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Viking Weapons And Warfare

Author : J. Kim Siddorn
ISBN : 0752428470
Genre : History
File Size : 27. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A history of Viking Weapons & Warfare

Weapons And Warfare In Viking And Medieval Dublin

Author : Andrew Halpin
ISBN : 090177779X
Genre : Excavations (Archaeology)
File Size : 52. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Vikings At War

Author : Kim Hjardar
ISBN : 9781612004549
Genre : History
File Size : 90. 96 MB
Format : PDF
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An illustrated guide to Viking warfare from strategy and weapons to culture and tradition: “a very excellent introduction to the Viking age as a whole” (Justin Pollard, historical consultant for the Amazon television series Vikings). From the time when sailing was first introduced to Scandinavia, Vikings reached virtually every corner of Europe and even America with their raids and conquests. Wherever Viking ships roamed, enormous suffering followed in their wake, but the encounters between cultures also brought immense change to both European and Nordic societies. In Vikings at War, historian Kim Hjardar presents a comprehensive overview of Viking weapons technology, military traditions and tactics, offensive and defensive strategies, fortifications, ships, and command structure. The most crucial element of the Viking’s success was their strategy of arriving by sea, attacking with great force, and withdrawing quickly. In their militarized society, honor was everything, and ruining one’s posthumous reputation was considered worse than death itself. Vikings at War features more than 380 color illustrations, including beautiful reconstruction drawings, maps, cross-section drawings of ships, line-drawings of fortifications, battle plan reconstructions, and photos of surviving artifacts, including weapons and jewelry. Winner of Norway’s Saga Prize, Vikings at War is now available in English with this new translation. “A magnificent piece of work [that] I’d recommend to anyone with an interest in the Viking period.” —Justin Pollard, historical consultant for the Amazon television series Vikings

Norse Warfare

Author : Martina Sprague
ISBN : 0781811767
Genre : History
File Size : 80. 8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this thorough and evocative analysis, Martina Sprague tackles the myth of the Vikings, their unconventional battle tactics, cunning strategies, and bold use of any means at their disposal. From the innovative shipbuilding methods that produced flexible hulls and the ability to glide silently into shallow water, to Asatro, the polytheistic religion that honored the god of war, Sprague casts a fresh light and a scholarly eye on these fiercely independent people.

Viking Weapons And Combat Techniques

Author : William R. Short
ISBN : 1594162174
Genre : History
File Size : 50. 1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A source of enduring fascination, the Vikings are the most famous raiders of medieval Europe. Despite the exciting and compelling descriptions in the Icelandic sagas and other contemporary accounts that have fueled this interest, we know comparatively little about Viking age arms and armor as compared to weapons from other historical periods. We know even less about how the weapons were used. While the sagas provide few specific combat details, the stories are invaluable. They were written by authors familiar with the use of weapons for an audience that, likewise, knew how to use them. Critically, the sagas describe how these weapons were wielded not by kings or gods, but by ordinary men, as part of their everyday lives. Viking Weapons and Combat Techniques provides an introduction to the arms and armor of the people who lived in Northern Europe during the Viking age, roughly the years 793-1066. Using a variety of available sources, including medieval martial arts treatises, and copiously illustrated with images of historical artifacts, battle sites, and demonstrations of modern replicas of Viking weapons, the author and his colleagues at Hurstwic (a Viking-age living history organization) and at the Higgins Armory Sword Guild have reconstructed the combat techniques of the Viking age and what is known about the defensive and offensive weapons of the time in general. Throughout, the author corrects some popular misconceptions about Viking warriors and warfare, such as the belief that their combat techniques were crude and blunt rather than sophisticated. In addition, the book provides an overview of Viking history and culture, focusing on the importance of weapons to the society as well as the Vikings' lasting impact on Europe through their expeditions of trade and exploration.

Weapons And Warfare In Anglo Saxon England

Author : Sonia Chadwick Hawkes
ISBN : UVA:X002074788
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Thirteen essays on the practice of war in Anglo-Saxon times, from weapon types to social effects.

Weapons Of The Viking Warrior

Author : Gareth Williams
ISBN : 9781472818362
Genre : Antiques & Collectibles
File Size : 44. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Between the late 8th and late 11th century Viking warriors had a massive impact not just in northern Europe, but across a huge arc from the western Mediterranean round through northern Europe and the Baltic to the Middle East and Central Asia. Their success depended in part on their skills in battle, their unique sense of strategic mobility, and on the quality of their weapons and equipment. Written by an expert on early medieval weaponry, this book examines the weapons of the typical Viking warrior, dispels some of the myths of the popular image, such as double-headed axes, and considers the range of weapons that actually underpinned the Vikings' success including bows and arrows. Drawing upon contemporary literary and historical accounts from the North Atlantic to the Arab world, surviving examples of weapons and armour, and practical experimentation and reconstructions by modern weapon-smiths and re-enactors, this study casts new light on how Viking weapons were made and used in battle.

