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You Re Getting Married Soon Now What?

Author : Eeva Lancaster
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 83. 45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to your partner about anything? If you could discuss your plans and share your dreams openly like friends? If you could look inside their thoughts and know where they stand on the hard issues? If you could ask them the questions in this book? You're Getting Married Soon... Now What? is a recommended read for all couples who are planning to take their relationships to the next level. Many couples forget to talk about the situations they will encounter, leaving them unprepared and unaware of how their partners may react. Many have unrealistic expectations which are not based on reality, and that results to disappointment and frustrations. Feelings which lead to contempt, until one day you realize that the love you once felt... is gone. This book will not give you answers. It will get you started on the questions. Help you better understand the person you'll be sharing life with. Who they are now... and what you can expect from them when you're hit by life's challenges. Knowing where your partner stands can give you the assurance you need to face your future with more confidence. You'll know what to expect, and what's expected of you. No wishful thinking. No baseless hopes and dreams. Just love and the comfort in knowing exactly who's walking life with you. Get a copy. Start the conversation.

The Wind Off The Sea

Author : Charlotte Bingham
ISBN : 9781409057574
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 61. 4 MB
Format : PDF
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The war might be over but the hardship remains in this setting and story expertly portrayed by the million copy and Sunday Times bestselling author Charlotte Bingham, for fans of Louise Douglas and Dinah Jefferies. 'Heartwarming and full of period charm... One of Britain's most bankable novelists' - DAILY EXPRESS 'A fitting sequel to the Chestnut Tree' - GOOD BOOK GUIDE 'Bingham writes with her usual flair...' - HISTORICAL NOVELS REVIEW ******************************************************************* WILL A NEW ARRIVAL MEAN A BRIGHTER FUTURE? It is 1947, the worst winter in England since records began. For the women living in the little fishing port of Bexham, the lack of everything from fuel to food has left them reeling. When Waldo Astley drives through thick Sussex snow into the village in his large American Buick, it is to find Bexham filled with frustrated wives and mothers, forced back behind their stoves after the joy of the victory for which they fought so hard on the home front. But Waldo is no ordinary character, his effect on all the residents is as warming as the electricity of which there is still such a shortage. For Judy, whose marriage to Walter has been badly affected by long years of separation, for Rusty, whose miscarriage has been mind-shattering, for Mathilda, whose single motherhood has put her eligibility in jeopardy, and for Meggie, still not recovered from her ordeal as a secret agent. No matter what the age or circumstances of the person, Waldo Astley is not just a breath of fresh air - but the wind off the sea...

In The Eye Of The Sun

Author : Ahdaf Soueif
ISBN : 9780747545897
Genre : Egypt
File Size : 40. 81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This is a love story about growing up, a story about what it's like to be a woman (East and West), a story about the history of the last thirty or so perplexed and bloody years, a story about home.

Finding A Husband

Author : Kristen Casey
ISBN : 9780999404508
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88. 96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Right Here Right Now

Author : T. Louise
ISBN : 9781462805051
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 23. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW Alexis Wilson is a beautiful, confident, and successful woman who knows what she wants out of life. She’s been married for 10 years to her high school sweetheart, Reggie Wilson. It seems she has the perfect life until her husband cheats and the marriage ends. Her best friends Saundra, Alicia and Trina keep her grounded as she tries to find happiness once again. She meets, the handsome Ricky Lawson, who renews her faith that there are still good men in the world. The control Alexis once had over her life is gone when something unexpected happens and she realizes her life will never be the same. Her entrepreneurial goals and dreams for the future are put on hold when the reality of life takes over. Reggie Wilson finds out the grass is not greener on the other side, instead it’s risky and dangerous. A lesson that could make a man so desperate he would do anything to rid himself of his own self inflicted troubles. Saundra is a seasoned gold digger with a secret from her past that won’t allow her to love any man. She believes men are only good for sex and money; she must find the strength to overcome her hurtful past which holds the key to heal her future. Alicia struggles with her buffet style lust for men and the dangers of her reckless choices. Trina searches for love through risky sexual escapades until she meets Rodney. She thinks she’s found her soul mate until jealousy and insecurity destroys more than their relationship. As deep, dark, secrets come full circle and inner pain can no longer be hidden. The lustful behaviors and temptations lead to a devastating climax and all their lives are changed forever..... Right Here, Right Now.

