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Where S The Truth

Author : Wilhelm Reich
ISBN : 9781466820128
Genre : Literary Collections
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Where's the Truth? is the fourth and final volume of Wilhelm Reich's autobiographical writings, drawn from his diaries, letters, and laboratory notebooks. These writings reveal the details of the outrider scientist's life—his joys and sorrows, his hopes and insecurities—and chronicle his experiments with what he called "orgone energy." A student of Freud's and a prominent research physician in the early psychoanalytic movement, Reich immigrated to America in 1939 in flight from Nazism, and pursued research about orgone energy functions in the living organism and the atmosphere. Where's the Truth? begins in January 1948, shortly after Reich became a target of the Federal Food and Drug Administration. He had already faced persecution by the U.S. government, having been mistaken by the State Department and the FBI for both a Communist and a Nazi. Starting in 1947, Reich was hounded by the FDA, which, in 1954, obtained an injunction by default against him that enabled it to burn six tons of his published books and research journals, and to ban the use of one of his most important experimental research tools—the orgone energy accumulator. Challenging the right of a court to judge basic scientific research, Reich was imprisoned in March 1957 and died in the U.S. Penitentiary in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, eight months later. The text gathered here shows Reich's steadfast determination to protect his work. "Where's the truth?" he asked a lawyer, and that question animates this volume and rounds out our understanding of a unique, irrepressible modern figure.

Donald Davidson S Truth Theoretic Semantics

Author : Ernest Lepore
ISBN : 0199290938
Genre : Philosophy
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The work of Donald Davidson transformed the study of meaning. The authors present a study of Davidson's program of truth-theoretic semantics for natural languages, giving an exposition and critical examination of its foundations and applications.

Meaning Without Truth

Author : Stefano Predelli
ISBN : 9780199695638
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 89. 25 MB
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Stefano Predelli discusses the relationships between the central semantic notions of meaning and truth. Part One begins with the study of phenomena that have little or nothing to do with the effects of meaning on truth, and 'the Fallacy of Misplaced Character'. Part Two is concerned with sentences and constructions which bear no interesting relations with questions of truth, but which have important repercussions on questions of meaning. The resulting 'Theory ofBias' is applied to expressive interjections, instances of register and coarse slang, honorifics and nicknames, and derogatory slurs. Part Three argues that some notorious semantic problems ought to be approached from the viewpoint of the Theory of Bias. Predelli introduces the notion of 'obstinateindexicality', which then guides his solution to Quine's 'Giorgione' puzzle, his version of the demonstrative theory quotation, and his defence of the bare-boned approach to demonstratives and demonstrations.

Truth And Realism

Author : Patrick Greenough
ISBN : 0199288887
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 51. 41 MB
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Is truth objective or relative? What exists independently of our minds? This book is about these two questions. The essays in its pages variously defend and critique answers to each, grapple over the proper methodology for addressing them, and wonder whether either question is worth pursuing.In so doing, they carry on a long and esteemed tradition - for our two questions are among the oldest of philosophical issues, and have vexed almost every major philosopher, from Plato, to Kant to Wittgenstein. Fifteen eminent contributors bring fresh perspectives, renewed energy and originalanswers to debates which have been the focus of a tremendous amount of interest in the last three decades both within philosophy and the culture at large.

Terms And Truth

Author : Alan Berger
ISBN : 0262261715
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 59. 15 MB
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In this book, Alan Berger further develops the new theory of reference—as formulated by Kripke and Putnam—applying it in novel ways to many philosophical problems concerning reference and existence. Berger argues that his notion of anaphoric background condition and anaphoric links within a linguistic community are crucial not only to a theory of reference, but to the analysis of these problems as well. The book is organized in three parts. In part I, Berger distinguishes between two styles of rigid designation. Based on this distinction, he develops a theory of reference change for rigid designator terms and shows how this distinction sheds light on identity statements. In part II, he offers an account of belief attribution containing vacuous names within the belief context, of intentional identity statements, and of true negative existential statements. In part III, he analyzes anaphoric expressions (i.e., expressions whose reference is determined in part by other clauses or sentences in a given discourse) and presents a formalization of anaphora and plural quantification.

Philosophical Semantics And Term Meaning

Author : Charles Schlee
ISBN : 9781469126487
Genre : Reference
File Size : 28. 78 MB
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In this book the author presents a meanings-as-entities view of term meaning utilizing set theory. In doing so the author discusses limitations of customary formal semantic theories, argues for the primacy of term meaning, provides an account of analyticity based on synonymy, discusses possible-worlds semantics, provides a defense of our traditionaland common-senseview of meanings as entities, and sketches an approach to bridging the gap between formal semantics and natural language. The author discusses the views of many philosophers, including Carnap, Donnellan, Hintikka, Kripke, Linsky, Quine, Russell, and Searle.

Tropical Truth S

Author : Armin Burkhardt
ISBN : 9783110230208
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 28. 39 MB
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Tropes are not only rhetorical means, which are used as a creative and / or persuasive linguistic means in poetry and public speech. They are also a cognitive tool which helps people to understand the world and to express their world. As they are the basis on which our worldview and even our everyday speech is founded, the question must be posed as to whether utterances containing tropes can be said to be true. This has been an epistemological problem since Nietzsche expressed his doubts about the possibility that figurative language could give access to truth. However, since then research has paid little attention to this question. 18 papers by linguists, philosophers, psychologists and literary scholars have been collected in this volume. Their 21 authors use various approaches or paradigms in order to define metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, irony, euphemism, antonomasia and hyperbole and find an answer to the crucial epistemological questions, namely whether and to what extent utterances containing tropes can be said to be true or false.

Truth And Its Deformities

Author : Peter A. French
ISBN : 9781444307283
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 32. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Truth and Its Deformities is the 32nd volume in the Midwest Studies in Philosophy series. It contains major new contributions on a range of topics related to the general theme of the volume by some of the most important philosophers writing on truth in recent years.

Llewellyn 39 S Truth About Ritual Magic

Author : Donald Tyson
ISBN : 9780738738178
Genre :
File Size : 87. 84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Llewellyn 39 S Truth About The Druids

Author : Tadhg MacCrossan
ISBN : 9780738738222
Genre :
File Size : 82. 81 MB
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