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Volcano Weather

Author : Henry M. Stommel
ISBN : UOM:39015004554708
Genre : Tambora, Mount (Indonesia)
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Examines the influence of the eruption of the Indonesian volcano, Mount Tambora, on the weather conditions in Europe and New England.

Without A Summer

Author : Mary Robinette Kowal
ISBN : 9781472110398
Genre : Fiction
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Summer, 1816. Glamourists Jane and David Vincent return home to an unseasonably cold Long Parkmeade. Cooped up inside with Jane's fretful sister and father, they soon become restless, so when they receive a commission from a prominent family in London, they decide to go - taking Melody with them. Perhaps the change of scenery will brighten their moods (and Melody's marriage prospects). The capital is fizzing with talk of crop failures and unemployment riots in the north. Finding it difficult to avoid getting embroiled in the intrigue, it's not long before Jane and David realise they must use their magic to solve a crisis of international proportions . . . and get Melody to the church on time.

Tambora And The Year Without A Summer

Author : Wolfgang Behringer
ISBN : 9781509525522
Genre : History
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In 1816, the climate went berserk. The winter brought extreme cold, and torrential rains unleashed massive flooding in Asia. Western Europe and North America experienced a ‘year without a summer’, while failed harvests in 1817 led to the ‘year of famine’. At the time, nobody knew that all these disturbances were the result of a single event: the eruption of Mount Tambora in what is now Indonesia – the greatest volcanic eruption in recorded history. In this book, leading climate historian Wolfgang Behringer provides the first globally comprehensive account of a climate catastrophe that would cast the world into political and social crises for years to come. Concentrating on the period between 1815 and 1820, Behringer shows how this natural occurrence led to worldwide unrest. Analysing events as diverse as the persecution of Jews in Germany, the Peterloo Massacre in the United Kingdom, witch hunts in South Africa and anti-colonial uprisings in Asia, Behringer demonstrates that no region on earth was untouched by the effects of the eruption. Drawing parallels with our world today, Tambora and its aftermath become a case study for how societies and individuals respond to climate change, what risks emerge and how they might be overcome. This comprehensive account of the impact of one of the greatest environmental disasters in human history will be of interest to a wide readership and to anyone seeking to understand better how we might mitigate the effects of climate change.

The Year Without Summer

Author : William K. Klingaman
ISBN : 9781250012067
Genre : History
File Size : 58. 32 MB
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Like Winchester's Krakatoa, The Year Without Summer reveals a year of dramatic global change long forgotten by history In the tradition of Krakatoa, The World Without Us, and Guns, Germs and Steel comes a sweeping history of the year that became known as 18-hundred-and-froze-to-death. 1816 was a remarkable year—mostly for the fact that there was no summer. As a result of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, weather patterns were disrupted worldwide for months, allowing for excessive rain, frost, and snowfall through much of the Northeastern U.S. and Europe in the summer of 1816. In the U.S., the extraordinary weather produced food shortages, religious revivals, and extensive migration from New England to the Midwest. In Europe, the cold and wet summer led to famine, food riots, the transformation of stable communities into wandering beggars, and one of the worst typhus epidemics in history. 1816 was the year Frankenstein was written. It was also the year Turner painted his fiery sunsets. All of these things are linked to global climate change—something we are quite aware of now, but that was utterly mysterious to people in the nineteenth century, who concocted all sorts of reasons for such an ungenial season. Making use of a wealth of source material and employing a compelling narrative approach featuring peasants and royalty, politicians, writers, and scientists, The Year Without Summer by William K. Klingaman and Nicholas P. Klingaman examines not only the climate change engendered by this event, but also its effects on politics, the economy, the arts, and social structures.

The Years Without Summer

Author : Joel Gunn
ISBN : UOM:39015050296147
Genre : Social Science
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Tree-rings worldwide and other evidence record an almost catastrophic change in the environment during the middle years of the 6th century AD. This supports the writings of Cassiodorus in Roman Italy and other writers across the world who all documented darkness, drought and cold at this time; in AD 541 hunger, disease and warfare killed much of Europe's population. This collection of 16 essays shows how a worldwide event leaves evidence in the archaeological record and examines what actually happened and the dramatic political, economic, climactic and environmental repurcussions across Europe, America and Africa.

