voyage through the twentieth century

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Voyage Through The Twentieth Century

Author : Klemens Von Klemperer
ISBN : 1845455843
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 83. 50 MB
Format : PDF
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The account of the author's life, spent between Europe and America, is at the same time an account of his generation, one that came of age between the two World Wars. Recalling not only circumstances of his own situation but that of his friends, the author shows how this generation faced a reality that seemed fragmented, and in their shared thirst for knowledge and commitment to ideas they searched for cohesiveness among the glittering, holistic ideologies and movements of the twenties and thirties. The author's scholarly work on the German Resistance to Hitler revealed to him those who maintained dignity and courage in times of peril and despair, which became for him a life's pursuit. This work is unique in its thorough inclusion of the postwar decades and its perspective from a historian eager to rescue the "other" Germany-the Germany of the righteous rather than the Holocaust murderers.

Voyage Through The Past Century

Author : Rolf Knight
ISBN : 9781554200689
Genre : History
File Size : 62. 39 MB
Format : PDF
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Though unaffiliated with any institute of higher learning, Rolf Knight has established himself as a writer of significance, and has produced some of the most influential works of history of British Columbia. A Very Ordinary Life, exploring his mother's life as a working–class immigrant to Vancouver, established his reputation in 1974. Indians at Work, published in 1976 and reissued in 1996, was originally highly contentious but has since shaped the perception of "contact" in this part of the world as no other book has. Throughout the 1970s, Knight continued to document working–class experiences in British Columbia through a series of books: A Man of our Times (with Maya Koizumi); Stump Ranch Chronicles; Work Camps and Company Towns; and Along the No. 20 Line (reissued, 2011). In 1992, he published Homer Stevens: A Life in Fishing (with Homer Stevens), and was also awarded a Clio prize by the Canadian Historical Association for his contributions to regional history. In Voyage Through the Past Century, we have Knight's autobiographical account of his far–from–ordinary past: A journey from his early years as the only child at Musketeer Mine, through his move to northeast Vancouver where he attended school and entered university. Earning a PhD in anthropology and subsequent fieldwork in Northern Quebec constitute his formal schooling, but it was Knight's travels––upcoast as a youth, trips to Berlin, Nigeria, New York and Colombia––that shaped his politics and views. Clear–eyed and written with the verve and passion of a working–class activist, Voyage Through the Past Century is an engaging record of a fascinating life, and an indispensable account of a time and place that has marked our age, even as the events that shaped it fade into the past.

Voyage To Kazohinia

Author : Sandor Szathmari
ISBN : 9780982578131
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20. 77 MB
Format : PDF
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A page-turning dystopian classic that stands alongside Brave New World and Gulliver's Travels. Voyage to Kazohinia is a tour de force of twentieth-century literature--and it is here published in English for the first time outside of Hungary. Sándor Szathmári's comical novel chronicles the travels of a modern Gulliver on the eve of World War II. A shipwrecked English ship's surgeon finds himself on an unknown island whose inhabitants, the Hins, live a technologically advanced existence without emotions, desires, arts, money, or politics. Soon unhappy amid this bleak perfection, Gulliver asks to be admitted to the closed settlement of the Behins, beings with souls and atavistic human traits. He has seen nothing yet. A massively entertaining mix of satire and science fiction, Voyage to Kazohinia has seen half a dozen editions in Hungary in the seventy years since its original publication and remains the country's most popular cult classic. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Strange And Dangerous Voyage Of Captaine Thomas James

Author : Colleen M. Franklin
ISBN : 9780773589452
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 31. 27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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While Thomas James is not widely known today, this was not always the case: his 1633 publication The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captaine Thomas James was, until the early nineteenth century, the British public's primary source of information about what we now know as northern Canada. The account of his attempt to find the Northwest Passage and the winter he spent on an island in James Bay made his name synonymous with exploration and the north. Over the centuries James's narrative was used to compile travel books and to compose philosophical treatises, histories, children's books, as well as poetry and novels - most notably, it influenced Samuel Taylor Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Colleen Franklin's critical edition of the Voyage is the first since 1894. Her introduction details how James engages with both medieval and early modern perceptions of the north as well as the early modern imperative to base knowledge on observation and experience, and offers a history of the text's reception from its first publication into the nineteenth century. An invaluable reference on the early European exploration of North America, The Strange and Dangerous Voyage of Captaine Thomas James sheds new light on the representation of the Canadian north.

