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Won By Love

Author : Thomas Nelson
ISBN : 9781418561796
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 24. 10 MB
Format : PDF
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In Roe v. Wade, perhaps the most controversial United States Supreme Court decision, Norma McCorvey fought for and won the right to secure an abortion. Though she never had an abortion, under the pseudonym "Jane Roe," Norma reluctantly became the poster child for the pro-choice movement. Over the next two decades, Norma experienced the grief and despair of millions of women who chose to abort their babies; she witnessed the destruction of thousands of human lives in abortion clinics where she worked; and the "champion" of the pro-choice movement was soon being crushed by the weight of so much pain, so much death, and so many ill-considered "choices." Finally, she began to break. She found out that the real choice she had been burdened with was not about abortion but about eternal life. It was a choice that would shock the world and change Norma's life forever.

I Love You Mum I Promise I Won T Die

Author : Mark Wheeller
ISBN : 9781350011304
Genre : Drama
File Size : 60. 61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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I'd had a conversation specifically with Dan about ecstasy. It's one of the things you do as a parent, isn't it? Wear your helmet when you're out on your bike, you know, don't take drugs. To be honest, I was more worried about him being safe on his bike than at a party with his friends. The words of the title are the last ones spoken by sixteen-year-old Daniel Spargo-Mabbs to his mother. One evening in January 2014, Daniel's parents thought he was going to a friend's house. He actually attended an illegal rave and later died after taking MDMA. That fateful evening is told through the words of his school friends and family, divided into two hard-hitting acts in Mark Wheeller's verbatim play. I Love You, Mum - I Promise I Won't Die was commissioned by the charity set up in Daniel's memory to raise awareness about the danger of party drugs. It is a fast-paced, tragic, vibrant piece of verbatim theatre, which should engage teenage readers, audiences and performers alike.

Love Won Love Lost Love Longed For

Author : Verna Buchanan
ISBN : 9781496953933
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 76. 51 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Love Won, Love Lost, Love Longed For Love is a roll of the dice. Nobody knows which of us will roll it right. Love is sometimes draw, loose or win. No matter what the odds are we gamble for love again and again. Love is a chance we take, hoping this time it won't end in heartbreak. Oh, but when we find Love, it makes our search worthwhile. For Love, true Love, I would walk a million miles. Love is a roll of the dice. Nobody knows which of us will roll it right. WWW.YOUNEEDWORDS.COM

Love Won T Let Me Be Silent

Author : Terry Angel Mason
ISBN : 9781440152207
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 35. 68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Love Won’t Let Me Be Silent is a collection of writings, short stories, and poems, exploring the experiences and trials of parenthood from an African-American gay male perspective and sensitively chronicles Mason’s search for love and self-hood. These masterfully creative writings express candidly the views of countless gay African-Americans who are vibrant with the faith and energy of America's Black Church yet bristling with the pain and anger of America's racial and homophobic injustice. While many still speculate over whether Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would have supported gay rights, Mason boldly points out that it is absolutely inconceivable that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., would endorse anything that smacks of discrimination and bigotry against any group since it is opposed to everything he believed in as a humanitarian and Civil Rights leader. Mason is an extraordinary poet who eloquently expands and redefines the traditional idea of the love poem in creative and ingenious ways. Each poem, story, and article is suffused with restoration, history, love, and ferocious courage! He also gives us an honest glimpse into the life of a young “Angel Mason” who experienced the pangs of growing up in a not-so-tolerant world as an African-American gay teen. America has barely smoothed its feathers, ruffled badly last year by the California Supreme Court’s initial decision to lift the ban on gay marriage, followed by a divisive election that reversed the decision and placed the matter again before the California Supreme Court for repeal. These chilling events led to an epiphany that compelled him to write Love Won’t Let Me Be Silent. These electrifying writings are destined to make him one of the foremost voices of the African-American gay experience. We have no doubt that the artistry and enduring vision that Mason demonstrates in this inspiring book will cause a revolutionary awakening in America and continue to influence our culture, reshape our thinking, and touch our hearts and lives for decades.

