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A Violent Grace

Author : Michael Card
ISBN : 9780830866441
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63. 17 MB
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In this richly designed book, Michael Card reflects on what it means for Christians that we meet our savior at a cross. Card combs the Old Testament prophecies and Gospel accounts of Jesus? self-sacrifice, seeking a renewed vision of the cross—the inconceivable meeting place of violence and grace.

Violence And Grace

Author : Nichole E. Miller
ISBN : 9780810130142
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 59. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In Violence and Grace, Nichole Miller establishes a conceptual link between early modern English drama and twentieth-century political theology, both of which emerge from the experience of political crisis. Miller’s analyses accordingly undertake to retrieve for political theology the relations between gender, sexuality, and the political aesthetics of violence on the early modern stage, addressing the plays of Marlowe, Middleton, and especially Shakespeare. In doing so, she expands our understanding of drama’s continuing theoretical impact.

Death And The Displacement Of Beauty Foundations Of Violence

Author : Grace Jantzen
ISBN : 0415290333
Genre : Aesthetics
File Size : 87. 6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Foundations of Violence enters the ancient world of Homer, Plato and Aristotle to explore the genealogy of violence in Western thought through its emergence in Greece and Rome.

Sites Of Violence Sites Of Grace

Author : Cynthia Hess
ISBN : 0739130838
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 88. 84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Cynthia Hess offers a thoughtful reconstruction of Christian nonviolence through an examination of both theological and theoretical works. She shows how contemporary understandings of violence and the human person challenge traditional views of nonviolence as pacifism and the refusal of military violence. Hess begins with an analysis of the extensive writings on nonviolence by John Howard Yoder, one of the foremost twentieth-century thinkers on this subject. She then seeks to deepen his view by probing the insights of trauma scholars who explore the powerful and lasting effects of traumatic violence on individuals and communities. These scholars often maintain that many survivors continue to hold the reality of traumatic violence within their bodies and minds, so that it becomes part of them as they move through time. In light of this claim, Hess argues that Christian nonviolence must move beyond pacifism to directly address the problem of internalized violence. In conversation with resources in Yoder's work as well as feminist theory and trauma studies, she analyzes an often-overlooked dimension of religious nonviolence: the creation of communities in which traumatized persons can survive and flourish. With its highly interdisciplinary character, this book presents a fresh perspective on Christian nonviolence that not only challenges traditional views but also reclaims the centrality of nonviolence for contemporary Christian theology and practice.

Foundations Of Violence

Author : Grace M Jantzen
ISBN : 9780203484722
Genre : Religion
File Size : 73. 76 MB
Format : PDF
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The pursuit of death and the love of death has characterized Western culture from Homeric times through centuries of Christianity, taking particular deadly shapes in Western postmodernity. This necrophilia shows itself in destruction and violence, in a focus on other worlds and degradation of this one, and in hatred of the body, sense and sexuality. In her major new book project Death and the Displacement of Beauty, Grace M. Jantzen seeks to disrupt this wish for death, opening a new acceptance of beauty and desire that makes it possible to choose life. Foundations of Violence enters the ancient world of Homer, Sophocles, Plato and Aristotle to explore the genealogy of violence in Western thought through its emergence in Greece and Rome. It uncovers origins of ideas of death from the 'beautiful death' of Homeric heroes to the gendered misery of war, showing the tensions between those who tried to eliminate fear of death by denying its significance, and those like Plotinus who looked to another world, seeking life and beauty in another realm.

Death And The Displacement Of Beauty Foundations Of Violence

Author : Grace Jantzen
ISBN : 0415290325
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 44. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Foundations of Violenceenters the ancient world of Homer, Plato and Aristotle to explore the genealogy of violence in Western thought through its emergence in Greece and Rome.

Sexual Violence Beyond The War

Author : Grace K. Beya
ISBN : OCLC:1155166617
Genre :
File Size : 40. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This thesis analyzes the issue of domestic violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo that is often overlooked due to the prevalence and coverage of war--related sexual violence. This paper aims to analyze the many factors that have made domestic violence so prevalent in the African region, followed by the factors unique to post--conflict DRC. Furthermore, it will be evaluating the services currently provided by local and national NGOs as well as other external actors and examine whether they address or have the potential to address issues of domestic violence. Lastly, programmatic and policy recommendations for addressing domestic violence will be drawn from an examination of best practices from current interventions. The objective is for this analysis to inform future remedies for domestic violence in the DRC that do not only treat "symptoms" but also address root causes of violence against women to ensure that interventions are strategic, targeted and that change is sustainable.

