many things about aircraft, airlines and airports are such a mystery to many people, it is nice to have it explained is simple terms. After reading, I feel lots of little things that bothered me have been put in perspective and it has helped my fear of flying significantly. Behind the Flight Deck Door is a must have book for anyone who travels on airlines!" NISHA SHARMA, NERVOUS FLYER

Scenario Based Training With X Plane And Microsoft Flight Simulator

Author : Bruce Williams
ISBN : 9781118233290
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 376
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Fly toward pilot certification with these real-world scenario exercises Although PC-based flight simulations have been available for 30 years, many pilots, instructors, and flight schools don't understand how best to use these tools in real-world flight training and pilot proficiency programs. This invaluable reference bridges the gap between simulation tools and real-world situations by presenting hands-on, scenario-based exercises and training tips for the private pilot certificate and instrument rating. As the first of its kind based on FAA-Industry Training Standards (FITS), this book steers its focus on a scenario-based curriculum that emphasizes real-world situations. Experienced pilot and author Bruce Williams ultimately aims to engage the pilot, reinforce the "realistic" selling point of PC-based flight simulations, while also complementing the FAA-approved FITS syllabi. Serves as essential reading for pilots who want to make effective use of simulation in their training while expanding their skill level and enjoyment of flying Covers private pilot real-world scenarios and instrument rating scenarios Includes a guide to recommended websites and other resources Features helpful charts as well as a glossary You'll take off towards pilot certification with this invaluable book by your side.

Structural Analysis And Design Of Airplanes

Author : Engineering Division McCook Field
ISBN : 1929148461
Genre : Science
File Size : 53. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 554
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Open Cockpit Over Africa

Author : Victor Smith
ISBN : 9781475920949
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 22. 67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 409
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This intimate account of what it was like to fly open-cockpit, single engined aircraft over the length and breadth of primitive Africa in the early 1930s has been written by one of the pioneers of the African air-routes, Victor Smith. Smith is in fact the last of that intrepid breed of pilots who risked their lives, and their machines, in a determined bid to open up the Darkest Continent and to reduce traveling times between Africa and Europe.

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