Never Too Late

Author : Shun Mie
ISBN : 9780595382521
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 95 MB
Format : PDF
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Usually Leanne was happy and she never showed her mother her sadness or upsets. She didn't want her mother to worry. Leanne felt her mother didn't deserve that. She knew she was putting her through a lot of pain now, but she couldn't help it. In author Shun Mie's latest novel, Never Too Late, three generations of women strive for success in business, parenting, and love. Leanne is in love with James, but his parents are opposed to the match. Mia, Leanne's mother, worries about her daughter's relationship with James. But she becomes occupied with her own love life when she reconnects with Eric, an old friend. Suchien, Mia's mother, encourages her daughter and granddaughter to make the most of their lives by sharing with them lessons from her life. The three women in Never Too Late were raised in vastly different ways, yet they all arrive at similar conclusions on how to be independent and successful women in today's difficult world. Leanne, Mia, and Suchien experience the same problems every woman in today's world must face. Their trials, surprises, and triumphs create an endearing tale that shows the strength of the human soul.

Ceo Stop Teasing

Author : Chunyan Nangui
ISBN : 9781636892269
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 30. 18 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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She was gentle and kind and beautiful, and she used her delicate shoulders to carry the burden of life. In the face of a failed marriage, she did not lose heart. Instead, she began a new life with her young daughter. She stepped out of her predicament and welcomed a bright future. She made her career reach the peak and became a celebrity in the business world. In her most beautiful time, she met him who was honest, kind, and handsome. The two of them removed all obstacles and started a romantic relationship. ***

Because Of The Baby

Author : Anne Haven
ISBN : 9781460351116
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52. 12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Marriage…because of the baby Friendship has boundaries…doesn't it? Melissa Lopez is a doctor at the medical clinic Kyle Davenport runs. They work together, spend off-hours having fun together—they're friends. It was never supposed to happen, but one hot summer night they give in to the secret attraction they feel for each other—and Melissa becomes pregnant with Kyle's child. They want to give their baby the best life possible. Which means two full-time parents. They're not in love, though, so maybe a wedding, shotgun-style, is the solution. Romance won't figure in the bargain—just mutual support, respect and convenience. Soon their safe, tidy arrangement is less than satisfying. But they can have more—if they're willing to face old fears. If they're willing to risk real commitment. Their own happiness depends on it. More important, they need to take the chance…because of the baby.

The Last Dance

Author : Nan Ryan
ISBN : 9781626817418
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 22. 10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A novel of romance, first love, and second chances hailed as “an exquisite book, one that long lingers in the mind, an absolute ‘keeper’!” —Heather Graham At the turn of the century, small-town postmistress Lucy Hart is desperate for adventure. On the verge of spinsterhood, she decides to take a trip and make some lasting memories in the fading glory of Atlantic City. Avaricious gigolo Blackie LaDuke has made his way through a bevy of high-society women, pleasing them while keeping his eye on a way out. Looking to escape the heat of New York City—and the pressure to settle down—he escapes to Atlantic City. There he meets a most unusually beautiful and prim young woman, and is instantly intrigued. Soon, an unlikely friendship blossoms and before long, Blackie finds himself wanting to be the man worthy of Lucy’s affection. Hoping to leave their old lives behind, can Lucy and Blackie start a new one together?

Angela S Truth

Author : S.M. Dougan
ISBN : 9780994890702
Genre :
File Size : 30. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Ever since she was a little girl, Angela Michaels, dreamed of her perfect wedding day. Now, as her marriage to philanthropist, Philip Evans, approaches to the one thing she wants more than anything is to have her father walk her down the aisle; whoever he is. Angela hires rough and warn ex-police detective turned private investigator, Richard Johnson, to track her father down, but when Philip is found murdered, Angela becomes the prime suspect. With the help of veteran police detective, Sam Davidson, Richard works to find the identity of the real killer before it is too late. As doors once locked shut begin to open, the past rushes forward bringing love, lust, jealousy, betrayal, and murder. The race is on to catch the real killer before everyone Angela knows and loves are killed.