Grace Jantzen

Author : Professor Elaine L Graham
ISBN : 9781409480464
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60. 30 MB
Format : PDF
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Grace Jantzen was an internationally-renowned feminist philosopher of religion whose work has transformed the way we think about the interactions between religion, culture and gender in Western culture. Jantzen's aim was to 'redeem the present' via a critique and reconstruction of staple concepts of the Western imaginary. This unique book brings together many of Grace Jantzen's colleagues and former students in a wide-ranging exploration of her enduring influence, ranging across philosophy of religion, to literature, psychoanalysis, theology, ethics and politics. Part I assesses the ramifications of Jantzen's affirmation that Western culture must 'choose life' in preference to a prevailing symbolic of violence and death. Part II explores some of the key voices which contributed to Jantzen's understanding of a culture of flourishing and natality: Quaker thought and practice, medieval mysticism and feminist spirituality. Further essays apply elements of Jantzen's work to the politics of disability, development and environmentalism, extending her range of influence into new and innovative areas.

Trauma And Grace

Author : Serene Jones
ISBN : 9780664234102
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47. 22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This substantive collection of essays by Serene Jones explores recent works in the field of trauma studies. Central to its overall theme is an investigation of the myriad ways both individual and collective violence affect one's capacity to remember, to act, and to love; how violence can challenge theological understandings of grace; and even how the traumatic experience of Jesus' death is remembered. Of particular interest is Jones's focus on the long-term effects of collective violence on abuse survivors, war veterans, and marginalized populations, and the discrete ways in which grace and redemption might be exhibited in each context. At the heart of each essay are two deeply interrelated faith-claims that are central to Jones's understanding of Christian theology: first, we live in a world profoundly broken by violence; second, God loves this world and desires that suffering be met by words of hope, of love, and of grace. This truly cutting-edge book is the first trauma study to directly take into account theological issues.

Where Are The Voices Coming From?

Author : Coral Ann Howells
ISBN : 904201623X
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 30. 74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This collection of essays focuses on Canadian history and its legacies as represented in novels and films in English and French, produced in Canada mainly in the 1980s and 1990s. The approach is both cross-cultural and interdisciplinary, aiming at articulating Canadian differences through a comparison of anglophone and francophone cultures, illustrated by works treating some of the different groups which make up Canadian society - English-Canadian, Québecois, Acadian, Native, and ethnic minorities. The emphasis is on the problematic representation of Canadianness, which is closely bound up with constructions of history and its legacies - dispossession, criminality, nomadism, Gothicism, the Maritime. The English/French language difference is emblematic of Canadian difference; the two-part arrangement, with one section on Literature and the other on Film, sets up the pattern of relationships between the two forms of cultural representation that these essays explore. Essays in the Literature section are on single texts by such writers as: Margaret Atwood, Tomson Highway, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Anne Michaels, and Alice Munro; Gabrielle Roy, Anne Hébert, Antonine Maillet, Bernard Assiniwi, and Régine Robin. The Film section with its mirror structure both supplements and amplifies this dialogue, extending notions of Canadianness with its emphasis on voices from Quebec and Acadia traditionally 'othered' in Canadian history. Filmmakers treated include: Phillip Borsos, Atom Egoyan, Ted Kotcheff, Mort Ransen, and Vincent Ward; Denys Arcand, Gilles Carle, Alanis Obomsawin, Léa Pool, and Jacques Savoie.

Violence To Eternity

Author : Grace M. Jantzen
ISBN : 9781134437191
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53. 62 MB
Format : PDF
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In this volume Grace M. Jantzen continues her groundbreaking analysis of death and beauty in western thought by examining the religious roots of death and violence in the Jewish and Christian tradition, which underlie contemporary values. She shows how man’s fear of the female is often implicated in religious violence and in her critique of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament she examines a range of themes that show the western preoccupation with necrophilia. She examines the relation of death to the Jewish covenant, the nature of monotheism, Holy War and the Christian covenant and kingdom. However, Jantzen recognises that submerged beneath these themes in Judaism and Christianity are traces of an alternative world of beauty and life. Jantzen’s internationally recognised feminist philosophy of religion puts forward a powerful analysis of patriarchy and violence and reveals the hidden power of natality. Her work is a searching challenge for our times and one that gives hope in a violent world. This work is the first of two posthumous publications to complete her impressive genealogy death and beauty of western thought.

Civil Liability For Sexual Abuse And Violence In Canada

Author : Elizabeth K. P. Grace
ISBN : 0433437642
Genre : Legal liability
File Size : 63. 44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Literature And Dissent In Milton S England

Author : Sharon Achinstein
ISBN : 0521818044
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 42. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Table of contents

A Companion To American Gothic

Author : Charles L. Crow
ISBN : 9781118608425
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 37. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Companion to American Gothic features a collection of original essays that explore America’s gothic literary tradition. The largest collection of essays in the field of American Gothic Contributions from a wide variety of scholars from around the world The most complete coverage of theory, major authors, popular culture and non-print media available

The Executioners Redemption

Author : Timothy R. Carter
ISBN : 0758652593
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 65. 25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This is the gritty account of one mans journey from executioner to pastor. While working in the Texas penitentiary system, Timothy Carter executed more death-row inmates than anyone else in United States history. This powerful story follows Carters transformation from cold-hearted prison guard to new believer wrestling with church and state authority. A story that readers will not soon forget, it injects a much-needed voice into the discussion of the sword of the state versus the Sword of the Spirit, and how that manifests in the modern Christians understanding of capital punishment.