A New Voyage To Carolina

Author : John Lawson
ISBN : 9780807866887
Genre : History
File Size : 42. 14 MB
Format : PDF
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John Lawson's amazingly detailed yet lively book is easily one of the most valuable of the early histories of the Carolinas, and it is certainly one of the best travel accounts of the early eighteenth-century colonies. An inclusive account of the manners and customs of the Indian tribes of that day, it is also a minute report of the soil, climate, trees, plants, animals, and fish in the Carolinas. Lawson's observation is keen and thorough; his style direct and vivid. He misses nothing and recounts all -- from the storms at sea to his impressions of New York in 1700, the trip down the coast to Charleston, and his travels from there into North Carolina with his Indian guides. The first edition of this work was published in London in 1709. While various editions followed in the eighteenth century -- including two in German -- this edition is a true copy of the original and is the first to include a comprehensive index. It also contains "The Second Charter," "An Abstract of the Constitution of Carolina," Lawson's will, and several previously unpublished letters written by Lawson. A number of DeBry woodcuts of John White's drawings of Indian life, sketches of the beasts of Carolina which appeared in the original 1709 edition, and Lawson's map contribute additional interest to this volume.

The Long Voyage

Author : Malcolm Cowley
ISBN : 9780674728226
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 44. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Critic, poet, editor, chronicler of the Lost Generation, elder statesman of the Republic of Letters, Malcolm Cowley (1898-1989) was an eloquent witness to American literary and political life. His letters, mostly unpublished, provide a self-portrait of Cowley and his time and make possible a full appreciation of his long, varied career.

Voyage To An Unknown Land

Author : Consuelo de Aerenlund
ISBN : 9781462810048
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 70. 61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The story of an Italian couple in a village in Lombardy in the 1880’s; their stormy courtship and marriage; their many children and the financial depression that causes the father, Antonio, to leave his wife, Angela, and five children behind when he emigrates to Guatemala. Angela struggles to survive. Meanwhile, Antonio labors to bring his family together despite dictators, revolutions, and politics in Guatemala. Family reunites and seven more children born. Family stories as remembered by the grown-up daughters: music, suitors, marriages, alcoholism, earthquakes, Angela’s stoicism, silkworms, funny and sad times. A tragi-comic chronicle of one family’s not-so-average lifetime.

A Voyage Through Turbulence

Author : Peter A. Davidson
ISBN : 9781139502047
Genre : Science
File Size : 40. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Turbulence is widely recognized as one of the outstanding problems of the physical sciences, but it still remains only partially understood despite having attracted the sustained efforts of many leading scientists for well over a century. In A Voyage Through Turbulence we are transported through a crucial period of the history of the subject via biographies of twelve of its great personalities, starting with Osborne Reynolds and his pioneering work of the 1880s. This book will provide absorbing reading for every scientist, mathematician and engineer interested in the history and culture of turbulence, as background to the intense challenges that this universal phenomenon still presents.

Twentieth Century Western Philosophy Of Religion 1900 2000

Author : Eugene Thomas Long
ISBN : 1402014546
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 67. 52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides a historical map of 20th philosophy of religion from absolute idealism to feminism and postmodernism. Dividing the 20th into four eras and eighteen primary strands, the book provides the historical context for the more specialized volumes that follow. This first volume is of interest to those working in the fields of philosophy of religion and theology.

Voyage To Newfoundland

Author : Julien Thoulet
ISBN : 9780773572683
Genre : History
File Size : 57. 32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In his translation of Thoulet's travelogue, Scott Jamieson remains faithful to the elegance and wit of the original. A Voyage to Newfoundland is full of intriguing detail about the landscape, local culture, origins of place names, flora, oceanography, and state of the French fishery. Several chapters are devoted to the fisheries and controversies over their exploitation - including ominous signs of early failure of the inshore cod fishery.

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