The Year Without A Summer

Author : Ethel Parton
ISBN : LCCN:45008599
Genre : Friendship
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The Pennsylvania Weather Book

Author : Ben Gelber
ISBN : 0813530563
Genre : History
File Size : 78. 23 MB
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The weather has always been a favorite topic of conversation. Undoubtedly, someone must have said to Noah, "I thought they said it was supposed to let up on Tuesday." Over a century ago, American essayist Charles Dudley Warner wrote in the HartfordCourant, "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." And now with the advent of the 24-hour Weather Channel and high-tech radar and satellite imagery, we have more information about the weather at our disposal than ever before. But what about weather in the past? Is the climate changing? Are the summers hotter now than ever before? Were winters colder when our grandparents were children? In The Pennsylvania Weather Book, meteorologist Ben Gelber provides the first comprehensive survey of 250 years of recorded weather in this state. He reports on noteworthy weather happenings by category (snowstorms, rainstorms, cold and heat waves, thunderstorms, and tropical storms) and places them in historical context. Throughout the book, Gelber clearly defines meteorological terms and explains what creates weather events. The book features appendices and tables containing useful references for average temperatures, precipitation, snowfall, and climate data. It also provides a brief history of the weather watchers who contributed to the state's meteorological records since the late eighteenth century. This volume will serve as a valuable resource for weather professionals, amateurs, and local enthusiasts alike.

The Year Without Summer

Author : Guinevere Glasfurd
ISBN : 9781473672314
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81. 76 MB
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'A STRIKINGLY SHARP AND SUBTLE WRITER' Guardian 'SUPERB...BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN...UNFORGETTABLE' FT Weekend 'SKILFUL' Sunday Times 'RICH, INTRICATE, IMPRESSIVELY REALISED' Observer 'VIVIDLY REALISED' The Times 'A VISION OF THE PAST AND A VISION OF THE FUTURE' Irish Times 'A VIVID SLICE OF HISTORICAL FICTION' Sunday Express 1815, Sumbawa Island, Indonesia Mount Tambora explodes in a cataclysmic eruption, killing thousands. Sent to investigate, ship surgeon Henry Hogg can barely believe his eyes. Once a paradise, the island is now solid ash, the surrounding sea turned to stone. But worse is yet to come: as the ash cloud rises and covers the sun, the seasons will fail. 1816 In Switzerland, Mary Shelley finds dark inspiration. Confined inside by the unseasonable weather, thousands of famine refugees stream past her door. In Vermont, preacher Charles Whitlock begs his followers to keep faith as drought dries their wells and their livestock starve. In Suffolk, the ambitious and lovesick painter John Constable struggles to reconcile the idyllic England he paints with the misery that surrounds him. In the Fens, farm labourer Sarah Hobbs has had enough of going hungry while the farmers flaunt their wealth. And Hope Peter, returned from the Napoleonic wars, finds his family home demolished and a fence gone up in its place. He flees to London, where he falls in with a group of revolutionaries who speak of a better life, whatever the cost. As desperation sets in, Britain becomes beset by riots - rebellion is in the air. The Year Without Summer is the story of the books written, the art made; of the journeys taken, of the love longed for and the lives lost during that fateful year. Six separate lives, connected only by an event many thousands of miles away. Few had heard of Tambora - but none could escape its effects. 'VIVID, VIBRANT, HARD TO PUT DOWN' Hilary Spurling 'THOUGHT-PROVOKING, BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN AND VERY COMPELLING' Harriet Tyce 'INGENIOUS AND ABSORBING' Kirsty Wark 'ASTONISHING, RIVETING, MASTERFUL, POETIC' Emily Rapp Black 'A WORLDWIDE CANVAS BROUGHT TO LIFE IN VIVID, HEARTBREAKING DETAIL' Marianne Kavanagh

Spring Without Summer

Author : Gloria Kiteley
ISBN : 9780722349632
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38. 50 MB
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This novel, set in the 1970s when fertility treatments were in the early stages and mobile phones were not around to provide the convenience of contact we have today, is the story of Marrie, a young married woman who is desperate to have a baby. She is devastated when, after years of trying, tests show that this would not be possible. Could A.I.D. be the answer? Faced with this dilemma Marrie makes a decision of how to deal with the fertility problem. As happens in life, things don’t always go to plan, and Marrie falls into the trap of taking Valium to cope with the heartbreak, and then quickly learns how easy it is to become dependent on medication. But . . . perhaps she deserved what she got?

A Year Without Summer

Author : Norbert Mercado
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33. 29 MB
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“The wicked man who destroys the earth won’t last long, and he will eventually be swallowed by the earth,” Engineer Timothy Muller, the Operations Chief of the Bechtel Corporation, said as he addressed more than fifty people that day. The crowd was mainly composed of engineers and firefighters hired by the company to help put out the flames coming from the oil wells and refineries in Kuwait.

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