Blazing Water

Author : Melisande Arven
ISBN : 9783965085268
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 35. 54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We need water. It is just as important for us as air. This is why we frequently live on the shores of the Ux on rafts or in houses on stilts; we live from catching fish or diving for pearls. We are the Bnaur-Dux – people who breathe water. In fact this description is not completely accurate, for we can no more breathe water than other people can. Something in our blood and the fat cells in our skin is different however and can store oxygen. So far no-one has been able to explain it properly to me. At any rate, we very seldom suffer from incidents of suffocation or run the risk of drowning. But we are not invincible in the depths of the river. The water can kill us if we are not careful. But there are some of us who are able to do much more. They have a rare gift. No-one speaks of it – unless in a whisper. It is almost like a great secret. Those who are blessed with this gift are the Ztaa-Samro – the fire swimmers. Only our men inherit this gift. There has never been a female Bnaur who has made the water sing. But it happens with me. And I am not a man! My name is Noeg. I was named after the pink blossoms of the water clover that grows in the endless meadows near the banks of the Ux and bobs up and down with each wave. I am a pearl diver. I never wanted to be anything else. But everything has changed. This is my story.

Lord Of My Dreams

Author : Emma Daniels
ISBN : 9781447532392
Genre : Demonology
File Size : 84. 29 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 407
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When Drew Regent goes to the gallows in 1509 the Gods hand his soul to a denizen named Demeana, with the condition that every 100 years he be returned to Earth for one month to redeem himself by finding love. But after five hundred years at Demeana's mercy his memory is as scarred as his body.

The Wedding Planners Of Butternut Creek

Author : Jane Myers Perrine
ISBN : 9781455573905
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 20. 54 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 117
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The ladies of Butternut Creek Christian Church known as the Widows have always taken pride in their infallible matchmaking. They've succeeded again, and having found the perfect wife for Pastor Adam, they're ready to start planning the wedding. The one problem is that Adam has yet to propose. Clearly he still needs their help. Meanwhile, Adam's sister Hannah, a doctor, has returned from work in refugee camps, exhausted from the horrors she's seen. Though physically weak, Hannah becomes animated when verbally sparring with Gabe Borden, the high school basketball coach. The Widows, however, see sparks of a different kind between them and are soon up to their matchmaking ways once again.

The French Quarter

Author : Ken Mask
ISBN : 9781456612580
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63. 38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 721
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One night a murder takes place in New Orleans at a French Quarter jazz club. During the investigation, private investigator Luke Jacobs, a former Assistant District Attorney, recognizes that something is not right at the crime scene, which leads to an unusual weapon. Even the 'victim' is a mystery until a credit card receipt, rare coin and wine bottle make way into the story.

Three Miles Down

Author : Harry Turtledove
ISBN : 9781250844859
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27. 26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From New York Times bestselling author Harry Turtledove, the modern master of alternate history, a novel of alien contact set in the tumultuous year of the Watergate scandal. It's 1974, and Jerry Stieglitz is a grad student in marine biology at UCLA with a side gig selling short stories to science fiction magazines, just weeks away from marrying his longtime fiancée. Then his life is upended by grim-faced men from three-letter agencies who want him to join a top-secret "Project Azorian" in the middle of the north Pacific Ocean—and they really don't take "no" for an answer. Further, they're offering enough money to solve all of his immediate problems. Joining up and swearing to secrecy, what he first learns is that Project Azorian is secretly trying to raise a sunken Russian submarine, while pretending to be harvesting undersea manganese nodules. But the dead Russian sub, while real, turns out to be a cover story as well. What's down on the ocean floor next to it is the thing that killed the sub: an alien spacecraft. Jerry's a scientist, a longhair, a storyteller, a dreamer. He stands out like a sore thumb on the Glomar Explorer, a ship full of CIA operatives, RAND Corporation eggheads, and roustabout divers. But it turns out that he's the one person in the North Pacific who's truly thought out all the ways that human-alien first contact might go. And meanwhile, it's still 1974 back on the mainland. Richard Nixon is drinking heavily and talking to the paintings on the White House walls. The USA is changing fast—and who knows what will happen when this story gets out? Three Miles Down is both a fresh and original take on First Contact, and a hugely enjoyable romp through the pop culture, political tumult, and conspiracies-within-conspiracies atmosphere that was 1974. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Listening To The Quiet

