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Womb Wisdom

Author : Padma Aon Prakasha
ISBN : 9781594778247
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 35. 16 MB
Format : PDF
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Tools to awaken the creative powers of the womb • Contains exercises to open the womb’s energetic pathways, release toxic emotions, and harness creative potential • Reveals how the womb’s energies are crucial for the spiritual shift of 2012: birthing a new civilization • Shows how the awakened womb can also bring about male spiritual transformation In the past and in present-day indigenous traditions, women have known that the womb houses the greatest power a woman possesses: the power to create on all levels. Utilized in the process of giving birth, this power of creation can also be tapped in the birth of projects, careers, personal healing, spirituality, and relationships. However, because the womb stores the energetic imprint of every intimate encounter--loving or not--the creative voice of the womb is often muffled or absent altogether, affecting the emotional, mental, and spiritual health of women and their relationships. Drawing on sacred traditions from ancient India, Tibet, Egypt, Gnostic Christianity, and Judaism, the practice of Womb Wisdom empowers women to become aware of the intuitive voice of the womb outside of pregnancy and the moon cycle to unlock this potent inner source for creativity, birthing the new conscious children, spiritual growth, and transformation not only for themselves but also for their male partners. The authors include exercises to clear the past, release toxic emotions, open the womb’s energetic pathways, activate the sacred sensual self, bring balance to relationships, and harness creative potential. Including intimate, individual stories of women experiencing the opening of the womb, this book also explores the forgotten sacred sites of the womb around the world as well as how the womb’s energies are crucial to birth a new civilization in the spiritual shift of 2012.

Womb Of Wisdom

Author : Glennie P. Metz, Ph.D., R.N.
ISBN : 9781493178698
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 48. 59 MB
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Not only is the physiologic womb a woman’s feminine core; it is the gateway from where we all come from, and to which we all return. The author reveals that the womb from which Lillimae was born was not just an outlet; but an entry into a place of creative potential and well-being. On July 9, 1960 she married Gerald, her teenage soul virgin, and delayed celebrating God’s design for their marriage bed for a short while. Over time they gave birth to special projects, personal healing and relating to each other in their collective womb. It was not until a diabolical influence in her life, followed by a supernatural encounter with the Un-Moveable Mover did she appreciate just how wonderfully and marvelous she is made, and the power of the Giver of life. Her delivery did not require the assistance of human hands to prevent a premature birth into a different kind of womb-an eternal one. Lillimae submitting herself to a greater power than she had ever known allows her to embrace and trust her feminine creativity, balance and deepest relationships. As she matures in her positive family dynamics, workplace and church affiliations she receives and advances a fuller understanding of the beautiful and abundant life God has woven into the fibers of her and Gerald’s rules for living in their womb. Womb of Wisdom brings to you the reader an awareness that the Un-moveable Mover who came into the world through a virgin womb, and will come again the second time, not as a baby to rescue His human creation by visible and invisible means.

Up From The Mud The Rebirthing Of A Lotus

Author : Nielah Spears
ISBN : 1717478794
Genre :
File Size : 38. 5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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FULL COLOR---Up From the Mud: The Rebirthing of a Lotus is a wellness tool book with self-reflective poetry from author, healer, and artist, Nielah B. Spears. The Lotus flower is used as a guide on how to apply practical ancient precepts and principles as a healing tool for everyday life. The lotus has been significant in the culture of traditional practices from Kemet, China and India's ancient systems for hundreds of thousands of years and is symbolic of rebirth and enlightenment. The Tools Page provides information on foods, drinks, and (w)holistic practices that could greatly benefit one's mental, physical, and spiritual frame to accelerate evolution and enhance healing on every level within the human system.

The Way Of The Happy Woman

Author : Sara Avant Stover
ISBN : 9781577319825
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 60. 15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"Ancients lived in accordance with daily, seasonal, and yearly rhythms by necessity. But modern life overrides these cycles -- from weather and food to work and recreation. Because they are inherently cyclical and instinctually caregivers, women are especially affected. Millions of women trying to do it all, all the time, end up feeling depleted and defeated. In these pages Sara Avant Stover shows how simple, natural, and refreshingly fun practices can put women back in sync with their own cycles and those of nature. When we honor spring's seedlings, summer's color, fall's harvest, and winter's quietude, we harmonize our inner and outer worlds. Stover's suggestions nurture the body, invigorate the mind, and lift the spirit, yielding the same benefits as a getting-away-from-it-all retreat. Illustrated yoga poses, inviting recipes, and innovative journaling, meditation, and brainstorming techniques make reconnecting to the essential easy -- not just for a weekend or week but year-round and lifelong"--

