What Happened to America

What Happened to America

Written by: Cecil M. Bryar Sr.

  • Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
  • Publish Date: 2013-10
  • ISBN-10: 9781493110728
  • ebook-what-happened-to-america-.pdf

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Book Summary

To the younger generations if you vote, you must read my book. Don't vote. Read my book, then vote. We all must be on the same page. Read between the lines. Don't just read it; understand each statement. I have lived through all the damage from a country where people were happy and employed. When freedom was a reality, a few years ago, I found out about a brother I had in Canada. I had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know him. He was a successful man who raised a family of six. This man gave me the information about my mother, Marie Delina Corrine LeBlanc. She was born in Fox Creek, Westmorland County, in Canada. Wow, what a family tree. My mother's family side during 1990 US census has family census 42,500 just on the LeBlanc side. I was raised in Connecticut, and my father was a union carpenter in Hartford, Connecticut. I was the baby among eight children; what an experience growing up. Never mind that. Anyway, I always remained neutral, believing what my parents had taught me. The government is here to provide the employment opportunity so you could work and provide for the government in the form of taxes. This system worked well for the majority of people. Anyway, this book is about the last forty years and a little about the 1897 1929 era, what led up to the recession of the thirties, how long it took to just get people going again, and the systems that were designed so people would have safety nets. So no one experienced again what they went through in that era. Those people went through hell; they were some very resilient people. Anyway, in 2012, I saw a familiar name running for president. Knowing what this man did in Massachusetts, I decided to start writing. I made a bunch of fliers and started to hand these out to people randomly, explaining what I knew to be true about what he had done to the people of Massachusetts. It was okay for him to outsource jobs, force people to buy insurance, and do everything possible to benefit the conglomerates and millionaires, but his idea of helping the people by outsourcing jobs was what was best. As we know, this does nothing to benefit the people in their daily lives. During all my research, I got mad and sent a letter to the White House. Much to my surprise, three weeks later, I received a response from the White House. Wow! They actually responded. So as time went on, I kept writing. I wrote a two-page short story I titled "Two Recessions." I, in turn, mailed this to the White House. About three months later, I got another response. Wow! Someone is actually paying attention to the citizens of America. For thirty-five years, I have waited for a president to do something to reverse the effects of the North American Accord. Thanks, President Obama, for the action you took to reverse the damage from this act that Ronald Reagan created, which has been devastating to the working-class people's lives. Families were destroyed, farms were destroyed, and factories closed. Hey, how do we, the people, provide for our families? No one had any solutions, so the safety nets that had been created by our ancestors stretched to the point of breaking. So if you want to know what happened to America, read my book. I have lived through all the damage. From the day of the speech about the North American Accord, everyone thought it had no effect until the signing. Wrong. Look back in history; the truth is there. I am a simple person. I have made my living as an auto technician for twenty-five years, six of them as a state motor vehicle emissions inspector, and this gave me the advantage I needed to keep my head above water. If you are mad about what is going on today, look, read, and understand the information that is in this book. If you don't believe it, do the research I have done. Once again, I am an offspring of two families with four hundred years of American history. Everyone is wondering why our deficit is growing. Well, for forty years that we have been outsourcin

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