Warfare And Society In The Barbarian West 450 900

Author : Guy Halsall
ISBN : 9781134553884
Genre : History
File Size : 48. 94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Guy Halsall relates warfare to many aspects of medieval life, economy, society and politics.This book recovers its distinctiveness, looking at warfare in a rounded context in the British Isles and Western Europe between the end of the Roman Empire and the break-up of the Carolingian Empire. Examining the raising and organization of early medieval armies and looks at the conduct of campaigns, the survey also includes a study of the equipment of warriors and the horrific experience of battle as well as an analysis of medieval fortifications and siege warfare. Warfare and Society in the Barbarian West uses historical and archaeological evidence in a rigorous and sophisticated fashion. It stresses regional variations but also places Anglo-Saxon England in the mainstream of the military developments in this era, and in the process, provides an outstanding resource for students of all levels.

The Viking Invaders

Author : Louise Spilsbury
ISBN : 9781474777865
Genre :
File Size : 45. 34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Uncover some of the most chilling practices of the Vikings. This book explores all the gruesome details, from rituals and rites to battles and sieges, with a detail that young readers will love! Prepare to be horrified by the customs and culture of the Vikings!

Anglo Saxon Weapons And Warfare

Author : Richard Underwood
ISBN : STANFORD:36105024332939
Genre : Anglo-Saxons
File Size : 35. 40 MB
Format : PDF
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A survey describing the weapons and equipment of the Anglo-Saxon warrior during the three-and-a-half centuries from the end of Roman Britain to the arrival of the Vikings (AD 450-800).

Weapons Of The Vikings

Author : Matt Doeden
ISBN : 9781429623353
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 42. 69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Describes the weapons of Viking warriors, including hand-to-hand combat weapons, long range weapons, defenses, and transportation"--Provided by publisher.

Vikings War And The Fall Of The Carolingians

Author : Steve Bivans
ISBN : 1974482561
Genre :
File Size : 75. 29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Fan of the Vikings History Channel show? The Last Kingdom? 13th Warrior? Have questions, like: Who were the Vikings? * Illiterate, mindless barbarians bent on the destruction of Christendom? * Swashbuckling Columbuses unaware of the larger world around them? "There's nothing on the other side of the North Sea, Ragnar!" * Agents from hell, sent to punish bad Christians? * Were they really that violent? * Why Attack Europe? * Why were they so successful? * How many Vikings were there? * Were there women Vikings like Lagertha? While the entertainment industry has focused on the Viking wars and raids in Britain, their invasions into Francia have largely been ignored. But a full understanding of the Viking Age must include this part of the story.Thankfully, we have historical documents from the period to give us that story. The Annals of St-Vaast--never before published in English--is one of the key sources for their adventures in the Kingdom of the Franks.Written in the last quarter of the 9th century, they cover the height of Viking invasions on the continent of Europe. The annals are a great companion for anyone interested in the perspective of the Christian world in this turbulent century. What you'll find inside this book: * The story of the great Siege of Paris! * The destruction of the Carolingian dynasty. * Intrigue, murder, treason, rebellion, and feuds between the Frankish Kings, their dukes, counts, and bishops. * Medieval Military History!: strategy, tactics, weapons, and logistics. * Professional historical analysis of the source. * An invitation to a Free Video Course on the Vikings, instructed by the author himself. * A sample of the author's upcoming historical-fiction novel, Anno Draconis, based on the Vikings in France, as well as a Free Advanced Copy and an exclusive invitation to the Official Launch Team for the book! If: * You're a fan of a movie or TV show looking for answers to questions you have about the Vikings? * You're a history geek looking for a new, previously untranslated, unpublished primary source for the Vikings, Francia, Charles the Fat, or the late Carolingian dynasty? Then Vikings, War and the Fall of the Carolingians is the book for you! Be bold, like a Viking, and scroll back up to the top of the page and BUY THIS BOOK! But pack your helmet, sword, and shield, because it's gonna be a rough ride, Ragnar.

The History Of Warfare

Author : Matthew Bennett
ISBN : 9780785834618
Genre : History
File Size : 42. 75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Visual approach to military history combining nineteenth-century engravings, artworks, and diagrams with a text featuring a chronological and cultural review of tactics and technology supplemented by thumbnail studies of individual items of arms and armor.

