Best strategies to beat Plants vs  Zombies 2

Best strategies to beat Plants vs Zombies 2

Written by: Pham Hoang Minh

  • Publisher: HM's book
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To win at Popcap's popular free-to-play tower defense game for iOS and Android Plants vs Zombies 2 you need to use your braaaaaaaains, but even the wiliest gardener might find themselves between a rock and a hard place with so many levels. Want to bury the zombie horde without spending a cent of real money? We're here to help you with our strategy guide, provided by Stan, that will give you tips and tricks to get through each level! Hit on below for our best strategies, or share your own with other players in the comments! This full guide for Plants vs Zombies 2 is broken up into 7 sections covering the 7 worlds. This sequel to the hit strategy game, It's About Time, features several new plants to master and zombies to defeat. While I love this free-to-play game, its faster gameplay can challenge newcomers who are used to the more relaxed pace of the original. But don't fret, today we'll cover six simple tactics to help conquer the undead. Of course, you'll have to adapt your strategies as you face different foes in different settings, but these general tips can get you through just about any level. Of the countless games available for iPhone users on the App Store, only a very select few can be considered instant classics. Plants vs Zombies is a great example of this: A tower defense game that has you planting different kinds of plants and vegetables with varied powers to defend your home from invading troops of zombies. Plants vs Zombies 2, the newest entry in this series, brings more of the same fun tower defense gameplay, and the great thing about this is that you don’t need to be an expert on the genre or to even have played the first one in order to enjoy it. In fact, if you are just starting out with Plants vs Zombies 2, here are some cool tips to get you started in the best possible way with this popular game. So take a look at this book and see what interests you!

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