Understanding Why Most Men Won T Commit To Love

Author : Frederick Murphy
ISBN : 9781105684357
Genre :
File Size : 52. 64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Real Reasons Men Commit

Author : Joel D Block
ISBN : 9781440515361
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 84. 11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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I need my space. We need to slow down. I’m just not ready to settle down yet. Single women have heard all these excuses and more from the men in their lives. And with a growing number of people choosing not to marry at all, women who do want to get married are increasingly frustrated by men who, in the end, refuse to make that commitment. In this book, women will learn: how men really view commitment; what factors influence their decision to commit; the difference between cold feet and an intractable single-forever stance; which men are most likely to go the distance; strategies to persuade commitment-phobic men to take the chance on love and marriage; and more. With this book, women looking for commitment from their men can push them off the fence - and into the wedding chapel. Or, if they’re found wanting, simply cut them loose with that other famous line: Maybe we should see other people.

Love Respect

Author : Emerson Eggerichs
ISBN : 9781591451877
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 45. 32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Reveals the secret to couples meeting each other's deepest needs--without love she reacts without respect, and without respect he reacts without love, and a painful, negative cycle begins.

A Love That Won T Walk Away

Author : Kathy Troccoli
ISBN : 1404102132
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45. 89 MB
Format : PDF
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People fail. Peopleare conditional. But God is waiting to give the assurance that, in a world that is uncertain, He is certain. Even after times of immense joy or incredibly deep sadness, He will never walk away from His Beloved. So, how do we grasp God's promise to love us and never walk away? First of all, we remind ourselves of the scriptural foundation through which God speaks to us and commits his undying love. In addition to this study of God's word and the telling of the author's own experiences in this area, the reader will be led by the author through real journeys of everyday people who have discovered a way to make the cliché a reality. Rejection is certainly not limited to romantic relationships, as you will see in many of these stories. Acknowledging that God's love will never walk away has transformed their lives in every conceivable way and it can transform yours as well. In this book, readers will embrace a newfound acceptance of God's love and mercy, find new concepts for approaching relationships, be assured of incredible comfort, and rekindle their deepest hope.

The Rules Of Love

Author : Richard Templar
ISBN : 9780133384314
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 86. 23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Love matters. Whether it's the romantic kind or the emotional bond between you and family or friends. Indeed latest research suggests that those who love and are loved are significantly more likely to be alive in 10 years time than those without love in their lives. Love makes us happy, and the happier we are, the longer it seems we tend to live. So, why is it that some people find relationships so easy? We all know the kind of person, married forever, connected with their family, and strong friendships that have stood the test of time from all stages of life. The people who make friends easily, who have someone utterly devoted to them and for whom many would do anything. What do they know and do that the rest of us could learn from? That's what you'll find in this book. If you study people who are so good at relationships you discover it's not about their personality or gender or how self sacrificing they are. Those who are great in all relationships usually do have to work at it. The secret is that they know exactly where to put their efforts. They know the Rules of Love. Now updated and expanded with 10 brand-new rules, The Rules of Love helps you benefit from the simple principles of forming and sustaining strong, enduring and ultimately, life enhancing relationships.

Shakespeare Unbound

Author : René Weis
ISBN : 9781466855090
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 79. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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At last—a key that unlocks the secrets of Shakespeare's life Intimacies with Southampton and Marlowe, entanglements in London with the elusive dark lady, the probable fathering of an illegitimate son—these are among the mysteries of Shakespeare's rich and turbulent life that have proven tantalizingly obscure. Despite an avalanche of recent scholarship, René Weis, an acknowledged authority on the Elizabethan period, believes the links between the bard's life and the poems and plays have been largely ignored. Armed with a wealth of new archival research and his own highly regarded interpretations of the literature, the author finds provocative parallels between Shakespeare's early experiences in the bustling market town of Stratford—including a dangerous poaching incident and contacts with underground Catholics—and the plays. Breaking with tradition, Weis reveals that it is the plays and poems themselves that contain the richest seam of clues about the details of Shakespeare's personal life, at home in Stratford and in the shadowy precincts of theatrical London—details of a code unbroken for four hundred years.

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