Shamanic Wisdom For Pregnancy And Parenthood

Author : Anna Cariad-Barrett
ISBN : 9781591432449
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 77. 22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A guide to consciously exploring and honoring the spiritual and emotional journey of becoming a parent • Provides tools and meditations to engage the sacred wisdom-keeper within and create personal shamanic medicine to support you and your family • Discusses the shamanic perspective on miscarriage, fertility issues, postpartum stress, blended families, and adoption as a form of birthing through the heart • Provides shamanic teachings and techniques for conception, each trimester of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period The journey into parenthood transforms us, whether our children are biological, adopted, in spirit, or not yet conceived. As we give birth through heart or body, we not only shape-shift into mothers and fathers, but also gain access to the deep inner well of spiritual wisdom that opens with initiation into parenthood. In this guide to consciously exploring the shamanic journey of pregnancy and parenthood, Anna Cariad-Barrett offers techniques and ceremonies to honor the transformation of becoming a parent and engage the sacred wisdom-keeper within. She provides tools and meditations to create personal shamanic medicine to support you and your family on this journey as well as connect with the wisdom of nature, expand your intuition, and explore altered states of consciousness. Restoring honor to the shadow side of parenthood, the author discusses the shamanic perspective on miscarriage, fertility, sexuality, postpartum stress and depression, blended families, and adoption as a form of birthing through the heart. She explains how to heal any deep psychic wounds from your birth family and transform negative beliefs you may hold about parenthood. She provides chapters on each trimester of pregnancy, offering specific teachings and techniques appropriate to each stage as well as conception, birth, and the postpartum period. Whether you are preparing to welcome your first child or seeking spiritual support for the multidimensional experience of being a parent, the author shows how to reclaim and reconnect all the experiences of parenthood and how, through this rite of passage, we give birth to our most authentic selves.

The Wisdom Of The Heart

Author : Henry Miller
ISBN : 9780811222365
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 63. 62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An essential collection of writings, bursting with Henry Miller’s exhilarating candor and wisdom In this selection of stories and essays, Henry Miller elucidates, revels, and soars, showing his command over a wide range of moods, styles, and subject matters. Writing “from the heart,” always with a refreshing lack of reticence, Miller involves the reader directly in his thoughts and feelings. “His real aim,” Karl Shapiro has written, “is to find the living core of our world whenever it survives and in whatever manifestation, in art, in literature, in human behavior itself. It is then that he sings, praises, and shouts at the top of his lungs with the uncontainable hilarity he is famous for.” Here are some of Henry Miller’s best-known writings: an essay on the photographer Brassai; “Reflections on Writing,” in which Miller examines his own position as a writer; “Seraphita” and “Balzac and His Double,” on the works of other writers; and “The Alcoholic Veteran,” “Creative Death,” “The Enormous Womb,” and “The Philosopher Who Philosophizes.”

On The Divine Love And The Divine Wisdom From The Apocalypse Explained Etc

Author : Emanuel Swedenborg
ISBN : BL:A0024507531
Genre : Providence and government of God
File Size : 20. 12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Inspirational Inner Wisdom

Author : Melissa Gibbons
ISBN : 9781452512228
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 38. 87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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I have created this book of wisdom to take you on a deep healing journey, to make you aware of and able to release blockages within and to connect you to your inner wisdom. It can empower you to hold your space and become aware of what you need to shift in your life and what may be holding you back. This book seeks to take you to the very depths of your soul. It can help you and encourage you to be the powerful, amazing person you are. It can enable you to make decisions that are based on your heart and your highest good. Inspirational Inner Wisdom challenges you and gently pushes you to explore your beliefs, your limitations and your life. It also gives you permission to go deeper on your healing journey, to love yourself, to release and to be the person you are and desire to be. The messages in this oracle book are powerful yet gentle; they help to gently make you aware and help you to be a more deliberate creator of your life. “Melissa Gibbons the gentle and effective Visionary. This is my experience of her. The work Melissa does in the world is profound and transformational. Her wisdom and life experience are channelled through with such ease and grace that just by being in her presence can shift a person. Her book Inspirational Inner Wisdom will give you what ou seek right at the perfect time, so that you can create the life you dare for. - Blessings Luanne Simmons, Chief Goddess – Goddess on Purpose.”