One Hundred Years Of Solitude Struggle And Violence Along The Us Mexico Border

Author : John Thomas
ISBN : 9781527507449
Genre : History
File Size : 52. 35 MB
Format : PDF
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This book features oral histories, mainly of members of the ranching families who have lived in the Mexican State of Sonora and the corresponding territory in the US that stretches from Tijuana on the California border to Agua Prieta on the Arizona border. The elders in those families recall the tales that their grandparents told, providing a century of perspectives on the revolution in economics, culture, and drug trade that the area has witnessed. The book uses the voices of those who have lived through the vicissitudes of border life to paint this cultural upheaval in gripping, personal terms.

Violence Narrative And Myth In Joyce And Yeats

Author : T. Balinisteanu
ISBN : 9781137291585
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 40. 48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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How can we use art to reconstruct ourselves and the material world? Is every individual an art object? Is the material world an art text? This book answers these questions by examining modernist literature, especially James Joyce and W.B. Yeats, in the context of anarchist intellectual thought and Georges Sorel's theory of social myth.

The Awful Grace Of God

Author : Stuart Wexler
ISBN : 9781619020757
Genre : History
File Size : 21. 73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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An in-depth examination of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination using declassified documents to reveal a secret right-wing terrorist network. The Awful Grace of God examines America’s most violent right-wing extremists, including Sam Bowers, head of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Mississippi; J.B. Stoner, founder of the National States’ Rights Party; and Reverend Wesley Swift, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian, who are the likely culprits behind the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in Memphis on April 4, 1968. Hancock and Wexler have sifted through thousands of pages of newly declassified law enforcement files on the King murder, conducted dozens of interviews with figures of the period, and re-examined information from several recent cold case investigations. Their research shed new light on the terrorist network built by these racist militant groups. The data they found—previously unavailable to congressional investigators—as well as the new data-mining techniques they employed will provide a roadmap for future investigation. “A timely study.” —Kirkus Reviews “A step in the [right] direction of a better understanding of a national tragedy.” —Booklist

Aggression Antisocial Behavior And Violence Among Girls

Author : Martha Putallaz
ISBN : 1593852320
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 37. 55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From leading authorities, this book traces the development of female aggression and violence from early childhood through adulthood. Cutting-edge theoretical perspectives are interwoven with longitudinal data that elucidate the trajectories of aggressive girls' relationships with peers, with later romantic partners, and with their own children. Key issues addressed include the predictors of social and physical aggression at different points in the lifespan, connections between being a victim and a perpetrator, and the interplay of biological and sociocultural processes in shaping aggression in girls. Concluding commentaries address intervention, prevention, juvenile justice, and related research and policy initiatives.

Peacemaking And Religious Violence

Author : Roger A. Johnson
ISBN : 9781630878610
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46. 25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From its very beginning, Christian faith has been engaged with religious violence. The first Christians were persecuted by their co-religionists and then by imperial Rome. Jesus taught them, in such circumstances, not to retaliate, but to be peacemakers, to love their enemies, and to pray for their persecutors. Jesus's response to religious violence of the first century was often ignored, but it was never forgotten. Even during those centuries when the church herself persecuted Christian heretics, Jews, and Muslims, some Christians still struggled to bear witness to the peace mandate of their Lord. In the thirteenth century, Thomas Aquinas wrote a theology to help his Dominican brothers persuade Cathar Christians to return to their Catholic faith peacefully. Ramon Lull, a Christian student of Arabic and the Qur'an, sought to help his fellow Christians recognize the elements of belief they shared in common with the Muslims in their midst. In the fifteenth century, Nicholas of Cusa, a Church Cardinal and theologian, expanded Lull's project to include the newly discovered religions of Asia. In the seventeenth century, Lord Herbert, an English diplomat and lay Christian, began to identify the political union of church and government as a causal factor in the religious warfare of post-Reformation Christendom. One and a half centuries later, Thomas Jefferson, a lay theologian of considerable political stature, won a political struggle in the American colonies to disestablish religion first in his home colony of Virginia and then in the new nation he helped to found. All five of these theologians reclaimed the peace mandate of Jesus in their response to the religious violence of their own eras. All of which points us to some intriguing Christian responses to religious violence in our own century as recounted in the epilogue.

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