Medieval Weapons

Author : Kelly DeVries
ISBN : 9781851095261
Genre : History
File Size : 24. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This fascinating reference covers the weapons and armor used by warriors from the 4th to the 15th century and discusses how and why they changed over time. * Narrative chapters follow the development of medieval weapons and armor in four periods: early medieval (376–750), Carolingian (750–1050), the Crusades (1050–1300), and late medieval (1300–1550) * The chronological reference section features vivid illustrations of representative swords, bows, cudgels, shields, and increasingly more sophisticated armor

Tools Of War

Author : Syed Ramsey
ISBN : 9789386019806
Genre : History
File Size : 30. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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There are a wide range of ancient weapons from around the globe. Ancient weapons are often advancements on the earlier phase of weapons development, the primitive weapons man first created for hunting and warfare. However, some have no primitive predecessors, like the sword. Swords can only be crafted through a forging process that had not been invented in the earliest phase of weapon construction. Ancient weapons come in three forms, ranged weapons, melee (close combat) and siege weapons. Many of these weapons, like the sword, are almost universally known while others like the bizarre hunga-munga are little known and defy classification. The age of ancient weapons technically ended with the dawn of the medieval period, but these human powered weapons continued to dominate battlefields up until the ascendance of firearms. However, they can still be found on battlefields up to this very day. This book has been written keeping in view the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students and research scholars in the area of Military History & weapons and warfare.

Medieval Warfare

Author : Maurice Keen
ISBN : 9780191647383
Genre : History
File Size : 41. 91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This richly illustrated book explores over seven hundred years of European warfare, from the time of Charlemagne to the end of the middle ages (c.1500). The period covered has a distinctive character in military history. It was an age when organization for war was integral to social structure, when the secular aristocrat was by necessity also a warrior, and whose culture was profoundly influenced by martial ideas. Twelve scholars, experts in their own fields, have contributed to this finely illustrated book. It is divided into two parts. Part I seeks to explore the experience of war viewed chronologically with separate chapters on, for instance, the Viking age, on the wars and expansion of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, on the Crusades and on the great Hundred Years War between England and France. The chapters in Part II trace thematically the principal developments in the art of warfare; in fortification and siege craft; in the role of armoured cavalrymen; in the employment of mercenary forces; the advent of gunpowder artillery; and of new skills in navigation and shipbuilding. In both parts of the book, the overall aim has been to offer the general reader an impression, not just of the where and the when of great confrontations, but above all of the social experience of warfare in the middle ages, and of the impact of its demands on human resources and human endurance.

Warfare In The Medieval World

Author : Chris Marshall
ISBN : 0817254439
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 43. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 405
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Provides an overview of the evolution of military conflicts from the fifth through the fifteenth centuries, describing changes in the make-up of the armies, fighting tactics, and weapons.

Ancient Weapons In Britain

Author : Logan Thompson
ISBN : 9781473811867
Genre : History
File Size : 59. 99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 196
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A groundbreaking study of the weaponry used in combat thousands of years ago. Few accounts of ancient warfare have looked at how the weapons were made and how they were actually used in combat. Logan Thompson's pioneering survey traces the evolution of weapons in Britain across three thousand years, from the Bronze Age to the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Insights gained from painstaking practical research and technical analysis shed new light on the materials used, the processes of manufacture, the development of the weapons, and their effectiveness. His account features new information about the weapons themselves and their origin and design—as well as a fascinating new perspective on the practice of early warfare.

Weapons Warfare Ancient And Medieval Weapons And Warfare To 1500

Author : John Powell
ISBN : 1587650010
Genre : Military art and science
File Size : 62. 80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 879
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An international reference to the weapons, tactics, and strategies that have been used from earliest history to the present.

The Northmen S Fury

Author : Philip Parker
ISBN : 9781448156450
Genre : History
File Size : 69. 82 MB
Format : PDF
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The Northmen’s Fury tells the Viking story, from the first pinprick raids of the eighth century to the great armies that left their Scandinavian homelands to conquer larger parts of France, Britain and Ireland. It recounts the epic voyages that took them across the Atlantic to the icy fjords of Greenland and to North America over four centuries before Columbus and east to the great rivers of Russia and the riches of the Byzantine empire. One summer’s day in 793, death arrived from the sea. The raiders who sacked the island monastery of Lindisfarne were the first Vikings, sea-borne attackers who brought two centuries of terror to northern Europe. Before long the sight of their dragon-prowed longships and the very name of Viking gave rise to fear and dread, so much so that monks were reputed to pray each night for delivery from ‘the Northmen’s Fury’. Yet for all their reputation as bloodthirsty warriors, the Vikings possessed a sophisticated culture that produced art of great beauty, literature of abiding power and kingdoms of surprising endurance. The Northmen’s Fury describes how and why a region at the edge of Europe came to dominate and to terrorise much of the rest of the continent for nearly three centuries and how, in the end, the coming of Christianity and the growing power of kings tempered the Viking ferocity and stemmed the tide of raids. It relates the astonishing achievement of the Vikings in forging far-flung empires whose sinews were the sea and whose arteries were not roads but maritime trading routes. The blood of the Vikings runs in millions of veins in Europe and the Americas and the tale of their conquests, explorations and achievements continues to inspire people around the world.

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