Womb Awakening

Author : Azra Bertrand
ISBN : 9781591432807
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 87. 41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Rediscover the lost ancient mystery teachings of the Cosmic Womb • Explains how each of us has a holographic blueprint of the Womb of Creation, our spiritual Womb • Offers practices to help awaken your spiritual Womb, experience the Womb of God within, and activate the Womb’s sacred magic of creation and manifestation • Looks at the power of the moon and its connection to sacred Womb Consciousness • Explores how the lost Womb mystery teachings were encoded in folk and fairy tales, the legends of the Holy Grail, and the traditions of Mary Magdalene and Sophia • Includes access to three guided Womb Awakening audio journeys The Ancients lived by a feminine cosmology of creation, where everything was birthed and dissolved through a sacred universal Womb. Within each of us, whether female or male, lies a holographic blueprint of this Womb of Creation, connecting us to the Web of Life. By awakening your spiritual Womb, the holy of holies within the temple of your body, you can reconnect to the transformative energy of Womb Consciousness and reclaim your sacred powers of creation and love. Drawing on mythical and spiritual traditions from almost every culture, Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand reconstruct the moon-based feminine mystery teachings of a lost global Womb religion, tracing the tradition all the way back to the Neanderthals and beyond. They explore how these teachings were encoded in the symbolism of folk and fairy tales; the legends of the Holy Grail; the traditions of Mary Magdalene and Sophia; the maiden, queen, and crone archetypes; and the teachings of alchemy and the chakras. They show how sages and shamans across the globe all secretly spoke of the Cosmic Womb and the sacred creative powers of Moon Blood. The authors look at the power of the Moon and its connection to sacred Womb Consciousness, offering meditations and practices to help awaken your spiritual Womb and activate its sacred magic of creation and manifestation. They explain how to activate the energetic gateways of the Womb and merge the heart and Womb to make sexual union the highest sacrament of love. Revealing how we must reconnect with the Divine Feminine to rebirth the Divine Masculine and restore balance to our world, they show how, as we reawaken the powerful ancient path of the Womb Mysteries, we help return our world to harmony with the wild, untamed creative flows and cyclical rhythms of the cosmos.

The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Gospels For Christian Preachers And Teachers

Author : John Shea
ISBN : 0814629156
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88. 3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Storyteller and theologian John Shea provides a unique commentary that?s ideal for preaching, teaching, or simply meditating on the Gospels. His writing is poignant and conversational making this book a valuable tool for professional ministers, as well as for Christians who reflect on the Gospels for personal spiritual growth. Shea draws readers into the people and situations that Jesus encountered in ways that are evocative and inspirational. The resource is based on both the Catholic Lectionary for Mass and the Revised Common Lectionary, making it accessible across Christian denominations.? . . . a genuine exercise in spiritual and pastoral reflection informed by the biblical text, thereby enabling the book to serve as solid spiritual reading or homily preparation, or both.? The Bible Today?Storyteller and theologian Fr. John Shea STD provides a unique commentary that?s ideal for preaching, teaching or meditating on the stories. His writing is poignant and conversational, making this a valuable tool for professional ministers, but also Christians who reflect on the Gospels for personal spiritual growth. Shea draws readers into the people and situations that Jesus encountered in ways that are evocative and inspirational.? Crux?John Shea?s excellent guide to the Year C Sunday Gospels is marked by the author?s training as a theologian and his gifts as an author and storyteller. Although the title identifies the audience as Christian preachers and teachers, this resource is a must-have for all who wish to delve deeper into the Sunday gospels.? Writing Works?. . . Shea offers practical ways to teach the spiritual wisdom.? The Priest?. . . bring[s] the spiritual wisdom of the gospels into dialogue with contemporary life.? Theology Digest?The strength of this text is its literary approach . . . a second strength of the text is the author?s genius for theological reflection . . . a third strength of this commentary is the spiritual wisdom that is imparted. This commentary has potential as a resource for small faith communities, RCIA groups, faith based counseling, and as a tool for spiritual direction and spiritual mentoring.? Catholic Studies?This book is ideal not only for preachers and teachers but for anyone who wants to access the wisdom contained in the Gospels. . . . Dipping in to the book at random has whetted my appetite, and I look forward to using the volume over the course of the coming liturgical year.? Spirituality?An invaluable resource for presiders and people, parents, teachers, catechists, and all who desire the Spirit?s ?pleasure, passion, and purpose? in their lives.? Prairie Messenger?People in the pews will welcome this weekly challenge of the spiritual wisdom of the Gospel texts.? Prairie Messenger?Unlike most lectionary commentaries this book is not an exegesis of the biblical passages as such, but each gospel text becomes a focus of Shea?s characteristically wise and engaging reflections on the connection of the gospel stories to our experience. Because of this the volume can serve as rich spiritual reading as well as offering leads for preaching and teaching.? The Bible Today

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