Author : Gloria Cook
ISBN : 9781788638654
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63. 24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 665
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When new passions rise to the surface, old secrets threaten to ruin everything... Jo Venner returns to the Cornish tin-mining village to where she grew up to take up the post of schoolmistress filled with memories of the happy days she spent there as a child. Despite being rejected by her mother, she is determined to build a life in Parmath. She soon falls in love with Luke Vigus who stirs up feelings she has never known before. But Luke is burdened with the responsibility of an alcoholic mother and his three young half-siblings – and their relationship can never be accepted by the villagers. Meanwhile Marcus Lidgey, the schoolmaster, is drawn to Jo. Yet he too harbours a dark past and is gradually, dreadfully, losing his mind... An emotional saga of love and community set in Cornwall, perfect for fans of Anna Jacobs and Margaret Dickinson

Don T Sit Under The Apple Tree

Author : Margaret Thornton
ISBN : 9781472205278
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68. 86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A chance moment of passion changes more than one life... Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree is a captivating wartime saga of new beginnings and an impossible love, from much-loved author Margaret Thornton. Perfect for fans of Pam Evans and Dilly Court. 'Exquisite' - North Wales Chronicle Blackpool, 1940. Although the War means uncertainty and anxiety for some, Eunice Morton is grateful for the opportunities it provides her with. She volunteers for the Women's Land Army and is sent to help on a farm in Gloucestershire. Milking the cows and working in the fields are a far cry from the domestic routine that she is used to, but Eunice enjoys her work and her newfound independence. Meanwhile, her relationship with her childhood friend Ronnie looks set to turn into something more romantic, but Eunice still isn't sure that Ronnie is the one for her. Then she befriends Heinrich Muller, a German POW sent to work on the farm, and an elicit moment of passion changes her life forever... What readers are saying about Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree: 'Warm and believable (i.e. fallible) characters, and a great story line!' 'Margaret Thornton is a brilliant storyteller. Her books draw you in, so you feel you know the characters. Hard to put down' 'Five stars'

Game On

Author : Lynn Stevens
ISBN : 9781640632554
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 117
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"The perfect mix of laughter, heartache, and sexiness to leave me swooning and wanting more." - Cole Gibson, author of Written on My Heart Olivia Dawson doesn't make mistakes. Unless those mistakes are a tall, broad-shouldered, cocky baseball player named Devon Miller. Devon and Olivia have been competing in their engineering classes since freshman year, and he seems to want nothing more than to get under her skin and shake her confidence. Unless you count that one time when he got under more than just her skin... Now, they're pitted against each other for a coveted internship that could open tons of doors for each of them. Only one of them can win. And they're both ready to fight dirty if they need to. Could Devon be playing for more than just his own gain—could he be after her heart? Olivia is about to find out. Game on. Each book in the Westland University series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order. Series Order: Book #1 Full Count Book #2 Game On

Raccoon Hill

Author : Kay Roberts Stephens
ISBN : 9781458201645
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33. 90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 731
Read : 857

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Eighty-nine-year-old Grace is gravely ill. As she lies in bed, she agonizes over whether she should tell her daughters that she killed their father. The setting for Grace’s story is in the farming community of Coon Hill. In 1917, she falls in love with George Sanford. They plan to get married, but in July of 1918, the flu pandemic reaches the community, And George is among the fatal victims. Four years later, Paul Roberts starts visiting Grace. Her mother objects to the relationship because his father is an abusive alcoholic. Grace defends him, and when she tells her mother of her marriage plans a year later, Abbie reluctantly gives her blessings. A few months into the marriage, Paul begins to physically abuse her. Everything is revealed when her brother is walking in a field near her home and hears her scream.

Between Males

Author : Fiona Walker
ISBN : 9781848943483
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 42. 53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 605
Read : 168

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When you have it all except true love, you still want more. Odette, who looks like Linda Lusardi in a DKNY suit and has more zeros at the end of her bank balance than an astronomer's altimeter, decides to throw up the high-powered job that doesn't leave time for relationships and start her own club/restaurant. But the venture seems doomed before it has even begun, cursed by a seductive sleeping partner who sleeps around, and a rival chef who is as gorgeous as Jean-Christophe Novelli and as temperamental as Marco Pierre White. When a tall, bullying South African game ranger joins her law suitors and triples her interest, Odette plots their downfall. If revenge is a dish best eaten cold, where better to serve it than in a restaurant? But as she jumps from the frying pan into the fire, she might end up getting her heart broken, her fingers burnt and her goose cooked . . .

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